Port Vale team photos over the years

Port Vale team photos

This page documents many Port Vale team line-up photos throughout the years.

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Port Vale team photos


Port Vale 1898-99 team photo


1901-02 Port Vale team photo


Port Vale 1909-10 team photo

(Players only) Back row: Jack Smith, Harry Croxton, Tom Coleman, Joseph Everill, Albert Cook, A Meigh

Front row: Jack Moss, Bert Eardley, Joe Brough, Billy Cavenor, Adrian Capes, Spencer Fieldhouse, Edgar Hood


1913-14 Port Vale team photo


Port Vale 1919-20 team photo
Back row (players only) Joe Brough, Alf Bourne, Unknown, Unknown, Peter Pursell
Front row: Unknown, Unknown, Billy Briscoe, Tom Holford (player manager), Unknown, Unknown


Port Vale 1920-21 team photo

Back row (players only): Tom Lyons, Walter Smith, Peter Pursell
Middle row: Joe Schofield (manager), Unknown, Tom Page, Bob Blood, Billy Fitchford, Unknown
Front row: Joe Brough, Bob Pursell, Billy Briscoe


Port Vale 1921-22 team photo

(Players only) Back row: Billy Agnew, Bob Firth, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Walter Smith

Front row: Unknown, Billy Briscoe, Unknown, Unknown


Port Vale 1923-24 team photo

Back row: John Hampson, Tom Holford (trainer), Jack Maddock, Alf Dark, Thomas Lonsdale, Len Birks, Joe Schofield (manager)
Front row: Jack Lowe, Tom Page, Fred Howard, Tom Butler, Louis Bookman, Bob Connelly


Port Vale 1926-27 team photo


1928-29 Port Vale team photo


1929-30 Port Vale team photo

Back row: Bill Cope, Jimmy Oakes, Jack Prince, Arthur Brown, Bob Connelly, Jack Sherlock
Middle row: Billy Briscoe, George Stockton, Sam Jennings, George Whitcombe, Harry Anstiss. Bob Gillespie
Front row: George Shenton, Phil Griffiths, Jack Simms, Roger Jones, Albert Fishwick


Port Vale 1931-32 team photo


Port Vale 1933-34 team photo


Port Vale 1934-35 team line-up


1936-37 Port Vale team photo


1939 Port Vale team



1944-45 Port Vale team photo

Back row: Jack Diffin (manager), Harry Lane, Harry Griffiths, Jack Griffiths, Harold Prince, Jesse Sproson, George Wright, Tom Holford (trainer)
Front row: Bob Pursell, Eric Prince, Alf Bellis, Billy Pointon, Wilf Smith


1951-52 Port Vale team photo

Back row: Albert Leake, Lol Hamlett, Roy Sproson, Tom Cheadle, Garth Butler, Stan Polk
Centre row: Ken Fish (trainer), Mick Hulligan, John Abbotts, George Heppell, Ray King, Ray Hancock, Stan Turner, Basil Hayward, Reg Potts
Front row: Colin Askey, Jimmy Todd, Ken Griffiths, Ivor Powell (player-manager), Len Barber, Jim Elsby, Alan Martin


Port Vale 1953-54 team photo

Back row: Donald Bould, Ron Fitzgerald, Selwyn Whalley, Stan Smith, Billy Cook, Pat Willdigg, Derek Mountford

Middle row: Ken Fish (trainer), Roy Sproson, Stan Turner, Roy Hancock, Reg Potts, Basil Hayward, Ray King, Tom Cheadle, Albert Leake, Freddie Steele (manager)

Front row: Colin Askey, Derek Tomkinson, Ken Griffiths, Mick Hulligan, Mr. W. A. Holdcroft, Albert Mullard, Dickie Cuncliffe, Len Barber, Jim Elsby


Port Vale 1957-58 team photo


Port Vale 1958-59 team photo


Port Vale 1959-60 team photo


Port Vale 1960-61 team photo

Top row: Selwyn Whalley, Dennis Fidler, Ted Calland, Peter Ford, Harry Poole, Graham Barnett

Second row: Roy Gater, Peter Hall, John Poole, Ken Hancock, Roy Sproson, Terry Lowe

Third row: Terry Miles, Cliff Portwood, Norman Low (manager), Albert Leake, John Archer, David Raine

Bottom row: Noel Kinsey, Stan Steele, Barry Hancock, Colin Davies, Brian Jackson


Port Vale 1961-62 side

Back row: Terry Lowe, Joe Maloney, Arthur Longbottom, Terry Miles, Lol Hamlett (trainer), Dave Raine, Stan Edwards, Selwyn Whalley
Middle row: Roy Gater, Colin Corbishley, Roy Sproson, Peter Taylor, Ken Hancock, Peter Ford, Barry Hancock, Stan Steele
Front row: Brian Jackson, Harry Poole, Noel Kinsey, Norman Low (manager), Derek Edge, Bert Llewellyn, Colin Grainger


1962-63 Port Vale team photo


1964-65 team photo


1965-66 Port Vale team photo


Port Vale 1967-68 team photo


Port Vale 1968-69 team photo


Port Vale 1969-70 team line-up


Port Vale 1970-71 team photo

Back row: John Green, Roy Sproson, Keith Ball, John James, Stuart Sharratt, Mick Hopkinson
Middle row: Gordon Lee (manager), Geoff Hallmark, Clint Boulton, Bill Summerscales, Roy Cross, Mick Morris, Sammy Morgan, Lol Hamlett (trainer)
Front row: Ron Wilson, Johnny King, Tommy McLaren, Tony Lacey, Bobby Gough, Brian Horton, Bob Mountford


