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  1. It happened at man city where this thug and mates wouldn't sit down. When asked by an old chap in front they then abused and threatened him and anyone who said anything. The old chap was with his family and young grandchildren. It was disgusting and I hope we can route out the vermin who associate themselves with our club.
  2. Funky Gibbon for James Gibbons maybe haha
  3. I have seen it at the Vale, a 70 plus year old bloke pushed to the floor by a police officer for trying to walk up a street to his car. The street was cordoned off by police god knows why, and he was pushed over. His son then had a go at this police officer for pushing his dad over and was arrested. I think he ended up with a 3year ban from matches. Shocking
  4. Blimey we have some odd supporters. I can't believe they are having a go at other fans trying to help the club, jeez
  5. Yes but it's £24 on day £22 if you buy a ticket in dvance
  6. What a place for pope to score and break Martin Foyles record.
  7. You could get a 10 game ticket and get the same perks as a season ticket. You don't have to get a full season ticket for the perks.
  8. According to city fans 46k tickets been sold including vales allocation so far.
  9. Does anyone know if ticket office is open tomorrow
  10. I went on at 10 o'clock on the dot and was put in queue for 15 mins to be told sold out. I feel the same as sage that vale fans should have been given a chance to purchase first especially season ticket holders. Anyone want a Christmas LP.
  11. Let's hope we don't get through to the next round of the cup then and draw one of the big 6 at home. Traffic would be chaos and the locals won't be able go Asda. I give up we do have some weapons on here.
  12. Did anyone go to the light festival last year, iit was really good. Not seen queen Street so packed for years the place was buzzing. Only downside was the lack of food stalls. But this did show that if you put something on people will come. Anyone know if its on again this year.
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