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  1. No he doesn't. What Toyah said. I can't believe I'm reading this tbh.
  2. No they can't, nor can they force him to take it unless the government make it a public health requirement to participate in professional organised team sports. (If it even is Legge, but that appears more likely than not based on his past twitter comments) It puts Carol in a really awkward position, whoever it is.
  3. He's daft. https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/info/daily-life/safety/coronavirus-covid-19#:~:text=COVID-19 vaccines are not,moderate side-effects including fever.
  4. Based on his past comments, we know who it'll be. Legge's daft.
  5. Tbh I'm surprised they hired him in the first place with the ongoing ABH case with the Barnsley coach as yet unresolved.
  6. Big fan of Covolan's 101st Airborne style Mohawk though. Can't wait to hear the screaming from the bench when he's sprinting up for a corner just before half time.
  7. They pick names out of a hat, I wouldn't bother with them. Bookies odds is the one to watch at this time of the season.
  8. Struggling to think of an example of a kit released by another club that is exactly identical to the change strip but just recoloured? Bit lazy that tbh. From a sales point of few I'm not sure why they'd do this, won't sell anywhere near as many as a new design. Weird. I'd have preferred us in the blue as well, keeper in gold, mix it up a bit.
  9. It's August 2035. Vale have just beaten Charlton 2-0 at home, at the new redeveloped Vale Park. Tom Conlon is the manager. Phil manages to find some way to steer the post match thread towards the subject of Tom Pope, who has been retired for 12 years.
  10. If the injury was that bad, wouldn't he get paid out by his insurance? Are you sure that he hasn't?
  11. Having been up early I fell asleep second half which I think says it all about how arsed I am about the result of that game. Anyone unironically losing the plot after losing a pre-season friendly in outrageous summer heat to a championship side when the Vale team was made up of unfamiliar players playing an unfamiliar formation including a centre mid out of his comfort zone at RB needs help.
  12. Is he playing Smith at right back and Benning as a LWB? Don't think Jones is right sided is he?
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