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    I think you're being very harsh. We have looked after him but he has also played his part by being a model professional for six years and being great for the Vale on and off the field. There's plenty of other players who have let their standards slip or been idiots when contracts started winding down but he has done nothing, hasn't agitated for a move, said anything bad in the press - he has been professional throughout. As for the time, to honour a contract and then look at other options when a free agent is entirely proper (far better than say going on strike when under contract or sulking like others have done). I can't see what he's done wrong - what other young player, in demand, would not do something similar? Football is only a short career after all. It may or may not work out for him in the future but I am not disappointed with Nathan Smith one bit, he has been a cracking player and person for Port Vale and he'd get a warm welcome from me if he returned in another side's colours.
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    Apparently just announced the the crowd over the tannoy 25,308
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    While it is perfectly understandable that a lot of potential season ticket holders cannot commit to £300 at this stage, I think the majority of us could. we should also ask ourselves two questions. 1. Following the takeover, was last season value for money? 2. Do we think our owners should be supported at this time? It’s all very well protesting against lousy owners, but the other side of that coin is to do what we can support good ones.
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    I've got a mate from school who went to uni in the USA and now lives near Dallas, at some point when the CV19 situation has relented they've been after me flying over and doing a road trip. While doing a bit of scoping on furkot roadtrips and google maps I came across this newbuild estate in the middle of suburbia But then realised all around it are other roads named after football league clubs There's Crewe court, Southampton drive, Cardiff court, Leyton drive, Ipswich lane, Sheffield Drive, Gillingham lane, Fulham lane, Crawley lane, Barnsley drive, Burnley drive, Reading drive, Rotherham court, (Dagenham and) Redbridge Lane, Millwall drive, Blackpool lane, Shrewsbury drive, and Middlesbrough Drive. Just thought it was quite interesting, must be a Brit working over there for the construction company. The lad is clearly switched on as Port Vale is the main bit and the rest are side streets. You'll be pleased to know I couldn't find any record of naming summat after Stoke over there, bar some blokes farm. Even the Texans fcking hate them red and white lardy <ovf censored>. As you were.
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    Not wanting to count my chickens or anything but if Nathan Jones can keep Luton up and send Stoke down I'll be chipping in for him to get the keys to the city. A living legend.
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    Paul Moss, the guy who did the feature on Radio 4, said the reason Vale was chosen was because of the refund issue and the fact that Carol has a reputation with the media of being extremely welcoming.
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    Also we have a manager in Askey, that against the odds got us pushing for promotion. Had it not been for the virus and the benevolence of our superb owners, we may well have been putting a league one squad together now! Let's trust Askey and support whoever he deems worthy of wearing our shirt.
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    Another positive news story on Port Vale here - https://www.efltrust.com/behind-every-door-is-a-story-and-maybe-a-struggle-you-cant-see/ The way the owners and staff have reacted to the pandemic has been truly inspiring. A credit to the club, the area and themselves.
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    Funny how he’s being dismissed as an average player or only league one quality just because he hasn’t signed a deal. Don’t forget we are a league two side and we need players like him to build on and around. We saw last season what a good partnership he formed with Legge and Smith got better and had a really good season IMO. Virtually ever present and chipped in with a handful of goals too, that shouldn’t be underestimated. Of course we may get someone to replace him who’s as good, but we’re potentially losing a vital cog in what Askey is building.
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    As much as I sympathise with the BLM it is still wrong to flout the lock down rules and the organiser's need locking up. Why should my wife put her life and her families lives at risk treating people daily who can't obey the lock down rules. I am sorry but they are selfish. There is a time and place, now is not the time. A second spike will come because of this, I only hope demonstrators think its worth it when the NHS are trying to save there lives.
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    Taken from the UKBLM GoFundMe page...... Their mission statement reads. "We’re guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white-supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world." Statues today, Art tomorrow, books next week. Seems more of a Marxist organisation to me. By state structures .......further down it reads "Developing and delivering training, police monitoring and strategies for the abolition of police." Abolition of the Police ? Seriously ...Do these people really understand what that statement means ? Good luck to anyone living in London with that one.
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    Mentioned 24 hours ago. Do keep up at the back there!!
