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    I wish the guy who sits in front of me in the Railway Stand bad mouthing Joyce would get himself to some away games so he could see how important Luke Joyce is to our midfield. Another immense performance from him today.
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    It is not Askey vs Aspo for me. Aspo came in under difficult circumstances. Kept us up. Askey is doing a good job. Aspo did a good job under the circs. Askey is doing a good job too. All credit to Askey. But I can't be doing with slagging off Aspo. He kept us up. It was time to go for sure. Which he did in a dignified way. So thanks Neil.
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    What a result! JA and the team making people on here look more and more daft... I’m suspecting certain individuals will be very very quiet tonight! One in particular will no doubt be searching the records from last year trying to find something to compare us unfavourably too Isn’t it surprising that when you take away the short term view of certain poor results and look at the bigger picture that things start to become clear. Improvement from last year, more attacking, better football to watch,2 points off the playoffs! Keep making the moaners look stupid lads!!
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    These have picked up after a woeful start, so as always will be a battle to get the three points. Novak is always a player I've fancied at Vale. However, with the way we've been playing, anything less than a draw would be a disappointment. The Bennett/Pope/Cullen conundrum has no obvious solution; for all his recent profligacy, Bennett is excellent at pressing and harrying which is crucial to Askey's system, especially away from home. Pope has shown, against Crewe, that on his day he is the best target man in League 2. Cullen scores every time he is given a game. All bring something different, and despite 442 winning us the game yesterday, it was late on in an end to end home game. The only other times we've tried 442 away have been Grimbsy and Macc, and look how they turned out. I'd still, and my Dad would vehemently disagree, start Bennett; he is getting good chances and leads the press. Goals will come. Cullen on if we're not taking chances. I really, really like Cullen, and think he'll fly past double figures this year BUT he doesn't seem to bring much else apart from being a hard working poacher (which is great to have in the squad). As a lone striker, you need someone with a bit of pace, a bit of height, and who will run the channels and press the centre halves, which Bennett is the best at doing. For the stats nerds, Bennett had by far the highest xG of any player yesterday. He keeps getting himself into good positions and is getting unlucky. By simple laws of averages and regression to the mean, a goal will come. Obviously Atkinson and Conlon might be available but you can't drop Burgess or Taylor. Genuinely lovely to have options with players we trust to come in and do well. Back 4 picks itself as per, but Brisley seems more than capabale and Evans came in at fullback at Crewe and Dons and didn't look out of place. Yesterday was the start of a run against 4 teams in the bottom 8, sandwiching the cup games. 8/9 points from those 4, and progression in one of the cups, would be a very decent run up to Christmas. Anything more, I'll be ecstatic.
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    I never read the Daily Mail! However I do read other better-informed publications and to quote a couple of comments from a piece from yesterday's Sunday Times: "We had the spectacle last week of the Labour leader grieving over the ousting of the former Bolivian president, Evo Morales. Corbyn tweated in support of Morales; "I stand with the Bolivian people for democracy, social justice & independence" even though Morales had sought an unconstitutional 4th term in office and Human Rights Watch has long criticised his regime for abuses of power! Tellingly, only Russia, Venezuela, Cuba & Mexico joined Corbyn in condemning the removal of Morales from office! And, while even Russia conceded that the death of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi counted as a blow to trrorism, your beloved Jezza prattled on an LBC radio programme; "If it's possible to arrest someone and put them on trial, then that is what should have been done". He of course had also previously described the killing of Osama Bin Laden as a "tragedy"! The only tragedy is that we are even contemplating such a person as Corbyn to be a candidate for PM of Great Brtain! The anti-semitism coursing through Labour is proving beyond Corbyn's abilities to erradicate, just as his fondness for anti-western groups such as Hamas & Hezbollah is well known and chronicled over the years. Please open your eyes.
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    (Quick note than things can and probably will go wrong so let's keep a level head and remember this club would have been liquidated in May if Carol and Kevin hadn't blown the retirement fund/their kids' inheritance).
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    I'd have posted the goal but I'm too busy punching the air fcuk off Salisbury you utterly useless CNUT GET IN
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    Beat me to it about Taylor. This last few weeks he seems to have become a player with a knack for getting into decent positions in and around the box. His awful miss against Stevenage or was it Oldham? His goal v Crewe all came from him getting into a great position in the box, not to mention his efforts from the edge of the box too. He looks a good prospect. Hopefully we can keep hold of him, but we run the risk of him going to a higher level to gain more experience on loan.
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    JA has stopped us from losing many games. We hardly ever lose now. We're on a cracking run of form. Like he always says post match, try not to get too carried away when we win and try not to get too despondent when we lose. We're doing a fair bit better than most of us expected to be doing at this point. Enjoy it, support the lads and hopefully it will continue. E I E I E I O!
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    You'll still be saying that when he is 45 lol. Can't really fault Askey's team selections really, with only 1 defeat in 11 games. I would say though he must be pondering either Tom or Cullen to start this week . Good choice to have though.
