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Port Vale kit designs

Port Vale kits

A comprehensive selection of Port Vale kit designs – home, away and goalkeeper designs – are featured in our Port Vale kit database page.

Port Vale kit designs

We have tried to feature all known Port Vale kit designs but inevitably errors will occur. We are also missing a few images of kits (notably several goalkeepers’ shirts) which is why some may be missing. If you want to pass on a correction, a comment, a picture of a Port Vale kit or have an observation please contact us

Several images on this page are (c) Port Vale’s official Twitter account

Connor Ripley - Port Vale FC - image official Port Vale Twitter a/c2023-24 Goalkeeping kit

Two matching goalkeeping designs were introduced – one in green (pictured) and another in shocking pink.

Port Vale third kit 2023 - image from Port Vale FC2023-24 Third Kit

A limited edition third kit was introduced with the main colour Wedgwood blue and with a Wedgwood design woven into the material.

Port Vale away kit 2023-242023-24 Away Kit

The club’s regular away kit was a dark blue with two gold stripes on the front. It was also produced by new kit suppliers Puma.

2023-24 Home Kit

For the 2023-24 season, the Valiants switched to Puma as their kit manufacturers and introduced a design with horizontal black, white and gold stripes.

2022-23 home goalkeepers shirt - photo Port Vale FC2022-23 Home Goalkeeper’s Kit

The club announced an orange goalkeeping shirt for the new season with the sleeve design matching that of the white home shirt.

The 2022 Port Vale home kit design2022-23 Home Kit

The club reverted to a black and white shirt design for the 2021-22 season. The sleeve design was inspired by the Vale Park stadium. It included white shorts and socks with an option of black shorts and socks if required.

Port Vale 2021 Away Kit Goalkeeper's Design2021-22 Away Goalkeeper’s Kit

A blue goalkeeping kit was launched to complement the gold away kit.

Port Vale 2021 Away Kit Design2021-22 Away Kit

An all-gold away kit design was launched to match the gold on the home kit.

Port Vale 2021 Home Goalkeeper Shirt2021-22 Home Goalkeeper’s Kit

A purple goalkeeper’s design with gold details was released to complement the home design.

Port Vale 2021 Home Kit Design2021-22 Home Kit

The club reverted to solely white and gold with no black components for the 2021-22 season. It included white shorts and socks.

Port Vale third goalkeeper's kit 20202020-21 | Third Goalkeeper’s Kit

A purple goalkeeping design, again with the “V” design was launched to complement the third kit.

Port Vale 2020 Third Kit2020-21 | Third Kit

In September 2020 Port Vale unveiled a green third kit which echoed their home kit with a “V” design on the chest. It was the first time the club had played in a green kit.

Port Vale 2020 Away Goalkeeper's Kit2020-21 | Away Goalkeeper’s Kit

There was a green goalkeepers shirt to match the black kit.

Port Vale 2020 Port Vale Away Kit2020-21 | Away Kit / 2021-22 Third Kit

In August 2020 the club unveiled an all-black away kit with a green goalkeeping top. Like the 2020 home kit, this was designed in part by celebrity fan Robbie Williams. The kit was a huge success and generated record sales. In response, the club decided to keep it as a third kit for the 2021-22 season

Port Vale 2020 Home Goalkeeper's Kit Design2020-21 | Home Goalkeeper’s Kit

The orange coloured home goalkeeping design matched the home kit with  the same “V” design.

Port Vale 2020 Home Kit Design2020-21 | Home Kit

In August 2020 the club unveiled a radical Errea design. According to a press release it was designed in part by celebrity fan Robbie Williams and included an eye catching “V” design on the front and shoulders.

Port Vale 2019 Home Kit Design2019-20 | Home Kit

Following the takeover of the club by Carol and Kevin Shanahan, the club reverted to Errea and this design which featured black shouders. It was sponsored by the owners’ company Synectics Solutions.

Port Vale 2019 Away Kit2019-20 | Away kit

For the away design, Vale returned to a yellow design echoing many away designs of the past. The sponsors were again Synectics Solutions.

2019 Goalkeeping Top2019-20 | Goalkeeper

This mainly red design was launched at the start of the season.

Port Vale away kit design 20182018-19 | Away Kit

A black version of the home design served as the away kit.

Port Vale 2018 home kit2018-19 | Home kit

The club announced that BLK would be the new manufacturers and they introduced the first of their Port Vale kit designs this year. It is complete with vertical stripe and the reintroduction of black shorts.

Purple away kit 20182018-19 | Away kit

The away design by BLK was this all purple number. (image: Port Vale FC)

2018 Goalkeepers Top2018-19 | Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper’s design was a light green/blue number.

