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  2. Craig James looked decent until we went 3-0 up against Swindon in his second game, but it was all downhill from there. I remember Jules getting hooked after something like 46 or 47 minutes the last time he played - I don't know what must have gone on there, in the two minutes or so after half time. Foyle ended up having a bit of beef with Colin Miles, he was named in the team away at Chesterfield but injured himself in the warm up. Foyle came on the radio after saying he thought he did he sock ties too tight and it was damaging his circulation. Most of the bad ones have been covered off. Ryan Brown struggled but got thrown in at the deep end. Rae Ingram maybe deserves a mention.
  3. Colin Miles was dire. He actually had a decent reputation at yeovil and that was when they were doing well. His next job after vale was at Mark's and Spencer
  4. For Us All


    Goes some way in explaining the 6,000 deaths in Lombardy,Italy then?
  5. Yes I did. And also a 2-2 draw at Newcastle when he did a similar thing. But for me, these were isolated incidents in his Vale career.
  6. Fosse69


    London and the West Midlands.
  7. Paul6754


    Data is beginning to emerge suggesting areas/countries with more air pollution are being linked to higher death rates from the SARS-Cov-19 virus. Higher air pollution is known to be associated with some of the risk factors for COVID-19, eg Respiratory and Cardiovascuar disease etc.
  8. Does that mean Bet 365 still have an office full in Etruria , surely not thats not essential work. Back on topic sorry, Health lottery if I get round to playing.
  9. Did you go the fa cup replay at derby look at the ball he delivered for a goal
  10. Miles changed his name from Colin Pluck and it wasn’t long before I understood why!
  11. It has to be Colin Miles if only for his performance in the 4-0 FA Cup defeat to Hereford just before Tin Foyle was sacked. A 4 hr trip to witness one of the most abjectVale displays ever! Miles was the worst he was lumbering around like he had 'madcow' disease, got mullered. I think he did have a decent pedigree but for this game alone and one that lives long in my memory it's him
  12. I want to stick to McClean's present behaviour. Only he is responsible for this. He has crossed a threshold with me from holding a different point of view that I didn't like to be actively provocative and obnoxious. I'm glad he doesn't play for Port Vale.
  13. This no longer looks anything viable in the foreseeable future.
  14. That was my candidate for league goal Windsor. Also the ball to Worrall from (I think) Conlon. That is what you call a "sweeping move". One end of the pitch to the other - bang.
  15. Just been looking and goal of the season what about Cullens first against Colchester the pass from Worrall the control by Cullen and his finish were superb
  16. Sky Bet currently offering odds on today’s Nicaragua Premier League, U.S. horse racing and have been accepting bets on Australian Greyhounds earlier in the day. Also offering IN PLAY odds on some tennis exhibition match in Russia between two players I have never heard of. Plus the usual virtual flat “rubber racing” from Sandunes Park & jumps from Wellington Place. Not to mention virtual speedway and F1. The betting shops have had to shut the doors, but online betting would seem to be as buoyant as ever. I realise that gambling is an addiction, but I cannot get my head around why anyone (addict or not) would gamble on a computer generated image. Crazy.
  17. Yep, Ray Deakin for me also. However, as I recall he was a pretty reliable from the spot, which nearly swung it in Lawrie Pearson’s favour. Whilst he wouldn’t be anywhere near the worst, I was no great fan of Darren Hughes. In my book, he had pace which got him out of trouble, but little else. But yes, Deakin for me.
  18. I quite liked Talbot. Ray Deakin is a good shout. I thought Craig James just got worse and worse. He had a good left foot but increasingly his lack of pace got exposed. Colin Miles was a big let down. Came with a decent reputation but really rarely showed much.
  19. I'd also nominate colin miles think he was more of a centre back but seemed to play left back for us and was awful got sent off at Bradford for an awful tackle.
  20. I thought jason Talbot was a solid enough left back. If somebody had a word with him regarding his temperament that may have helped him out like people had a word with gibblns as his disciplinary record was poor at first.
  21. I got them all with 1 minute 43 seconds to spare. The portuguese keeper santos came on as a sub for alnwick in the fa cup at huddersfield.
  22. Have the betting companies closed down now ? I imagine you can bet on all sorts of things around the world but I wouldn't class gambling as an essential business.
  23. I think the lottery is gambling at its worst.
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