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  1. Another frustrating match as a result of yet another weak referee stopping the game every 30 seconds. I have noticed now that in our three league games so far, all three have seen serious fouls committed on Vale players. A deliberate elbow, a deliberate stamp and today a dangerous studs up lunge straight through Smith. All three transgressors stayed on the pitch because of the incompetence of the officials. These are game changing decisions. Are we following up on this!?
  2. He's right about passing and decision making. The amount of loose panicked balls being turned over was pathetic. Askey got it wrong in the first half.
  3. Having seen all 5 games, personally I think Worrall has been miles off the standard he was at in March for the entirely of the season so far.
  4. All set up for key diagonals pinged through by Oyeleke and Conlon on the break. Pace merchants FC. I love it.
  5. You might find this of interest Rob, it's free. Different 40 character password for everything you use, securely stored behind AES256 and 2FA. You can lock your password vault behind a fingerprint scanner or physical keyfob for ultimate 2FA. lastpass.com
  6. What is that disinformation <ovf censored> supposed to be? Puddled. You sure know how to choose a source. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-KS7pbRXz5jKLugwmVxGPA/videos
  7. I've never expected anyone back in VP until Spring at the earliest tbh. Always expected Christmas and NYE to be a write off. I know a doctor who is a clinical director of medicine at an NHS trust, saw him last week. He's worried.
  8. Was it the code you got emailed today? https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2020/september/ifollow-codes-harrogate/ There isn't really a count down of sorts. I've just bought the game as well to test it and trying to access the stream will just bring up this page where it confirms the stream won't go live until 2pm. https://www.port-vale.co.uk/matches/fixtures/first-team/202021/september/port-vale-vs-harrogate-town-on-26-sep-20/
  9. VFIDG, formerly VFIA, is my favourite ovf nutter of all time.
  10. Conlon's going to end up getting drug tested if he carries on as he has, absolutely mad for it from the first whistle. He's started this season with the unlimited energy we see from Worrall. Really impressive considering the 5 months off.
  11. I thought Mills easily had his best game for Vale today although he did have a bit of a shocker with a drop ball
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