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    Stoke will still announce an attendance over 25,000
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    It's being reported that Micky Morris has sadly passed away. A solid hard working winger, Gordon Lee described him as having a good engine,this was proved well after his retirement from football when he competed in the Potteries Marathon and Michelin 10's a lovely bloke who before his illness I had the pleasure of chatting to in the Seabridge Pub reminiscing about that period in the early 70's when we were promoted and the Bycars was noisey One more time..Weve got Micky Micky Morris on the wing on the wing.............................
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    Hi all, An announcement from OVF Towers... this evening I will be putting a few things in place to hopefully help some users out during the pandemic, particularly during the self-isolation period. Please look out for a note on the forum and also on the front page. A general reminder. This is a period of unprecedented news and measures. Can I ask all users to bear that in mind and be tolerant and nice to each other. There's a lot of stress and concern and it's probably going to escalate so let's try and support each other not attack each other please. Thanks, Rob
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    BBC reporting that all elite football is suspended. So Stoke are playing then.
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    My mother in law lives in Birmingham and alone. She has dementia and we get home help for her 3 or 4 days a week. My wife tries to get to see her as much as possible so my brother in law has been doing what he can too. He got up 3 days now on the trot to purchase neccessities for Mum but found all the local shops were virtually empty. He spent 6 hours trying to get a carton of milk! I have just had to close down my self employed business in the Holiday Travel Industry due to all bookings being cancelled at least until June, but more than likely a lot longer than that. The Government cannot assist me as I am over the age required and self employed. I can't even claim any benefits. My wife and I are fortunate in that we have been prudent over the years with money(other than to pay out watching Vale home and Away) lol. We can cope. Our local shops are similar to the aftermath of a cattle stampede so I sympathize fully with all who are having problems. We all need to look after each other and be sensible(fat chance of that with human nature being as greedy as it is) and keep as healthy as possible. I wish all Valiants worldwide all the beset in these harrowing times. We will all come together again soon, hopefully.
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    Can we please stop politicising this situation. It's nowt to do with Tory/Labour/Leaver/Remain. It's a situation in which we all need to be sensible, listen to advice, stop being so bloody selfish in the shops and try, for once in our lives, to behave like decent human beings.
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    This may be one of those seasons where we need to give them a little push to help the squad over the line. No wrist cutting if we go 1-0 down, stay behind them. It's a very, very winnable game and one we really, really need to now we're down to the last 9. Support them onto 3 points. Amoo needs backing and support to come out of his shell and run at the full back, give it to him.
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    If football matches here had to be played behind closed doors, Sjoke would still count 23000 attendance.
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    Did anyone else see,on tv,the little lad who was spending his pocket money on snacks and toilet rolls and was delivering them in a trolly to isolated old folk?.Good lad !!!!
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    This is a copy of my front page post explaining the use of this area. I hope some of you find it useful: OVF AND CORONAVIRUS – FIND HELP AND OFFER SUPPORT ON OUR FORUM Please read our update on changes to our forum in light of the global pandemic. A message from OVF founder Rob Fielding These are worrying times for many of us so I want to give an update on how the OVF forum can potentially be a positive resource especially for our more older or vulnerable users. I know that some of our users are older or vulnerable to the virus and may now have to self-isolate for some time, potentially missing contact with loved ones, possibly feeling alone and may be struggling to get essential items. With this in mind, I am putting the following plan in place for the OVF Forum: A dedicated Coronavirus Help and Support section This will serve two purposes: Those in self-isolation and needing help can post asking for help (e.g. for something to be delivered) Those who want to offer help (e.g. if you offer a service such as gardening, dog walking) You can find the new forum section here This forum will open to all. It it the only forum area which will be open to guests so you do NOT need to be registered on OVF to post and reply in this section* *Please note that to avoid spam, guest posts will not be immediate but will need to be approved by admin. As many adverts in this section will also be disabled. It is not possible to disable all adverts but as many as I can will be removed from this section. It is not my intention to gain any revenue from this section of the forum. A request for tolerance from all users These are unprecedented times and if people are possibly going to be alone for weeks and months, I would hope OVF not only provides a place to get company but also help and support. I would like to give potentially lonely and worried people at home an opportunity to ask for help and an online outlet to chat and feel welcome. With this in mind PLEASE BE NICE to other users who may be stressed and worried. I hope that all of you stay safe and take care of yourselves
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    So all football suspended, so for a change I started talking to the wife and found out that she got made redundant from Woolworths.
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    Mitch Clark has only played a few games for Vale this season but it's already very apparent that he is one hell of a player at this level, possibly even better than last season. He gets about the pitch, his positional sense is good, he reads the game well and tidies up behind the center backs, is versatile, excellent going forward and is tenacious perhaps a bit too much at times. He would be a tremendous permanent signing if it could be made to happen.
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    We aren’t serious play off contenders? Have you not seen the table. The mind genuinely boggles. And also have you seen where Cheltenham are? They created even less than us so what does that make them? Very stupid criticism by you in my opinion.
