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  1. The extra go on sale 2nd August I believe, NOT tomorrow
  2. I'm hoping not Andy as Northampton is 98 miles away from Vale Park, I doubt we will see much of the action.
  3. Cheers Terry, looking forward to is as usual, always a good day out.
  4. I joined OVF in 2004, approx 2800 posts later and i've apparently earned the title of "Rookie" Lord knows how long i'll need to live to become a "Veteran" 🤨:
  5. Guaranteed at least two goals this season that's for sure [emoji849]
  6. Does anyone know if tickets are on sale yet. How many (I've heard a rumour it's 650) and are they to season ticket holders only ? I've seen nothing on the official website and don't do Twitter. Who's thinking of going, I think after being starved of live football for so long it could sell out quite quickly.
  7. Just hoping we can travel as there's plenty of grounds I want to visit this season if possible, Northampton as usual as my brother lives 10 minute from their ground and we always have a good day of it, Salford, Harrogate and Barrow along with Newport and Sutton as they will all be new grounds for me.
  8. Has anyone watched England at the Vale, is there food available and what's the dress code and atmosphere like ?
  9. That may have been a pre contract agreement ? He could stick with Pools now they are up ?
  10. Let's hope he can walk the walk like he talks the talk, we will know by Christmas I guess.
  11. Just a quick note to thank all of the members of the squad for their efforts in a somewhat trying season. Goodbye and good luck to those of you who may be leaving us. It may not have panned out the way we hoped but it's been entertaining as usual, one way or another. Many of the players have come in for quite a lot of criticism over the season and some of it may have been justified, we fans may never know the full story of how/why it all seemed to fall apart but that's by the by now. Fans sometimes forget that you are working men, trying to provide a home, food and a good life for your families. Football's a funny game where things can change on the bounce of a ball. Games are won and lost mainly by mistakes by players - if goalkeepers and defenders never made mistakes then would any goals ever be conceded ? How often do we bemoan our team for conceding yet fail to see the flaws of others when we score? Here's hoping to sign off with a win today Anyway, thanks again, season 20/21 will long be remembered for various reasons, whatever the future for each and all of you I wish you all the best. Regards Fred
  12. First game I remember was Notts County away April 8th 1970, promotion year. Vale won 2-1, rained I think. I'm fairly sure I had been a few games before then, probably more than a few but that's the first game that sticks in my memory.
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