Port Vale 2017 Home Kit Design2017-18 | Home kit

Continuing the retro theme, Vale introduced a kit with a passing resemblance to the 1985-86 design containing a pinstripe.  It was sponsored by local firm Manor Shop.

Port Vale 2016 Home Kit Design2016-17 | Home kit

The home kit had a retro look with many fans commenting on its resemblance to the England 1982 International kit which also featured a two-colour shoulder section.

2016-17 | Away kit

2016-awayIn a style similar to pin-striped kits of the early 1980s and the 1960s is this predominently yellow kit. (image: Port Vale FC).

Port Vale 2016 Third Kit2016-17 | Third kit

In an apparent homage to a kit from 1912-13, the Vale launched this claret and blue number as their official third kit.

2015-2016 | Goalkeeper

2015-home-gkThe club decided upon two simple one-colour designs for their goalkeeping shirt. The home design is a light grey affair (far right) while the away design is a lime green colour (right). (photos: Port Vale FC).

2015-2016 | Home

2015-homeThe club announced that only the home strip would be changed for 2015-16 with the second (black/amber) and third (purple) designs remaining unchanged. The new home kit appeared to be a homage to the kits of the early 80’s complete with a black “V”.  (photo: Port Vale FC).

2014-2015 | Goalkeeper

2014-blue-gkWhile the club maintained the green design from the previous season, they also introduced this blue design which is worn by Sam Johnson during a pre-season friendly.

2014-2016 | Third

2014-purpleThis design was introduced when the League refused Vale permission to play in their black and amber away kit against Notts County. It was announced that it would remain the third choice for the 2015-16 season as well.

2014-2016 | Away

2014-awayReflecting the black and amber kit of the 1950’s this design was chosen for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.

2014-2015 | Home

2014-homeThe club switched kit manufacturers in the summer and this Errea design was launched. It features gold and black detail similar to mid-90’s designs.

2013-2014 | Home

2013-homeThe club issued a new, simple white and black design with new sponsors GMB’s logo on the front. The back contained a vintage print of the local area.

2013-2014 | Away

2013-awayA black away kit with a diagonal white/gold slash was launched in August.

2013-2015 | Goalkeeper

2013-goalkeeperThe goalkeeping shirt for 2013-14 was a pleasing, simple design. It came in green, yellow or pink. Pictured is the green design.

2013-2014 | Third

2013-thirdA limited edition third kit was produced in Wedgwood blue. The kit was interwoven with the names of the fans who had registered to buy one. (Image: Port Vale FC)

2012-2013 | Home

2012-home2After some “temporary” kit designs due to the club being in administration, a final design was launched in November 2012 with the sponsors being “UK Windows”.

2012-2013 | Goalkeeper

One of two goalkeepers designs for 2012, this is the green kit.

2012-2013 | Goalkeeper

An alternative blue goalkeeper’s strip.

2012 | Away

Like the home kit, a permanent away kit was launched during the season. Replacing the pink number, this was a more conservative yellow design.

2012 | Temporary

With Vale in administration, a deal for a new kit had been postponed. So, the club’s administrators agreed a temporary deal with Vandanel. This is the home kit.

2012 | Temporary

2012-pinkWith Vale in administration, a deal for a new kit had been postponed. So, the club’s administrators agreed a temporary deal with Vandanel. But to compound matters, a white kit was not available in time, so Vale lined-up for their first match of the season (a league cup clash with Burnley) in this pink effort.

2011-2012 | Away

2011-awayGrey was a controversial choice and led to Vale having to change to a Grimsby strip during their FA Cup tie after the ref felt the two kits clashed.

2011 | One-off

grimsbyIn their 2011 FA Cup tie against Grimsby, Vale’s grey away kit was deemed to clash and the Valiants had to resort to wearing Town’s red away kit. They lost!

2010-2012 | Home

The letters “PVFC” were spelt out on the socks. This kit marked the end of Harlequin Property’s four year shirt sponsorship deal.

2010-2012 | Away

This yellow design was widely used by the club.

2009-2010 | Goalkeeper

A goalkeeper design for the 2009-2010 season.

2009-2011 | Away

Vale again courted controversy with their decision to launch a second away kit after just one year in the 2008 blue design. This is another kit to feature the old club crest on the back (pictured)

2009-2010 | Training

This top is included because due to a kit clash, it was used by Vale during a 2010 away game against Bury.

2008-2010 | Goalkeeper

A green jersey with Harlequin logo.

2008-2010 | Home

This kit was announced as a celebration of Vale’s formative kit colours, but no record has been found to suggest Vale had previously played in black and white stripes.

2008-2010 | Away, third

This blue design was used as an away kit from 2008 to 2009 and then maintained as a third kit for the 2009-2010 season.

