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  1. I know Fosse69 that's what makes me mad. For the sake of £200 the club are going lose approx £1200 as myself, other members of family and a couple of friends have said they won't renew. The frustrating part is I called Martin as soon as we knew fans wouldn't be allowed before Christmas, it may even have been November, only to be told just wait as no decision had been made. I am not bothered for myself as I have watched on I follow, but I am for my dad who doesn't have broadband or even seen a computer, he is nearly 82 and the only time I can get him to leave my mum who
  2. Spoke to Martin Tideswell Spoke to him just before Christmas and he said no decision would be made until they knew when fans may be allowed back so hold on a bit. Called again to be told no end of.
  3. Thanks IC I had a few beers last night and was having a rant. Sorry if I offended anyone, not good to post after drinking. I am sure things will get sorted.
  4. Not true I asked and got told to go away, so don't know who told you that.
  5. No refunds mate for last season or this, loyal fans give money to club although when they ask for refund are told to go away. But you are loyal mate so don't worry. I have finished with this club after 50 odd years, not for me but for the treatment of someone else. I am not the only one, I have spoken to a few lads tonight who have agreed with me and said they are shocked and will not be renewing season tickets either. Owners under estimate the power of fans, just look at the super league that went well.
  6. Didn't do Notts County any good when they splashed the cash. Nothing like setting yourself up, all the fans will expect promotion and anything else will be seen as failure. Be interesting to watch what happens.
  7. Brilliant, what a day. We had some good players in that team. Thanks Jacko51 for putting the match up.
  8. Better to do it next season when fans are back.
  9. I have had a season ticket this year along with my dad who is 82. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to watch on I follow but my dad does not have access to the internet so he has no way of watching. Does anybody know if the club are going to give people like my dad a season ticket for when we are able to attend again, as he has not had anything for the money he has paid. Any advice given will be appreciated.
  10. We said we needed a good clear out this summer with no sentiment, so Manny is the first of what I hope is a few clearing off. Loved Manny but he was a cost which we can't afford now with squad sizes. I trust Darrell and Dave to bring in much better and Fitter players. Keep the faith Dazzer and Flitters know what they are doing. UTV
  11. We have more chance sneaking in the play offs than getting Relegated.
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