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    It's totally conceivable that the club can set a lower budget this season whilst still strengthening the side quite considerably. For the last few years the football club has seen a huge amount of waste and poor recruitment. . The Shanahans are stumping up not just this season's budget but also paying for the last few years thanks to the previous owner very kindly lending the club all that money he wasted. Rebuilding the side was never going to be a one-window job. Rebuilding the club off the pitch will be, I'm sure, a similar exercise. Sensible management, sustainable growth, all the level-headed things that normal football clubs do, by their very nature require time and patience. We've all want a settled side for a long time but that can't be done overnight. I'm very wary of people being fobbed off with promises of Jam Tomorrow but while the club is being comprehensively restructured and de-normanned we have no choice but to give the new owners a fair amount of leeway.
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    Great that it's all professional and kept in house but wires were clearly crossed regarding the budget It was picked up on social media yesterday & I received a few messages asking about the wording of John’s “obviously the budget is lower than last season” and my previous remarks that they are about the same. I replied with the following which I thought may be helpful to share: Hi y’all! John and I had a post match chat this evening and given that I had read this post I asked him what budget figure he felt we were working towards. I was very reassured that it was exactly the same as I thought too. So the concern (which I totally get given where we all were before) is how we have both phrased this season’s playing budget in comparison to last. We understand that it’s only natural (again, given where we’ve all been) to be wary about the club and its unity which leads people to see possible discrepancies. Throughout the club we are building a new era/culture through being together as a group. This grows the more we talk (we learnt the lesson of communicating electronically which may work for some but it didn’t for us!) and sometimes (because we aren’t managed and scripted) one of us will get it slightly awry as happened here. So did John or me get the wording right? Come on guys leave us some mystique UTV. KTF. Cx
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    The budget is the budget, whatever it is, it's foolish to spend more than you can afford, it leads to places we don't want to return to. It's not about how much you spend it's what you buy.
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    I agree. I think you can have a fortune but spend it on the wrong players. I want continuity both in terms of ownership and manager so for that I think we need to spend within our means and build over seasons not months. I still argue that all the local clubs have had their best spells when there has been continuity in the boardroom and in the manager's office - when the likes of Pulis, Rudge, Gradi were allowed time to build their teams under the same owners. For me we need to be looking at a long-term plan not splashing the cash and hoping. We've all seen what that did for the likes of Bury! I just hope the fanbase don't get impatient and expect instant success.
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    Are you people for real? I would have a problem if it was the club putting out low quality images of a new kit. A fan leaking it - who gives a toss? It happens 92 times a season up and down the football league. There are entire websites dedicated to leaking new kits. If Scumthwaite was still here would you be making the same comments about it? Piling on the guy who was just trying to do us a favour with ‘poor form’ comments is embarrassing. Have you all come straight from the set of Last of The Summer Wine? Miserable old gits.
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    For the final time. Lloyd will offer more next season than the following combined; Hardcastle - 0 games Pugh - 0 games Tongue - 0 games Benns - 0 games Calverley - 1 game Whelan - 0 games Edsel - 0 games As you say Ern... quality over quantity! and given he will be on roughly the same as Hardcastle (or there abouts) the rest represent savings that have helped us get Cullen and Amoo.
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    Are the ones in your pay packet salted?
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    I think, as Jacko says above, that sums it up admirably. It's like being in a parallel universe where primary school children have taken over the classroom and the level of debate and lack of maturity and common sense is staggering. There's a vacuum at leadership level across the board and very little joined up thinking.
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    I wouldn’t take a manager talking about budgets too seriously. If we want the kid from Bradford PA it’s not going to help our negotiating position to make positive noises about our budget. The squad looks to have more than last year in terms of attacking threat. Personally think both full back positions look a little light and we clearly need a back up keeper.
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    Am I right in thinking that last season we had Pope and Miller, oh and Whitfield up front. This season, we have Pope, Cullen, Bennett and Amoo, all attacking players. Midfield and defence at least as good, with a fit, so far, Manny. With more depth in most positions. It looks much more solid and fit for purpose. Am I missing something?
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    Better stop the transfer rumours thread. Poor form to be leaking info.