2007-2008 | Home

Celebrity fan Robbie Williams reportedly helped broker the shirt sponsorship deal with his microphone supplier Sennheiser.

2007-2008 | Goalkeeper

A blue design.

2007-2008 | Away

The club’s first venture into a black away kit design.

2006-2007 | Away

This season BGC sponsored both home and away kits.

2006-2007 | Home

Another design that was only used for 12 months. This differs from the 2005 design in having one black and one white shirt sleeve. Modelled by Leon Constantine.

2005-2006 | Third

The third kit for the 2005 to 2006 season, again sponsored by Broxap.

2005-2006 | Goalkeeper

A grey design with Broxap logo.

2005-2006 | Away

This 2005-2006 away kit design is similar to the black and amber stripes design of the Vale’s 1960-1961 home strip and pays homage to that iconic design.



It was the first season that Vale had separate home and away shirt sponsors.



It also incorporated the old Port Vale crest on the back (pictured) and a tribute to club legend Roy Sproson on the sleeve (pictured).

2005-2006 | Goalkeeper

There were two goalkeeper designs for this season with BGC logos.

2005-2006 | Home

The first strip to be sponsored by BGC.

2004-2005 | Away

The yellow away design was slightly reworked for this season.

2003-2005 | Home

Sponsored by the much-maligned Tricell.

2003-2004 | Third

The yellow third kit featuring the Tricell design. Due to frequent clashes with the original blue away design, this was often Vale’s “away” kit of choice that season.

2003-2004 | Away

The original away design which was rarely used as Vale preferred the yellow third kit.

2003-2005 | Goalkeeper

A green goalkeeping design.

2002 | One-off

Vale were forced to use Huddersfield Town’s away kit in 2002 when both their white home and blue away strip clashed with the home team’s kit.

2002-2004 | Away

The final season that Tunstall Assurance were the shirt sponsors. Patrick manufactured this for the first season, in the second season Vandanel took over the manufacture.

2001-2003 | Goalkeeper

An unusual choice of red for the goalkeeper’s jersey.

2001-2003 | Home

Tunstall Assurance were the shirt sponsors. Patrick manufactured this kit.

2000-2002 | Away

The kit worn when Vale won the LDV Vans Trophy in Cardiff. Initiallly a Mizuno design, this was rebadged as a Patrick design in the second season.

1999-2001 | Home

Port Vale changed their black shorts to make this the club’s first all-white kit – a move allegedly inspired by Real Madrid.

1999-2000 | Goalkeeper

A return to the traditional green keeper’s jersey.

1998-2000 | Away

This design had the Port Vale crest on the sleeve. It was produced by Mizuno.

1997-1999 | Home

The “last” button collar design – all subsequent designs have elasticated collars.

1997-1999 | Goalkeeper

A multi-coloured keeper’s design.

1996-1998 | Away

1996-awayReportedly based on an 1896 design to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Port Vale 1995-97 goalkeeper's design1995-97 | Goalkeeper’s Top

The goalkeeper’s design.

Port Vale 1995 Home Kit Design1995-1997 | Home

This classic design featuring gold and black detail was worn during one of the club’s most successful periods.

1994-1996 | Away

1995-awayModelled by Vale legend Steve Guppy.

1994 | Youth

1994-youthA youth team shirt design with alternative sponsors the Hanley Economic Building Society.

1993-1995 | Home

1993-homeThis design was debuted at Vale’s Autoglass Trophy Final win. Modelled by Ian Taylor and Bernie Slaven.

1993-1995 | Goalkeeper

Modelled by Paul Musselwhite.

1992-1993 | Home

In 1992, the sponsors changed from Kalamazoo to Tunstall Assurance.

1992-1993 | Away

1992-awayThe yellow version of this kit. Image:

1992-1993 | Goalkeeper

This blue goalkeeping design was noticeably less “busy” than the outfield shirts.

1991-1992 | Home

Vale joined the then-trend to add patterns to club’s traditional colours. This, combined with the sponsorship of “Kalamazoo” makes this shirt a cult favourite amongst some fans.

1991-1992 | Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper design used a similar pattern.

1991-1992 | Third

This yellow kit was the club’s third kit.

1991-1992 | Away

1991 Port Vale away kit - Kalamazoo sponsorsA blue version of the kit was also produced.

1990-1991 | Home/Away

1990-haThe kit was remodelled slightly (a new collar was added) and the sponsors changed to Kalamazoo.

1989-1991 | Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper shirt only differs slightly (a slightly different sleeve design) from the 1988 version.

