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  1. Askey's had a sex change????? "At the moment it is about tying the lads down who are out of contract and that makes the manager’s job a lot easier. The more players who sign the less she has to look for next year.
  2. The brother, on £78k / year as scout would end up after tax with £1,024.24 / wk...so £24.24 in pocket, but would also pay higher tax on his other income, so would lose out that way. Not the best example - but I do agree with you that there are ways around this kind of cap. It's one of the reasons I believe all football clubs should be a franchise - much more stringent control and oversight.
  3. As there seems to be a shortage of decent strikers becoming available; but a number of steady defenders already released from their clubs, the usual comments about "we need to get more goals in the team" kind of doesn't make sense, really? If we strengthened the defence, cut down on the mistakes and bring in a good replacement for Scott Brown, in case of injury, AND continued to score as we have this season, that could be the way to make a difference to our points? Just a thought, given the circumstances. Be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks!
  4. Such sad news! Thoughts with his family - glad Vale were on a better path for him!
  5. A wonderful feeling to be proud of the Vale after so many years of dross and dire, dirty dealings! Looking forward to regaining our place in the hearts of decent football fans everywhere, as their favourite neutral club, and so, so proud of the examples being set by our magnificent owners! Good times are coming back!!!
  6. The football under Gordon Lee was, largely, boring and stultifying...as it was, to a slightly lesser extent under Rob Page. But, for me, Michael Brown was the worst manager I've known...marginally worse than the lunatic Jim Gannon! It wasn't just Brown's comments after games, but, subsequently, when he'd left the Vale he tried to airbrush over his failings - no respect from me, for that!
  7. I'm sorry - you are entitled to your opinion, of course...but we've had so many more worse managers than Horton...surely???
  8. Thoughts and best wishes with you at this time, old Sage! We need a Valiant win, here!
  9. Another sad day! It was no surprise he moved to Leicester...although my memory had him going to Spurs, for about £40K? Obviously not!!
  10. I never thought Rogier Koordes was as bad as some Vale fans would have. Always put a shift in and, as has been said, played mostly out of position. I can't believe Tony Rougier was ever mentioned for this? Yes, he was Ainsworth's replacement, but didn't cost a fortune and the reason we didn't do so good after Ainsworth went was because we didn't bring in enough quality...unlike with other transfers in after a top player has been sold! Wayne Cordon - what a massive disappointment! Yes, his goal against Arsenal was a huge one for us...but that's all he did...but he still wasn't as bad as Osher Williams or Kaid Mohamed, who has played for a huge number of clubs (or, had lots of spells with clubs at different times?) and not really achieved much, anywhere. Finally - whoever mentioned Andy Porter - go and wash your mouth out! Shocking suggestion!!!!!
  11. That's not a fair comment - Dean Saunders was guilty of ungentlemanly conduct (I think that's the rule?) but a very weak ref didn't give the foul. Otherwise I'd agree with the rest - Mussy was a good shot-stopper and penalty-saver, but not comfortable with crosses. Interesting - that season we had 9(?) goalkeepers, one that got some stick - Kjelle Roos - is now Derby;s no, 1!
  12. That was a great team - I think it was the first promotion we got while I'd been supporting them? Johnny Green was a very good player - as was Micky Morris. Condolences to his family - sad to see heroes from our past passing away! RIP UTV
  13. 42. Wasn't trying to be clever - I would have referred to our budget as the 17th lowest.
  14. I'm not even sure we're looking at this the right way? Does "17th highest" mean there are only 7 clubs with a higher budget? Or, are we reading it as 17th lowest?
  15. Awesome win, Vale...absolutely awesome!!! UTV VTID
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