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    A special message to the younger fans. I realise that Bob Delgado will mean jack sh*t to you, but I implore thee to make him at least one of your selections. It will be an absolute travesty if he does not make this team. Never before has someone been more deserving of this accolade. You only have to vote for him. Us old duffers had to pay to watch the useless tw*t. And he looked like the Yorkshire Ripper.
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    Even if the stand doesn't get fully completed after this whole crisis is over, then at least the eyesore of a stand with half the seats missing will be gone.
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    Every time I've been to Vale Park over the last 20 years or so, I've asked myself the question what visiting supporters, coming back season after season, made of the eyesore that was the unfinished Lorne Street stand. For all the world, it must have been a visible sign of a once vibrant club just stagnating. But no more. So thank you Carol and Kevin for signalling to the world that we are on the way back. Brilliant.
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    Here's a photo I thought I'd never see - https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2020/april/lorne-street-stand-update/ After 22 years, I think it's a stunning statement of intent from Carol and Kevin. Let's hope that after all the pandemic madness goes away, the Go Fund Me can raise the funds for the concourse and we'll have a fully operational main stand.
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    God was seen walking across Vale Park this afternoon. Apparently he’s working from home.
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    An Englishman was touring the USA on holiday and stopped in a remote bar in the mountains of Nevada. He was chatting to the bartender when he spied an old Indian sitting in the corner. He had tribal gear on, long white plaits, wrinkled face. “Who’s he?” asked the man. “That’s the Memory Man.” said the bartender. “He knows everything. He can remember any fact. Go and try him out.” So the man goes over, and thinking he won’t know about English football, asks “Who won the 1965 FA Cup Final?” “Liverpool,” replies the Memory Man. “Who did they beat?” “Leeds,” was the reply. “And the score?” “2-1.” “Who scored the winning goal?” “Ian St. John,” was the old man’s reply. The tourist was bowled over by this and told everyone back home in England about the Memory Man when he returned. A few years later he went back to the USA and tried to find the impressive Memory Man. Eventually he found the bar and sitting in the same seat was the old Indian only this time he was older and more wrinkled. Because he was so impressed, man decided to greet the Indian in his native tongue. He approached him with the greeting “How”. The Memory Man replied, “Diving header in the six yard box!!
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    Whilst this may in fact be true, does anyone really think that was the first thought to go through a Premier League player’s mind ? Or indeed any professional footballer for that matter ? In my opinion, it was wrong of Hancock to ask players to “play their part” and take a pay cut, although it would have been heart warming if they had. But they haven’t and indeed in all probability they won’t. The real snakes are the Levy’s, Ashley’s and now Fenway’s of this world who are taking tax payers money to pay his own staff which amounts to peanuts in the unpalatable world of Premier League football. Shame on the PFA for even daring to come out with this lame and embarrassing excuse. I realise that they are a union and are looking after their members, but really ? Unions were introduced to protect the downtrodden employee from unscrupulous employers, not to give multi millionaires even more oodles of cash.
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    Today was the funeral of the former Vale forward. Haven't noticed this on any thread but was aprt of the Vale family. I was too young to remember his time at Vale but he did stay in the area and I do remember he worked at the Michelin and was a thoroughly nice chap. God bless Mick.
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    I am pleased to announce that airing at 7.30pm on Monday evening will be: The 1996 FA Cup replay against Everton This will be the complete 90 minutes with commentary. Note: there is no particular order to the classic games I am selecting. Some of the VHS tapes are in too poor quality so it's very much which ones copy across to digital the best which I then select. I have an idea of which ones I'd like to do next but it really depends on what condition the tapes are on. Nevertheless, I hope that the terrific performance against Everton will be a popular one with you all. As I mentioned, these showings are being done for free - I hope they make the stay indoors more bearable. If you want to show your appreciation give those NHS workers in your area an extra cheer on Thursday evening or make a donation to an NHS charity - there are key workers who are doing heroic work and deserve our sincere thanks. More details on how to watch this game will appear on OVF and social media closer the time.
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    Possibly the same people who preach to us about saving the NHS?
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    Bob Delgado, immense for Chester, Vale got his brother.
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    Bob Delgado - brilliant when playing against us, a complete donkey after we signed him.
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    I think we need to just forget about bloody diversity and give the jobs to the ppl that can do them, this leads a team to success. What a poor world we live in when we have to put ppl in place through minority representation. Hence if the best ppl are from minority groups then give the jobs to these ppl as they are the right ppl for the job. Don’t give in to pressure. An example of ppl in the wrong positions are Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbotts
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    The most impressive thing from those days under Sir John was the wonderful carpet football we played. Rudgie had an eye for a skilful player and we used to knock the ball around really well. Very enjoyable.
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    Thanks Rob. Much appreciated. Never seen that game. It was the year we moved abroad with a young family and couldn't afford to come back for it. Great shirt as well. Loved it.
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    Well done, Rob. That really cheered me up. Wonderful to see the Vale play such great football. He's hoping we can rise to that standard again when we're back in full flow. Hope springs eternal. PS Really impressed with Paul Kerr, a player who never seemed to get the accolades he deserved. Excellent performance.
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    Just binged watched the latest Netflix series, it's compulsive viewing showing what goes on behind the scenes of one of the biggest clubs in the country,all the highs lows and near misses, a brilliant documentary series.
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    Gove is a pompous ass. He's got an arrogant po-faced demeanour of someone you just want to punch in the face.