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    How has he done anyone a favour ? Are you that desperate that you need the new kit unveiled in a plastic bag and it happens 92 times a season what a load of rubbish it's poor form and it's tried the club the right to unveil in a professional manner Posting something Vale fans would be interested in on a Vale website isn’t doing those Vale fans a favour? I don’t get the resistance man. Who’s arsed. It’s a kit which gets re-released every summer. No ones died. Its great the club are going to do a professional release. Great, that’s what we’ve all wanted for years, some professionalism. Vale being added to the long list of clubs where info is leaked on a fan site a few days before? Whoopdy doo. They’ve had long enough put it out. We all know what they look like anyway since the teaser video. This isn’t Watergate.
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    Since 2006 Ovf has conducted well over 450 'Competitions for prizes including the now popular 'Guess the Crowd'. During the forthcoming season - all things being well in OVF Towers WA - we will most definitely reach the magical number 500.
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    Is that survey in the guardian supposed to be taken seriously? Commenting about immigration is racist?....... seriously? I would suggest that the only accurate indicator of increased hate crime is the number of successful prosecutions. Reporting what you think is a crime does not make it a crime, it may well be given a crime number or identifier because a report has been made but that doesn't make it a crime. Saying something someone doesn't like is not a crime... there is no crime of "hurt feelings". People overuse the word hate, it's been devalued. Do you really hate marmite? or sprouts? A phobia is an irrational fear... who's rational is used to decide it's irrational? ... I would suggest most people have a phobia.... insects, butterflies, enclosed spaces, open spaces..... you name it someone has a phobia.... is that a crime? ... should that be a crime?
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    The view from across the pond - this is the first few paragraphs from an article in the Washington Post: British Ambassador Kim Darroch’s private comments about President Trump were not shocking for those in Washington. The overall opinion among much of the diplomatic elite here is that the U.S. president is “inept” and “insecure,” as Darroch wrote. Trump’s secretary of state once even reportedly dubbed the president a “moron.” Diplomats often trash their hosts, and it’s often well deserved. André François-Poncet, the French ambassador to Germany in 1935, wrote that Adolf Hitler was “obstinate, stubborn and mean to the point of madness.” A massive leak of U.S. diplomatic cables in 2011 featured one description of Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi as “feckless, vain and ineffective.” Darroch’s decision to resign, which he announced Wednesday, was not a reflection of the severity of his comments. He might have used more measured language, aware that Trump was uniquely sensitive to criticism and that his messages were at risk of being leaked, especially given the bitter political conflicts back home in London. But nothing he said was out of place for a diplomat in his position. If there is a breakdown in diplomatic norms here — and yes, there is one — it did not come from the British ambassador. What Darroch said in private about Trump was not unusual. What Trump’s diplomats do in public is what is really shocking. In Berlin, one U.S. ambassador openly undermines the government; another in Amsterdam became a laughingstock for refusing to answer journalists’ questions, and yet another in Jerusalem openly shows bias in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. From Kenya to New Zealand, the ambassadors appointed by Trump have offended their hosts. Ultimately, the rot comes from the top.
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    Speaking of full backs, Clark must have a twin as I’m sure I saw someone who looked just like him yesterday morning around the ground. But I still think left back is a problem area too with only Crookes for that role. Personally speaking I’d much prefer us to have a dedicated left back than a centre half come left back.
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    Can you still ignore users? I'd love not to read Ernies drivel any longer.
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    When you think back over the last two seasons we have had to suffer Harry Middleton, Antony De Frietas, Jack Stobbs, Chris Regis, Lawrie Wilson, Lewis Hardcastle etc. Nothing against those lads, a couple of whom have carved out half decent careers, Ryan Lloyd immediately stood out in a friendly as a class above all of those players from his first touch of the ball. Lloyd's first touch, the same as every permanent signing made so far this summer (up to Saturday) was top drawer. All of those players, Lloyd included worked smarter as well as harder, in 10 x 10 boxes dependant on where the play was. Lloyd was clearly comfortable performing in his role, under the conditions set by the manager. Now far be it for me to proclaim Askey as a tactical genius, he clearly had asked the players to play in a specific pattern, particularly with the ball. Lloyd was very comfortable and tidy in possession. The key thing for me is that he has been clearly brought in to do a specific job for us, a player JA knows and trusts, and knows his ability, what he can do, what he can't do, how he can affect the team. It seems to be a similar theme with every player who he has signed permanently, he's been prepared to wait for players (Cullen, Amoo etc.) as they are the RIGHT players for 1) the football club 2) the way we want to play. This gives me the confidence as a supporter that he knows what he is doing signing Ryan Lloyd, and that Ryan Lloyd is an improvement on players in the last two seasons, in particular the "8 or 9 who weren't even close to getting in the team", to quote our manager.