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    Even if the stand doesn't get fully completed after this whole crisis is over, then at least the eyesore of a stand with half the seats missing will be gone.
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    Just to try and lighten the discussion. I have sat down this morning and watched the news. With so many criticisms bandying around concerning people's greed and inhumane actions I thought I'd share my heartfelt thanks to ALL those fantastic people out there that are assisting our Country into getting back on it's feet. The applause last night and the many stories now coming out about individuals and groups attempting to help the NHS and others out brought a few tears to my eyes in realization what a fabulous Country we live in. Generosity beyond bounds , even from those who can ill afford together with donations of money and help from the more privilidged in our society give one a sense that we are as one.and we stand together. My faith in human nature is being lifted by the actions of many, many people from all sections of society and we can beat this evil scare. Life is going to be very much different in so many ways when we come out the other side so hopefully we can use this dark time to reflect and agree to make life better for everyone in future. Keep safe and healthy all. Love to you.x
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    I am obviously to far away to offer physical practical help to vale fans in the UK. The only thing I can do is offer talk/chat/news from a different place..... if you want it PM me and we can go from there. Due to pre existing conditions I am confined to to my house for periods so I have a little experience..... and sometimes a lot of time.
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    I no doubt speak on behalf of everyone here when I say all the best to you and yours buddy.
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    I'm no financial expert but I was delighted to see the economic measures announced by the Chancellor today.
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    It would be hard enough if you only had to pick the worst goalkeeper who played for us in 2017.
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    The Greeks are rationing Hummus and Taramasalata because they fear a double dip depression. Sorry.
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    It is being reported that the over 70's could be asked to self contain for up to 4 months,this is a serious pandemic nothing to do with those that are saying it's not as bad as flu,well it might not be but it's causing far greater chaos to every day living. My main worry remains and that is the civil side of things, one poster on here has said he wont sit around in his pants for a fortnight, well thats fine but there is a bigger picture and I hope and pray the population follow instructions given by the government and dont go down the road of "No one tells me what to do ". It's not just the elderly but millions of people who have underlying health problems who are/will be at risk. During the 2nd World War the population pulled together and were compliant in the face of adversity I say again I just hope the modern generation can follow their example.
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    I actually think that on April 4th the country will be in major turmoil.
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    I think its fantastic that we have players who WANT to play for us ! Not just a load of journey men and chancers . The turn around in our club in just twelve months is nothing short of remarkable ! U TV
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    Looking forward to this match. Been ages since the family and I have been to see Vale, it was well within the dire few months/year of NS reign that we last went. Driving down from York we always try to pick a game or two each season that looks decent, however over the past few years that's been a difficult thing to do! Looking very different now of course, and unlike previous years I'm actually looking forward to going down to Vale Park. Yes a positive result would be great but regardless I think the atmosphere and feeling around the ground will be greatly improved!
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    Just answered the phone to Dave Worrall - apparently they're ringing through season ticket holders to see if anyone needs any help from the club I don't - but nice touch. Might even stop players getting even more bored than we all are at present Stuck in my house I've elected to let my beard get out of control - I asked about his and he's keeping it in trim, so there you go, you heard it here first UTV
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    His post shows an appalling lack of judgement. He has often complained how he is treated at some grounds. Those complaints are justified. However, he fails to realise that he earns his living in England. He knows that the issue is very sensitive for many English but he continues to seek confrontation with the country where he earns his living. Some of his points about the events of almost 50 years ago are fair comment, some innocents in Derry were unjustly shot by British soldiers in a time of great confusion and huge civil unrest. However, much has happened since those days, Irish politics has moved on, this man seems incapable of moving on. The black hood is the symbol of some of the most appalling acts carried out by criminals, terrorists, thugs and murderers who launched attacks on children and innocent people on the streets of England. By wearing this mask he is not being funny, he is supporting the actions of people who declared war on the innocent population of this country and murdered them in cold blood. If he is a man of such high principle and morality in respect of his perception of Irish history, then why is he continuing to live, work, and take money from England the country which he seems to hold in contempt.
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    Finest country on earth,bar none,one step.Take care.
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    Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with COVID-19 Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Jennifer-14
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    Looking from afar I'd say the UK as a whole seems to be doing a good job. I watch a little of BBC News and Sky News but I watch a lot more European, Arabic and Chinese news around the world. Broadly speaking there seems to be consensus between central and devolved government and between parties. I like the way they have stepped up the enforcement of seperation measures because enforcement is difficult until there is widespread acceptance for the need for it. It seems after 10 days most people are aware and accept the need for these measures. Measures have been explained based on scientific evidence. As the virus is so new some of that evidence is not 100% factual as knowledge is evolving. They do seem to have been honest about this. There's also been no attempt to hide the potential casualty numbers. It does seem there is a limited discussion on disagreements at the margins; to be expected. That said we all have a good idea what those of you at home should be expecting and all hope our healthcare system has the strength to pull the country through a traumatic 10 to 12 weeks. Standing on the sidelines from the UK, though not the global impact, I understand what my parents felt in the run up to my first conflict in 1991. The feeling something bad is going to happen in the next few days and hoping people you care about come out the other side unharmed. Also that feeling of helplessness knowing there is not much you can do to influence events.
