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  1. Didn't want to go overboard, you need cheap filler for squad rotation.
  2. The Scumthwaite money is already collated and ringfenced. Effectively already paid for. No, the income from this season is not contributing towards it. Average is not the word I'd use to describe the incompetence I watched today, one particular phase just before the 3rd was truly horrifically bad, but over the course of the season it's there or there abouts because it's a crap league. Write this season off, spend some of the money on resigning our better players now and then in the summer replacing the deadwood. OOC - Maddison - 1 year Gibbons - Sign Smith - Sign Evans - 1 year Montano - 1 year Legge - he'll be 35 soon. At least one dangerous mistake in him every game. Consider releasing if the market is right tbh. Brisley - release Kennedy - release Joyce - sign Burgess - sign Conlon - 1 year Worrall - sign Amoo - sign Browne - 1 year Lloyd - release Atkinson - release Cullen - release Archer - release Wouldn't be too disappointed to see Crookes and Bennett get offered mutual termination.
  3. This is horrific. A team of rattled strangers. Those were my thoughts before the free kick.
  4. Absolute shower of wánk. Brisley has looked awful in every appearance this season. This game was lost when Smith went off.
  5. I hope Askey doesn't consistently leave his signings as late as his substitutions.
  6. Apparently the referee was Graham Salisbury's son. That explains a lot. Inherited incompetence. Incredible.
  7. Missed two sitters and denied the clearest penalty you'll ever see by the ever present incompetent in the middle. Frustrating. Seriously, that penalty. Montano dragged to the ground by his shirt while the referee was in line looking directly at it. Get the numbnut demoted.
  8. 2-0 after a few minutes and still zero shots on target against relegation dogfighting Morecambe on a 40 quid budget. I'd have waterboarded them all at half time.
  9. Utterly, utterly pitiful. Legge nowhere near the second.
  10. We'll fall short this year as we're not ready but I'm confident next season will be a decent crack at promotion. All the summer improvements to the squad and Vale Park to come including the RW gig. I'd love C&Ks outrageous rip off purchase of £5m for the Vale to be rewarded by a strong ST take up. Target 5000 again, why not?
  11. Conlon turns the ball over but does well to tenaciously win it back, cuts down the touchline looking for a square ball across the 6 yard box and draws a desperate foul from a panicking defender. We've been crap up to now with very little service to Pope. Better hold on.
  12. Fortunately for Worrall he was offside as he's just missed an absolute sitter free at the far post from a cross spooning it wide with his knee.
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