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    Clear, honest, informative and positive. As a fan, I cannot ask for anything more from my club's owner. When you read about Bury fans forming a phoenix club or Macclesfield postponing another fixture, it makes you think "that could have been us" and just how lucky we are right now...
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    Incredible night and we scored the goal of the night as well. Not just the quality of Popes header but the passing football (10-12 passes) from our own box to score it. Pep would of admired that. Better than expected result wise and Brown wasn’t exactly stretched. We defended like trojans and that moment we equalised can never ever be taken away from me. Fans top drawer!
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    For those struggling: season - good tonight - really, really bad
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    What a great result for PORT VALE . I'm not talking score line.... although considering everything that wasn't bad either. Just 8 short months ago the shanahans purchased port vale, lock stock and two broken barrels for less than man c paid for a single player. In the doldrums and bereft of hope, a bunch of individual players who couldn't win an argument in solitary confinement. With an annual budget that wouldn't cover a man c top player....... here we are. Not the finished product be a long long way but in 8 very short months we have made giant steps towards recovery ..... a team who realise there are others on the pitch wearing the same shirt playing for the same club and supporters with hope and excitement instead of depression and dissent. The biggest step as a club we have made is having owners who actually care.... about the club, the supporters and the community. Well done the shanahans, the team for doing their best, the supporters for turning up and doing their bit....... and to PORT VALE football club of the past, present and future...... it certainly looks like we have a future...... it's been in doubt for so long.
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    When are the critics of Amoo who live in the Faceache swamp going to realise that Amoo is viewed as a danger by opposition managers,therefore they double up on him and force him backwards,today the guy playing opposite Amoo was a winger having to play full back, he gave him space and couldn't cope with Amoos pace, hence his first half dominance of Orients defence, also today he was played in with balls by Cullen to run onto,into space, not 2yd passes to his feet when he is surrounded by two or three defenders. Give the lad a break,he has scored goals he has set goals up, have they already forgotten the run and cross for Popes goal at the Eitihad get behind him and support him he's a Vale player. He has been accused of not trying for Christs sake, as somebody has already said Artell was not wrong.
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    Since Montaño has been playing left back, we haven’t really seen the best of Worrall who has sacrificed his own game a bit to help protect him. A specialist left back would free up both to play to their strengths.
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    Burgess is a great little player... unsung hero of the season for me!
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    Worrall has the highest number of successful crosses in the league and is one of the top assisters, so he is, by definition, a prolific crosser of the ball. I'm sorry mate but Taylor has 7 goals this year, so your midfield claims don't stand up either. Our lone target man hasn't scored against 11 men, apart from penalties, all season. That's an issue, regardless if you shoehorn the shift of blame to everyone else.
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    Aspin kept us up. Signed Brown, Joyce, Legge. Worked under the worst owner we've had. Then walked when his time was up. No hard feelings for me. We've moved on to better things. Today was terrific. Well done Arthur and the lads and the new owners. But no need to disrespect Aspo IMO.
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    We four were in the 1894 as well and we jumped for joy when Popey scored. Couldn't believe how many of us Vale were in that part (spend their £80 per ticket)!
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    I am not a Conlon fan but I thought he had possibly his best game for us.Apart from Brown and the back four I thought Conlon was the best of the rest with Worrall just behind him. Like one or two others I was expecting the worst as the game wore on, so was ecstatic when their defender pulled Conlon down to give us the penalty which enabled us to come home with three very valuable points. i don't subscribe to the "we are not ready to go up this season" brigade and I hope that we can make a couple of signings and at least make the play offs.
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    I'll never get why Aspin never played Worrell? Aspin was dealt a poor hand with the old chairman, although saying that Askey is head and shoulders above him. (excuse the pun) I did love Aspin and hes still a legend.
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    It would be very interesting to see Taylor and Manny together. Mouthwatering prospect.
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    That wont go down well with some on here, too many want heads on stakes at every setback.
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    We have had this issue for years . In my mind ( probably wrong ) since Mickey Adams left. Page used to have huge squads filled with loanees who never played, ditto Bruno and Brown. Aspin also liked a big squad. I've read different managers saying quality over quantity but it rarely happens. It's a really difficult balancing act. If we are realistic the majority of League 2 back up players are going to be average . This will apply to most clubs not just ours. The transfer windows and change to the loan system have been detrimental to the lower league clubs. Are we just being a bit knee jerk after a poor defeat ? In the main a bench with Browne, Conlon, Atkinson, Bennett has looked far superior to one with Tonge, Elliott, Turner etc .
