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  1. I remember this one, I should have been working but I called in sick with a bad back. My boss saw me on TV when the clip of the game was shown on news, got in trouble for this one hahaha
  2. Congratulations Carol you are a wonderful lady and everyone connected with the Vale are so proud of you.
  3. He slotted into training yesterday, brilliant signing and he loves it here.
  4. You get season ticket holders from 1 family only counting as one if they all watch on same TV. Plus season ticket holders like my dad who is 81 and never had broadband, so can't watch it.
  5. Got a full refund today. Thank you so much to Carol and Martin for helping me, we are so lucky to have people in charge of our club who genuinely care about its fans. Up the Vale
  6. I have just done this and I received email saying they have charged my credit card £10 I think they are conning people shocking as you can't speak to anyone for refund and vale say its nothing to do with them. They owe me £55 in total now. If they don't respond soon I will be asking vale to refund my season ticket to cover costs from I follow.
  7. Pity the government didn't follow its own rules. A lot of them have had covid then they have the nerve to tell people who have been basically following their rule that we are irresponsible if we get it. Hypocrites the lot of them. Might go for a drive with family this afternoon to check my vision is working correctly.
  8. What favours are we getting letting him train with us, I am sure Askey is really grateful lol
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