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    Come on Vale. Good or even an ugly win today would be good. Nice cup run would be good for the club and would provide some income to get players in Jan window.
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    When I start a new save on football manager I always go into the database editor and give their entire squad snapped cruciates. If you really fcūking hate them clap your hands.
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    Not sure Askey brought Popey on earlier on your recommendation.
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    Couldn’t agree more... I sometimes think Vale fans have become addicted to drama, and when there isn’t any, they will create some. JA is doing a decent job. He is a perfect manager for Carol and Kevin, who are new to football ownership, given he ran Macc from top to bottom in his time there. He needs time to keep turning the QE2 of a disaster caused by Smurthwaite... so far he is doing it.
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    People calling for his head are bonkers (that’s if there are any), we should be doing all we can to ensure he’s building something in that 3 year spell. Like I said earlier in the thread look at Crewe, Artell was a dead man walking if you listened to praise and grumble last season and the year before, now look at them. Time and patience are needed here, we can’t keep having a knee jerk reaction having had so much upheaval of the last 3 years with managers and so many coming and goings with players. At some point you have to stick and be bold and give someone the time and the chance to do something. Problem is that we seem to have a minority who expect everything now.
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    First 3 homes were the relegated sides Plymouth Walsall Bradford Think 1700 , 1300, 1700. Add on our 2300 to those. Apart from Plymouth and Mansfield the away support here has been none existent. Once everything levels out we will average higher than them . Right teams at the right time. We had FGR on a Tuesday night as one of our opening home games !!
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    I saw the list of scouts sheet at the game saturday and it was quite a lot. I know most were looking at Carlisle's Jarrad Branthwaite but Gibbo will be keeping them keen not to mention Jake Taylor is who the most box to box player we have had some some time. Hes fantastic.
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    Askey has built a squad who work very hard for each other. He has also brought in several options up front that can change a game if required. Individually no one is outstanding but as a team they mostly work hard for one another. To me that is the basis for a decent side in L2. I haven't seen any teams in this league who are better as a team than we are. There are players that are better than we have but collectively we are as good as anyone in the top 7.
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    I find myself in a weird position on this. Aspin's recruitment was good. He kept us up. Arthur is doing a good job. Respect to both for me. Aspo was working under he who shall not be named. But all good at the moment. And Askey is doing a good job. And we have at last a club we can enjoy again.
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    He's been alright Warren when called on. No world beater, but okay. Not deserving of a hate campaign.
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    Promotion sides grind out wins when they don’t play that well.
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    No chance will we be messing about with formation and personnel too much, why put a player out of position who’s coming back from injury too? For me it’ll either be the same team or Pope for a Bennet. Pressing may start from the front but it’s about that lone striker holding the ball for us to allow us to get out as well. IMO Bennet is no good at holding it up and buying us that time. His performance in the last 2 away games highlighted that yet again.
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    I'd prefer some sort of centre-left government if I had the choice but the one thing I'm sure about is that I don't want Johnson and his band of liars, law breakers, charlatans and shysters anywhere near government. They must be the thickest Cabinet in history. Certainly the most unprincipled one. Anyone voting for them needs to give their heads a wobble. It isn't an either/or binary choice anyway. Plenty of alternatives, from the Greens, to the Liberals, from the nationalists to Change UK. I've been in favour of PR for very many years and that would have stopped all this dead in its tracks and forced politicians to work together and find common ground.
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    We've thought for a while of Vale fans being a sort of extended family; well, this incident just proves it now goes all the way to the top. Thank you Carol for your humanity, and for being a head of the Vale family that we can love and respect.
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    Tongue in cheek mate. No one hates the sh-it more than I do. Except maybe Doha.
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    Enjoyed that well Crewe had the silk but we had the steel . Proper good old fashioned blocking shots and every player put there all in and Popey when he came on was magnificent and theVale crowd well they were most excellent also . Brilliant afternoons entertainment I thought that header in the first minute was over the line but wasn’t meant be . Top notch performance Legge and Smith were terrific and Joyce well he was brilliant . Young Taylor pops up and slams it home ,a beautiful goal then there goalie pulls off a tremendous save from top man Pope. Amoo should have scored and Brown made a fine save from there number 9 . It was excellent SVA
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    What a win delighted for everyone especially the travelling supporters. Im sitting there at 21.30 odd at 1-1 thinking hang on Vale then the score changed and Atkinson’s name was on there and to see Bradford 1 Vale 2 was lovely ,drove work and then was wondering why Nigel Johnson hadn’t said we had won till about ten mins after didn’t realise they was playing all that extra time . Was a fantastic surprise so well done the Vale Andy great to hear every player put a shift in . Great see Worrall and Atkinson on the score sheet . Montano is a very good player and I’m delighted he played excellent in Crookes position . The scenes at the end were brilliant and what football is all about and those fans of ours are a credit to the club . A timely away win with Crewe and Mk Dons to come . It will give every player in the squad confidence for upcoming games. Its fantastic so well done all . UTV
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    Great Post! Its almost like there are more variables to consider when judging "improvement"... especially given the teams we are playing this year will look and play differently that last year... Someone should tell Biddulph_PV
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    its not our fault he called a referendum, with parliaments permission, and we answered what he and they collectively decided to ask us...spured on by the promise that the result would be honoured.
