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  1. RIP Ernie and thanks for the memories.
  2. I think we need to watch their forward that they keep saying is Immobile, when I have watched them he seems very quick.
  3. Try Australia as that's where they are going to film his life story. Can't remember to many kangaroos or koalas in Burslem though.
  4. Shocking, how are Wycombe supposed to compete in championship when they have been preparing for league 1. I don't know the state of the club but they could have let higher earner players from championship go after there relegation and then to expect them to play in championship with not much notice is rediculous. EFL are a shambles
  5. I like that kit Jacko, don't see anything wrong with it. Its better than the new kit. Love the red and white stripes lol
  6. Don't watch prem football and not watched England for a few years, but thought I would watch with it being Scotland. This England team have no chance, nowhere near good enough. The team with Gazzer was far better and didn't win anything so this bunch have no chance. Won t be watching any more.
  7. Jimmy Greenhoff and Eric Skeeles both signed for us in 1976.
  8. I know Fosse69 that's what makes me mad. For the sake of £200 the club are going lose approx £1200 as myself, other members of family and a couple of friends have said they won't renew. The frustrating part is I called Martin as soon as we knew fans wouldn't be allowed before Christmas, it may even have been November, only to be told just wait as no decision had been made. I am not bothered for myself as I have watched on I follow, but I am for my dad who doesn't have broadband or even seen a computer, he is nearly 82 and the only time I can get him to leave my mum who is recovering from cancer in the care of my wife for a couple of hours is to go the Vale. Believe me that has been hard to get him go and leave her, but he needed that time to himself. And to think I have given my time during lock down to deliver food parcels using my own car, plus delivering Vale shop goods to save the club postage is now a smack in the face. But no matter what we won't be going again now. It would be to little to late.
  9. Spoke to Martin Tideswell Spoke to him just before Christmas and he said no decision would be made until they knew when fans may be allowed back so hold on a bit. Called again to be told no end of.
  10. Thanks IC I had a few beers last night and was having a rant. Sorry if I offended anyone, not good to post after drinking. I am sure things will get sorted.
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