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  2. Our 'Club legend Roy Sproson scored his first 'Vale goal in a 2-2 draw with Torquay United. Source: OVF
  3. The only thing good to say about trumps presidency is that it's a limited edition.
  4. I agree with Jean when she says the cupboard is bare when it comes to saying anything nice about Donald Trump. Our PM is in the USA enjoying Mr T's hospitality, but for me it's all a con to drag Australia into his trade war with China - on the one hand, and to assist him with his support for the Saudis v Iran - on the other. Hopefully our PM is on his game during this visit (e.g. listening to Trump yesterday he stumbled to remember our PM's name.) Trump rabbits on about 'the special relationship' between our two nations, but I'm not so sure his sentiment would convert to 'a military relationship' should we be threatened by any of our regional neighbours.
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  6. On this day in 1735 No. 10 Downing Street became the official residence for the British Prime Minister. Since the Brexit Referendum No. 10 seems to resemble a motorway Services for passing politicians
  7. That raises interesting questions Jean...... what is an informed opinion? Is an informed opinion based on the information you have?.... information you believe?...... information available (which you may not have)?...... or factual information? Given no one knows everything, everything isn't know and what is known is liable to change isn't ignorance a constant?
  8. I thought Lloyd looked totally off it in terms of his speed, strength and overall desire. I really thought that he looked like a player just going through the motions at times. They wanted it more, they beat him easily, They out muscled him easily, they took the ball off him too easily, he offered Crooks no protection and he offered us no attacking purpose either. Some of his passing, especially the simple stuff, was awful. He was having one of the those games where passes were going under his feet, he was under hitting them, not finding the man..... At times it was men against boys and he looked lost to me, out of his depth in all aspects of playing a team like Mansfield in league two football. It was embarassing. I agree with you on Bennet, he’s no winger. But I can understand him coming on for Lloyd who was giving us nothing in that second half especially.
  9. Apparently parliament could have introduced a one line bill at any time over the last 100 years or so to bring that into effect...... given it's use on occassions (majors cash for questions?) it makes you wonder why they didnt... perhaps it would restrict their use of it at a future date?..... when it was to their benefit.
  10. That's almost as bad as saying..... if I want your opinion I'll give it to you. We are all born ignorant Jean... and in some aspects we remain ignorant until we die. I haven't posted regarding the validity of the claims or the people involved, I've stated I don't know and I'm not interested enough to find out, even if it were possible to find out. I find the mere suggestion, in this context, that the FIB / CIA / DOJ or whoever has bent the law to conduct covert operations against it's own government to be scary..... perhaps a better word would be alarming, although it does initiate a little fear. If it's true it's scary.... if it's not true it's scary that the suggestion would be used as a political tool because it shakes the belief of the people in the system. That's my opinion and given your quote I'm the only person qualified to state that opinion because I'm the one it scares/alarms/concerns.
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  12. Can’t really disagree with Dempster on any of those points really. All I can say is there have already been games this season where we should have taken more points than we did (Northampton, Salford) so it’s all swings and roundabouts.
  13. Talk about get out of jail! Had us down to lose this one so I’m more than happy with a point. Mansfield, on paper, looked way too strong, but I thought we battled away against a technically better team who ended up being outdone by their own time wasting tactics. The ref was toss and they played him like a fiddle. Isn’t kicking the ball away a bookable offence any more?? Pope and Cullen could form a decent partnership, but not with that midfield. Bennett should have been brought on sooner, probably when Montano was injured instead of Lloyd. Mansfield didn’t look great at the back but we didn’t have enough of a threat from the flanks to profit. Without Amoo there’s no pace going forward.. Overall, without our first choice 11 players available, it’s a point gained rather than 2 lost and the unbeaten home record is still intact. One last point, and I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, was that at one period during the second half the singing and noise level from the Railway really cranked up a notch, with the fans in the other home stands responding. This seemed quite spontaneous, and, from where I sit in the Bycars, was really noticeable. It’d be great if we could get this going at future home games.
