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    I’m fed up of those Stokies Gibbo and Smith showing no commitment...... i’m fed up of everyone exploiting Crookes - everyone knows he can’t play left back..... I'm fed up of Askey signing squad players who will never be used...... I’m fed up of Askey using players who finished 20th last year as the basis for his team........ I'm fed up at the lack of progress we are making on the pitch....... I'm fed up that some regular posters on here won’t know what do do with themselves tonight after a stunning team performance. Back four were outstanding, Gibbo controlled his game well after an early booking, Crookes solid and used the ball well, Leon led by example, Smudger solid and unlucky not to have more than his one goal. Joyce controlled the midfield, along with the bundle f energy that is Worrall, and despite the 3 early injuries the replacements all contributed well, especially Taylor. Monty was a real handful, Bennett led the line with energy and his awareness from Wozzas quick free kick created the goal. Browne was tricky and I am sure will have a role to play as the season progresses. the sun shone, and we should really have won by more. Thank you Kevin, Carol, John and Dave for allowing me to enjoy my Saturdays again.
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    Another way of saying that is with a very depleted squad we reduced the unbeaten league leaders into looking only slightly better than <ovf censored> thays a game we wouldn’t have been anywhere near last year... this squad and it’s performances are far far better than last year. Slow and steady improvement!
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    Absolutely superb to a man today!! Well done vale and well done Askey. That’s what we want to see. Can’t ask for any more than that.
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    Can I just point out that on the day the referendum was announced, I said that it was daft to have a vote to return the sovereignty of the UK by taking away the sovereignty of the UK Parliament. I never believed the first referendum was a sensible way of dealing with a complex constitutional question which few people really understood. I don't believe we should have a second referendum. I voted remain on the basis that if staying in the EU turned out to be a bad decision we could revisit the decision. If we left the EU and it went <ovf censored> up then we'd never get back in on the deal we have at the moment. Even the leavers are now admitting that there will be problems. It's like shooting yourself in the foot - you know it's going to hurt like hell and will make your life very difficult for a while. But don't worry because in the long term it will all heal up - unless you get an infection and your foot drops off, or you get sepsis and you die. It's all a hell of a risk isn't it?
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    Just watched the highlights back again, Bennett is quickly becoming in my eyes an absolute diamond of a find. The movement and presence of mind to know where Smith was for the assist. His close control and dribbling to set Montano up just after, absolutely top draw!
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    I enjoyed that game today, I didn’t think there was much between the sides but we deservedly came out on top. The back 4 have to come in for a lot of credit today because I don’t recall Brown having a save to make. They did the ugly stuff well and kept the ball out. I mentioned it at half time but there was some really good defending from the full backs at our back post, people may take that for granted and not notice it but we conceded goals that way last season and it just how we’re slowly improving. This back 4 are getting better as a unit IMO. Crookes arguably had his best game for us today, and got forward too, whilst Legge and Smith were solid again. Gibbons came through a dodgy opening ten and defended with tenacity and second half got forward to put a couple of decent balls in too. Today was a hard game for our full backs, they were having to close down wing backs on the half line or inside the oppositions half and that takes a lot of fitness and desire and in the main they hardly threatened with any real purpose. joyce had another good game in the middle and rarely gave the ball away, I can remember one dodgy pass in the second half and someone next to me stood up and shouted <ovf censored> off Joyce. He can’t have understood what role Joyce was bringing to the side, he was constantly on the ball and changing play. Worrall is another having a good season and today was no different, he put another good shift in. Topped off by some quick thinking that lead to our goal. The injuries to Conlon and Evans were unlucky, hopefully they’re not too bad. But if they are then it leaves us short of cover with Manny still out. Taylor has a good game too, his energy and closing down was his big strength for me today and it meant they couldn’t rest on the ball. I thought Monty was excellent today, ran at them, caused them problems and he should have scored to put the game to bed. Brown did well going forward, I’m convinced he has more speed than he showed today though, but he’s strong on the ball and it was a promising debut. My only criticism would be that it looked like he doesn’t fancy going back the other way defensively too much. Bennet is a frustrating player, one minute he’s really weak at holding the ball, then the next he’s bringing players in to play with some great touches, then the next he’s out on the wing getting in the way of wingers and full backs and isn’t where he should be and then he’ll win a great flick or put in a good ball like the one for the goal. I am not convinced though by his aerial prowess in the box. But his problem is that he’s compared to Pope who’s by far one of the best strikers in the league for his hold up play and heading ability. Plymouth have some good players but like I said I don’t recall Brown being called in to action. Oh and no one is going to convince me that it wasn't a plan to kick the <ovf censored> out of Danny Mayer early doors too, Worrall, Joyce and Conlon all had go before Gibbo succeeded and in the main he ended up having a quiet game as a result. Overall that was a strong team performance, committed and with some quality too. We look loads better than this time last year.
