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  1. Askey has told the press a new forward is signing Tuesday.
  2. Doha


    Warren is a special one isn't he? I reckon the oil refinery on the Wirral might have been leaking some fumes.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8485007/EFL-chief-Rick-Parry-secretly-filmed-discussing-Wigan-Athletics-stricken-former-owner.html
  4. This is not a wind up. EFL chairman Rick Parry has been covertly filmed saying it's rumoured that the recently installed owners deliberately put the club into admin as part of a fraudulent scheme in relation to money being bet on them to be relegated.
  5. Lose on Saturday and I'm going to start making the relegation celebration video. Already mentally planned out the content
  7. Doha


    Seeing as Jeremy Corbyn has been slated on here multiple times because of the puddled actions of his brother, I take it the usual suspects on here will also be condemning Boris Johnson? https://twitter.com/drrosena/status/1278629639989198850?s=21
  8. The Barnsley who are joint 6th in the form table and who have just done promotion chasing Blackburn 2-0?
  9. There is a force majeure clause in the FA rules governing insolvency events. 2020 has definitely been a force majeure event! You also have to bear in mind the EFL approved new owners literally just weeks ago. Slamming Wigan with penalties will make themselves look like absolute weapons. Anyway, it's by the by. Saint Nathan is going to keep Luton up. Barnsley have done well after the restart. The shlt are going down. It's a shame we had promotion stolen from us this year for what would have been two league derbies but nevermind, thanks to regional grouping in the tinpot trophy we'll be playing the scum anyway next season. MADFERIT.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/27/putin-is-up-to-no-good-but-johnson-needs-little-help-in-creating-chaos
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