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  1. I was already undecided whether I would attend a testimonial for TP - which I thought he deserved. But, at no time after he was released did he turn round and thank the fans, and the club for supporting him through his ban, and injury and his obviously declining form, over the last 2 years. Now - with this vile outburst - he has dumped on all those who supported him...because of their loyalty to him. So, definitely, not a penny more from me goes to his pocket, and the most recent memories of his time at the Vale are not great!
  2. Your passion shines through. I don't agree with you, but there is no doubting the strength of your belief. I almost put you on my ignore list - glad I didn't! Keep being passionate for the Vale and our players...just remember others will think differently, at some time?
  3. That one and a few before it. It's a good thing having different opinions - just no need to sink to the level of several on here!
  4. Really? He has a family connection and...presumably...freedom of choice?
  5. No he doesn't! That would make him 1st choice striker - not 4th / 5th in line back up. All I'm suggesting is he be kept in the 1st team squad, for as much training as he can do, and to become familiar with tactics, and to get minutes as a sub when there's no pressure on him; and to get occasional appearances in the Cup, that also have less pressure.
  6. He will get a pro contract for sure. If you deprive him of...or delay... the opportunity to show how good he is you have to hope he does it somewhere else, lower down the Leagues, where there will be a lesser quality opposition, possibly giving a false impression of how he does. He'd stay here if it were up to me - I respect that you feel different.
  7. Totally disagree. I guess that's the beauty of forums...for most people!
  8. And it's not about having to rely on a youngster - it's about giving him the chance to show what he can do! Why send him out on loan? I can understand Chelsea / Arsenal hoovering up 50+ youngsters, then sending them out on loan otherwise they wouldn't get any game minutes at all - but the Vale? He's more likely to be up against bruisers in lower League than making a sub appearance with us, or playing in one of the Cup competitions. Being around the first team squad must be better in our League than one or two lower? International teams have included youngsters who had no chance of playing - just for the experience of mixing with the seniors and being involved in training and tactics. There's plenty of room on the subs bench...and we can't use them all, but he would give us an option - a nuisance option.
  9. They won't be playing against teams of Forest's class, either - except in Cup matches! That kind of heat impairs your judgment...slack passing will be corrected.
  10. They were a very good team, I thought? Even these youngsters will get 1st team minutes, at some stage of the season. Well-drilled and comfortable on the ball.
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