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  1. Down with this sort of thing
  2. Only one way out for you after this pal. You’re going to have to commit ritual Seppuku on yourself to restore the club shops honour.
  3. Better stop the transfer rumours thread. Poor form to be leaking info.
  4. How has he done anyone a favour ? Are you that desperate that you need the new kit unveiled in a plastic bag and it happens 92 times a season what a load of rubbish it's poor form and it's tried the club the right to unveil in a professional manner Posting something Vale fans would be interested in on a Vale website isn’t doing those Vale fans a favour? I don’t get the resistance man. Who’s arsed. It’s a kit which gets re-released every summer. No ones died. Its great the club are going to do a professional release. Great, that’s what we’ve all wanted for years, some professionalism. Vale being added to the long list of clubs where info is leaked on a fan site a few days before? Whoopdy doo. They’ve had long enough put it out. We all know what they look like anyway since the teaser video. This isn’t Watergate.
  5. You’ve lost it mate. Comparing a football league kit to a civil servant breaking the official secrets act. Jesus Christ.
  6. Are you people for real? I would have a problem if it was the club putting out low quality images of a new kit. A fan leaking it - who gives a toss? It happens 92 times a season up and down the football league. There are entire websites dedicated to leaking new kits. If Scumthwaite was still here would you be making the same comments about it? Piling on the guy who was just trying to do us a favour with ‘poor form’ comments is embarrassing. Have you all come straight from the set of Last of The Summer Wine? Miserable old gits.
  7. fćuking hell, are we really having an argument over a few hundred quid regarding replacing instead of repairing flag poles? Bring the football back please, Jesus
  8. The 'view next unread post' facility from threads seems to have disappeared?
  9. Never noticed that on a match day before - what’s Smith got tattooed across his knee? Jaws? He needs to ditch that daft wispy attempt at a beard and moustache as it makes him look like Mackenzie Crook on Methadone.
  10. Whitfield was involved in training at SGP. Maybe the transfer listing was a repeat of Micky Adams' fur coat.
  11. The training kit is fcuking GREEN THIS IS NOT A DRILL
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