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    That makes a lot of sense. With a front three of Woz, Pope and Amoo we have players on the bench to come on and try to change things if required. I just wish JA would actually make the subs required much earlier in the game. He is very slow to react to changes by the opposition and seems reluctant to change anything at all until around 75 minutes.
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    The 200yds of food establishments in Rusholme has now turned into a whole mile,commonly known as the Curry Mile,and it brings people in from all over the North West.
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    Swindon wouldnt have Doyle which is why they struggled to score last night. Cheltenham won't have Varney. We don't have to fear anyone in this division as long as our work ethic continues.
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    They saw how their North London rivals got shot of their greatest manager in recent times after he guided them to regular Champions League football despite a tight budget (in terms of elite level club football). They saw how Arsenal have now kicked on and are now one of the favourites for the title and Champions League every year. What's that Skippy? You say Arsenal are 17 points behind the leaders after just 12 games and in sixth place, exactly where Wenger left them 2+ years ago? What's that Skippy? You say Wenger was best his best whereas Pochetino is in his prime after taking an unfancied team to a Champions League final? What's that Skippy? The Spurs chairman is a tight arsed git and the preferred managerial candidate spends money like it's going out of fashion before leaving clubs in a mess? Well well well, looks like Mr Levy will reap what he sows then doesn't it Skippy?
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    Agree but so many believe Corbyn a man of the people ( for the many). He is no different, just a Socialist who will screw us all over if he ever has power.
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    No, just the stench coming from your witless posts. Oh, by the way, pressing the italics, underscore or bold button doesn't imbue your posts with vim or erudition, it just makes you look like a fool with fat fingers who has pressed the wrong button. Thought I was on ignore anyway?
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    Keep off the Shiraz Barry and you'll be fine. It seems to work well for me but I never had many problems with the old one either.
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    Geoff Horsfield Is the latest guest on the Undr the Cosh podcast and they talk about how the modern game means lots of young talent sits in academies and just never develops enough to play the game. The Premier league academy system is set up to create a few superstars and discard a huge number of lads without blinking an eye! Geiff benefitted from years of playing none league football whilst being a brickie. I always thought he only started playing at 24 but actually signed his first contract at 16 and did both jobs. interestingly he also opens the podcast talking about busgate... a cracking listen about how Gannon had lost the squad completely (they used to talk about nights out over his team talks) and when Geoff lost is an thumped him on the bus!
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    Barry Edge’s latest poem shows how a new era has brought a refreshing change and how it impacts fans around the world. Barry Edge writes… This beautiful story brings into sharp relief Amelia Earhart’s (1897-1939) famous quote “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” Nick Cardall aka ClntonBoulton lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan and he tells us that until the day he crosses over he will especially remember and cherish November 5, 2019. Continue reading A single act of kindness at onevalefan.co.uk. View the full article
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    Head like a 50p piece......hope it doesn't come back to bite us on the a@£e!!
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    I'm genuinely not sure if I would swap John Askey for Michael O'Neill, and I'm fairly sure JA isn't on £1.5m per year!
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    Interesting typo there!!
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    Cheers Barry.. Thanks for the heads up
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    You could also consider putting Pope back in and moving Bennett to the left, where he's played before. There are a few possibilities. We'd still have Amoo's pace on one wing and Monty trying to get forward on the other. It might depend on how Oldham set-up. The best thing to do, is probably replace like for like and Browne for Worrall. That would seem to make most sense. But I'd like to see us make more proactive use of our three subs and not leave them on the bench until the last 5 minutes. For quite a while now football has been a 14 man game and having three fresh players to bring on can and should have an impact on the game in the second half. Let's hope for an improved display from last weekend and as O says above a bit more vocal encouragement from the fans.
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    You aren't the sharpest tool in the box are you. I have the testicular fortitude to stand my ground without calling people names for not agreeing with me..... I also have the experience to understand that there are a multitude of people who didn't give a rat's ass about leaving or remaining in the EU.... until it got screwed up..... they are probably the same people who don't vote at general or local elections because they think it's a useless, pointless exercise. So your contention is that remain voters didn't think people who wanted to leave would be stupid enough to vote leave..... how stupid are they?..... they didn't listen when the polls said it might be close?..... Wow that's some admission of stupidity. How many times do I have to state my position?
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    Either that or the Doomsayers just sit and read grinding their teeth Long may it continue indeed! There will be ups and downs... lets just hope people can keep theor emotions under control and not get carried away either way. Somewhere between 10-15th without any concern of relegation is an improvement. As the Macc fans said, Askey doesnt need money, he needs time. I for one am lookig forward to having a manager here for a period where he can continue to mold and shape his squad!
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    I think that was widely known before Brexit and highlighted in the Expense scandal if not before..

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