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    The trouble with Amoo is he goes missing for long periods of games yesterday brilliant cross for pope to score then he just wanders around the pitch without trying to help gibbons. I just wish he had the work rate of a Mcarthy Ainsworth or a Gary Ford finally well done Montano absolute tremendous effort for someone who is playing out of his prefered position. if
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    Can someone explain why Leon was booked? It was a 50/50 block tackle where both players played the ball which is why it screwed up in the air. Ref didn't blow. Game carried on. Three or four passes were made then their lad realised his mate was on the deck and kicked the ball out. Physio came on. Lad carried off on stretcher. Game restarted not with a free kick but with a Vale throw in. So why was Leon booked for not committing a foul???? Great performance. Smithy MOTM for me.
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    We deserved the win today but it was easy to see why Swindon are top. A very mobile team that like to play the right way. We more than matched them though and also dug in when we needed to. We're without arguably our most gifted player, Oyeleke, and have players on the bench such as Cullen, Conlon, Atkinson and Browne... We're sloppy at times and gift teams goals too much, but we're slowly becoming a bloody good side ourselves under Askey.
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    The reason Vale have asked for a 300 word covering letter is to weed out the chancers and part timers from the ones committed enough in their following of the club to be arsed enough to spend just a few minutes writing a few words down about their history as a Vale fan. Unfortunately there's a lot of Vale fans, like that utter whinging mardarse on P&G earlier, who are too thick to realise it's a filter not an exam.
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    You misunderstand the viewpoint of a lot of people on here, Bill. Just because we were appalled at the thought of a lying rat like Johnson becoming Prime Minister doesn't mean we embraced Corbynism. It was actually a dreadful reflection on the modern state of politics that the choice was between those two.
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    I am sorry, well I arent but you know... You are simply wrong. He had every right to go for it but had no right to endanger his opponents safety. He was not in control of the challenge, was high and in the end he was lucky not to cause serious injury to Montana. That was the very definition of a red card tackle because it was more than just reckless, it was dangerous.
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    Angol was offside so it wouldn't have counted! Brown didn't know that though. Edit. Note to self - read to end of thread before posting!!
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    No. Transfermarket.com has one but it says Pope's contract ends this summer so that isn't very reliable. From checking each individual player's Wikipedia's I get this: 2020: Jordan Archer, Kieran Kennedy, Jonny Maddison, Shaun Brisley, Daniel Trickett-Smith, Ryan Lloyd, Scott Burgess, David Amoo, Callum Evans, Nathan Smith, Scott Brown, James Gibbons, Luke Joyce, Leon Legge, Cristian Montano, Will Atkinson, Mark Cullen 2021: Alex Hurst, Ryan Campbell-Gordon, Richie Bennett, Adam Crookes, Manny Oyeleke, Tom Pope Unspecified: Rhys Browne, David Worrall, Tom Conlon Loan: Jake Taylor So unless players have signed deals on the quiet or they have secret extension clauses like Aspin used to put in them then that's what we're looking at.
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    Yes but some of his comments were laughable. I think 'we weren't brilliant' is putting it mildly! "We had the wind against us", "one goal was an own goal and the other 'looked' offside". He then puts the all important caveat in 'no excuses'. You've just made three. Some fans at games are bad for stick though, I agree; a group at Mansfield gave Amoo vile abuse for an hour before he set up Smith's goal. I think fans just expected more battle and we looked profoundly off the pace for an hour against a team with 4 wins, and led to disappointment. I don't think anyone has properly 'slated' the players, simply pointed out Tuesday wasn't very good.
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    Now you have said that it rings a bell. Smith is to VFIA what Lloyd is to Ernie. I myself was a bit critical of Smith partly because he set such high standards in his first season despite relegation. I felt he struggled for a while in League 2 but he has proved clowns like me totally wrong and has come back with some outstanding form , i think Legge is a great mentor. There are no agendas whether Smith is a Stoke fan, Liverpool or Curzon Ashton, fan . It makes no odds as long as he gives everything on the pitch. Jaded my A**E
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    Dear Max. You have done an Exceptional work at our be loved Port vale . Thank you . So very very much . We will miss you .with love and and Best wishes For your future . Love Marilynxxxx
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    Sometimes we have to just take a step back before posting . Over the past few days I've read that Ironside is the natural successor to Pope. Vassell and McCourt are worth signing and the latest offering is Leitch-Smith is better than Cullen and Bennett. If nothing else it gives me a good belly laugh when I come on here
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    Can’t help himself. Which is why anything he says just isn’t given any respect.
