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  1. I've nothing but good wishes for John and the other ex-Valiants! I don't hold grudges against ex-Vale...unless they try to dish the dirt on the Vale!
  2. When is an apology not an apology? - when it comes from Crewe Alexandra! This, to me, feels like an empty gesture...especially regarding the Zoom conference!
  3. I suspect the problem will be more with the fans than with the footballers. Time for "fans" to grow up and realise that it doesn't matter what a player's race or sexuality is? Then take that attitude into "real life"!
  4. She said that before we qualified for the playoffs! Couldn't have said it after because we are 2 games away from promotion!
  5. She also said, recently, that the "P" word was not Promotion, but Progress - clearly that has happened!
  6. Admin...can we have a "Completely Puddled" button instead of the "merely confused" one?
  7. I know...I didn't mention them because I forgot them!! Funnily enough - although it was the away end, we never felt unsafe...unlike the away fans who must have pooped themselves when they Bycars descended on them?
  8. In exactly the same way as bringing in extra coaching staff, improving our ticketing system will have NO effect on the playing budget which will - presumably - still be set to conform with FFP regulations?
  9. Me three - "sheltered" under the leaky old scoreboard when it lashed down / snowed!
  10. Not really - we should be bringing in players who fit our Plan A, not forcing changes on us? I enjoyed his brief spell with us when we got to see him...eventually...but I only see him as an impact player, coming off the bench and given freedom to play where he wants? Talented enough to build a team around...but that would mean wholesale changes!
  11. It certainly shouldn't have any effect on what happens in the playoffs. Officials can make bad enough decisions without being influenced by some imaginary sleight!
  12. Scunthorpe owed nothing to Northampton! If it suited them to field a team of kids in preparation for life in non-League that's up to them. Like us, Northampton have had a few dodgy results over the season - any of these could have helped them gain more points / score more goals? No - I wouldn't like it done to us...and I didn't like 2 teams settling for a draw and keeping us out of the playoff places! I think a Championship team also fielded kids in their last game? It's football - yes - sometimes it stinks, but Scunthorpe owed nobody anything and they only need to consider what's best for them!
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