Port Vale 1971-72 team photo


Port Vale 1973-74 team photo


Port Vale 1975-76 team photo


Port Vale 1976-77 team line-up


Port Vale 1977-78 team photo


1978-79 Port Vale team photo


Port Vale 1979-80 team line-up
Back row: Terry Owen, Bob Delgado, Graham Hawkins, Bernie Wright, Felix Healy
Middle row: Gordon Banks (coach), Dean Martin, John Connaughton, Phil Sproson, Trevor Dance, Ian Elsby, Lol Hamlett (trainer)
Front row: Gerry Keenan, Kenny Beech, Bill Bentley, Dennis Butler (manager), Peter Farrell, Kevin Tully


Port Vale 1980-81 team photo


Port Vale 1981-82 team line-up


Port Vale 1982-83 team photo


Port Vale 1983-84 team photo


Port Vale 1984-85 team photo

Back row: Russell Bromage, Wayne Cegielski, Ally Brown, Phil Sproson, Barry Siddall, Chris Pearce, John Bowden, Derek Monaghan, Martyn Smith, Colin Tartt

Front row: Terry Armstrong, Robbie Earle, Peter Griffiths, Geoff Hunter, Andy Shankland, Alan Webb, Tommy Gore, Eamon O’Keefe


Port Vale 1985-86 team line-up
Back row: Phil Sproson, John Williams, Jim Arnold, Chris Pearce, Eric Mountford, Jon Bowden
Middle row: Martin Copeland (physio), Andy Jones, Alan Webb, Oshor Williams, Robbie Earle, Ally Brown, Alan Oakes (coach)
Front row: Unknown, Paul Maguire, Geoff Hunter, John Rudge (manager), Jeff Johnson, Chris Banks, Wayne Ebanks


Port Vale 1986-87 team photo


1987-88 Port Vale side


Port Vale 1988-89 team photo


Port Vale 1989-90 team photo


Port Vale 1990-91 team photo


Port Vale 1991-92 team photo


Port Vale 1992-93 team photo


Port Vale 1993-94 team photo


Port Vale 1994-95 team line-up


Port Vale FC team 1995-96

Back row: Martin Foyle, Allen Tankard, Stuart Talbot, Jermane Holwyn, Paul Musselwhite, Gareth Griffiths, Arjan van Heusden, Lee Mills, Neil Aspin, Dean Glover, Steve Guppy

Middle row: John Jeffers, Ray Walker, Wayne Corden, Kevin Kent, Richard Eyre, Bradley Sandeman

Front row: Ian Bogie, Craig Lawton, Jon McCarthy, Tony Naylor, Andy Porter, Dean Stokes, Dean Cunningham


1996-97 Port Vale team photo


Port Vale 1997-98 team photo


Port Vale 1998-99 team photo

Back row: Allen Tankard, Liam Burns, Neil Aspin, Mark Snijders, Rogier Koordes, Anthony Gardner, George O’Callaghan, Lee Mills, Dave Barnett, Michael Walsh, Stewart Talbot
Middle row: Alan Rankin (physio), Jim Cooper (community officer), Gareth Ainsworth, Richard Eyre, Paul Mussellwhite, Kevin Pilkington, Jan Jansson, Martin Foyle, Mark Grew (youth coach), Stan Nicholls (kitman)
Front row: Matt Carragher, Tony Naylor, Brian McGlinchey, Bill Deardon (coach), John Rudge (manager), Ian Bogie, Wayne Corden, John McQuade


Port Vale 1999-2000 squad photo


2000-1 Port Vale team photo

(Players only) Back row: Sagi Burton, Liam Burns, Ville Viljanen, George O’Callaghan, Neil Brisco, Michael Twiss
Middle row: Jeff Minton, Richard Eyre, Tony Rougier, Dean Delaney, Mark Goodlad, Allen Tankard, Unknown, Marc Bridge-Wilkinson
Front row: Paul Donnelly, Alex Smith, Micky Cummins, Tommy Widdrington, Matt Carragher, Dave Brammer, Tony Naylor


Port Vale 2001-02 team photo


Port Vale 2009-10 team photo

Back row: Steve Thompson, Unknown, Danny Glover, Simon Richman, Luke Prosser, Ross Davidson, Louis Dodds, Rob Taylor, Anthony Griffith

Middle row: Mick Ede (coach), Lee Collins, Doug Loft, Unknown, Chris Martin, Joe Anyon, Daniel Lloyd-Weston, Danny Edwards, James Lawrie, Unknown

Front row: Adam Yates, Gareth Owen, Marc Richards, Geoff Horsfield, Micky Adams (manager), Mark Grew (assistant manager), Tommy Fraser, John McCombe, Sam Stockley


Port Vale FC team 2010-2011

Back row: Rob Taylor, John McCombe, Doug Loft, Chris Martin, Justin Richards

Front row: Anthony Griffith, Louis Dodds, Marc Richards, Kris Taylor, Lee Collins, Adam Yates


2016-17 Port Vale team photo


Port Vale 2017-18 team photo

Back row: Charlie Walford, Tyrone Barnett, Tom Pope, Anton Forrester, Sam Hornby, Joe Slinn, Rob Lainton, Ryan Boot, Michael Tonge, Rekeil Pyke, Gavin Gunning, Unknown
Middle row (players only): Unknown, Joe Davis, Unknown, Danny Pugh, Antony Kay, Dan Turner, Kjell Knops
Front row: Mike Calveley, Marcus Harness, Nathan Smith, Anthony deFreitas, Chris Morgan (coach), Michael Brown (manager), Richard O’Kelly (coach), Adam Yates, Lawrie Wilson, Cristian Montano, James Gibbons


Port Vale 2018-19 team photo


2019-20 Port Vale team photo