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    And it's finding a way to win these ugly, uninspiring, bread and butter games that will determine our season. The Swindon's, FGRs and Plymouth's are the icing on the cake.
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    Conlon won the penalty, not Worrall
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    Your owner has more money than the average third world country so philanthropy is easy - how much of his own time does it cost him? Our owners are not minted in that way but do as much work in their community as Mansour and they do it themselves, hands on.
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    My guess is all the fans on the ground are busy watching and enjoying the moment - it's just those of us who are listening in that are posting.
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    The last three January windows for us were unmitigated disasters, culminating in the last one where the chairman eagerly recruited a load of kids from Man Utd reserves, Leek Town and even a Spanish tapas bar side but then he soiled himself when Marc Richards became available. So a steady, uneventful window this January would be a genuine cause for celebration.
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    What does do my head in is.When Vale are defending a corner or a free kick we never have a player in or around the centre circle / half way line waiting for the break.Its always the same.Why?
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    This one of the 8k will be in his regular seat in the Lorne Street. Wind your neck in.
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    Watch this linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bG2j4j2Dkg at 5:31. No way can you see that challenge as a foul let alone a yellow card. The ref only choose to card Legge after seeing the player hurt and the way the Swindon team reacted. Very poor officials throughout the game.
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    I big mention for Burgess for me, often does stuff and his twin Taylor gets the credit, including my first assessment of who scored the first goal! If he gets himself a different pair of boots to Taylor he’ll start getting noticed more.
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    Aspin was a great player but an awful manager.. He didn’t play Worrall because he didn’t respect quality league footballers. He believed he could find wonderful non league gems. Kept playing inexperienced players at the expense of those like Worrall with it. The Smurfwaite excuse is a good one but limited given how much improvement Askey managed with the same squad. It was incredible. In fact our actual playing budget seems little different. While they were different eras, Smurfwaite budgeted for players like Lee Hughes and Anthony Grant.
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    Bob, that is a very moving post. It is a very welcome thought provoking point . That some come on here, such as your good self, for a sort of company and not for bickering, I doff my cap to you sir, and hope you enjoy - and get the respect that you deserve.
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    Anybody with any sense would include past ticket evidence in with their essay.
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    Birchall saying Pope should have been on and he would have put the ball in the net today. The question he should have been asked was - if Pope was on, would we have seen this type of play - ie playing it on the ground and getting crosses into the box from the line? Personally don't think we would have done - it would have been loft the ball into the penalty area from the half way line and then let Pope hold the ball up while the midfield trot up there to help him. Meanwhile 2 defenders batter Pope and the ref just watches him.
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    I think we can count ourselves fortunate that Brown, Legge and Smith have been ever present in the league this season because we don’t have a lot of depth in those positions but it hasn’t been a problem (yet). Last night wasn’t exactly the sort of game where somebody could drop in and shine. It was all a very narrow midfield battle and Salford did their best to keep it scrappy with lots of niggly fouls that the ref should have been wise to. Our first eleven picks itself at the minute. Outside of that, the squad players are either not quite up to it, or like Cullen in a 4-1-4-1 they’re just square pegs.
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    Since when is Bennett ever a left winger? It was painful trying to watch him and Archer trying to play out wide. I also think the signings of Taylor and Burgess has proved how poor Conlon really is in comparison. We need some quality signings if we are to trouble the play offs. Goals are needed.
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    It isn’t about changes because it’s an easier game it’s because it’s the 3rd game in 6 days and some of those players will have put in a lot of work. It’s about trying to make sure we don’t all look a bit leggy in the next game and use the squad wisely.
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    Arnold is the best crosser in the league but does get caught out in defence. Henderson is back to the form he hit a few seasons ago, excellent and Keita is playing really well at the mo, Liverpool don’t have a weak link at the moment and should have a big enough lead to win the Premiership d3spite their inevitable hiccup.
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    We've had 1 good game in 3 playing 'the Pope way'. Before then, when Pope has been on the bench, we've played much faster, better and attractive football. Besides, Cullen hasn't been given any notable degree of opportunity to prove what role he can play. Yes, he is likely to be less effective than Pope when we lump the ball forwards, but on the flip side much more effective than Pope when we try to press high, and play quick football to feet. Take the oppos no16 on Saturday,. As small as they come, but very effective indeed with the style that they wanted to play. I, personally, would give Cullen a chance, rather than just dismiss him as not being able to 'play that role'.

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