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  1. Presumably, GK + 3 CH and 2 of those 7 play as wing-backs? Or, the prudent use of a couple of those 7 as subs, brought on to freshen things up rather than waiting till 80+ minutes? Either way - let somebody worry about us, for a change?
  2. Unless you've accidentally slipped in one too many negatives, you're saying it's a good idea to not de-select TP, even if he's out for the long-term? Have a long-term injured player taking up a squad place, knowing he may not play again for several weeks, but, during which time we could have brought somebody else in?
  3. As far as I'm aware it wasn't that group of people that were peddling the rumours?
  4. Oh...and welcome to the Vale, Kurtis! - I think he and Rodney have the potential to be really difficult to defend against, as a front 2!!
  5. De-select Pope and Robinson...would leave us a place for new central defender?
  6. It's such a shame for player and club!
  7. I think Carol said they were looking to bring in a centre-half and a striker, during this window? Pope's injury, and a defence lacking confidence makes signing both of these pretty crucial!
  8. I think we probably could...but I don't think he would have the right attitude towards the team, having been de-selected? Some would question whether he ever did?
  9. It's a pretty awful thing to say, but I'd definitely consider it. He joined us in 2018 and was injured in that pre-season - which sets a bit of a pattern!. Has made 43 (according to Wiki) appearances...so, less than a full season's value out of him. Very good player when he's on the pitch...a financial handicap when he's on the treatment table. I know some fans have suggested paying him off? It might be a better long-term option for the owners, because there's no guarantee he will ever be back for any meaningful length of time? I feel really sad writing this...
  10. No, it doesn't! The cap applies only to those players who are registered for the first team squad, and they will be the only ones who can play for the club (although, I have read somebody saying they think he can still play in the Papa John?). McKirdy can no longer play for us, so doesn't count towards the salary cap. He will, of course, still get paid until he gets moved on.
  11. I'd agree with a testimonial, at the very least!
  12. From how I read it the players were apologising for their performance in the Mansfield game, not the last couple of months? It's not ideal, but an apology for not meeting an expected standard of play is about all they can do - apart from making sure standards do not dip so low again - until I can get that DeLorean fixed!!!
  13. Yes - several factors could have contributed to that stat. But, the possibility of being able to choose from Taylor, Burgess and Conlon could be so important, for starting games or for changing things around! Like many of us, I'd hope to see more signings like this - eager and young who, mostly, are cheaper to buy than the 28 - 33 yr old journeyman.
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