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  1. Doha


    Puddled Paul will defend this. https://www.wtkr.com/news/national/white-house-coronavirus-task-force-to-hold-daily-briefing-after-trump-signs-stimulus-bill
  2. Imagine getting 'run over' by a car driven out out of the Synectics gate by a Synectics employee at 2mph. Imagine further that it was captured by a CCTV camera you didn't know was there. Imagine even further that you told the first Police officer on scene that you couldn't feel your legs.
  3. Doha


    What compound are you in JRC?
  4. No. The money for that is set aside. They said that on day one.
  5. Doha


    People are morons. Awful, awful morons.
  6. Doha


    Really? She changed nationality? That's amazing.
  7. Saw something interesting where if this season is untenable then scrap it but carry the points, GF, GA figures into next season so no-one is disadvantaged or given an unfair reprieve....
  8. There is no way they'd scrap this season and void the results. It is a very brave man who'd make that call and, for example, take away Liverpools imminent winning of the league. There'd be fcūking murder. The bookies would have to return many, many millions of pounds of stakes they may not actually have as liquid cash. There'd be legal battles over final placings because they affect competition qualification and prize money. There's too much money in the game especially in the greed league ® to allow that disruption to happen. What seems most sensible to me is ride this out, start playing again once well over the peak, possibly initially behind closed doors, finish the season in the late summer. Postpone the Euros till next year. Have a shorter but still reasonable pre-season and then kick off again in late September/October/November depending on how bad this initial delay was. Finish EFL 2020/2021 in June/July, no winter break in the greed league ® so they finish well before and are rested for the delayed Euros. Repeat, finishing 21/22 in May. Stagger it back to normal slowly over time.
  9. Saw something interesting earlier about if this drags on too long, results from the reverse fixtures could be duplicated and enforced for the last few games of the season. That would be 6 wins and 2 draws and have us on 74.
  10. 3 weeks of inter-squad matches to get Oyeleke and Archer match fit again.
  11. Doha


    Who do I write to in China for reparations? Not only do Vale miss 3 weeks of cash flow because of this, but if the season starts up again we will potentially be in the position where players OOC in July are playing games around then. How's this going to work exactly? 3 week coronavirus contract extensions? This is shlte. I'm gutted. Would rather it was behind closed doors than binned off.
  12. You have got to be <ovf censored> <ovf censored> me
  13. Doha


    ? It's perfectly valid advice. Except don't buy now, buy in 2/3 weeks when the city has lost another 10%. This will eventually be a V shaped economic recovery and in an ISA your gains are CGT exempt up to £20,000 pa and pension contribution income tax exempt up to £40,000 pa. Any adult with a functioning brain should know how their savings incentives/state or private pensions work.
  14. Archer must be shlt hot in training then as otherwise selling a forward and hence being down to Pope/Cullen and a recently injured Archer during a promotion seeking last 9 league games is nuts.
  15. Doha


    https://today.yougov.com/topics/food/articles-reports/2020/02/26/first-it-was-joke-corona-beer-really-suffering-cor People who will no longer drink Corona just because of the name are likely the sort who could do with being culled out of the gene pool anyway. Get DEFRA out and about with the bolt guns.
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