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  1. Also pleased to see the shlt got a draw. That keeps Jones there for longer but only one more point to show for it. Brilliant!
  2. Yes he does. This is a guy who had a mental breakdown on here years ago whinging that there were no local free sailing clubs for kids in Burslem. If Carl is who I suspect he is with a surname beginning with Z then it's so surprise. Professional 24/7 mardarse.
  3. Couldn't go. Just seen the highlights. Appalling long ball to get caught out by for the first. Crookes then floated about ball watching and lost track of the forward, who nipped in behind for the rebound. Equaliser. What a smart ball from Gibbons to pick out Pope, and then what a peach of a lob over to Cullen. Well finished by hitting it at the ground to make it unpredictable for the keeper. Technically a well worked goal. Legge didn't get a touch on the ball but total theatrics from the forward who knew he'd turned over possession to con the ref into awarding it. 5 Would the equaliser have come against a team who aren't bottlers in a bad run of form like Mansfield? I don't know.
  4. He's "stepped down" about three hundred times already. Then goes on to make himself the first team manager. Chronic attention seeker.
  5. Why would you play that square ball inside? Especially in that vulnerable area of the pitch? All 3 immediately identified the telegraphed pass and zeroed in on Taylor like Sharks before it was even played. Certain players decision making under pressure is appalling at times.
  6. A lot of football battles are won and lost in stats and maths now. There’s commercial software out there used by all clued up professional clubs that assists with scouting and match analysis. Literally do a database search for a league one full back with X number of successful interceptions per Y number of attempts who’s also under 28 but above 6’3 and it’ll spit out the results just like football manager. The big one is called Wyscout. Video clips and stat analysis on everything. Proper Moneyball. The better equipped clubs have cameras running during the match and have monitors in the dug out for live analysis and instant replays. That Man City documentary on amazon showed they have monitors up in the dressing room at HT showing the players what areas or vulnerable oppo players to press. I’m glad that analysis site picked up this behaviour from Crookes below as it’s something I noticed a few times in the first half. He’d go and challenge the header, but in doing so would leave an awful amount of space behind for the potential flick on from Edwards if he won it - which Edwards did constantly. Can’t recall Crookes successfully challenging it once. I worried every time it happened that the flick on would find Mayor or Sarcevic who’d play through a totally unmarked Moore to go clean through. Fortunately it didn’t happen. This sort of stuff is what Notts County’s new owners do for a living which could work out really well for them but I’m hopeful that the Shanahans experience and expertise, contacts in and appreciation of big data and IT will lead to investment on this side of the game for Vale. Obviously we already have a video analysis set up but becoming one of the better football league clubs at doing it outside of the riches of the top of the championship with carefully considered and reasonable investment and facilities can only be a good thing and could directly lead to a somewhat bigger points tally every April. Higher finish/promotion = more FL prize money. Rudgey isn’t going to be round watching transfer targets forever. The top clubs invest in data analysis for very good reason, it gives them the edge in acquisitions and winning games.
  7. hahahaha. Get fcuked Werrington.
  8. Brilliantly deserved in the circumstances. Good debut from Browne, couple of bits about his game like technical ball control are a mile above L2. Plymouth nothing special. Suspect highlights will show we should have had a pen first half for the two handed push on Bennett.
  9. What is he supposed to do with three forced subs after 30 mins and a key midfielder out?
  10. How the fcuk can three players go off with muscle injuries in 30 mins? How could Amoo have what looked like cramp after 20?
  11. Down the left what a <ovf censored> surprise
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