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  1. This was always going to happen, not a case of IF?, but WHEN?. The football authorities will try some half-baked plans to block it but will be beaten in the law courts, basically because a 'deal' will be struck and they can use any cash handed over as a carrott to pacify the poor, unwashed, unwanted rest of us.
  2. Or that Chesterfield do get promotion and Manny scores the winners against us next season in two of the few games he plays.
  3. Sad news indeed Barry, all the best buddy and thanks for all you do for OVF.
  4. It would be nice to see some of the laws of the game used instead of being abused, some I can immediately suggest are : 1) Obstruction - when was the last time any of us can remember that law being applied. 2) Goalkeepers 6 second law 3) Throw-in taken from where the ball left the field.
  5. Not sure but I think I watched a different game than most. Don't understand this idea that it was a poor first half, it was obvious from minute one that the wind was going to be the deciding factor in this game and the winners would be the team that coped with it best. Their sole tactic was pretty easy to defend I thought and although Brown had a few saves to make, I didn't think he had to do anything more than what you would expect of him. Offensively, yes we struggled but as the away team that was to be expected, especially with the conditions. At half time I was quietly confident
  6. Rest in Peace Lee, sad sad news, condolences to the family
  7. There was a time when fans went Stoke one week and Vale the other, some supported one, some the other and some both. The reason I don't hold Stoke at the top of the list is because when I started we were leagues apart and were so for years. Walsall, Chester, Stockport et all we played regularly and often didn't fare too well - especially Walsall.
  8. Walsall have always been our main rivals in my time supporting the Vale, you could add to that Chester, Wrexham, Chesterfield and Shrewsbury in my opinion, not in any particular order but Walsall certainly topped the list. Stoke and Crewe are/were way down the pecking order.
  9. Says who ?, how can you be so sure ?
  10. Thank you Phil for having the courage to voice your opinion especially as it's to the club you love, but it's not only Crewe, other clubs are equally culpable. I've watched the first part, not looking forward to tonight's if it's just as harrowing but hopefully it's helping all those who have been abused and their families too. I know it's on late at night but I think the FA, PFA etc should show it to all youth teams in it's entirety and young sports people in all sports....hopefully it may just get others to speak out and stop further abuse.
  11. Well that was harrowing to say the least, words fail me.
  12. Loving this idea that all of these "quality" players are going to be queuing up at the doors to sign for Port Vale, a team that's yet again flirted with relegation to non- league. A team that maybe incoming hopefuls know where it is.... but then they've got to convince their better halves that Burslem really is the place to be! Don't get me wrong, I want what's best for Vale just like anyone else but get real folks, we aren't suddenly going to become the "go-to" club come June.
  13. I agree, I think people will be surprised (and most probably disappointed) with the retained list. These players may not be the best we've ever had in this division, but they aren't as bad as some keep banging on and on about. A few additions here and there and we won't be far off a team capable of challenging next year. In my humble opinion of course.
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