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    Watched on iFollow from Baku and thought we were REALLY good. When those 3 subs had to be made I said to my Missus I'll be happy with a point.....she was listening and knows nowt about football but said that sounds a bit rough losing 3 players. Thought we fought and battled and looked good value for the win. Askey is really building on solid foundations on what he's got. He might not get it 100% right this season but we will get there. (Ernie take note!) All the flak Crookes and Joyce have had this season I think they are playing well....Crookes is improving week on week and Joyce is the cement between the bricks for me...he does all the simple jobs well and puts a right shift in....just my opinion you understand but I bet all the pros sat in that dressing room value what he does whatever us punters in the crowd feel. We won't get promoted this season in my opinion but we'll be close and then we'll build next season....that must make me a happy clapper and I think that means you've mistaken me for somebody who gives an F!
  8. 3 points
    I really cannot believe Bennett is being criticised after that performance today.
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    I thought that and then I heard Emily Thornbury (Lady Nugee) say she would negotiate a better deal with the EU (If thats possible) and then come back and campaign against it,hopeless. Lets face it,the country voted out and May should have set up a cross party committee on day one and told the EU that in 12 months we are leaving with no deal,that would have been a negotiating tool to work with,instead she didn't want to leave and messed about and dillied and dallied any one negotiating against her would have had a field day I know I would,hopeless politicians. Now having read and listened to more than ever NO party of any colour or persuasion are any good,they are totally useless,Boris making a tool of himself,Corbyn wandering round like I don't know what and Swinson actually thinking she could be PM, I have said before there is something deeper going on here, I might be a conspiracy theorist but our strings are being pulled from darker forces,they never thought for one minute we would vote out,the other EU countries are watching with interest, I have a relation who lives in France and she says they would jump at the chance of getting out and that Soros fella who nearly bust the Bank of England is sniffing around probably looking after his interests is he funding the remainers? I dont know, but theres something going on. Whens the next Bildeberg meeting ?
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    Looked good for a point for the most part. The subs changed it for them, and they pushed on. Yes we didn't look much like winning it but we defended well and restricted them to few chances up until about 70 minutes. We'd lost the right side of our team and had a player making his 1st professional start against the league leaders away from home. We were up against it from the start. I've seen a few people on social media venting their frustration at our inability to win away games (Some even saying Aspin had us playing better away from home). If they're saying that then I would suggest they haven't watched us much so far. We're playing better than I have seen us play since Page left. The away games I saw last year to this point (Colchester, Carlisle, Tranmere, Forest Green, Crewe) were mainly dreadful, aside from the Crewe game that we looked a decent side (Obviously that didn't last). I would say that we look much better than last year (Apart from the Grimsby game). We keep the ball better, create better chances and we're less reliant on the lone striker because he's been getting support. We've lost to decent teams so far, beaten the ones we should have and maybe Plymouth on top of that. Overall, we're doing better than I thought we would, and I thought we would finish comfortably in mid-table. I'm not too concerned about losses to top sides away from home.