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    Team styles make strikers. Stick Pope in a team that play balls in behind for him to run onto and he won't score many. Stick Aguero in a team that fires 100's of far post crosses in and he (probably) won't score many. This is the reason so many strikers do it at one club and not at others - they often try and shoehorn a square peg into round holes. It's not as easy as saying "he scored 20 last season at another club, so let's sign him and he'll score 20 with us". Askey knows his system and will sign players that fit his mould.
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    The vast majority of the time, I tend to read social media following on from the arrival of a mew signing, and I’m absolutely baffled at the negativity that gets thrown around given the fact 99% of Vale supporters couldn’t tell you a single thing about him or what type of player he is. I’ve just read well over 100 comments on Twitter, and was pleasantly surprised. Apart from the odd WUM, literally every comment from Stockport and Halifax supporters was full of praise, disappointment not to have resigned him and generally wishing him well. It’s rare to see that, normally. A three year deal shows Askey and the club must have a lot of faith in him to develop and flourish at this football club. A positive first signing and being versatile is a huge plus for us. Excited to see how this one unfolds.
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    Very sensible; after all, they're a well-run club with good, stable finances and long-term vision.
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    I bet they are the same fans who bemoaned the signing of "Bury reject" Scott Burgess last summer!
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    Do you think they'll have a meltdown in a good or a bad way? I do find it funny how some fans judge a player before they even put on a Vale shirt.
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    If he signs and misses any sitters will we be able to shout "Rodney, you plonker!" ?
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    A great picture to model the statue on. If Sjoke go down and Luton stay up would love us to draw Luton in the cup. Vale Park would rise as one to give Agent Jones a hero's welcome.
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    Just a pity we couldn’t finish the season and get promoted.
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    This comment on the Oatie board made me laugh: “<ovf censored> social distancing I'm going down on Saturday. These bastards need booing!”
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    3-0 now ....falling apart
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    Its too late for this initiative. Unlike under previous regimes, it is now possible to enjoy watching the Vale sober.
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    I thought Brisley struggled a bit in a couple of the early EFL games but thereafter was quite impressive. Wasn't he nominated for the EFL February player of the month when he got a run in the side? Wasn't a surprise that he struggled at first as he'd not had a preseason or reserve games to get up to full match fitness. A few years ago Brisley was Smith when he signed for Peterborough in The Championship. He's had a mixed career since. The Carlisle move didn't work out well for him, followed by an excellent first season at Notts County. Then fell victim to County's managerial merry-go-round and their attempt to sign the largest squad in league 2 history; along with Kewell's attempts to convert him into a midfield player. We won't sign a better young centrehalf than Smith because Championship clubs would be after him. Losing your better players will always leave a hole. Looking at the players currently signed, based on performances since Christmas we probably have the best group of players contracted or with contacts agreed outside the 3 automatically promoted sides in this league. With Smith leaving we'll be after 6 or 7 rather than 5 or 6 new players. If Askey gets his recruitment right there's every reason to be optimistic about 2020/21.
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    Why are the knuckle draggers so offended by the BLM movement? If they dont want to support it that's ok but why protest against a protest that doesn't involve them ? Are they the same people that say there should be a straight pride if there is a gay pride? To think at least one of them works in education too. Scary. And they are the most likely to call others snowflakes. Absolute throwbacks.
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    An example that is relevant this week - the far right now controls the narrative on Islamic terror: 40 odd people have been killed in the UK by Islamic terrorists in the last decade. 13 black people have been killed in police custody. The numbers are comparable if you count all BAME deaths in custody. On the face of it, it is quite reasonable to be against Islamic terrorism. Yet who controls the narrative on this? Tommy Robinson and groups like these football lads types. Anyone who isn't far-right but has an opinion on it is labelled as Islamophobic, Racist, Far right, fascist etc. We are now in a situation whereby some impressionable kid could think "why are the Tommy Robinson types the only ones speaking out about this clearly evil thing, why are they attacked for it, and maybe they're right about other things if they're right about this" We really need politicians, the media and 'celebrities' to grow a backbone and stop capitulating to the far left control narrative of what is morally acceptable.
