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    Definitely all 100% correct then. Definitely.
  2. Hands up, who else was expecting him to get injured in his debut last night?
  3. £10,000 is better than £0 as the only reason he'd be going now is the new regime have clearly decided with his injury history he's too risky to be given another deal in the summer. Disappointing in the sense of what could have been.
  4. Final game of 1892/93 plus the first 7 of 93/94. 8 April 1893 Northwich Victoria A 4–2 2 September 1893 Manchester City H 4–2 9 September 1893 Walsall Town Swifts A 5–0 16 September 1893 Crewe Alexandra H 4–2 18 September 1893 Middlesbrough Ironopolis H 4-0 23 September 1893 Northwich Victoria A 5–1 25 September 1893 Birmingham City H 5–0 30 September 1893 Northwich Victoria H 3–2
  5. With well over £170m in debt owed, let's hope the primates try it again.
  6. They don't understand anything beyond if they go and queue in the office with a green sign out the front for 30 minutes on a monday morning they'll be given some free money.
  7. From MAs autobiography. Absolute worm.
  8. https://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/299603/time
  9. The tramp is currently being broadcast blaming everyone but himself so it sounds like there's P&G afterall.
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