1989-1991 | Home

This kit was manufactured by Bourne Sports. The first season’s sponsors were ABC Minolta Copiers, who were then replaced by Kalamazoo for the 1990-91 season.

1989-1990 | Away

This kit was manufactured by Bourne Sports. The sponsors were ABC Minolta Copiers.

1988-1989 | Home

This kit was worn during Vale’s promotion to Division Two.

1987-1988 | Home

Modelled by Ray Walker during the famous FA Cup win over Spurs.

1986-1987 | Away

A yellow, away version of the same kit. Image:

1986-1987 | Home

This kit ran for one season as did the sponsorship with Brown’s Transport. It featured a new club crest which is was used for over twenty five years.

1985-1986 | One-off

During a snowy game in the 1985/1986 campaign, the ref was unable to see Vale’s white strip. The Valiants were forced to wear an orange-coloured training top (not a Luton Town strip as some people claim) for the game.

1984-1986 | Away

A yellow pinstriped away kit manufactured by Hobott. Image:

1985-1986 | Home

The Valiants won promotion this season. This design was sponsored by ECCI but this team photo was taken before the deal was signed. Image:

1984-1985 | Home

A pinstripe design sponsored by EDS.

1982-1984 | Goalkeeper

Modelled by Chris Pearce in 1983.

1982-1984 | Away

A yellow and green design of the home shirt. Image:

1982-1984 | Home

This “V” shaped design, sponsors “PMT” (Potteries Motor Transport) and a promotion in 1983 made this a memorable kit design.

It featured a new club badge, the winning design from a schools competition (pictured).

1981-1982 | Goalkeeper

The first goalkeeper’s shirt with sponsorship on it.

1981-1982 | Home

This strip was the first of many Port Vale kit designs to be sponsored and appears to have the sponsor’s logo placed in two different positions during the season.

1979-1981 | Home

This was the final season that Vale used the letters “PVFC” in place of a club crest

1978-1979 | Goalkeeper

The red goalkeeper’s design from that season.

1978-1979 | Home

Similar to the previous season’s effort, this was manufactured by Admiral. It is modelled by David Harris.

1977-1978 | Home

Manufactured by Bukta this design featured a short-lived “Valiant knight” club crest.

1976-1977 | Home

1976-tarttA smart Admiral kit that marked Vale’s centenary year. It is worn by Colin Tartt in this image.

1974-1976 | Home

Manufactured by Bourne Sports, this kit represented a radical departure from previous black and white designs. Instead of the club badge, it featured the script “PVFC” which had been made popular by the Leeds United side of the 1970s.

1973-1974 | Home

This design had a black collar and cuffs and marked a return to black shorts.

1971-1973 | Home

A simple all-white kit with round collar and cuffs, modelled here by Sammy Morgan.

1966-1971 | Home

This was a simple affair. It was worn with black shorts from 1966 to 1967 and with white shorts from then onwards. It is modelled here by Vale legend Roy Sproson.

1966-1971 | Goalkeeper

Keith Ball models this simple, unadorned goalkeeper’s design.

1963-1966 | Home

1963-homeLegendary manager Freddie Steele returned to Vale and asked for the club colours to change back to black and white. According to press reports, Steele felt black and white was a more “manly” colour. The kit also included a red version of the club crest. In 1964-65 Vale used white shorts but the top remained virtually unchanged until the end of the 1965-66 season.

1961-1962 | Goalkeeper

1961-taylorPeter Taylor (who later found fame coaching with Brian Clough) models this simple red goalkeeper’s design. The photo is hand-tinted.

1960-1963 | Home

1961-pooleClub legend Harry Poole models this pinstriped black and amber design in this (hand-tinted) photograph. It was in use for three seasons.

1958-1960 | Home

1958-homeThe kit changed from black and white to amber and black which was initiated by newly installed club chairman Jake Bloom.

1953-1958 | Home

1954-cheadleThis period is regarded as the finest in the of all Port Vale kit designs so perhaps it is appropriate that the home kit is a classic – captain Tommy Cheadle sports a simple white shirt with black collars (which look brown in this hand tinted image). Team photographs show the same kit being used in the 1957-58 season.

1934 | Home

1934This cigarette card shows that Vale had reverted back to a red shirt design.

1929-1930 | Home

1929-homeA photograph that shows Vale in a white kit with a Staffordshire knot badge design.

Mid-1920’s | Home

1920s-briscoeThis cigarette card from the 1920’s shows star striker Billy Briscoe in a red kit.

1919 | Home

1919-homeThis is a black and white photograph but it appears to depict a simple white shirt and black shorts kit.

1898 | Home

peake-1898It’s difficult to tell from a black and white photo but reports indicate that the design was (whisper it quietly) red and white stripes… The player pictured is James Peake.