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  1. Can't call the game at all, hoping for the best, fearing the worst. Hopefully the win last week has given the players belief again. So long as we are still in the tie come 2.00 pm then I'll be happy. UTV
  2. Good luck to the players, management, staff and all those travelling down to support the lads. Whatever happens come 5.00 pm it's been another 46 games full of highs, lows, frustration, elation, joy and sorrow. One thing you can never lay at Vale's door is that it's never dull. 90 minutes of full bloodied fight is required and there's no reason why we can't do it, tough as it may be. The Gaffer is back and that in itself is great news and if anyone deserves a good result then surely it's him. Win, lose or draw, what will be will be, up the Vale.
  3. Asked the same question in the Bristol Rovers thread, it really ought to be easy enough to put out on social media and even more so on the official website
  4. Slightly off topic I know but does anyone know the number for the 50-50 draw ?
  5. Constantine for sure, another was Chris Sully for me, been plenty over the years, don't get Porter.......we certainly never underrated him.
  6. Two in-form teams go head to head, Vale looking to stamp their place in the automatic promotion places whilst Salford are desperate to climb into the play-offs, all the ingredients are there for a cracking game. We will all have one eye on the other fixture and obviously hoping FGR can cement their place at the top of the tree. It's hard to call either result and the season won't end for any of us, whatever the outcomes, however a good result on Tuesday for any of the sides will be huge, let's hope its ours. If any team deserve some luck then surely after the last 3 years it's Vale, let's hope though, although luck may play a part we don't rely on luck and take the game to them. They, like us need the points so at least they will be going for it too and not playing 'park the bus' which hopefully will make it an open game. Looking forward to it, a new ground for me and hopefully revenge for their result at Vale Park. Heart says 1-3, Head says 1-1.
  7. Asked my lad tonight what are the odds of us not getting one penalty throughout this season but winning the play-off final on Penalties?
  8. Can't make it tonight.......bloody Covid! but hoping for a carry on from the last two games. We can't afford to be complacent and hopefully we can get an early lead and push on from there, they may be depleted but it's still up to us as the home team to take the game to them. Give em a 'Come on Vale' for me 🙂
  9. I'm sure I read somewhere the season's over ?
  10. Fair enough, apologies then, but sometimes it's difficult to decipher what is and isn't. [emoji848]
  11. Surely you yourself mock them by calling Crawley a " No mark non league team ".....they are in the same division as we are so what does that make us ? We are where we are and so are they, we have no right whatsoever to Lord it over any team, let alone one in the same league as us.
  12. You could just as easily argue that Wilson cost us two points with his miss just prior to the equaliser- I could say that i would have expected him to have scored that. But he didn't, and Holy had no chance with the goal if you ask me. It's football, you see it one way, some may agree, I saw it another way, some may agree. Let's see tomorrow what the management think.
  13. 6 games unbeaten, players coming back, Proctor back in the goals, a draw at Tranmere......plenty to be positive about so its looking good to me.
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