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    Get in Vale! A very welcome 3 points... a pretty dull game with very little on offer from both sides...that does mean however that we kept them quiet and stifled their play. A Cambridge supporting friend of mine has been saying they have been far improved this season and creating lots of opportunities... we not against us they didn’t! While the performance wasn’t great we have played well in other games and been robbed of a win (Northampton, Salford) so this even things up a bit. The Vale are a better side than we were last season. Slow and steady improvement. Well done so far Mr Askey!
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    Seeing how West ham kids did on Wednesday I'd say pace will panic that Newport defence start with Worrall and amoo and have archer and browne on the bench for the last 30-35 minutes. Tough game but if we play how we have most of the time we can give anyone in this league a good game
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    Can I just point out that on the day the referendum was announced, I said that it was daft to have a vote to return the sovereignty of the UK by taking away the sovereignty of the UK Parliament. I never believed the first referendum was a sensible way of dealing with a complex constitutional question which few people really understood. I don't believe we should have a second referendum. I voted remain on the basis that if staying in the EU turned out to be a bad decision we could revisit the decision. If we left the EU and it went <ovf censored> up then we'd never get back in on the deal we have at the moment. Even the leavers are now admitting that there will be problems. It's like shooting yourself in the foot - you know it's going to hurt like hell and will make your life very difficult for a while. But don't worry because in the long term it will all heal up - unless you get an infection and your foot drops off, or you get sepsis and you die. It's all a hell of a risk isn't it?
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    I enjoyed that game today, I didn’t think there was much between the sides but we deservedly came out on top. The back 4 have to come in for a lot of credit today because I don’t recall Brown having a save to make. They did the ugly stuff well and kept the ball out. I mentioned it at half time but there was some really good defending from the full backs at our back post, people may take that for granted and not notice it but we conceded goals that way last season and it just how we’re slowly improving. This back 4 are getting better as a unit IMO. Crookes arguably had his best game for us today, and got forward too, whilst Legge and Smith were solid again. Gibbons came through a dodgy opening ten and defended with tenacity and second half got forward to put a couple of decent balls in too. Today was a hard game for our full backs, they were having to close down wing backs on the half line or inside the oppositions half and that takes a lot of fitness and desire and in the main they hardly threatened with any real purpose. joyce had another good game in the middle and rarely gave the ball away, I can remember one dodgy pass in the second half and someone next to me stood up and shouted <ovf censored> off Joyce. He can’t have understood what role Joyce was bringing to the side, he was constantly on the ball and changing play. Worrall is another having a good season and today was no different, he put another good shift in. Topped off by some quick thinking that lead to our goal. The injuries to Conlon and Evans were unlucky, hopefully they’re not too bad. But if they are then it leaves us short of cover with Manny still out. Taylor has a good game too, his energy and closing down was his big strength for me today and it meant they couldn’t rest on the ball. I thought Monty was excellent today, ran at them, caused them problems and he should have scored to put the game to bed. Brown did well going forward, I’m convinced he has more speed than he showed today though, but he’s strong on the ball and it was a promising debut. My only criticism would be that it looked like he doesn’t fancy going back the other way defensively too much. Bennet is a frustrating player, one minute he’s really weak at holding the ball, then the next he’s bringing players in to play with some great touches, then the next he’s out on the wing getting in the way of wingers and full backs and isn’t where he should be and then he’ll win a great flick or put in a good ball like the one for the goal. I am not convinced though by his aerial prowess in the box. But his problem is that he’s compared to Pope who’s by far one of the best strikers in the league for his hold up play and heading ability. Plymouth have some good players but like I said I don’t recall Brown being called in to action. Oh and no one is going to convince me that it wasn't a plan to kick the <ovf censored> out of Danny Mayer early doors too, Worrall, Joyce and Conlon all had go before Gibbo succeeded and in the main he ended up having a quiet game as a result. Overall that was a strong team performance, committed and with some quality too. We look loads better than this time last year.
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    Looks like another fans favourite in Archer seeing him tonight. Mobile and strong and with some speed. Well done the Vale players and staff.
