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  4. Sadly it's what grabs the news and distracts from the mundane failures. Leak here, screw up there, balls up here, racism there, throw in a bit of condemnation for effect etc etc etc. Meanwhile in the real world, where the people live things are going on no one notices..... and it all slips by in the ether and murky slime of what passes for news and politics. When will the batman come to save us?...... no not a new leader of the Tory party, buffoon or screw up...... not comrade jezinsky.... someone who can kick the crap, and the crap politicians, out of politics..... please don't suggest the farage balloon, all P and wind, as much use as a fart in a wind tunnel.... May your God help us all..... we need it.
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  6. I’m with Ern on this one. Not only did Pugh and Tonge play in the same position as Doddsy, they played there AT THE SAME TIME. Doddsy had so much class, and Ern, being his biggest fan, will affirm, Aspo would sneak 12 players on when Doddsy wasn’t playing. Pugh would play the roll of Doddsys right boot whilst Tongy would be the left. Unfortunately, as we saw, they hadn’t got the required energy levels and so the tactic was dropped.
  7. I think we were all gutted when Aspin hooked him at half time.
  8. I’m with Ern on this one. Those few minutes Pugh spent on the right wing will live long in the memory. A veritable masterclass of wing wizardry the like of which we’ll never see again in my lifetime. It was like watching Ainsworth, Macca and Gupps rolled into one. Power, pace and trickery in equal measure. I’ll wager anyone who doesn’t remember it wasn’t there. I left early, to drown my sorrows, when Pugh swapped back to the left.
  9. Well said Emile.... my twitter usage has increased too because I'm so bored of EMR's drivel... I don't know why we all have to suffer, its like REP 2
  10. He was ball boy for a bit too, when he picked up a ball.
  11. When you say he swapped a couple of times you don't mean he played on the right wing for any length of time in the game then do you? He wasn't picked on the right wing and he didn't play much of the game on the right wing. So when he say he played on the right wing, you mean like Tom Pope might have played in defence when the other lot had a corner???
  12. If this is true thats really poor form. Glen, was this leak anything to do with you as well????????????????????????
  13. Ernie, stop trying to be pendantic. You said Pugh and Tongue played in the same position as Dodds. Your context for this was we didnt need Dodds as we already had enough cover for his position. Its in black and white. If he played right wing for 10 minutes that doesn't make him a winger. It doesn't mean signing Dodds was a waste because Pugh and Tongue already to the same job. They don't, you were wrong. Now please shup up about it. Mike Calverley played in goal for Nuneton last season, is he a keeper? Should they not have signed a backup keeper because he can play in goal? Honestly, you are the number one waste of energy on this forum, the sooner you leave the better. I'm using this site to stay in touch with the vale whilst living abroad. You are killing my enthusiasm to come onto this site and instead I spend more and more time typing port vale into twitter and hoping to find some kind of news. Thats what it comes down to, because I so desperately want to avoid reading your pathetic posts. The new owners are building a great positive attitude around the club, get behind it or just buggar off please.
  14. He swapped over a couple of times with Mitch Clark who was playing on the right.
  15. Maybe it was like how Guppy and McCarthy would occasionally swap wings but just done through a Smurthwaite crap-o-vision filter.
  16. Don't recall that, when did he swap over.
  17. A plague on both your houses.
  18. The statement was he hadn’t played on the WING. Actually against Lincoln when we lost 6 -2 Pugh played on the WING. He started on the left and swapped over to the right. Just shows how much you know. Get Durrell in instead of another squad player (Hurst) Didnt do much on Saturday.
  19. Askey didn't particularly like Gibbons last season and always favoured Clark, so I'd imagine he wants another right back for certain, whoever it may be. Plus a reserve keeper. Whatever else happens is anyone's guess, depending on if BW and CR go or not, and on the loan market, late on. Ideally we do need a midfielder (or two) - one to score goals and two as a cover for Oyeleke. That's one of my concerns. Last year I was worried if we lost Pope because we were lightweight up top. That is no longer the case but we do look a bit lightweight in midfield to me, if Oyleke is injured and we don't have a player now like Kay to step in. But by the end of August I would imagine 1-2 have departed for regular football and 3-4 have arrived to complete the squad. There might yet be a surprise or two in store.
  20. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. I saw Danny Pugh play on the left wing against Lincoln City. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
  21. Looks like Askey doesn't fancy cummings to me but then why keep playing him...describing him as steady seems like he wants more from a RB,maybe Gibbons is to be first choice and cummings would cost too much as cover. Not sure on Durrell now,i know Askey wanted him since the season ended but it looks like that's cooled now with him being linked with Oldham,at least we know if whitfield is to go then we will look to replace him
  22. He hasn't it just shows Ernies lack of football knowledge yet again,knows nowt that lad...quite funny really
  23. Maybe Cummings is the foil we need as cover or an alternative option, someone steady to sit in more depending on what gameplan Askey has for a particular game?
  24. Amazing we are still discussing if Danny Pugh has ever been a winger. Incredible really. Would still love to see Durell signed up if we can bin Whitfield off. Two managers in a row have come in and not rated him enough for him to start - something must be wrong. I can't help but feel Cummings is getting a bit of a bum deal. Sounds like he has been solid if not spectacular at right back. Are we looking for a cheap option again? I hope we don't sign Mitch Clarke again. Not sure if we need the lad from BPA, is he worth a gamble even if he will have to force a game from the bench? GK I have no idea about, we need one signed up but they all seem a much of a muchness at this point. Then I reckon thats the squad sorted.
  25. Against Lincoln Pugh played on the left. Mitchell Clark played on the right.
  26. Neil Aspin left Port Vale last season View the full article
  27. At his last couple of clubs he's been viewed as defensively solid but not someone who overlaps with his winger. Pretty much what Askey has said a steady not inspiring player.
  28. The point still remains that wherever he’s been he hasn’t played many games. I thought he’d have a load more appearances and consistency under his belt. Does the fact he’s played higher mean that much? I know people get a bit blindsided and excited by a player coming from a higher level whether that’s a loan u23 or a permanent signing, look at Wilson a couple of seasons ago.
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