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  2. He isn't physical but he is definitely a proper defensive player. He screens the back line well covering lots of ground filling in spaces left behind, always prepared to take the ball from the back line, makes a lot of interceptions in passing lanes to break up the play and usually attempts to play the ball forwards rather than backwards. He has rarely lost the ball. Not sure what else you need a defensive midfielder to do? He's been excellent in most games for me this season, one of our most consistent performers. His GPS stats I suspect are very impressive.
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  4. Need to win this one in the right way to get back on track. Smithy with his hands full against Nouble and Sears is no slouch at this level. Cass back would be very welcome.
  5. Fair enough if he has. But I still like my defensive midfielder to have a physical presence about him, like Griffiths, or Porter way before him. I think with the three that started last night we're a little bit weak physically.
  6. Looks like from JoeBs post that he did play DM for Lincoln. I like him in the role, less blunt force brute and more intelligent breakup play and quarterback.
  7. When Garrity went down with a conspicuous head injury just short of 20 minutes in whilst we were under the cosh I couldn't help but draw frustrating comparisons to Stevenage.
  8. If all clubs agree a set admission price per age group then there won’t be a disparity. But that would be far to easy wouldn’t it !!!!
  9. I'd be surprised if that was allowed if I'm honest.
  10. I'm with you on that. I also think it annoys referees a bit and those marginal calls start going against you.
  11. Against teams who are closing down quickly like Mansfield were last night, I don`t see that slowing the game down like we were is to our advantage. Surely we should be looking to play at a high tempo to wear them down and capitalise late in the game not over egging injuries or nipping off for a drink and a chat Stvenage style like we were last night. The play was constantly fragmented which gave them a rest which enabled tham to close down the ball and space all match.
  12. Interesting charges for under 18’ (children), hope carol and co take note and do the same for away fans a least ( if there ever are any at VP!!!!!).
  13. I think it is fair to say that the players do struggle a bit to change the momentum of a game whilst playing the same formation I do think though that clarke does more than most managers to try and effect the game with subs or formation changes. Sometimes this works (barrow), sometimes it doesn't (mansfield). I still think though that as a team of mostly new players we are still finding out who can grab the game by the scruff of the neck and impact it. Last few seasons that's been worral but he has less influence at wing back.
  14. Yeah I was amazed at what they're charging, all tickets for the various age ranges are more expensive, minimum was a couple of quid for an adult but up to £16 as you say for an U12.
  15. I think that it's interesting that Mansfield fans are commenting that it was their best performance of the season bar 1 so if that's as good as they've got then it bodes well. We didn't help ourselves last night constantly telegraphing passes, far too slow to control it, the movement was almost non existent and when we did try to go long or switch the play the passes were terrible. They also gave credit to Conlon for the free kick, I'm not sure that we'd be so gracious had Covolan let that in.
  16. Assuming Proctor is out and Cass back, I would try and get on the front foot from the start which we never did last night and go 4-3-3. Lucas Gibbons Cass Smith Jones Pett Conlon Garrity Worrall Wilson Politic Would love to see Gibbons and Worrall combining down the right to great effect like we have seen before. I know we are sitting pretty but for me Worrall is wasted at wing back and needs to be played in his most effective position. If Walker is fit be tempted to make a change in the midfield and possibly bring him in for Garrity, just feel last 3 games the midfield has slightly struggled and might be worth changing up.
  17. Not to my knowledge. He's not an attacking midfielder or anything but from what I've always seen of him, here and there, I certainly wouldn't label him a genuine defensive midfielder either. Not to say he isn't capable enough. I see him as a bit of a Joe Allen type player in that he's busy and tidy.
  18. That may be so, but it says it all about the strength of recruitment and/or poor quality of previous L2 squads that Joyce was, and Pett is much better than him He certainly is! I like Pett. I like Conlon and Garrity. But I don't think any of them are great defensively. Walker hasn't shown too much yet but he is a genuine defensive midfielder that sits in front of your backline.
  19. Lets be honest it is rare that we get such a poor performance ALL game under DC but this was one BUT what i will say is play like that and dont lose is a bonus.... win most of your home games,dont lose in the majority of away games will certainly = promotion,so i wont go over the top on this performance after some of the games we have seen of late...they are due an odd one throughout the season,anyway on to the next one and IF we can get a win that will be 7 points out of 3 games and that will do
  20. Never! Certainly not in 58 years of being a Vale fan!!!
  21. Cass fit for Saturday(Rested) but Proctor may miss Crawley as well( stomach tear)
  22. I think DC generally gets his formation right . Not a happy clapper by any stretch of the imagination but we are at times looking suspect around the middle of our six yard area ,funnily enough i thought Martin and Smith and Covalan dealt with it very well last game last night the ball in versus Barrow they asked no questions as we had the ball mainly but last night was a test of our resolve and looking back on game I'm not sure Mansfield created much at all just seemed like they had because we were second to everything but the scoreline says differently . I am sure that with the formation change the one v Leyton Orient and Barrow in coming back from behind is the way to go . We never got chance get anything going go last night ,credit to Mansfield but I am sure if we brought our A game last night with Proctor in the starting line up and Gibbons starting we would have beaten them I'm sure of it . I'd go 4-3 -3 on sat to start with Wilson Worrall and Politic up front I think it would work a treat UTV
  23. Agree re the manager's analysis. Interesting that The Sentinel gave everyone between 7.5 and 6 !!!
  24. I like his interviews - very honest, no BS! Refreshing with good analysis!
  25. Port Vale are at home to Colchester in League TwoView the full article
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