  14. Well Mr Dempster at times in the game you did and you moved the ball along the ground very quickly which is something I’d like to see PVFC do. I think you’ll find the PVFC had more possession and created some good chances, I believe that a draw was a fair result,especially after that scandalous penalty that was gifted to them. I have to ask the question when has a game been won on out chanting the opposition fans. i don’t believe this comment or any of Dempsters comments to be accurate. I’m now wondering if he attended the same game I watched at VP today. Obviously with being one if the ore season favourites, he’s under pressure to get results and fears that his job is on the line.
  15. Mario

    Brexit again...

    I agree with you 100% However..... If she knew what she was talking about and didn't talk such rubbish and sound so completely out of her depth she would not get any more abuse than any other member of parliament. Her decision to send her child to a private school invited abuse. Her comment West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children has invited abuse. Her career is strewn with gaffes that invite abuse I could go on and on. I agree with you, the abuse is wrong, but she does invite it on to herself.
  16. Mansfield boss John Dempster has his say on the 2-2 draw at Port Vale View the full article
  17. 1) What did he do so wrong, played a few good balls. 2) Fair enough. 3) I don't think Joyce and Taylor quite knew what they were doing in 442. Sometimes both were upfield leaving us short at the back. Sometimes they were both back leaving us with nothing in CM. It was not a very well drilled performance. Lot's of players shouting at eachother. And Bennett is not a wide man. Sorry. He has none of the attributes to play there. And all he did when he came on was get booked. Lloyd was doing better
  18. Cullen is a much better player than Miller who he has replaced. When Cullen, Worrall and Pope get playing together with Gibbo behind they can play some really good stuff. Cullen is not quite back to match fitness, but he is excellent in the box.
  19. You can watch the highlights of Port Vale’s 2-2 home draw with Mansfield Town with this YouTube clip. The Vale’s goals came from striker Mark Cullen in the first-half and defender Nathan Smith in the second-half. The clip is from the official Port Vale YouTube channel. Click play to watch. Continue reading Watch the highlights of Port Vale’s 2-2 draw with Mansfield Town at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  20. Port Vale manager John Askey admitted that his side “struggled” during their 2-2 home draw with Mansfield Town. The injury-hit Valiants left it late to secure a point thanks to a late equaliser from defender Nathan Smith. Askey told the media: “It wasn’t a great game. We struggled early on. We went with two up front but once we changed it and pushed Luke Joyce and Jake Taylor on we looked a bit better. Continue reading It wasn’t a great game – Port Vale manager on draw with Mansfield Town at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  21. Interesting. For me he is a potent threat in the box and he has good mobility outside the box. He can do tackling when he presses. But to me he needs to be in an around the box. I mean, if he has played a lot on the left wing then he sould have been brought on ahead of Lloyd to play in that position. As I say he didn't look natural there.
  22. I have no agenda against Lloyd but he was out of his depth today by a long way. From what I heard today about Gibbos desire to play after not training at all all week means the he gets a bit of pass for me, it showed in how he played that he wasn’t at his usual levels. Yet he put the effort in despite clearly not being anywhere near fit, you could argue the gamble paid off as he was involved in the first goal, and despite that Mansfield still didn’t create much against him on his side. Says it all that they’d rather play him over Kennedy. Worrall has a really bad first half too, as did Joyce. Was it the system as Askey maybe suggests it was?
  23. Bennett played on the left wing many times last season for Morcambe in fact if memory serves me right he set up their winning goal cutting in from the left to beat us last season
  24. Lloyd was awful. Was able to watch him close up second half. His passes were nearly all misplaced. He stands around in space and doesn't mark. Then he chases back with determination but gives away fouls in the danger zone near the box. He can run with the ball until he sees an opponent and gets tackled easily. He needs to improve at simply everything.
  25. Port Vale manager John Askey admitted that his side “struggled” during their 2-2 home draw with Mansfield Town. The injury-hit Valiants left it late to secure a point thanks to a late equaliser from defender Nathan Smith. Askey told the media: “It wasn’t a great game. We struggled early on. We went with two up front but once we changed it and pushed Luke Joyce and Jake Taylor on we looked a bit better. Continue reading It wasn’t a great game – Port Vale manager on draw with Mansfield Town at onevalefan.co.uk. View the full article
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