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    The National Poetry Contest had come down to two semifinalists: a Yale graduate and a redneck from Wyoming. They were given a word, then allowed two minutes to study the word and come up with a poem that contained the word. The word they were given was "Timbuktu". First to recite his poem was the Yale graduate. He stepped to the microphone and said: The crowd went crazy! No way could the redneck top that, they thought. The redneck calmly made his way to the microphone and recited:
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    I'm sure we are all crossing our fingers for you, Rob, and for everyone else whose economic situation is adversely affected by the current climate. It's awful for everyone. A few extra adverts here and there will be the least of our worries. Good luck.
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    Absolutely People are really showing themselves up to be generally awful. At my local asda I was told by a member of staff that this morning people were banging on the doors and windows in floods of tears to be let in as it is a national emergency. Its absolutely ridiculous. And dont these people realise that, for the spread to slow down, EVERYONE, needs to be able to wash their hands? We really are a load of selfish arseholes
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    You young whippersnappers will be ok
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    Richie Bennett was under contract for next season as well. Perhaps Askey decided that if he didn't want him then, it was best to get rid now when we had a club interested rather than keep him until the summer when the offer may not still be on the table. It's a risk so keep your fingers crossed.
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    Guess the crowd should be a piece of pi** though !!!
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    I haven’t t read the whole thread, so apologies in advance if I repeat something, I along with a few family members were planning on using the Vale’s hospitality suites for the last home game of the season, now we are going to take our normal seats in the Bycars and make a donation to the Lorne Street Stand
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    As an Irish person, firstly I’m sorry you had that experience. As with your current problems I wish you nothing but health and happiness. The Manchester bombing was not done in my name and there’s a world of difference between the provisional IRA and ‘the Irish’.
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    A cry for help. He's always looking for attention. He said that if he has to take the heat for all Irish players in England , then he will gladly do it. What a stupid statement. Hundreds of Irish players have plyed their trade in England , and they just got on with it, even at the height of the Troubles. Liam Brady, Roy Keane, David O'Leary, three of the finest that McLean couldn't stand beside, and they all played brilliantly for club and country. He would do well to remember that during those times, English players got along well with Irish players. They did their jobs as professionals, and got on with it. He's a troublemaker, and not a very good footballer. The world has passed him by, and he should be ashamed of himself in trying to portray that image, when people on both sides of the border have more things to worry about with Covid-19, and they don't live in the past anymore.
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    Just a heads up, if you get an email from the Department for Health saying not to eat tinned pork because it contains Covid-19 ignore it. It’s spam.
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    Not exactly good news but it just made me laugh out loud!
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    Hi all, I didn't want to write this but sadly circumstances dictate... My dayjob is managing some websites for an entertainment firm. This industry has been hit hard by the Coronavirus outbreak. As a result my daily hours have now been cut by more than 50%. I have previously only run adverts on OVF as a means of matching my outgoings. I now need to seriously look at drawing a second income from the site. This will mean the adverts will need to bring in revenue and so there may be new types of adverts - bigger, animated, video etc. It may not mean more adverts but they may need to go in prominent places as more prominent adverts means more revenue. As a result, very soon you may notice the adverts more and they may even irritate you a little but it is a necessary means to me meeting mortgage payments etc. I would urge you all to support the advertisers showing on the site (please do NOT use ad blockers) and I would stress this additional advertising will only occur as long as my reduced hours in my daytime job continue. I am sure I am not the only one affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and I hope you are all coping both financially and of course in terms of your health. Thanks and stay safe, Rob p.s. If anyone has any questions please private message me - @robf
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    Oh dear, that's bad news. I too remember him with fondness. A hard-working "winger" who would run through a brick wall for the Vale, like his compatriot Tommy McLaren. And as you say, part of the first promotion team that I saw in 69-70. If I close my eyes I can see him now, in that pure white Vale strip, and the Bycars singing his song..... Wonderful memories.
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    The elderly are much more at risk to death/serious illness from the coronavirus, the flu and illnesses in general because the older a person is the less efficient their immune system is. However, that's not to say that all young people have a very efficient immune system or don't have serious underlying conditions.
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    Whereas Jezzer and Abbot would have sorted this by now
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    He gives his all every time he pulls on the Vale colors , and having had the good fortune to have met him last season, he is a gentleman and a class act .
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    Very reliably informed that the new contract was agreed yesterday
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    I thought we'd voted against freedom of movement??
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    I think it would be difficult for us to have 2 promotions in two seasons, a couple of years stabilising in league 1 first, then an assault on the championship.
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    This is the very reason I have Beagle on ignore - the absolute rubbish he posts. Pity I have to watch when someone else quotes him.

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