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    Despite them having a few scrambles and that decent effort from outside the box I really think theres very little between the 2 sides and again shows there’s not much in this league to be worried about. No doubt we’ve struggled to get our creative players in the game like Worrall, Monty and Browne. Bennett has offered us little and Taylor looks like the games passing him by. Looked a harsh booking for him by the way. We’re definitely missing some energy down the right that we normally have, but as things stand we have to be happy with going in at half time with a clean sheet.
  12. 2 points
    I just hope the usual suspects on here show a bit of restraint if we lose.
  13. 2 points
    Just wondered where Ernies post is congratulating the team on another great performance. Forgot he’s not so quick to get on the keyboard when we win .
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    Great result ! Very committed and accomplished performance by all. I can not believe how well the subs blended in so seamlessly ! The management are really earning there corn! Bennett is a handful more than deserves his place Leon is immense, to a man they gave there all cant ask for more. Very happy today just hope we can start to find away to pick up a few points on our travels. So good to be a Vale fan at the moment ! Would like to see a few more armchair fans give the owners a little more support , it can be done in so many ways even just a quid or two on the vale lotto ! Anything ! Get behind the club push it forward ! Credit to Plymouth great support made some noise , fair old trek for most shows some real commitment, top fans .
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    Anybody else think the kits are a clash in the brightness of the sun? Their kit has a lot of white on the front they should surely be in their away colours. I’m watching on iFollow and struggling see who is who at times!
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    Little bit of strong language warning...... but funny
  17. 2 points
    I am. And I have no problem with Gibbo/Smithy. Good players, came through our system and putting in a shift for Vale.
  18. 2 points
    Its not the first time you’ve mentioned the last 3 seasons of struggle and Smith in the same sentence, so no one is stupid enough to not see what you’re really saying. Who can forget when you accused him of throwing games because he’s a Stoke fan. How can you even have an objective opinion when you admit you don’t go to games and it’s clear you have a massive problem with the fact that some of the players are Stoke fans. (Which is your problem alone really). I rarely hear many dissenting voices at the games for how the “Stoke lads” in our side play. Their commitment is there for all to see, except you. If a player gives his all for the shirt then it makes no odds who they support. Another point to remember is that it’s been a long time since our rivalry was at its peak when we were playing each other, at a guess these players probably wouldn’t have even been in school then. The reality is that our rivalry to this generation of kids is nowhere near what it was with ours, because there hasn’t been a rivalry for them to get their teeth into such has been the gulf that’s grown between the 2 clubs. So as a result of that stint in the Premier League luckily for you, even if Smith or Gibbons leave, we have an academy of players that has a shedload of Stoke fans ready to take his place that you can continue to have your unhealthy fixation on. Anyway, I think the Stoke fans in our side been the least of our worries this season.
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    I think a peculiar thing has happened to British politics over the last 3 years or so. The people have left the old biases behind, socialism doesn't work, capitalism doesn't work, and moved to a parliament and it's members don't work..... no matter which side of the brexit argument you sit it seems obvious that parliament can't deal with the problem..... it has no capacity to put the country in front of the party political self
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    It's going to be expensive hiring a large team of proctologists to remove all those splinters from all those asses. Their "polocy" is to gain power, that's the prime objective, everything else is incidental.
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    Follow that performance with a long trip to Exeter in mid-week, but what is there to fear? Injuries mounting, but up to now the bench has provided replacements. Signs of a squad knitting together, playing to a plan and for each other. Players also keener to hold onto their places in a winning team than when things are not so good. If possible keep the same side and hope that substitutes are for tactical reasons? End of September should give us some idea of our progress, after yesterday it could well be better than what we expected. However one match at a time our first away win and the Grecians first defeat will keep the smiles on our faces, I am enjoying it.
