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  1. Neville southall Simon Mills Neil aspin Dean Glover Darren Hughes Robbie Earle Ray Walker John Macarthy Steve Guppy Martin Foyle Tony Naylor Subs Bob Hazel, Phil sproson, Paul Musslewhite, Andy Jones, Andy Porter
  2. The trouble we have had this season is to many players coming in and out after a couple of games due to injury. I believe that this is why Darrell is saying about fitness, Manny, monty Gibbo and others have not played a run of consecutive games without picking up another injury. When they do eventually get back into the team they have to start all over again trying to get match sharpness. For me this is one of the main reasons for the slide down the table. If we can get a run of games where everyone can stay fit, I am sure performances and results will get a lot b
  3. Looking forward to this one, Come on boys do us proud 3 - 0 vale.
  4. I won't have a bad word said about our pitch after it saved us from Regis scoring for lard and watching them go mental behind the goal hahaha And then held the ball up for Foyle to score 😂😂😂😂😂
  5. Welcome to the Vale Darrell, hopefully you can bring back the success that the owners and brilliant fans deserve. UTV
  6. What's he ever done though really, you can't really say winning the prem as it doesn't count as we were in the middle of pandemic and no other teams were bothered. 😜
  7. We have some really weird fans that's all I am saying.
  8. I have just been looking at a few others on the sack race site and Michael Flynns record at Newport is fantastic. Only lost 10 matches out of 150 he has been in charge.
  9. We are in serious trouble with this team, I can't see where next point nevermind wkin is going too come from.
  10. No new season ticket from me, I am not paying for players who couldn't care less about the club or fans
  11. We need a new management team ASAP because this set up is abysmal.
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