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  2. There are some proper wankers who allegedly support Port Vale Carol being moaned at !
  3. So you think that arguably one of our best players last year, who was picked up by a Premier league academy, is as good as Joe Davis who now plays for Nantwich?
  4. Looks like you’ve answered your own question. I guess, to quote from the opening sentence in your “bang average side” topic, that you still “feel the need to offlad (sic) some stuff that is really getting to me”.
  5. Maybe in fact there were the same number of actual City fans.....but also more Vale fans in the home end...?!!!?
  6. I was linking using an object, but I suppose all recent presidents are linked. Too much TV football today causing my mind to wander.
  7. This is why I never understood the criticism that we shouldn't play Pope because it means the players just resort to lumping it up to him. As though once he's off the pitch the players go "oh Pope isn't here, best to just dribble past players and make incisive passes"
  8. Like I said, it was a rumour. FB is <ovf censored> at the best of times
  9. Oh dear, you also know Trump who sits on the same chair in the same Oval Office as JFK sat, Clinton`s antics too.
  10. Today
  11. Geniue question does anyone who is our chief or Head scout apart from Rudgie.. Can anyone shed any light what our current set up is [emoji362]
  12. We wouldn't have had the last three years of division.
  13. No thanks. Not because you voted leave and wanted to remain but because I simply have no desire to drink with somebody I find as objectionable as you.
  14. Well everything would have carried on as it was seamlessly and I would imagine most of you would have gone back to not giving a single <ovf censored> about the EU just like in 2015. How many of you glorious Victor's were seriously banging the drum about leaving the EU in 2005 for example, I mean the eurosceptic nonsense has been a growing concern for years and years according to some of you and not just the play thing of the far right of the Tory Party which Dave couldn't control....
  15. so if remain had won, would the country be uniting now?
  16. I was at that game and saw Curtis outside the ground in one of those huge ten gallon hats. He came over to where we were hanging around like groupies outside the main entrance waiting for the Vale team. You know this idea of six degrees of separation - that you know loads of famous folk through six common acquaintances? Well it struck me that I knew JFK because I'd met Tony Curtis who'd kissed Marilyn Monroe who'd done rather more than that with the tragic US President!!
  17. If Norm sent it into You’ve Been Framed he’d struggle to get his £250.
  18. I followed the locals and found free on street parking about 1/4 mile away [emoji3]
  19. The Port Vale fans on the onevalefan.co.uk forum are in agreement – Vale put in a terrible performance in losing 3-0 to Swindon Town on Saturday afternoon. After a game of few positives, here are the thoughts of a selection of fans on our dedicated match thread… Disagree or agree with these comments? Want to add your thoughts on the game? Click below to join the discussion: Continue reading Port Vale fans’ views on the loss to Swindon – it was awful at onevalefan.co.uk. More
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