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    Rob, with all due respect, shouldn't this thankfully be in Port Vale past?
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    The main thing I would comment on is that he was always looking to get involved and didn’t hide, which I felt he may do given the reaction, in some quarters, to his return hasn’t been 100% positive. He looked neat and tidy when in possession, sharp, didn’t get pushed around, and worked hard off the ball. Certainly one of the better performers on the day. Looked to have filled out a bit too. This is just my opinion, Erniemossrules would’ve been better qualified to comment but unfortunately it seems from his earlier comments that his vision was obscured by thick bread and sausage meat.
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    In view of Monty's 15 minute contribution to the season so far before getting injured, it looks like we will need cover on the left of midfield so perhaps it's as well we've got Lloyd? I thought he did OK on Saturday.
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    Finally it looks as if we have a manager who can see that a winger was a priority. I bet Popey thinks that it is Christmas. Lets hope David 'feeds the Pope' and the other strikers. A big welcome from me and well done to the boss.
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    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. I saw Danny Pugh play on the left wing against Lincoln City. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
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    Spot on . Why spend loads and what if what you spend your money on is injury prone and stealing a wage. Lets get players in who's desire application and wanting to get a fantastic football clubs support not wanting miss a game such are there performance levels are that high that budget is not something folk can throw at the new owners . Lets hope the players do there talking for them . UTV
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    If Whitfield leaves I think we’re probably a winger light, and with Brown previously playing for Yeovil and Macc, I wouldn’t imagine he would be asking for mega money, so makes sense for me to sign him. Been impressed with Cummings and see him as good competition for Gibbons, and gives us experience. Would like to see the goalie on trial tested on Wednesday night, so we can put the trials to bed one way or the other, giving us a couple of free weeks to get the squads fitness fine tuned and to sort our starting XI
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    Brilliant post let's just steady the ship
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    But you want to keep Whitfield? You don’t half make yourself look daft on here!
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    Better player than Dan Turner though...............
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    Only one prediction from me on the nauseating Greed Is Good League. Blades, with Chris Wilder in charge, will NOT get relegated. Whatever else happens in this God forsaken division, I don’t give a monkey’s.
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    Don't know how I'm going to live with myself It's a photo of a t-shirt. The club will still do an official reveal with a proper photo shoot (It would be hilarious though if they just used my photo!). As with most things I knew some people would be upset about it but, honestly, if i upset you by uploading a picture of a shirt I couldn't care less. If anything, I was of the thinking it would add to the buzz a bit to let people know that if they are in Burslem, they should be on sale anytime now. Start people talking about the new kit, which at first it was before some people made it sound like i had told their toddlers that Santa isn't real. Am i still allowed to be a vale fan now or does everyone hate me? I understand why it was removed though, which is fair enough. If it happens again next year I'll just post that I have the photo if anyone is interested they can PM me for it, sorted. Poor form my arse
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    Gibbons and Worrall both have knocks, Browne also. Browne is still with the club. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leek-town-port-vale-live-3087981
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    Whitfield not featuring again today could be one of a few things, there could be an offer from another club, he’s been ostracised to try and force him out, the manager wants to look at other options or he’s picked up a knock. According to the Sentinel Worrall, Gibbons and Browne have slight knocks and are rested, ready for Wednesday.
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    Poor form Danish Valiant.
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    Poor form Glen... The club are trying to move in the right direction and no doubt had a media strategy for the strip release and you post a picture of it in a f**King plastic bag....
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    Interesting. All Government emails required to be kept secure are sent using the Government Secure Internet (GSI) service; I know this from my time in the Prison Service. For the email to have been decoded requires someone with access to GSI which suggests an inside job.
