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  1. I think, of the 4 most-mentioned on this thread: Taylor, Conlon, Burgess and Whitehead (the lesser-known Russian Spy circle) only Whitehead will be moved on, plus I think Joyce will go. Conlon, I have a feeling, would stay with the Vale unless a huge offer / big club comes in? Unfinished business, really. Hurst seems to be well-thought of by DC, and a nice little feature on Burgess shows a level-headed lad, sensibly waiting for a chance. And these 3 all fit the profiles of being young, with some ability and more chance to develop than bringing in someone of, say, Manny's age?
  2. Yes...but good players are good players, no matter who they once turned out - briefly, for!
  3. I wish him well - he seems to be a nice, and well-respected guy? But, I suggest we have got the better end of this deal.
  4. This is a massive achievement for the Vale, all the staff who had any involvement and, particularly, Carol and Kevin. So proud of my club for doing this - 300,000 meals is far more than anybody else, I believe? And all with no detriment to the playing squad - despite snide comments to the contrary!!!!! Well done everybody - helping the community AND putting the Club in a great light, after the dismal decade or so we've suffered! Chuffed!!
  5. I've no idea? I imagine he has been told he wouldn't be getting a new contract in the Summer? But, whoever instigated it, i think it's the right decision?
  6. Sad decision for everyone connected with the Vale - but the sensible thing to do, and almost certainly the best deal Manny would have got. So we've taken a small fee and got a wage off the books for a few weeks. It really is a win-win decision!
  7. Yes...maybe...but you were arguing there would be fewer players available, not the quality of those!
  8. In theory we do, because Governmental affairs still need to be ratified by the Queen. Not sure what happens if she doesn't agree...but that's beside the point. You may notice, the leader of the Party with most seats always has to go to the Queen to get permission to form the Government.
  9. In the long run - it doesn't matter. We'll agree to disagree?
  10. To be honest, he was King in all bar name. It's a constitutional quirk that the husband of the Queen is not King. Football grounds aren't the only venues that would have held a 2-minute silence - had they been open! As I said, it is protocol. And, since it doesn't actually adversely affect anyone, I'm not sure why if bugs you so much - but I do know you won't be on your own! As for being a civil servant - you were a civil servant, not a member of the ruling family.
  11. Ooops...my mistake! I thought you were both talking about Monty?
  12. Good question - but interpreted incorrectly! I meant why was it ridiculous? Most global Presidents / PMs and heads of state get a 2-minute silence, on their passing, in honour of their positions as heads of their countries. It's nothing to do with football or the Vale, it's a national thing and observed by most nations. Not sure why you feel it is an affront to your Dad, or the 150,000 who've passed from Covid? Nor the millions worldwide who have? It's purely protocol and has always been thus...probably? Don't begrudge it of someone who has served the country for a long, long time - I'm guessi
  13. Bald Eagle posted: "...Monty involved in 30+ games in each of the last 6 seasons... Soooo...one of you has got your stats wrong?
  14. Prince Philip, who opposed Nazis and was first British royal to visit Israel, dies at 99 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (jta.org) His older sisters didn’t just get married: They got married to Nazis, a fact Queen Elizabeth isn’t likely eager to have the world know. When Philip’s sister Cecile and her husband, both Nazi party members, died in a plane crash in 1937, young Philip was sent to Germany for the funeral and had to walk in the procession among Nazi soldiers. None of Philip’s sisters were invited to his wedding in 1947, but the royal couple reunited with his German relations in 2015.
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