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  1. Considering we are supposedly such a low scoring team it's interesting to note that only 4 teams in our league have scored more than us at this point in time.
  2. Well, as a "manager" of some nearly 50 years of Port Vale and having "Managed" countless other telivised games from the comfort of my armchair I do believe it was to 'shore up' the midfield. I was surprised myself that Burgess came on as I thought the 4-4-2 was working well but maybe Danny expected more from Grimsby second half and felt that defending a 2 goal cushion was perhaps more important than trying to get a third and leaving us exposed to a possible (and recently predictable) comeback. Thankfully Grimsby, for all their second half possession, never really threatened and Burg
  3. I thought first half we were back to what we are good at, round pegs in round holes etc, high pressing game and plenty of energy. Some are saying we 'got lucky' with their offside goal and the one that hit the post but really? If it's offside, it's offside, no luck involved. We definitely deserved to go in 2 up and I thought that barring a cock-up in our defence, there was no way were we going to throw this game away. The substitution at half time seemed to unsettle us somewhat and Grimsby were obviously going to give it a go second half but I thought we marshalled the game well
  4. The problem with this question is most of those who are 'always right' simply refuse to answer. The main reason for this as I see it is maybe that, just in case their choice does get the job, they fail and then they open themselves to the inevitable criticism and ridicule they hand out themselves so happily. Myself, I don't mind who we appoint, either from within, a rookie, a named manager with years of experience.....As I say, I don't mind - so long as they are given the job for the right reasons and given time by the supporters to have a chance at some success.
  5. No worries bud, my first sentence wasn't aimed at either you or your post, more so at the numpties who think Carol should be telling US everyone she sneezes [emoji6]. Personally I would happily see us sign no-one this transfer window and instead take the time to get the right manager in for the long term good of the club. Yes it would be nice to appoint someone tomorrow and have time for some transfers but if we have to wait to get the right candidate then so be it. Just my opinion bud, no more or less valid than yours or anyone else's [emoji16]
  6. What we need is a statement from Carol ! Jesus, give it time for crying out loud. This needs to be the right decision and one that can't be made in a matter of days. I give up !
  7. Sorry for going 'off-topic. With regards the transfer window if players are already in the process of joining or leaving then I don't see a problem with that. Any new manager will need to start with what's already here anyway. Of course losing the manager may alter players thoughts and perhaps some who may have been for leaving may change their mind in the hope of impressing any new manager. As usual it's never dull at the Vale.
  8. My worst fear is Danny Pugh becomes the 'cheapo option' based on the fact he is here in situ. No one has a crystal ball....apart from the numpties on another forum who knew Askey was not the man to take us forward months ago "but no-one would listen". Pugh may well turn out to be a superb manager, who knows but in the short term he knows the players we have, he is obviously trusted by the top brass and probably deserves a bit of backing from us fans at this time. I for one don't have a preference for any candidate, I only hope whoever does take control actually HAS control and is given enou
  9. Not really too bothered who we employ - they won't last long.
  10. Agreed bud, I'd like nothing more than him to get there with the Vale but I'm assuming from the way I heard it that both he and Sproson see his next club as a little further up the table at least - figuring that we look unlikely to be mounting a serious promotion charge any time soon.
  11. Listening to Radio Stoke yesterday they were inflating that Taylor wants to ultimately play in league 1 at least so I can't see him joining the Vale any time soon. Grimsby will definitely see this as a game they can win, certainly if they can score first. It must surely be time for a change of formation so I'll go for Brown Mills Smith Brisley Fitzpatrick Worrall Conlon Joyce Montano Rodney Pope. 2-0 With Pope and Conlon scoring vital, vital goals.
  12. Yes but they're poor crosses, it's just that our forwards are so out of position the ball falls to them, slices off their shins and trickles into the net. [emoji6][emoji23][emoji6]
  13. I don't think we can afford Jeff Tracy. [emoji6]
  14. Tommy Gore.......uuuggghhh, as you say, fantastic for Bury.....awful for us.
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