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    They're the only party who are genuinely after getting a workable deal and then giving the public a vote on it. Seems to be a pretty sensible middle ground to me.
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    Exeter City manager Matt Taylor had his say on Port Vale after his team's 2-0 win at St James Park View the full article
  24. 1 point
    Removed a few bits, stick to the game discussion people, going well up until now.
  25. 1 point
    According to Askey they tend to score goals late on, best time less time for a reply, At present we do not have the luxury of a couple of quality quick forwards to bring on, hopefully our injury problems will diminish.
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    Maybe I was watching a different game, yes it was a patched up team but I thought it was backs to the wall stuff for virtually 90 mins. Never looked like scoring although Cullen had a half chance right at the death. Kennedy looked ok in place of Gibbo but without the attacking threat of Gibbo.Monty tried, but that’s about it.
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    Disappointing to loose conceding goals late in the game away from home again...can't help thinking what might have been so far with late goals at Salford,Newport and now Exeter. If we can just cut out these small lapses in concentration... From the commentary sounded like we gave a good account of ourselves with a patchwork team but just listened to Carl on P&G ...please give your head a wobble. We are a million times better than last season!
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    To be fair it wasn't a dirty game. Didn't realise Pugh was still registered to play. Can't afford another injury tonight as Kevan has put on a few pounds and Askey is past his prime. Maybe we needed a bit more quantity over quality in the summer? More seriously hope players go out and grab their chances.
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    Once again you dont provide anything of substance at all. I am perfectly in control, no problem there. If you think calling a <edit> is not being in control then you need to stop being such a snowflake. You constantly post crap on this thread. You claim to have provided links etc earlier in the thread and like to call everything that isn't far right extreme no deal Brexit a lie. This is in detrement to the people that have tried to engage in reasonable debate however you are not clever enough to do that. That is nobody elses fault. You maintain a position that is simply designed to fuel the fires of remainers for the sole reason of winding them up, ergo, you are a sad <edit> I couldn't be further from not being in control, I am quite able to spot and call out a <,edit. >without getting wound up.
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    BEHIND THE SCENES | Port Vale vs Plymouth Argyle View the full article
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    Noticed he didn’t post after the Plymouth game.
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    Paul, that's exactly the problem in a nutshell. Brexit means different things to different people. To use this for political gain should be truly condemned by anybody with the national interest at heart. But unfortunately, it now seems to me that parliament has lost sight of this. And with this statement, I am tarring MP's no matter what party they belong to. The bare facts are that clearly nobody has a clue what is going to happen. This is politicians playing Russian roulette with the United Kingdom, its people and its future. It's dangerous and they'd better get it right. But I have no confidence in the government and particularly this disingenuous Prime Minister to get it anywhere near right.
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    Their manager has turned down an approach from an unnamed team today (I assume Lincoln)... could it be a distraction they didn’t need, could he be negotiating... who knows!
  34. 1 point
    It's one of the unnoticed effects of arsing around for 3 years mate
  35. 1 point
    Find it very amusing that Boris Johnson can call people a chicken when he runs away from a press conference because he heard some protesters
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    Whatever happened to Jack Hargreaves and Barrie Evans at reserve... Wolverhampton is run very efficiently too with no delays. At Stoke there was unnecessary delays which put a lot of people off. Cracking memories none the less. Heat 13 and 15 combo of Jan Staechmann and Paul Pickering. Speedway is a great sport with riders risking their lives and it's a shame the way league racing is going (Poland aside). Cardiff is this weekend and a really good day out!
