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  1. 1 hour ago, Erniemossrules said: Well have to agree to disagree then because I still think he was a poor signing and wasted the budget. Ryan lloyd wasted the budget? The whole budget??? You sad little man!
  2. There is an old saying in football that decisions even themselves out, over the course of a season. As Vale fans know, this is a load of old toss, and is only uttered by those who benefit from more than their fair share of controversial decisions. Penalties against us have been dodgy for most of the 57 years I've been a Vale fan! we are, possibly, the biggest reason to doubt the existence of Karma?
  3. Turgid 1 - 1 draw at Bradford would be a good result, surely? Win would be better, obviously!
  4. READ the post I quoted...not just look at it...actually read it?
  5. Just watched the highlights - three good goals, i thought, and nice to see us shooting from distance instead of the Vale habit of trying to walk the ball in the net! Wish people would leave Lloyd alone - his confidence is never going to be high if we pack him off on loan just because some cretin(s) decides to keep having a pop at him! If the team gets a few players back and starts winning more games, some of that confidence might rub off on him? He hasn't got much chance with that kind of comment, though!
  6. You shouldn't have to apologize for your posts! I may not always agree with you...and you do sem to pick on Smith more than the others, but I believe your heart is in the right place - unlike some of the bellends on here! Keep showing that passion for the Vale, VFIA!!! UTV VTID
  7. I remember their 3 being sent off - they were pretty thuggish! But I thought we'd won 3 - 1? It was a good win whichever!!
  8. That would be good if we could get away with it?!
  9. Or, maybe, it's just the manager being sensible and seeing whether they're what he wants, without having to pay 2 years wages? If they are we can offer longer...and improved...contracts before the 12 months is up. Possibly, even, that flexibility has been agreed with each player on a 12-month deal? In which case - as I said - sensible!
  10. LancyTony


    Bear with me, Guys...some of this I'm not 100% about but it will make some kind of sense! As I understand it, once someone is installed as owner of one of our clubs, the EFL can't dictate to them how they run their business - it's their business to run well or badly. But, in at least one of the US sports, businesspeople don't buy a club/team and enter it into their League - they buy the franchise to run that team, the owner of which then has to maintain certain standards to keep hold of that franchise: wages have to be paid; health and safety in the stadium and concourse - and for the players - has to be in good order; and I'm pretty sure just those 2 conditions, over here, would prevent what we have seen over the last couple of decades across the Leagues? Slightly off topic - sorry! I'm not sure Bolton even deserved to be rescued - it's not that long ago since one of the owners had to write-off...what...£170 million quid...and they seem to have been in ths mire ever since? Thanks for persevering with me...and thank Goodness for Kevin and Carol!!!!! UTV VTID
  11. There are people on here who just spout bile for the sake of it. If you challenge the attitude you get termed a "happy clapper" - regardless of whether you think everything is rosy, or not! There is no let up from the abuse (hence "single-minded"); nor is there any attempt to back up their argument with facts. I agree with some of what you've just written - so you're clearly not one I was referring to...nor do i object to people having a contrary point of view, if it's backed up with stats, facts, evidence or logic...not just an ill-considered rant! It can even be just an emotional viewpoint - passion for the Vale is good, whether it's positively or negatively expressed...but, when you point out their factual errors they do not back down and never, ever, concede they may be in the wrong. Not "have a different opinion"...just "wrong"! I would love Vale to find a 21-year old Andy Porter!!!
  12. Seriously? Pointing out that two does not equal one is splitting hairs? Desperate to make a point...especially as Amoo and Bennett have rightly been praised for their contributions in the games before today.
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