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  1. Still can't get over 16 quid for an U12 ticket last night. Outrageous, Vale is free isn't it?
  2. Genuine question - has Benning stopped more than one cross in all his accumulated game time since joining Vale? Rodney poor again. Should have been Amoo to come on. Joe makes a good point about the atmosphere but I think it was clear from the get go it was going to be one of those games and the inevitable blanket of exasperation and frustration, and even resignation, quickly takes over the crowd who’ve seen it all before. I’ve never seen us so sloppy and wasteful as tonight. Constantly turning it over, aimlessly hoofing it to a yellow shirt, passing across our own sodding back line on a wet pitch and getting caught out. It’s infuriating how often attacking moves and even set pieces end up being played backwards to the keeper as there’s no movement and none of them have a clue what to do with it. One of Worralls poorest displays for us I thought but then he’s stuck back at WB. They looked the 3rd placed side and us the 22nd. They wanted to win, were comfortable on the ball, we wilted from the first whistle and had the short passing game of a deer on ice. Worse than Stevenage that was.
  3. Beyond woeful. Why they were clapped off so vigorously is beyond me as they didn’t want it at all, which is the minimum expectation. Credit for the pen save and very little else.
  4. 10 min walk. You'll be able to see the main stand from the car park according to streetview.
  5. https://www.justpark.com/search/?ac_country=GB&arriving=2021-10-19T17%3A00%3A00.000Z&coords=53.147195%2C-1.198674&filters=reservable&leaving=2021-10-19T22%3A55%3A00.000Z&listingId=529278&listingType=justpark&location_name=Mansfield&place_id=ChIJF3uDAwGWeUgRKnyFAlnn2o0&q=Mansfield%2C UK&source=autocomplete
  6. Yeah I looked this up earlier to double check. Oldham at home, immediately after the little debacle at Cheltenham below, he hadn't been dropped. If Covolan had done this instead of the venerated saint Scott Brown there'd be murder on social media.
  7. For anyone driving, there is a Sainsbury's right next to the ground which is normally restricted parking but you can prebook a space for like 6 hours tomorrow night for £2.60. JustPark WWW.JUSTPARK.COM Sainsbury's on Nottingham road. A lot easier to get in and out of than that really small tight car park by the railway station and cheaper too.
  8. Has anyone got to the bottom of why those two Crewe players out of the blue retired this season yet? One was only 27, not heard anything about it since. It's the sort of mad thing that happens in a relegation season, not gonna lie, all relegation seasons have some mad stuff going on somewhere. Like our mad thing of signing some European non-league reservists to start in League 1 in 16/17.
  9. Yeah. The longer it went on the more I dreaded the inevitability of something really dire like franchise/Gillingham/Ipswich/Bolton/Sunderland/Charlton away. Given we were both undrawn until very late on, shame we didn't come out against number 14....
  10. Yeah, but Phil is making a very fair point that while no one is actively waiting for Wilson to fluff something, unfortunately there's a few about who just can't let it go regarding Covolan and are poised ready for him to make a mistake. I'm not saying you are but it's all over that daft facebook group, and was aired on P&G yesterday. That's just how it is though. We were only 17 odd minutes into this 46 game season when the anti Clarke/Flitcroft abuse started at Northampton remember. I remember it well because I was stood in front of three muppets at it for about 80 minutes of the game, it does your head in listening to that constant negative drivel. DC has said in a few interviews now that he's a good manager up until he loses two games and then he's crap and he's right, some of us are too fickle. Won 7/8 in a row last season, won 6 out of the last 8 this season, there's a few around who need to hold their hands up instead of disappearing to try to save face. Again not you.
  11. Just watched it back and yeah fair enough. My memory of the real time angle from the railway looked like he'd had to dive for it.
  12. Yeah. Of the rest of the top 7 we've W4 D1 L1, and we were 3-2 up in that single defeat with minutes to go. The rest of October and all of November is now a brilliant opportunity to entrench ourselves at the top.
  13. Spot on. Big gap in the wall. Brought that on ourselves.
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