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    I see some posters finally have their chance to post after a few quiet weeks. We will hopefully finish around 15th this year, that involves winning some and certainly losing a few. Terrible day in the office, needs improving... if some people could try and sound less pleased it would be good!
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    I thought that and then I heard Emily Thornbury (Lady Nugee) say she would negotiate a better deal with the EU (If thats possible) and then come back and campaign against it,hopeless. Lets face it,the country voted out and May should have set up a cross party committee on day one and told the EU that in 12 months we are leaving with no deal,that would have been a negotiating tool to work with,instead she didn't want to leave and messed about and dillied and dallied any one negotiating against her would have had a field day I know I would,hopeless politicians. Now having read and listened to more than ever NO party of any colour or persuasion are any good,they are totally useless,Boris making a tool of himself,Corbyn wandering round like I don't know what and Swinson actually thinking she could be PM, I have said before there is something deeper going on here, I might be a conspiracy theorist but our strings are being pulled from darker forces,they never thought for one minute we would vote out,the other EU countries are watching with interest, I have a relation who lives in France and she says they would jump at the chance of getting out and that Soros fella who nearly bust the Bank of England is sniffing around probably looking after his interests is he funding the remainers? I dont know, but theres something going on. Whens the next Bildeberg meeting ?
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    Despite them having a few scrambles and that decent effort from outside the box I really think theres very little between the 2 sides and again shows there’s not much in this league to be worried about. No doubt we’ve struggled to get our creative players in the game like Worrall, Monty and Browne. Bennett has offered us little and Taylor looks like the games passing him by. Looked a harsh booking for him by the way. We’re definitely missing some energy down the right that we normally have, but as things stand we have to be happy with going in at half time with a clean sheet.
  9. 2 points
    I just hope the usual suspects on here show a bit of restraint if we lose.
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  11. 2 points
    Because it's all political gobledy-gook RB. It seems to me the EU, especially Germany and France, want the UK under their thumbs and in the EU. Johnson is a political fool in believing they will offer the UK 'Peace in our time' post Brexit. This is another 1066/Civil War/Battle of Britain with the actions of one person - William I/Oliver Cromwell/Winston Churchill - stepping up and grabbing the Nation by the scruff of the neck to give it clear air and a sense of purpose to achieving Brexit. Instead, all I see is bunch of overpaid and self opinionated individuals behaving like the 'Dog in the manger'.
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    Whitfield should have been a man , and left it between himself and the manager, whether they got along or not. Instead he has let his slimy agent do his talking for him. Not that it bothered Askey. Time to move on now.
  13. 2 points
    Brilliant signing for them. Who knows what went on here.... he’s not exactly a bad player, thought it was harsh he was cast aside into the reserves after askey said he had trained well. Wish him luck. Comfortable good enough for this level when he wanted to be.
  14. 2 points
    I was canvassing for Labour on Saturday and spoke with a man who said he couldn't vote for us again. He was 72 and had always voted for us, even had a poster in his window at the 2017 election. That's been replaced by a Daily Express window sticker saying 'get us out' or something like that. Felt very sad for him really and regretted (to an extent) slagging leavers off as thick racists. Having said that, it astonishes me that people who are so at risk are prepared to accept a no-deal exit. Our constituency, being rural and relying on agriculture and manufacturing industry, is 13th most at risk in the entire country from a no-deal but he, and others, seem to be so fixated on getting out whatever the cost. Our constituency also only has a tory majority of about 600 so he must be aware that him withholding his vote could genuinely affect the result of any election, to the extent that it could hand the tories victory instead of the party he's voted for for the last 54 years. It also brought home to me what a difficult position Labour are in. For every voter like the gentleman I spoke to, there's a voter who refuses to accept anything other than a second referendum. What a sodding mess.
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    Or, maybe, it's just the manager being sensible and seeing whether they're what he wants, without having to pay 2 years wages? If they are we can offer longer...and improved...contracts before the 12 months is up. Possibly, even, that flexibility has been agreed with each player on a 12-month deal? In which case - as I said - sensible!
