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  1. Oh my!!! That's the hat-trick! I like the subtlety of the design from the first kit showing through, and that shade of green is pretty vibrant! Let's hope it's inspirational, too!
  2. I agree! We've seen, over the last few years, how certain lower League teams have soaked up small fortunes through progressing in Cup competitions. The very nature of these games - lose and you're out - ought to be more of a test of performance under pressure than a mid-season game against a side struggling for form? With the strength of squad we have now...and with players all wanting to play / get fit / get match-fit we should be able to absorb a couple of like-for-like changes to aid that? By all means, pick the fittest players - but, let's not dismiss the importance of Cup progression and
  3. The League is the priority for the fans - but, with no money coming through the turnstiles, maybe our owners would like as much prize money as we can get?
  4. Delighted with this signing, and it's the best transfer window we've had for a long time! I think HM will become as popular as Gareth Ainsworth did )who also had some critics!). But, I have some disappointments with this saga: Disappointed in some of our fans, having to resort to attacks on his personal appearance - that's the kind of thing I loathed about Clive Tyldesley and Jonathan Pearce...and the Irish commentator whose name I can never remember! Not for them to comment on a player's appearance (tattoos/hairstyle, etc) and no need to do it on here if you're proved wrong about so
  5. Oooops!! Did someone say Bowers knows more than our "in the know" supporter?
  6. If you rely on stats to make your point, you can't really argue if somebody else does the same - that's the beauty / ugliness of stats! Personally, I don't see Pope featuring much before Christmas - he looked off the pace against Rochdale, and will miss 6(?) matches, in which you would hope that Cullen /Robinson and/or Rodney will make themselves immovable from the position? Pope, along with the other 1 or 2 strikers on the bench will be great for game-changing, as they're all different and have different strengths. In theory, anybody could have taken his penalties, and scored them - Conlon
  7. I only caught the second half of this, but I was pleased with what I saw. I thought we easily matched Dale in midfield - there were spells where they couldn't get out of their half. Conlon played very well - I'm not bothered if he fades 60 - 70 minutes...we have options for a different style and fresh legs. I thought Rodney was good - reminded me of Uche, a little. Worrall, Whitehead, Mills all had reasonable games - maybe distribution was a little sketchy, at times, but they were doing the right things, mainly. Smith and Brisley look like being a good partnership. Dino had a very good game -
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