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  • The Good...

    User customisation

    You log on to the site on the top RH side (desktop) and by clicking the right "hamburger" icon on mobile.

    The user menu gives you several options:


    Clicking on Profile will allow you to set an avatar (yes they have returned!) and also a profile background.

    Clicking on Account Settings will allow you to set various notifications.


    Reputation system

    InVision is built around user reputations. You score points for posting, your content being liked and so on. You lose reputation if you are reported (presuming it isn't a false report) or if admin warn you over your behaviour. This will encourage users to behave well to each other. The users with the highest daily reputations earn a "badge" on their profile and there is also a leaderboard (you can access it from the LH menu as below):




    We have reintroduced the calendar which includes the latest 2019-2020 Port Vale fixtures. It can be accessed through the LH menu as below:



    Posting Options

    The post interface will be fairly simple to pick up. At the bottom of a user's post is the ability to quote in your reply (left in the screengrab below). There is also a "heart" icon to like their post on the bottom right-hand side.


    Clicking on the heart option gives you these options:


    If you have any questions please private message robf






  • The bad...

    Reporting posts

    This is on the bottom right-hand side of the posts just above the like option.

    You need to put your mouse next to the social share icon for the "Report post" to be highlighted

    See the screengrab:



    Reporting anything else

    You can report any other content through our contact form


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