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    Be good to go give some of the other lads a run. Evans RCG Kennedy Archer Cullen browne and Brisley if fit Let's see what these lads can actually do in a competitive game
  17. 2 points
    Askey said on the Radio, the minute we went 442 against Grimsby we shipped 2 goals. I will take boring wins all day long... take a look at the oatcake and Stoke fans will tell you they would kill for Pulis and his boring wins right now! I also don’t think our other performances so far have been boring at all. The xG stats have us as the 4th best chance creators (based on quality) in the league so far. As Popey said on the radio you can see against FGR that the 3 up front really is a 3 when the 2 wide men get around the pivot up front. Granted today was dull (except for the first 10 mins) but it’s a long steady progress. Askey is improving this team, we are better than we were last year, he will hopefully continue to improve the team.
  18. 2 points
    One actually said he had contacted Pulis and got a text back saying watch this space. If he does come back again, they will soon be coming on P&G saying he plays to defensive and its boring football again.
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    Brisley as experienced cover at centre back....has played a lot of games and has Championship experience and still 29.So it is Legge/Smith/Kennedy/Brisley which is a very decent set of centre backs for this level. The Forest lad on loan is a highly rated midfielder who can also play left back so perhaps Cambell-Gordon can go out on loan. Archer is 6 foot 3 and very quick and plays down the centre or wide has goals in his game and had a lot of clubs after him when Bury payed a fee. So the centre back we needed and a step up from Rawlinson...a defensive midfielder who can play left back which probably means Cambell-Gordon can go out on loan and get games.......and Askey wanted a quick striker who can run in behind and Archer on a free is perhaps a gift horse and good business. So two permanent signings in the two positions Askey was after an experienced upgrade and a quick gift horse plus a loan to cover left back/defensive midfield....still could be interest in Will Patching as well.....all in all if the signings all come off a good close of business Mr Askey.
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    had a whole week to digest the Grimsby game and move on so lets hope we come out like we did against forest green, says a lot when people are hoping monty is back, the new signings should be pushing more to be in the starting 11 for me
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    I thought his cameo against FGR was embarrassing to be honest - looked like a competition winner that was allowed a run around.
  22. 2 points
    Reading between the lines of Ardley’s comments he sounds like a player with ability, but perhaps doesn’t like the so called “ugly” side of the game. Now problem with that, except to say that we already have a player in Whitfield who would be regarded by some as having similar traits. Yet some fans on here seem only to keen to dispose of Whitfield’s services, whilst applauding the potential signing of a similar type of player. Strange.
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    So are we all now convinced that two up front doesn't work?
  24. 1 point
    Hahahahahahaha... Ok whatever, that's a weak as cat piss geo and again highlights your innate desire just to find argument without actually having an opinion or point. Does the fact that it was a vote to join a common market still not prove my point that RB is talking <ovf censored> when he says we are TRADITIONALLY a eurosceptic nation? Of course it does and you bloody well know it does but oh no, let's try and be a clever dick instead...
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    Disappointing to loose conceding goals late in the game away from home again...can't help thinking what might have been so far with late goals at Salford,Newport and now Exeter. If we can just cut out these small lapses in concentration... From the commentary sounded like we gave a good account of ourselves with a patchwork team but just listened to Carl on P&G ...please give your head a wobble. We are a million times better than last season!
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    I could understand if dropping to the national league was about helping youngsters but having Shaun Tedham, Tony Atkin, Lee Dicken, David Speight and Luke Priest in the same team doesn't seem to be very youthful. The decision to drop was down to the money of paying for better riders in the league above. I started going to Wolverhampton when they dropped due to better racing for a similar price. I think Stoke could always have been run better, the length of the meetings were always longer than other clubs due to generators packing up e.t.c, slow trackwork in between races and I think the club could have been advertised better but Dave always tried his best and absolutely worked his socks off. I really do feel sorry for them, they had break ins e.t.c and damages to the already poor equipment and never really had the money to invest heavily. There has been some great racing and memories at Loomer Road over the years but like you say it's impossible that speedway will return to Stoke in the near future if ever. The sport really doesn't have the money and is declining year by year. The better GP riders are frequently pulling out of league racing and the top two British league will have to merge to one at this rate.
