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  1. That's the one Conrad, stood underneath many a game (Or at least half a game as we used to swap ends in those days.).
  2. I've seen a photo on the Stokinel but don't know how to download/upload it.
  3. I thought it was name the three players RZ can identify.
  4. Spent many a half time trying to crack that code, can't recall it being at the Hamil end of the Lorne st terrace - can remember it at the top of the old Hamil end.
  5. I thought he took a knock just prior to the substitution, looked like he tried to run it off to me.
  6. He scored that blinder against Tottenham??
  7. Probably responsible for one of Vale's best ever team talks. RIP Greavsie.
  8. Agreed, I really like the look of the lad, one of the unsung heroes successful teams need, very steady game today, my man of the match. As to the game, excellent performance and saw the game out well. Superb strike by Worrall and nice to see Wilson off the mark - I think he's going to be one of those players who the fans aren't always appreciative of but who is by the manager for his role within the team. Plenty of things still to work on but you can't complain too much with a 2 - 0 win, definitely 'entertained today [emoji6]
  9. There has been plenty of negativity regarding recent results, none moreso than last Saturdays defeat at the hands of Rochdale and players underperforming. The funny thing from my point of view is that I came away from that game happier and in a much better frame of mind than the previous home game against Carlisle. I thought Carlisle used delaying tactics, feigned injury and generally did anything they could to stifle the game, aided by a ref who simply allowed them to get away with it. Converesly, Rochdale came to make a game of it, played some good football, didn't park-the-bus, neither did they sit back and hold out for a draw after our seond equaliser. Fans go to matches to be entertained, I realise it's business and people's lives/wages depend on results but the game just isn't the same anymore. To be honest I'd rather watch us play Rochdale and lose than Carlisle and draw - daft as it may sound but the way I saw it the game could have gone either way after the Vale scored their second and at least I was entertained with the fare on offer. Don't get me wrong - I want Vale to win every game, but I'm old enough and wise enough to know different, there's plenty of times I've come home from a game we have won thinking it was a poor game, and plenty of times we've drawn nil-nil and it's been a cracker. It's all too easy to criticise players when we concede, the opposition fans do likewise when we score, but it's rare to actually accept that other teams score well worked, good goals'. It's the same with players, wer'e 4th division but some folk seem to think these players should be World beaters, they play for the Vale and other clubs in our division because that's the level they are at. We don't seem to give them any leeway at all. On a slightly different plane, I went to the Fanzone on Saturday for the first time, it's a great idea and full credit goes to the club for putting it on. Long may it continue, although I don't see how it will go on on a cold night in December. Just my opinion - as usual
  10. Plenty of time yet do do a deal, players may yet still be keeping their options open. One man's dead wood may be another man's kindling, who knows we could sign a real gem, let's hope so.
  11. We don't call it the Stokinel for no reason
  12. Whatever happened to not giving them grief and getting behind them all [emoji848]
  13. Personally I think it detracts from your first home league gate. Let's say Tranmere are at home first game, then home in the cup on the Tuesday, fans Mayne reluctant to come Vale on the Saturday due to sheer cost. It's just my opinion bud.
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