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    Yesterday I turned in bbc1 to find this bumbling buffoon staring back at me. I decided to flick through the channels and couldn’t believe what was currently on bbc2. I thought it was so ironic that I’ve decided to share it with you
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    Just answered the phone to Dave Worrall - apparently they're ringing through season ticket holders to see if anyone needs any help from the club I don't - but nice touch. Might even stop players getting even more bored than we all are at present Stuck in my house I've elected to let my beard get out of control - I asked about his and he's keeping it in trim, so there you go, you heard it here first UTV
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    Yes i think that is a very reasonable observation and morale boost.
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    So, according to the PFA's logic, surely the answer is to give the players a 30% INCREASE. More cash in taxes for the NHS? But isn't the issue that IF football is cancelled, sky and BT won't pay the clubs and they become unviable? In that scenario they have to cut costs. Maybe the bubble is about to burst?
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    The whole Premier League thing is disgusting. There seems to be an almighty scramble amongst the mega rich to avoid losing even the tiniest percentage of their huge earnings. I don't often agree with Stan Collymore but his comments on Liverpool using the 80% government furlough payment is bang on: "I don't know of any Liverpool fan of any standing that won't be anything other than disgusted at the club for furloughing staff. It's just plain wrong. Fellow football fans, furlough is for small business staff to keep those small businesses from going bump! Every Premier League owner has serious cash, and makes money from skyrocketing values of clubs, so what aren't you getting about your owners dipping into their pocket?" As for the PFA trying to make out that taking a pay cut would harm the NHS, I simply don't know how they have the gall to even go there. They ought to be frogmarched to the local hospital and told to read out their statement there.
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    All this stuff about whether or not someone's background makes them a suitable Labour leader is absolute rubbish. Clement Attlee was a public school schoolboy, educated at Oxford. The Left's messiah, Tony Benn, was originally Viscount Stansgate a title given to his father who was Secretary of State for India - I doubt his family were short of a bob or two. Harold Wilson, like Starmer, was a grammar school boy and he went to Oxford so couldn't possibly have become a Labour PM by current standards. Surely what is important is not where someone has come from but where they want to go.
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    Jezza needs to crawl under a rock and stay there. All party leaders have been invited as they have before, why would Labour not want a representative there?
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    Well well well, A white, male, knight of the realm is who labour have chosen to represent the left wing and allegedly the working class. A socialist Sir. Pretty funny really.
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    That is fantastic, they haven`t been in touch but I could do with my fence fixing.
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    30 minutes of chewing gum with his mouth open and slagging off BT for not giving him a free kick. If this season gets voided I will laugh my head off.
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    Fantastic from the players and staff. Also seen the port vale foundation doing their bit to help others. I love this football club.
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    The wife and I were sitting at home and I kept flicking the tv channel over. snooker, porn, snooker, porn, snooker, porn, snooker, When she shouted, just leave the bloody porn on, you know how to play snooker
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    There's links to it on the OVF homepage and forum index: https://www.gofundme.com/f/port-vale-stand-together It looks to have a few more donations since the news of the seats going in and is closing in on 10k. So, it's 10% of the way there... Like Conrad, I suspect if/when the season resumes a few bucket collections etc will boost it a bit more..
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    It is a hard time Sage. Now is not the time for political mud slinging. The UK is just typical at this point in time.
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    I agree IC. It's been a long wait but it looks very impressive. Well done, Carol and co.
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    Jermayne Holwyn must be the worst ever to wear the black and white shirt
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    Ticket holders will be contacted with further information as soon as the new event date is confirmed View the full article
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    Been kicked out of the Labour Party for that.
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    Anti semitism was common in the Tory Party so Astor was nothing out of the ordinary. And if we are going to judge people in the past by the standard of today then there a considerable number of heroes who will fall from grace.
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    Port Vale have linked up with JCB to help the community in North Staffordshire View the full article
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    https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200323-coronavirus-will-hot-weather-kill-covid-19 An interesting article on whether the summer heat will be our saviour in this crisis - or not.
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    The Government that the people wanted. And very diverse in terms of ethnicity.
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    Why is that Ginge? His terrible politics? His disgusting divisive opinions? His multiple inaccuracies when trying to drum up propaganda for his ludicrous opinions? Him single handedly wiping £8m+ off the comic releif effort because he cannot help up but race bait? Shadow justice minister....Someone who freely uses racist conspiracy theories and tries to politically profit from the holocaust. You've had an absolute stinker already Sir Keir.
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    Another one you might be interested in on YouTube Paul is Under The Cosh with Stephen McPhee.
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    Rachel Reeves was one of the speakers at the Stoke Literary Festival last summer. She was very good. I bought and read her book about women in Westminster. I had an email exchange with her afterwards - she seems a very down to earth character.
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    We don’t need a backstabber to bring the country together.A Conservative Gov. and a virus have done that.
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    I'm still testing - and in fact I am doing so right now. The previous tests sadly resulted in poor quality in terms of video and audio which is why I haven't committed to anything yet. If this one works out I will let you all know. If it does all work then to avoid conflict with the official Vale stream which is happening at 3pm today I will show the Autoglass Trophy final at 3pm Sunday but that is very much subject to whether I can get the video quality right. As this is a 27 year old video tape it's tricky to get it into any decent quality but fingers crossed... If it does work I'll post on here, the OVF frontpage, Twitter and Facebook to confirm it will be played on Sunday
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    My mum is in the vulnerable category. I'm really hoping she doesnt get it, but I'm hoping she doesnt get any virus at all to be honest. That's normal isnt it? Of the people who have caught it, the percentage killed by it is drastically low.
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    Its not flu. It is a deadly disease. When your mum is vulnerable you would worry. Your comment or mine will look stupid in a few months time. Lets hope its mine.

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