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  2. Even the best teams in this league are <ovf censored>. We are just worse at the moment. Nobody should scare us with a new manager, just take each game as it comes.
  3. When the hell are these footballers of Port Vale going to get it in their heads that our football club is in grave danger.Theyve had a cushy time at Vale without fans .Time to pay the owners back for supporting them with contracts and protecting them.Sick to death of the pathetic dross on the pitch.
  4. Because the fans turned on him, albeit from afar. We will see what happens now, we have double the input, there is going to be a large turnover of players whichever league we are in. I predict by Christmas these pages are filled with folk wanting another change. Clarke and DF are charged with a long term strategy, but fans won't accept that if we are not winning matches.
  5. Be time soon where we will have to list everyone's fixtures. Although Southend have proved that they are unreliable. Plenty of realists on here . We are sleepwalking right bang into trouble . Draws aren't going to be any use. We need back to back wins out of the blue. Next 3 look daunting. Oldham are hit and miss and then Bolton are flying at the moment. Christ pass me the gin
  6. Thanks for your valued input 👍
  7. Perhaps as well no fans , imagine that one for a powder keg
  8. Think we need a specific thread on this. Bottom 3 winning this week was not foreseen, and has opened the situation up. We need a couple of wins to steady our nerves, but where will we get them?
  9. Noticed that myself, really hope that we get a few results soon.
  10. Never mind going to be in a relegation fight, we are well and truly in a relegation battle. Yet again. I’m bloody sick of it. This must be about our fifth relegation battle in about six seasons, obviously one of which we got relegated in. I am seriously concerned about our league status. Last night showed we are truly in deep sh*t in terms of quality. Couple that with an upturn in form for Stevenage, Barrow, Grimsby and Southend. We are in the mire.
  11. When I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we were still in trouble and needed results, a number commented on here saying that we had nothing worry about and it was just between the bottom 3. Looking at the table now, I think we are going to be in a relegation fight. Last 3 away games, Southend picked up 7 points at Forest Green, Cambridge and Newport, I wonder how we will get on at Salford and Cheltenham. I really hope I am wrong and we have nothing to worry about but I don't want the nerves of that game we had against Chesterfield a few years back.
  12. Looking at March's fixtures I'm thinking we will be in the relegation zone going into April
  13. A bloke with more controlled aggression in his little finger than most of the current crop
  14. I'm sick to the back teeth of results like tonight at FGR because I've absolutely no faith or even hope that we for example can win at Salford and Cheltenham. Yet again another massive game , a win is desperate. We need 4 points from the next 9 as an absolute minimum because there's no way that all of the bottom sides will lose every game. 3rd season out of 4 I'm pooing my pants. We have to target this as winnable. 1-3
  15. Years ago Rudge would of got Andy Porter to nail him early doors and he wouldn't of been seen again during the game.......those were the days
  16. It's all about getting the right blend I guess....
  17. Top of the league vs one of the worst vale teams in memory, what could possibly go wrong. 2-0 Cambridge
  18. Hopefully a bit of attacking endeavour with Southend winning at FGR tonight. Lots of games left, Dont Panic.
  19. Let's hope so but one thing I noticed was that yesterday Cambridge rested Hoolahan. He will surely play on Saturday so just hoping that Clark has a plan to close him down.
  20. Teams at the top have wobbles, hopefully on saturday.
  21. Maybe Southend pinned Pope's disrespectful comments on the dressing room wall
  22. Bad couple of days for us. They all same on the up
  23. Anyone see the stumping again? Scandalous from the third umpire. Again.
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