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  2. Jacko51


    I agree - that’s what I meant.
  3. eh up nah


    Much of it is now nonsensical. I'm starting to wonder why anything was opened up at all if we're going to do this everytime "cases" start to go up. Of course they'll go up. But, sooner or later, we're going to have to face up to the fact that it's out there and we get on with things. We've had a flu vaccine since the late 70's Guess what? It still exists and it still kills people.
  4. I do feel that with Leon/Nathan on the pitch and a few others we do benefit from the vocal communication that they have. The flicked header on Saturday, just wide was an example. The Exeter player got between them both, they just touched hands and there was no argument on fault. This is the benefit of having a squad that gels. Harrogate will also be in this mold, nothing to lose and playing for a football league/career future. It will be a good game I hope, 4-3 for the Vale.
  5. Today
  6. I’m getting excited, this is the best Vale SQUAD for several years. That said, I do agree with VFIA about how, for however well we played on Saturday, if they hadn’t squandered 3 gilt-edged chances peoples (including me) perceptions might have been slightly different. So I’d say we’re not exactly watertight at the back (for Seymours chances both crosses came in way too easily and he was unmarked both times) and need to try and manage the close of games better. And yes, I know we won with a clean sheet and Exeter are one of the better teams we’ll face.
  7. Think he’ll go with the same team if everyone is fit. Brown Mills Legge Smith Fitz Manny Joyce Conlon Worrall Cullen Rodney For me, that is our strongest combination in midfield and should play every week barring injuries and loss of form. I’d like to see Gibbo and Monty come back in when the time is right, especially at home, to give us that extra attacking threat. Will be interesting when Amoo and McKirdy are fully fit. If Rodney has come to Vale to play through the middle, then that adds to the dilemma. Maybe away from home there is a case to
  8. I think the government are only proposing tinkering with the regulations so they can say their actions brought the virus under control. If they were genuinely worried they would do something much stronger. Should not have long to wait though before Johnson makes his latest announcement. Oh and no football crowds either but go into a pub where there is less fresh air. Makes loads of sense!
  9. valiant_593


    It is sad, however certainly justified
  10. we noticed that sign to, we brought it to the attention of a steward who was wearing a balaclava covering his face! 😷
  11. https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/football/ill-wait-buy-wigan-athletic-reveals-smurthwaite-2978933 Don't make me laugh... Work with the supporters, a likely story.
  12. Flipping heck - away from iFollow, Colchester's figures are awful. By "season permits" in the statement I presume they mean season tickets and they have sold just 540!
  13. youll be lucky me duck😪
  14. Jacko51


    It's so sad that posters on here seem to have so little confidence in the basic common sense of the UK population.
  15. boris will put the kibosh on this lot tonight, looks like no crowds for the foreseeable future. just laughed at the picture of brighton fans proposed seating on the news, all spaced one seat away from each other, trouble is if the person directly behind you coughs, sneezes, theyt in trouble matey. looks like disaster for lower league clubs!😒
  16. Some interesting figures here on the income from iFollow streaming. https://www.cu-fc.com/news/2020/september/club-statement/
  17. How did the Port Vale players perform during their 2-0 away win over Exeter City at the weekend? There was an excellent opening goal from Tom Conlon while Devante Rodney scored his first for the club. At the back, Scott Brown pulled off some smart saves while Luke Joyce, Leon Legge and Nathan Smith were […] The post Rate the Port Vale players: vs Exeter City appeared first on onevalefan.co.uk. View the full article
  18. valiant_593


    No chance it will work. People will just go out earlier and be drunk earlier. Best of just shutting them.
  19. I agree completely with what you're saying but I just see can't many people listening or caring at this point. No doubt when the pubs shut at night , the younger ones will just congregate around someone's house rather than a bar/club and thus spreading the virus like it has been doing.
  20. Furlough made it a financial decision based on the then current wage bills. This season Clubs should have adjusted to the different financial climate, but probably optimistic on fans at games. Likely that there will be casualties if some have overstretched themselves.
  21. Nofinikea


    Well it will for the reasons I have stated. If punters and boozers circumvent it they will be closed completely and only have themselves to blame. So if people want pubs to stay open they need to stop behaving like a spoilt kid that has had there favourite toys taken away and start acting like grown ups and follow distancing, table service etc, and any pubs flouting rules want reporting and closing for good. Pubs have spectacularly failed to control there customers, most haven't even tried. Customers need to grow up and publicans need to grow some - or they will be gone. Its a war
  22. You should have had an email, check your spam
  23. The only way to ensure this Bob is money feeding down from The Premier and that won't happen as they are greedy. Sadly the likes of Keegan and Clemence from Scunthorpe to Liverpool are long gone days. Also the Bosman has put paid to fees for clubs like ourselves, we nearly lost Smith for nothing. Maybe Peterborough and Exeter are the exception to the rule but in the main there a very few actual fees in the lower divisions. It simply can't be right that a player earns a million quid a month whilst a club goes bust. I really fear for lots of clubs going forward. Also i know t
  24. So have people had there codes? I haven't got mine.
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