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    Any criticism of Bennett is a joke. Who'd of thought we'd have the luxury of Pope on the bench ? Askey stuck to his guns it would of been so easy to drop him after Grimsby or Newport but he didn't . Bennett is doing very nicely thank you
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    Smith is to VFIA what Dodds and Lloyd are to you.
  29. 1 point
    Thought he had a decent game personally
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  31. 1 point
    That must feel like a weight lifted.
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    We gave the experienced / proven Laurie Wilson a 2 year contract - that worked well. We also gave Whitfield a 2 year deal and cannot find any takers. There are few guarantees in life - death and taxes as they say! 12 month with an option for us to extend is the best option.
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    I don't think there's any point in debating the MOTM award. It's partly objective (as the winner clearly has to have done something right) and partly subjective (because we all see things differently). Legge was my MOTM, for what's it's worth, but Amoo created the goal and got us the win, so I can see why he was chosen. It's a matter of personal opinion but there is a clear reason yesterday why he got it. Without him it would have been a draw.
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    But we will no longer have a say in how hockey rules change, and since we don't play baseball we will not be involved.
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  37. 1 point
    Couldn't make the game today, but certainly feeling more positive about this season. Team seems more settled, nice that there was no panic after the Grimsby scoreline, and we have the belief that we're better than a lot of teams in this division. If this were last season or the season before I'd be relieved only one team goes down. Not this season though - I'm confident we can maintain this start and challenge for the top half/lower playoff positions...
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    Be careful geo,it might contain chlorine?
  39. 1 point
    He tends to arrow them into the top corner but he's a bit bow-legged.
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    You only make money liquidating a business if you can sell the underlying assets for more than the debt. Bury's only asset is mortgaged so will go to the finance firms holding the mortgage. There's no doubt they traded insolvently all the time he was there and that will have been shown at the CVA. He may have thought there was a way he could make money from it but he won't have. Liquidating a business doesn't mean the business has debt or doesn't pay off all the debt it owes, it means you don't think it can trade profitably in the future and cease trading. The accusation against Dale is he's an asset stripper and buys a business to sell underlying assets more valuable than the value of the business. Dale won't get anything from Bury ... although he'll lose his one pound investment. As a punt on something not working he won't lose much financially but I suspect he'd rather not have got involved because the publicity will make future business opportunities very scarce.
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    This thread was started almost three years ago by robf but was anything done about the club's issues. No, they carried on spending what they hadn't got to achieve promotion and the EFL just sat there and watched it all go by..
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    They have had 3 years to have a say and have said nothing..... done nothing.... except argue and undermine. Both parties said they accepted the result as the will of the people..... if that were true how can they cancel brexit.
  43. 1 point
    If you mount an argument based on what politicians didn't tell you every election in UK history should have been rerun. Politicians only tell you what they think you want to hear to win your vote....... the costs and consequences are left in the fog.
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    Askey must have faith in his replacements, because midfield looks pretty threadbare to me.
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    Contains them many untruths could have been written by the Cabinet office. No deal was never on the table, there is a massive difference between Deal and no deal. Tell the families in the Motor industry and the farming industry to name a couple that they will not be any worse off. We are on the edge of an abyss, if you would only just draw your Union Jack curtains back and have a look.
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  47. 1 point
    Really dissapointing. To lead 0-1 and then be right in the game at 2-3 it's almost criminal to lose the game by 3 goals. Grimsby were well worth the win but I thought they weren't anything above average. They have a big, ugly lump up front and they got balls into him and runners around him. That's all. And that was enough to put us to the sword on the day. Apart from Leon Legge I don't think we have anyone who's strong in the air. Pope can head the ball, but that's if the ball is put on his nugget. Crookes and Gibbons are like gnomes compared to a lot of opposition players when defending set-pieces and Smith isn't tall either. It's an issue. With two home games coming up we'll have the chance to bounce right back though, and I expect us to. League Two sides are all capable of having an off day and getting turned over and yesterday was one of those days for us.