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    From what I gather Geo it goes something like this.... Black lives matter doesn't mean black lives, it actually means all lives and is anti-racist All lives matter doesn't mean all lives, it actually means white lives and is racist White lives matter does just mean white lives and is racist I really am getting concerned now that both groups of extremists actually want a cultural race war. These stunts on both sides do absolutely NOTHING when it comes to healing the divide, they just drive the wedge deeper. The silent majority who are mainly made up of reasonable and sensible people know full well what is going on but are too afraid to speak. Those who have a lot to lose are bullied into compliance with the far left and in turn we're left with a ludicrous situation where Black Lives Matter (abolish capitalism/police/nuclear families) is printed on the shirts of premier league teams and players are kneeling before each and every game, whereas the phrase White Lives Matter is called racist and Burnley are threatening to ban anyone responsible for life. More people will be radicalised. The extremists will become more empowered. The violence will escalate. The narrative spun by both sides has to be rejected and the truth has to prevail.
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    If his geography is like Mark Marshall we could see him end up at Gillingham.
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    At the end of the day as Vale fans (long suffering) we all know that in the big scheme of things we are a smaller club and have never been able to compete on money and wages with the bigger boys. The frustration is that we don't get big fees any more if players run down their contracts. I'd like Smith here. He improved for me last season and looked a bit more assured and better on the ball. He's always been a tenacious, battler and man marker. But, I agree, defenders are easier to replace than goalscorers and creative midfield players. Those two positions are the very tough ones to fill. I was mortified when we lost Horton. And Brooker and Jones and Beckford and Taylor and Earle - but we got fees for them. McPhee was the annoying one because he was so good and left for nowt to go abroad. And to be frank its great to see lads doing well higher up after learning their trade here. I always watched those boys with great pride and never failed to tell everyone that we at Port Vale taught them all they know! Mark Bright was another. Good luck to Smith if he gets a good move and a bigger pay packet and a chance at a higher level. If not, we'll gladly keep him and continue to improve ourselves.
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    Just had a lovely, long, letter from Carol basically spelling out where the club is at. Addressed to "Dear Port Vale season ticket holder", so I guess every other ST holder will receive the same email. I was quite moved when reading it. It's a lovely gesture, and if Carol, or anyone else from the club is reading this, let me say Thank You.
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    Yesterday. This idea that both sides are equally to blame is ludicrous. As far as I was aware the BLM campaign was about racial equality and civil rights. What we saw yesterday was white supremacists, thugs and hooligans targeting the police and deliberately causing mayhem, quite apart from their Nazi salutes and threatening behaviour. Nothing noble about what their intentions were.
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    What the fck have I just read.
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    Two or three weeks ago 99.99% of the UK, including those who vandalised them, wouldn’t have even known what these statues were.
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    My first instinct was what a disgraceful decision to wear shirts branded with the name of a political organisation. My second instinct is - are these leftists stupid? They want to abolish capitalism and of all things...the PREMIER LEAGUE is endorsing them? You really couldn't make that one up. We have football related anti-racism programs already that could be used. We can show our support for minorities, as a sport and as a community, in other ways, other than pretending to pander to left wing extremism by endorising such policies. This is a bad decision and I hope enough people speak out about it to make them realise it. Political symbolism and, not only an acceptence, but a league sponsored endorsement of extreme ideology is a precedent in football that I do not want to be set.
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    It was mentioned in another thread but video below for those who haven't seen it.
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    Its a pity you cant include the owners..... they have played a blinder.
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    Can we have another OVF vote please? Based on the photograph, Phil Bowers, guilty or not guilty? .
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    I remember them balking at me a few years ago on this site when I said that racism was alive and well on the left. It genuinely is getting to the point now where if someone has those politics and tells me something, I may as well just believe the opposite. The levels of hypocrisy are staggering. I've done this a few times but I can't quite believe that this is where we're at: -All Lives Matter = Racism -White Lives Matter = Racism -Black Lives Matter - Brilliant, anti-racism, pro every oppressed group including all lives. -black lives matter (no caps) = Semantics, you need to grow up as you are probably a racist -Saying nothing at all = Racism, silence is violence -Saying you don't want to dismantle capitalism = "part of the problem" you are probably a racist -Saying you don't want to abolish the police = semantics, you are probably a racist -Talking about the stated goals of BLM = semantics, you are probably a racist Insanity. It's about time we had someone in our mainstream politics actually stand up to this garbage. It's very funny how the people who refuse to acknowledge the far left extremism of BLM as a movement also are the ones that are desperate to shut down every other opinion. There's one acceptable opinion - We must abolish capitalism and the police force and the nuclear family, and if you don't agree, you hate black lives.
