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  1. I have heard that Popey has done his ancle in training and is very doubtful for Saturday.
  2. No sign of Whitfield on training ground this morning.
  3. Maybe the flagpoles were unsafe, or maybe there is no certificate from when they were installed. The owners have a duty of care for all supporters and could end in court if anything happens to anyone. so stop questioning everything they do.
  4. Synectics shirt sponsor I rteckon
  5. Can you imagine Ernie at a party hahaha Then he wonders why he isn't contacted lol
  6. i take it that this comment is tongue in cheek Smithie.
  7. Just been in to get mine and was told we are just short of 2000 sold.
  8. RIP Justin can't believe it at such a young age totally shocked. Thoughts go to his family at this sad time.
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