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  1. I'm trying to Look at it from the new owners point of view : We are new to this and need a steady manager who isn't going to rock the boat or try and spend money we simply don't have. He knows the lower leagues, he's a local man who knows the club and what the fans expexctations are. He kept us up and has only had limited time and money to bring in the sort of player he wants.....add to that the way the club was possibly percieved in football circles and the fact we were pretty much nailed on for another relegation dogfight and you can see why players are not queing up at the doors. Slow and steady on and off the field, that's the way to progress and that's whats happening. From my point of view he's doing a good job, the eleven on the pitch look like a 'team', opposition teams are coming here with a plan to not lose and that's testament to how we are now being viewed. Askey needs to find a way to unlock stubborn teams but 8 games at home undefeated is excellent in my opinion. No need to get on his back, give him and the team time.
  2. Didn't get chance to vote but I would have voted Better than expected. Having said that, I really didn't know just what to expect however I was expecting us to be better than we have been these past few seasons although it would be difficult to have been worse. It's very much a work in progress but green shoots are there for all to see. Our away form could do with a couple of wins but overall we are on the right tracks in my opinion. Given that only one team will be relegated then we really should be looking to 'go for it' this season and look at just what we can achieve, that and possibly a decent run in either of the cup competitions would be a real barometer as to where we are heading.
  3. All games are winnable, we now have mobile options up front, we are at home and the onus is on us. Hopefully with their large following behind them they will think it's a game they can win and try and attack making it an open game. If we defend as we know we can and attack with purpose then there's absolutely no reason we can't win this game. They may be near the top but win and we are up there with them, it's 11 v 11 so I think it's up to us to dictate the game. 2-1 with Amoo and Bennett adding to their ever growing totals.
  4. It will be interesting to see the team sheet and how/when we use subs given that we have a winnable home tie in the cup just a few days later. Of course league points are most important but a nice run in the cup would bring welcome income and some decent media attention for the right reasons for a change. For me we have to take the game to Northampton so maybe Cullen should start alongside the Pontiff.
  5. Good luck to the lads tomorrow. I won't be there in body but I will in spirit. I don't hang on this idea that we haven't improved the first team, I believe that we now have a squad who will work hard for each other and have the ability to spring a few surprises. We aren't promotion material in my opinion but given our position a mere month or so ago that was never going to be on the cards, Slow and steady progress whilst Kevin and Carol get to grips with a new season. Tomorrow is a conundrum, do we play for a draw or go gung-ho for the win? In my opinion we should go there and attack from the off, catch Colchester cold and see how it goes. I don't think many fans will be surprised if we lose there so go and give them a game. A big 'Up the Vale' from me to all travelling there.
  6. Nice one Barry, it's much appreciated and as someone has said, it's the only thread where there's no arguments.
  7. Has anyone thought that holidays were booked/planned long before the season ended. There are other people to consider too, family members school holidays etc. Perhaps our owners have to consider their core business too. Let them get on quietly with the job at hand. Rome wasn't built in a day a d it will take a lot longer than 4/6 weeks to turn things around. Chill and enjoy the summer - longer nights are already drawing in.
  8. Oops, I ticked like by mistake.....
  9. And as usual come the end of the season they will have over 14000 disappointed season ticket holders.
  10. Yes of course and the rest of the time we've had to sell.
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