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    Episode 7 is out now! Bezza's played a blinder and managed to get Carol Shanahan, Port Vale Chairwoman to come on for an extended chat! We cover many topics including: - How she got hooked on the Vale - Culture of the club - The financial situation at Vale and in football as a whole - The future of the club - The fantastic work the club and foundation have done during the pandemic It's downloadable from the usual places (Apple, Google, Spotify Podcasts). You can also listen at https://aleandthevale.podbean.com Please subscribe on your podcast platform and pass on to your mates.
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    So that's everyone signed up except for Smith which was expected. First time in a while we've had a strong squad before pre season kicks in. Just need a few strong signings and hopefully we can carry on where we left off Feels so refreshing to actually talk about the team and what's happening on the pitch instead of whats going on behind the scenes and a barmy chairman.
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    The work of the club has already been brought the attention of Parliament by Jonathan Gullis, the Stoke North MP. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBg4Z1UBc1s/?igshid=18ok8lqtrg89s
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    You watch all these games and realise what very good and underrated teams we had under Sir John. Aspin left nothing on the pitch and would die for Port Vale. Porter was similarly hard working but with more skill than many credit him for. Van der Laan the same. Worked like a trojan and not without goal-scoring ability. Guppy we know about. Bogie was a classy player. Glover oozed class as sweeper. And then the front two were a marvellous pairing - full of running and very talented with an eye for goal. Not many weaknesses. Maybe short on height at the back without Swanny but I think we forget just how good they all were during that era. A real togetherness as well. Will we see their like again any time soon?
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    Whats ironic is that if it was Corbyn who was still the leader and she hadn't been sacked you would be demanding that she was sacked and saying that Corbyn is anti semitic for not sacking her.
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    A real sign of the decline of Stoke if Smith is a legitimate target for them.
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    As an individual I try to be law abiding an never discriminatory in my work and private life. I don't like some groups of people and some religions and say so; but that is not a reason to discriminate against them in real life etc. There is a very worthy cause in the Black Lives Matter cause. Of course there is. But where it is going now is highly undesirable. We have got marches taking place in breach of COVID-19 restrictions. We have hangers on to those marches who a troublemakers and attack national monuments. Of course some of those statues and so called prominent figures are now inappropriate and should be reviewed. Then we have far right wing groups turning up on pretext to protect their monuments. Both sides love attacking the police as well as each other. Talking for the silent majority, we are incandescent about an attack on the Churchill memorial. I can't look past that at all; this is the man who held the western world together in the face of Hitler and Nazi Germany and who in alignment with Japan threatened every freedom we now have. How bad can this get with cretins on one side lost from the student union etc. and thugs from the right who are simply disgusting. But there is now more than that. We have hysterical people, like the black woman I watched on telly, who claimed that the police were murdering black people. She's in London and its not the case here at all, not even slightly. And she might have noticed that the Equality Act and Modern Slavery Act have been enacted to help protect her as a minority. Now we have this kneeling thing. Imagine, people in an office at meeting and someone suggests doing this and there are people there who don't want to; like we are not very impressed by an American group, with American type culture, run the American way, in Trump world. We just want to go about our business quietly and actually make a difference by our actions. But no, we have this new form of bullying. It is to make us align or join a movement we don't want to support and if we don't be looked at as racist. I think I know now how religious movements get started. The main thing is always to act in your own environment that you can control in the right way. If everyone does that then cumulatively the whole world will be better.
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    You don't have a meltdown because you are always right aren't you. Even your last paragraph is patronising with your smiley face. I hope I never have the misery of sitting next to you at a game . You keep putting everyone like me in their place and exposing our thoughts because you are so morally superior to cavemen like me .
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    Yes hes had the push...An odious character, however it's a dangerous precedence to close down and silence those you don't agree with. Whats the old saying " I don't agree with what you say but I defend your right to say it "
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    No refund for me +season ticket done

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