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  2. In the wake of the ESL a motion has been laid in parliament to introduce fan ownership of Football clubs. This follows the 50+1 model as operated in Germany. Is this a good thing?
  3. probably after watching vale for 67 years!
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  5. Remember his debut i think it was away to Crewe?? but he ripped them a new one that day they couldn't play him at all Quote Replies236
  6. Crawley have released their list and have Tom Nichols as "option taken up"
  7. Clubs are pushing the wages down after a rough period which puts some of us at an advantage.
  8. Nah, he's obviously going to Salford City 😉
  9. It will but only they standard FFP rules apply now that the PFA got the wage cap removed. So it shouldn't have much effect other than costing Carol a few quid.
  10. The release list of every club is in to double figures. So that means we are no different.
  11. Most of the teams in our league are going to have much changed squads,so we won't be on our own in that respect. As well as all the other attributes we will need from players there is also value for money. We can't sign players on big money to play just a handful of games.
  12. It’s one of the most fondly remembered Port Vale victories and here’s how the national press covered it. Thanks to Vale fan Ken Grocott for these press clippings. Click on each image for a larger version. The post How the national press reported Port Vale’s FA Cup win over Stoke City in 1991 appeared first on onevalefan.co.uk. View the full article
  13. Well I was a bit sceptical about a DOF and the appointment of a recruitment officer. But I’ve just read that Harry Kane has handed in a transfer request, tell me that’s not a coincidence. Did okay at Orient scoring 5 times in 18 games.
  14. It will but if we can recover half of what we're paying him it can be put to good use rather than just paying him and having him lounging about the place like he did last season.
  15. Given the comments re Theo, if a club takes him off our hands and we continue to pay part of his wages, does that come out of our wages budget?
  16. 12 months gone by. Miss you Mike. Everytime i read OVF i expect to see your comments. The painting by Paine Proffit is absolutely brilliant. Its as good as a photo. Its my memory of Mike ... Owd Sage Weve lost some great valiants and true friends, too many. Cant wait to get back to Vale Park and give an extra loud cheer for all our missing fans. They will all be there cheering on the Vale. Lets make em proud when we get behind the lads in black n white. UTV
  17. Like the look of a Burton ex Cambridge, he’s localish as well born Newport .24years old , 27 games played in the league .Right stuff for vale
  18. I was too, I thought he fit perfectly in the 4-3-3 Askey system. We may well have dodged a bullet given what he did this season, but I still have a feeling he would have done alright for us. It feels like Vale are going to try and get things done early. You've got to be happy to move on to your next target. And if you're not happy to do that, then you have to find a way for that player to sign for you. I'm sure Flitcroft and Clarke have in their minds the idea of what they want. Genuinely looking forward to what they put together.
  19. Theres going be a huge turnover of players so that could go either way they gel everything is positive ,winning games ,momentum and everyone looking forwards to games or the other way is you have turned over too many players and they the players might be good individual players, but not good in a team especially when falling behind in games that tells me more about the character of them than when they are 3 up and coasting to victory it's when you fall behind at home and the fans are demanding a response ,that's when you know the recruitment is right if they equalise and go on to win the gam
  20. still young aswell so could possibly be a good backup to a senior keeper and possibly a good investment for future keeper and a sellable asset. i’ve not seen many keepers in this league that great on crosses. Scott Brown weren’t great either but atleast he’s young enough to work on that side of the game, definitely worth a punt
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  22. Think you might be confused.com?
  23. Also, having a reasonable amount of coaches means there is...should...always be fresh ideas introduced to training - including set pieces, which we haven't always been great at!
  24. Their fans are shocked he has been released... started the season as backup but came in once their other keeper got injured and “played a big part in their promotion” Good shot stopper but let’s himself down a little on crosses are the other comments! After today’s article I love the fact that this doesn’t just go to one man’s desk to decide... stick his name up in the analysis war room and let him be debated! Love it
  25. Yes he is local but sadly yet another young lad who received a big salary for his age and thought he "has made it" . He's just another McKirdy - big time Charlie and done <ovf censored> all to back it up. The type of player we need to stay well clear of.
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