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    I thought he made some fantastic saves and kept the score from being 5 or 6. I said at the game that I wouldn't be surprised if we gave him a trial after his performance. I was far more impressed with him than the lad we had on the second half.
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    Are you saying you don't want an ambassador to tell the truth? Are you saying any diplomat should not tell the truth in case his communications are leaked? And can anyone tell me why exactly these cables, some from 2017, were actually leaked at this precise time??
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    We've backed ourselves into a corner and if/when we leave the EU we'll need the USA to help us rebuild our economy. As a result, Trump can do anything he likes and Boris will roll over and let him tickle his tummy, to quote Micky Adams! I've never ever known a UK ambassador get treated in this manner by a US president and if we'd got any clout we'd tell him he's out of order. But, as I say, we've backed ourselves into a corner with this ridiculously expensive and increasingly farcical idea of a No Deal Brexit and now we need Trump more than he needs us. It's crazy. Sheer folly. All he's bothered about is putting America first and getting deals for the rednecks who elected him. We've taken our eye off the ball and it's embarrassing and pitiful to see. Brexit is going to cost us untold billions and billions. Sterling has already gone south, along with inward investment. What did Branson say today? And all that money that Hammond was saving up to boost public services will now go on propping up a destabilised UK and fuel a bonfire of self destruction. It's economic madness, when our economy was doing fine inside the EU.
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    Good luck for the new season. Build a buzz and get behind the players. Take it a game at a time and see where you end up . A new era new owners and hungry passionate players could be just the way. Most things are achieved in the mind let’s hope the players are winners before they put the shirt on as I believe the mental state before they take to the field as lost is game after game in the past. Good luck anyway my son and nephew will be there encouraging you along with the other members of our faithful. UTV from sunny Exmouth
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    Come on this is really boring. You don't agree with the guy. We get that. You have made this very clear. Childish. And very boring.
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    Don't get the bashing of Lloyd, I was at most home and many away games during his last spell with us and couldn't really tell you anything about him as he was so rarely played it didn't register. Adams rarely played kids, Page went the same tangent as MA and well Brown was useless... would Smith have got his chance had it not been for Bruno for example? We will never know. We've good competition for places in the area which Lloyd plays, at the end of the day if he is good enough he will break into the team, if not its a back up option... not sure why there are pages of negativity about him really. You don't see the same about players like Kennedy for example who are untested?
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    Don't be silly. Did you know for definite that the Amoo deal was going through? Did he play on Saturday? I am happy for Lloyd to be a squad player who will come in down the left when needed. I keep think Lloyd must have had his wicked way with your missus or something the way you keep wittering on about him.
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    I don't understand how you came to that conclusion.
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    There needs to be found a way of trying to bring people back towards the centre. If it wasn't for the ERG and their extreme views we would have left by now but they voted against their own government's deal and the rest is history. Polarised politics is no good for anyone. It brings out the worst in people and creates further divisions. I have found the last few years very depressing and offer the suggestion that we now live in a less tolerant, less respectful and more angry society - and that for me is not a cause for any celebration whatsoever.
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    Where exactly was the pope bashing? Just because someone said he dosent think pope will start? That’s now pope bashing. Come off it. I dont think pope will start either under askey, imo Cullen will be the main man and pope used as an impact sub last 30 mins
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    Gladly. The topic of Theresa May standing down in which the Conservative party membership get to vote on the new leader. Of which some of the views of these members can be questioned-the point I was making. Surely we can all agree islamaphobia is wrong. But obviously some posters think it is reasonable to allow islamaphobia, and justify it by saying Labour have an antisemitism problem so it's ok to allow islamaphobia.
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    I met my nephew for a drink today and he works for a company that did some work for Smurthwaite's Port Vale. They never got paid - Smurthwaite apparently denied even having heard of the company - so were pursuing the matter through the small claims court. At this stage, Norman sold the club so the company thought they'd have to write off the several thousand pounds owed to them. Then, out of the blue, Kevin Shanahan contacted them, stating that they wanted to put things right and even though it wasn't their debt, they wanted to settle it as it was the right thing to do. My nephew went on to say that Kevin was one of the nicest, most decent people he'd ever dealt with. My nephew's a big Stoke fan too. Felt prouder of the club than I have in <ovf censored> years

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