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    Firm with links to Gove and Cummings given Covid-19 contract without open tender Research company owned by associates of senior Tory and PM’s adviser gets £840,000 job https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jul/10/firm-with-links-to-gove-and-cummings-given-covid-19-contract-without-open-tender
  3. And the Premier League has held hands up. Sorry simply not good enough.
  4. A Man Utd fan running to every ground said his favourite was Vale Park. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/football-fan-running-every-stadium-4302505 Quote: However despite visiting some of the biggest stadiums in the UK, a League Two club is currently his favourite ground of the trip. He said: "My favourite ground so far, probably Port Vale. Just the welcome I got there, when i was there my family were visiting, so they gave me and my family a full tour of Port Vale. "They have us a goody bag and more stuff and gave us tickets. They were welcoming, I found that the most impressive."
  5. I've a mate who's a ST holder at Motherwell. Really rates him and says he'll do a decent job. Lost a yard of pace last season but makes up for it with his aggression and leadership.
  6. Reading into this guy, i'd be chuffed if he was Smith's replacement.
  7. Crikey, some of the lads get the steino song wrong, they’ll never remember that one.
  8. VAR should be scrapped, not fit for purpose. 3 VAR decisions last night and all of them wrong, they weren’t even close .
  9. Today
  10. Sorry, cheap shot but I hope Nathan knows what he is doing.
  11. Regal Beagle


    Any evidence AT ALL will do. Anything but conspiracy thoeries. Boris Johnson is the PM, he hired Dominic Cummings. As all other present day PMs have had advisors. Tony Blair absolutely loved them. I think you are deliberately misrepresenting the arguements of brexit voters to try and claim that Cummings position is contradictory to our views. It isn't.
  12. Smith and the club must be very confident he's moving on IF the rumours about Hartley are true. I'm guessing we've offered as much as we can afford and he's already got offered more elsewhere. Clubs are already signing players up so there must be a degree of confidence the season will be starting within the next 2 months. Vale may have made a judgement call that the more in demand players may actually be cheaper now than in a couple of weeks when all clubs are back in the market to sign players and driving up wages. They might wait until the bargain bucket at the end of the window for less key players, like a backup rightback. I think that smaller squads will drive wages of "squad players" down much more than starting players. So, for example, there are loads of perfectly adequate backup rightbacks, midfield players and even experienced keepers available; many of whom will still be without clubs in September. Conversely there are very few decent strikers, so I expect anyone capable of 10 goals a season will have been signed by the start of August. A bit like the stock market there are really a number of markets for different types of players and individual players. Some companies have got through covid with increased share prices, some have tanked completely. Football wages are very similar with some winners and many losers. Smith will probably be a winner because: He's the right age In smaller squads the fact he rarely misses matches will be a consideration. As with buying shares I suspect this summer timing of buying players may be crucial. A top centreforward will be expensive and have a club within a fortnight at pre covid levels. Decent centreforwards may see their going rates go up over the next 3 or 4 weeks as the numbers available decrease leading to clubs getting desperate, with some get something close to what they were on last season. Some players will find they have zero value at the end of September. Overall the average will be lower but that is different to all players getting lower wages.
  13. Blimey you don't give up do you! I suspect Nathan Smith has definite offers as he's young so this sort of thing won't apply to him as much. However, it's a different situation if you're 32 like Hartley and looking for a paycheck before you retire.
  14. They're victims of the extreme left is what I meant, not that they're far left themselves. There's always someone more woke than you. that's the point I made, it wasn't a criticism of those particular people, in fact I was actually defending them. Could any of us imagine a time 5-10 years ago where a prominent feminist would be attacked by numerous people in mainstream media outlets (many of whom she made rich and successful by the way) because she believes that the rights of trans people should not trump the rights of women? Linehan is a brilliant example of my point - He engaged in cancel culture because he was upset by a comedy video on youtube. A few years later he is the victim of cancel culture because he backed feminism over the trans rights movement.
  15. Nathan Smith doesn't seem to think like that...
  16. The lack of pace or age of a centre half doesn't hold that much fear in league 2. A previous poster mentioned Purse, Chilvers and Mccombe. None of them were Usain Bolt and none of them particularly the right side of 30. All did a job and played a big part in promotion.
  17. With all the errors on VAR last night I've just had a lightbulb moment. Can they not just put the linesman from the Cheltenham game in charge of it ? He put eagle eyed action man to shame with his vision from 300 feet away. The perfect guy for the VAR portakabin
  18. The Bloat paying glowing tributes to their warriors.
  19. He spoke last week of the problem of attracting interest from English clubs when playing in Scotland. He's probably slightly unique in that regard. There's probably "more value" in terms of what he's prepared to accept than some of the alternatives we've looked at to replace Smith. I'm guessing it's still a hefty wage compared to most people.
  20. I've noticed on his Wiki that at the age of 32 he hasn't got a promotion on his CV. Perhaps the conversation was - come to Vale Park and get a promotion before you retire. Then there's obviously the fact that Vale and the people there are immensely impressive compared to previous seasons. .
  21. You won't get Rodney in your pocket, Because no defender can, We know he's the best, And without a question, Devante, he's our man. Why he signed for Salford is a mystery, Like the changing of the seasons and the tides of the sea. La la la la...
  22. I don't think money would be an issue Motherwell had an average wage of £1,100 last season so we may be closer to his price range than we think plus as you say these are strange times indeed where money is concerned
  23. But it's something of a buyer's market with all the financial uncertainties. Looks like he was released reluctantly by Motherwell purely due to finances. With that sort of thing happening, players are going to accept what they can, where they can. If you are him and a club like Vale have come in with an early offer, offering him some sort of security during uncertain times, would you accept it?
  24. Be one hell of a come down if it happens. March he was looking forward to captain a team in the Europa League versus the likes of AC Milan or Lazio. July looking at a raining Tuesday night playing Barrow away! Such are the vagaries of football outside the elite level.
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