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  1. Sweet Caroline, which I've never heard them play at Vale before, went down well against Newport. Joe's right, the atmopshere needs building up better. Need some daft records with big choruses. Three Lions 98 One Step Beyond Sweet Caroline Penny Arcade Wonder of You timed so they walk out during the last 30 seconds
  2. My thinking exactly. Who knows where it's come from originally, but a few people have mentioned it.
  3. I think it was the stand they were on about. Not sure if those seats are older. Lots of people have renewed season tickets in there for next season already so I'd be surprised if it were true unless the club have close season works planned. The club did have a planning permission application lodged to knock down the disused turnstiles outside the railway and family stand as of a few months ago so no doubt there's a long term plan and Carol will sort it all out eventually. L1 money and bigger crowds would be a great help! She deserves that.
  4. There were rumours about the steel trusswork that supports the Railway roof too, I'd be much more inclined to believe that could be a safety certificate consideration as it's very old. Nothing confirmed obviously, but it was doing the rounds on social media this week. Who knows.
  5. Meanwhile a Vale fan was claiming on social media yesterday that the seats in the Railway are a safety certificate concern for next season because of the metal frame that holds each one up. The mind boggles if that's true.
  6. Their second came at an utterly crucial time for them, we were just starting to get back into it after what I presume was a rollocking at HT. Lovely composed run and finish from Wilson to beat the trap and nestle it in the corner, and his header on another day would have made it 2-2 late on. Have to hope Proctor can start Thursday. And have to pray that Walker can make the squad.
  7. Smith doesn't?! Martin has been excellent for the past 2 months. But just because you seem to accept that Smith is woeful with the ball at his feet, that's OK if he messes up with it but Martin doesn't get the same treatment despite you seeming to think that he's just as bad with the ball at his feet? You're constructing a strawman from things I didn't actually say. Smith isn't a ball playing RCB. This recurrent tactic in recent months of him playing it out from the back doesn't work. He isn't good enough for that. What he is good enough to do is stand firm as a rough and tumble CB with a centre forward backing into him and hoof it clear. Martin scares me when it's up to him to fulfill that task. Maybe I wasn't clear enough initially but there's a world of difference in thinking that Smith can't play like a Maldini vs Smith is more composed when grappling a forward when it needs hoofing clear.
  8. I really don't know what you're on about, I've never said Martin is a ball playing CB. He isn't, Smith isn't. If the opposition broke forward I'd be far more nervous if it was up to Martin to clear it than Smith. That Davison chance on 70 mins Sky have just replayed is a typical Martin mistake. We'll have to agree to disagree.
  9. Smith on the ball scares me a hell of a lot more Smith will never be the ball playing RCB they are trying to make him. He isn't that kind of player. He's a rough and tumble centre half and no more, he will never be Maldini. He spooned the ball out for the corner, poor. It was Gibbo who lost HM for the goal. Awful goal all round from our point of view. Martin gives me anxiety 9 times out of 10 the ball goes near him, either because it bounces or because he takes a heavy touch and gets into trouble.
  10. Have you been this season? He's scary. Nearly let them in second half by miscontrolling as he often does.
  11. Poor do. Today just shows what massive losses Conlon and Walker have been. But only a goal in it now. If Martin isn't moved on this summer I'll be disappointed.
  12. 1221, away end holds 1910. 6248 Mansfield fans.
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