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  1. I am not trying to make clever points at all. This virus is serious and killing people. Nobody should be flouting the rules and putting the NHS and other people's lives at risk. Like I have stated before, my wife is putting her life and families at risk every day looking after people. Please take this virus seriously as we have just lost a close family member. Nothing worse than putting them in an ambulance and never seeing them again. Not interested in point scoring IC I have got more important things going on. Stay safe.
  2. Yet you supported the BLM protests. Like I said before there is a time and place. No body should be protesting, having raves or going against the government reccommendations end of.
  3. As much as I sympathise with the BLM it is still wrong to flout the lock down rules and the organiser's need locking up. Why should my wife put her life and her families lives at risk treating people daily who can't obey the lock down rules. I am sorry but they are selfish. There is a time and place, now is not the time. A second spike will come because of this, I only hope demonstrators think its worth it when the NHS are trying to save there lives.
  4. The organiser's of these protests should be prosecuted for encouraging people to flout the lock down rules and risking peoples lives.
  5. This is such sad news, condolences to Mike's family. Rip Mike we Vale fans will be forever grateful to you for making sure we have a club to support.
  6. Get well soon Mike all the best, we are all thinking of you.
  7. Joan Armatrading hasn't been mentioned, I quite like her voice. But Dusty Springfield is a good call. Lulu always had a decent voice too.
  8. Trevor sinclair I think it was for Blackpool. Tore us apart with pace. It might have been the game which we lost 1-6.
  9. It was sung to the words Can you hear the paddock roaring, Bobby Newtons always scoring Can you hear the paddock roaring Bobby is our king, ZULU
  10. Keep up the good work Rob, I am in the same situation as I am sure a good many more on here are. Hope it all works out and a few adverts won't spoil what is a excellent site for us.
  11. Sorry, but that doesn't wash with me. She 'earns' her money by encouraging gullible people, amongst others, to become addicted to gambling, ruining their lives and their families. I wouldn't touch her money. She should not be granted respectability by accepting her money. She's a pariah. You could say that about breweries, cigarette companies. It is down to the individual to take responsibility for themselves. I take it you don't drink or smoke then.
  12. Denise gets a hard time from some on here, but she does a hell of a lot for local charities that doesn't get mentioned.
  13. It happened at man city where this thug and mates wouldn't sit down. When asked by an old chap in front they then abused and threatened him and anyone who said anything. The old chap was with his family and young grandchildren. It was disgusting and I hope we can route out the vermin who associate themselves with our club.
  14. Funky Gibbon for James Gibbons maybe haha
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