  37. 1 point
    I could understand if dropping to the national league was about helping youngsters but having Shaun Tedham, Tony Atkin, Lee Dicken, David Speight and Luke Priest in the same team doesn't seem to be very youthful. The decision to drop was down to the money of paying for better riders in the league above. I started going to Wolverhampton when they dropped due to better racing for a similar price. I think Stoke could always have been run better, the length of the meetings were always longer than other clubs due to generators packing up e.t.c, slow trackwork in between races and I think the club could have been advertised better but Dave always tried his best and absolutely worked his socks off. I really do feel sorry for them, they had break ins e.t.c and damages to the already poor equipment and never really had the money to invest heavily. There has been some great racing and memories at Loomer Road over the years but like you say it's impossible that speedway will return to Stoke in the near future if ever. The sport really doesn't have the money and is declining year by year. The better GP riders are frequently pulling out of league racing and the top two British league will have to merge to one at this rate.
  38. 1 point
    Everyone is expecting this to be difficult & I don't think anyone would turn down a point even now, but we shouldn't be scared of any team in this league. We've shown we're more than capable of giving teams a game, why not have a go at them since we're already half writing this game off anyway due to the amount of injuries. If we go defensive & let them come at us like Aspin always did, guaranteed we will lose. Out of their 8 games so far, they've only played 2 teams in the top half, & most of the others are at the bottom of the league too. Every unbeaten run will come to an end at some point.
  39. 1 point
    I was at the game my second game of the season as went the Northampton one aswell . Was in the park Inn for a pint of doom bar before the game and nipped in after for a blackcurrant soda after as driving my son and nephew home to take and Silverdale relatively after the game . Good I like the words rammed down my throat . The level of energy committment and no lack of skill won that game . Very encouraged by what Askey is laying down .
  40. 1 point
    Not interesting enough for Ashley to pay the loan fee when Benitez wanted him a couple of seasons ago.
  41. 1 point
    Toughest game of the season so far... due to the opposition, distance to travel mid week and injuries to contend with. I think this will be a game too far and I’m not holding out much hope of getting anything out of it. As mentioned by others... that will at least give some of OVFs more negative posters to have a say after yesterday’s brilliant performance!
  42. 1 point
    Come on Regal,, you shouldn't blitheringly and repeatedly try and use this tactic that the lies, 350m to the NHS and immigration to tens of thousands/year, didn't influence voters, these statement were lies and influenced the Leave voters and how they voted massively. I would suggest there has never been two lies that have influenced the outcome of a single British election/referendum more than those two lies in the 2016 referendum.
  43. 1 point
    You can't just go around calling people liars because you don't agree with them. Compromise will never be achieved with this sort of name calling.
  44. 1 point
    We played as a team throughout I was so pleased we got the winner and after that there was only one winner . I thought the support was terrific and the players were superb and I felt Montano especially looked like a player who fed off the cracking mouthy railway paddock . A cracker of a performance especially second half and finished the game like a horse who’s galloping away from the others etc .
  45. 1 point
    Just saw the highlights. Great win over a fancied Plymouth side . Chances for both teams apart from the goal, but a really gilt edged chance at the end for the Vale. Happy tonight, and I’d take your hand off for a point on Tuesday. Oh, what happened down at the Council House ? UTV
  46. 1 point
    Any criticism of Bennett is a joke. Who'd of thought we'd have the luxury of Pope on the bench ? Askey stuck to his guns it would of been so easy to drop him after Grimsby or Newport but he didn't . Bennett is doing very nicely thank you
  47. 1 point
    Bennett fits the system, has three already, and I am sure more goals will come. Ultimately it is how the players gel together - Burton got promoted with no individual reaching double figures. I would take that any day of the week.
  48. 1 point
    First half was a bit flaccid but we stepped up a gear or two in the second. We look like a side capable of grinding out 1-0 wins especially at home. If we can get Manny back fit then there’s no reason we can’t finish in the top half/top 10.
  49. 1 point
    The commentators said it looks like a hamstring injury in the end. But totally agree that we seem to pick up hamstring injury prone players by the looks of it. Come on Vale can someone find the goal scoring boots that have been hidden by someone around Vale and score a couple today.
  50. 1 point
    Smith is to VFIA what Dodds and Lloyd are to you.

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