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  2. So sharing your opinions on a blog is patronising and sanctimonious? And not just a nice side-hobby to have? I have no real view on how great my opinions on, it's just something I genuinely enjoy to do in my spare time. I like to write. It's a hobby. I write about Port Vale, as social media restricts characters and no-one on here wants to read several thousand words of my drivel on every thread, so I put it on a website in case anyone's daft enough to read. Thankfully, a few people are. But sound mate, thanks for your input. Sound very well-adjusted.
  3. Montano is the best option at LB Then Fitzpatrick (only as backup) Then Crookes (who should be released once his contract is up). Then in the summer we should sign a capable, natural LB!
  4. Today
  5. I think we should stick with Monty there. But the problem with Amoo being injured brings a knock on effect with chopping and changing of the wingers with Worrall, Rodney and Monty all getting a start there. If is Amoo is out then play fitz left back with Monty on the left wing. If Amoo is fit play worrall on the left wing with Monty left back. If Gibbo had been fit then it would be monty (because Clark wouldn’t be here otherwise) When Gibbo comes back and if Clark is still here then it would be Clark. If Sproson has a hand in it then Crookes every day of the week at lef
  6. Hope you didn’t take my comments personally Joe. I think you’re somewhat preaching to the converted regarding the recruitment, however, in general, “average fans”, myself included, whilst identifying the issues, were happy to accept them last season based on our league position, which was, you’ll agree, unexpectedly high. We ARE actually somewhat blinded by the Wins and Losses column. Disagree if you like but there would be no mention of Askeys position if we were sitting in third place in the table but playing poorly. Fact. Over the closed season, we all had our ideas about recruitme
  7. I can see everyone expecting Bolton to give us a right going over so I'm going to say Bolton 1 Port Vale 2
  8. Good afternoon again osprey, I'd just like to make you aware that one isn't pigeonholed to just one person when referring to myself. I may refer to myself as "I" at times or sometimes "Jeff". It's however I feel at the time old friend. Jeff hopes this clears up any confusion for you. When I worked in Norway back in the late 80's they used to refer to me as "The Governor". So feel free to refer to me as that if you wish. All the very best, Jeff.
  9. I take your point maybe depressing is a better description than negative ( good to see though that you started your reply using ‘I’ rather than ‘Jeff’, shows we all slip up sometimes)
  10. Good afternoon osprey, I hope you are having a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon, on what is a fine but slightly foggy autumnal day. In regards to one's comment, I'd like to jump to the defence of Jeff's fellow Valiants as they can be excused for having feelings of a negative nature. Jeff's fellow Valiants are having to endure performances under John Colin Askey that can only be compared to a holiday to Cleethorpes that I regrettably went on in the summer of 1997. One won't go into detail but throughout Jeff's social circle the infamous Cleethorpes trip of 97' is still banned
  11. Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to make the thread anymore difficult to read with all the negativity those 3 pop out of their box [emoji51]
  12. For what its worth we will win this one 6-1 feel free to come back to this post on saturday 😮
  13. Is that the one where coaches got bricked by the Bolton fans? I am sure i went this one
  14. There is a saying about luck and regarding when the same thing keeps happening, Once is unlucky, twice is careless, three times its you.
  15. Looks like i have succeeded in bringing all the loons in out of the basket.....sorry folks,lets get back on track
  16. werkeepingitup It has come to my attention that You are throwing accusations arround For that very reason I have been asked by a couple of people To find you and To put you On the list of THE BOUNTY HUNTER
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