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  1. Not wishing to go off-topic but i wasn't suggesting that they should, merely pointing out that I wasn't aware if they had either done so or tried to. Finances will be extremely tight for the foreseeable future and I'm sure they have much more pressing concerns, not least the health and welfare of themselves and their staff. I am fully behind both Carol and Kevin and I know they will do everything in their power for the good of our club....unlike previous others.
  2. Not a funny thing at all but it showed Normans intentions straight away - cancelling the 'Lifelong' season tickets of those that had them. From that moment on he lost all possible respect from myself and I am sure many others. I don't know if the Shanahans have (or tried to) revive them for the people concerned but it would be yet another great move by them if they did. Thank goodness he is gone and I long for the time when Port Vale FC is FINALLY rid of him completely.
  3. I usually find the distraction technique works best when playing my brother. Start talking about the Vale.....always works for me.
  4. I think it would be difficult for us to have 2 promotions in two seasons, a couple of years stabilising in league 1 first, then an assault on the championship.
  5. Well an interesting game again and both teams started the game at quite a pace but yet again for the umpteenth time this season the officials stole the show yet again. Vale played some good football and considering they were on a five match winning run I think they were ultimately the happier with a point. Brown had little to do all game and I can't remember him having to save anything that was on target. Cullen was unlucky and for a small lad he gets up well. Everyone played their part and if we can maintain these performances then a play-off place seems likely. As for the officials, well my initial thought on the first penalty was that it was a corner although I called for the penno as one would. Surprised when the ref gave it but not complaining, however for him to then consult his assistant who was well over 35 yards away with a restricted view and then take his advice, well that summed up the way the game had been officiated upto that point and indeed for the remainder of the game. For instance : First half Vale had the ball on the touchline if front of the dug-outs and the assistant gave it out, second half they had a similar situation and where the ball looked clearly 'out' and he gave nothing (not sure if that wasn';t what led to Kevan being booked). They also had a lad stop and wait for Gibbons to run into him - foul, we had a similar incident - play on. If Legge's tackle in the second half was indeed a foul then he should have walked. Foul throws, Brown being ordered to spped up goalkicks wheras their keeper was just as bad but nothing said - the list appeared endless. To be honest, I thought the ref didn't give the second penalty just to spite the Vale fans !. Rant apart Vale thoroughly deserved their point and will feel again it's 2 points lost but we march on and must now hopefully take advantage of the next two games. Final point, I think things may have 'kicked off' somewhat after the game outside near to the coaches and I said to my son that although having their 'mob' so close to the away fans adds to the atmosphere it also ramps up hostilities - something perhaps they should think on. Gibbo man of the match for me although it was a tough decision and i'm sure plenty of other fans who were at the game would hand it elsewhere, and with similar good reason.
  6. It's late in the day I know but does anyone know if you can you buy tickets for the away end at Cheltenham or is there a cash/pay on the gate turnstile ?
  7. I haven't yet donated myself but I will. I like the idea of buckets inside the ground, I also dislike the constant sniping at Robbie to fork out yet again - I'm sure he's aware of the situation and if he chooses to donate then all well and good.
  8. Tadcaster Albion, a non league team in Yorkshire have a crowd funding page to help raise cash to save the club. The ground has been flooded twice in recent weeks and they really need help. Please go on their official website and follow the link if you can help. UTV. I realise other clubs may be in a similar plight but anything you can donate I'm sure will be a great help.
  9. Hard one to call Barry with the bring a friend for a tenner deal but i will go for 5525 Cheers Barry
  10. If it's the 'lady' who was stood at the rear of the stand then I know what you mean. Admittedly Bennett was poor but she was awful, even to the point of hoping he was seriously injured when he went down in the first half. I know she goes a lot of away games (she could for all I know go them all) and she's entitled to her opinion but it really was way over the top. I wonder how she had reacted at the recent home game when Bennett notched 2 goals. I will admit that Pope coming on allowed us to move up the pitch and was probably the reason we got the goal but to castigate Bennett as she was doing was in my view disgraceful, especially as assuming Pope is up for another ban then Bennett will be our main striker for a couple of games at least. As for Northampton, I'm glad I don't have to watch that every week. Well done Vale, a cracking hard caught victory.
  11. In the 25 games we have started , both sides had a point each at kick-off. We have managed to maintain that point in 11 of those games. We have managed to add 2 points to the 1 point in 8 of those matches and only lost a mere 6 points in the remaining 6 games. Not to shabby but of course you can do anything with stats. One question I would ask...."exactly who would YOU replace Askey with, go on, give us a name you would guarantee would improve us" ? And of course don't say Klopp, let's keep it realistic. I give up all hope, I really do.
  12. Talk about a fan I of two halves, it seemed like we were playing with 9 men first half. Pope was isolated with 2 defenders on him and our passing was woeful. Definitely a penalty from my view but they didn't capitalise and Vale finished the first half quite strongly. I was surprised to see no changes at half time but Vale pushed up a good 10/15 yards and they just couldn't cope. A complete turnaround and although we scored 3 quick goals there was plenty of time to go. Good game management and a couple of good saves from Mr Reliable and there we have it. A good following who were treated to a really good 45 minutes. SVA [emoji6]
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