  48. 1 point
    Absolutely I’m saying that we had no answer to the changes they made and our management seemingly didn’t react to those changes quickly enough either. Teams will cotton on to the threat that the link up play between Gibbons, whoever plays right wing and whoever plays right midfield will present. They tried to stop it first half and failed somewhat, but second half those small changes worked for them. Their 2 forwards got a lot closer to Hanson instead of being wide all the time and they got some joy from it. They also played on a Crookes by going over him and again they got joy from that too. I heard Askey say some players didn’t show up today, I agree with that, but equally I don’t think his decisions and a lack of tactical changes helped us either. I still think our left is a problem area and we’re lacking someone different in midfield that can boss it.
  49. 1 point
    I remember being in a meeting with Bill Bratt (sorry about the bad language myself there) where he was addressing the academy and a group of parents, I suppose it was around 8 or 9 years ago maybe. At that time there was a lot of uncertainty about whether the academy set up was going to be closed, and he was trying to assure parents that they were doing all they could to keep it open, and for parents not to panic, he was also talking about not being blinded by the bright lights of the team down the road and trying to persuade parents not to try and push their children down the road. He was citing examples of the players we had brought through in the past and was also highlighting the very same point you make that Stoke were not blooding their academy players and so the kids would be better off at Vale. It’s a very valid point even now, but within that group of players from u18s down we would have had in our system players like Smith, Gibbons, Turner, Boot, Lloyd, Raglan, Davis who have all made appearances for us (with varying degrees of success). But at our level we probably ave a different hope for the academy system, in that they bring through players who either have long careers with us or they are sold to make some money for the club.
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    I've been asked to post this by JAMO-IN-MEXICO as he had issues with the images - Rob Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne. As we approach the 21st anniversary of the beginning of construction of the famous Burslem worshipping Church I thought it time to look at the icon’s birth and early years of its construction. As the brain child of local architect and car salesman Antoni ‘Billy’ Bellgaudi, plans were drawn up in 1998 for a new centre of worship to replace the aging church built just after the war. Billy Bellgaudi in his early years as a repairer of horseless carriages Work began in 1999 and you can see in this picture how the new structure began next to the original church for continuity of worship for the Cult of PVFC followers. A later picture of Bellgaudi during the time the chapel had become habitable. During this time dignitaries from very famous churches from places like Leeds and Arsenal dined within the halls and chapels of the structure. The new TV technology from the BBC, a sort of ‘radio with pictures’ even had their own gantry for their Saturday night Songs of Praise program on which the Cult of PVFC then featured. The 8,ooo seater viewing platform where the faithful could sit to worship and watch the Familia not being finished as the years rolled by. Visiting worshippers of other churches had their own structure. Lead was stripped from other local churches as the great roof demanded more materials than the congregation could afford. Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne as it is today. The Cult fell into decline as funding dried up. Some worshipers began to watch services from the TV from pubs in the town. After Bellgaudi left the church some of the local clerics tried to keep the place going for a while but their naivety meant they invited others bearing fools gold into the church and it all came to grief. EL SMURFO bonum est faciet cry baby A local stone mason firm of Begbies Trayner crafted a new gargoyle for the church in 2013 and things got worse. Here below is a picture of the controversial gargoyle El Smurfo. Many of the Cult began to realise that the new gargoyle was possessed by the Devil and fought for its removal from the Familiia before the entire Cult of PVFC was destroyed and cast into the pit some call NON-LEAGUE. Fortunately, we were saved by a saintly couple of angels in the nick of time. They intend to finally complete the Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne and provide a place for young worshipers in the remaining unbuilt part of the church – a sort of Soft Pray area – if you like. UTV #newera Kevin Bassett – Mow COP parish of the Cult of PVFC

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