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  1. Thanks to Carol for financing this.
  2. I thought that! Bit clinical.
  3. There's a subset of users on here who pretty exclusively only post to moan about OVF. It's quite funny.
  4. I know professional players can be insured for career ending injuries (both personally and on a club/employment level) but I wonder if there are specialist policies out there to cover wages on long term injuries? Bet our premiums would be horrifying with the amount of limpers we've got on the books.
  5. Bit of a strange comment. Strange in the sense of 'agenda' is a bit strong. After what we've had to put up with over the years, what is so radical about wanting an experienced outside manager for once rather than the cheap option? I wouldn't call that an agenda. I'd call it exasperated weariness.
  6. And Mills. Just seen some quick clips on twitter, dreadful.
  7. Not often I've heard Vale described as entertainment since April 2013. Character building, maybe.
  8. I wouldn't know, I knew better than to pay a tenner to watch. When I saw the lineup on twitter I knew the intention would be 433 though, which with this bunch of wasters, is dreary, papier mache midfield dogshlt.
  9. What? Visser and Robinson aside this is a team of regular starters.
  10. Their fantastic leadership also saw the club looked at by Police and SOCA in respect to nil paid share gate. David Ames, of Harlequin Properties, "the best sponsors we've ever had", is awaiting trial for 3 counts of fraud, delayed because of Coronavirus. Your V2001 love in is anti-Vale.
  11. Agree with that JJ, and Joe. I think she was trying to spin the ramifications of the £1m loss with the ' new manager dressing room disruption' reason. Which is not a bad thing. She paid a ridiculous amount to rescue it from numbnuts and she has indicated she will cough up even more to cover the pandemic losses. Fair play, her hands are tied. Zero criticism from me - but if we can stretch to managerial ambitions beyond Pugh, I would hope she secretly is giving deeper thought to an external experienced manager than the repeated 'I haven't even thought about it' comments in the intervi
  12. Pugh to the end of the season sounds nailed on.
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