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The OVF app and accessing this site on a mobile device

The OVF site logo

OVF has a number of ways for users with mobile devices to keep up with this website including an OVF app for Android users.

Android Users – the OVF app

OVF has a FREE app which is available for users with Android devices. The branded app, powered by Tapatalk, which has proven popular with users allows you to use all the features of the forum and has push notices to show you private messages / replies to your posts etc.

The app can be downloaded by searching for “OVF” in the Google Play store

Apple users

Unfortunately, our app was removed from the Apple App store due to changes brought in by Apple which required us to pay a significant annual “developer’s” fee to keep the app in the store. The number of Apple users using our app did not justify the high costs of maintaining it. We are sorry for any inconvenience and you may want to let Apple know your thoughts on this.

In the meantime, Apple users may be interested in the next section:

All mobile users

We have made changes to the OVF site to make it appear better on mobile devices. If you access OVF on your web browser you will be able to read the latest blog entries and also log on, read and post on the forum.