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  1. Birchall should keep his thoughts private, Radio Stoke should consider their summarisers next season, we don't need any more ex players with agendas passing opinions.
  2. Another rumour doing the rounds is Telford to Charlton on a 3 year contract, I wouldn't be keen on matching that ....
  3. If a National league side came in for Gibbo doubled his wages and put him on a 3 year deal he would be off, that's the name of the game all pro's play for the money.
  4. One of the problems is some supporters "Demand" instant success not taking into account fitness, playing with an injury, being asked to play in an unfamiliar role,their personal circumstances( New baby crying all night) Unsettled in a new city, Mrs run off with the milkman, all kind of circumstances can affect a players performance and I don't know,but the Vale seem to have a handle on these situations Procter and Worrall have both mentioned how they have been looked after.
  5. A good read, the only problem I have is with supporter patience, some demand action, sackings and heads on stakes if a few games on the trot are lost. A cool head will be required and a belief that the professionals know what they are doing,exciting times could just be round the corner. I also fully trust the pruhcess.
  6. The problem with very tall players is you run the risk of just humping it up and they become easy to mark, let him win the first ball and deal with the second like Rudge used to do with Francis and White. I asked Rudgey once about signing him he laughed and said we're a football team. Also you might be surprised how much he earns at Solihull.
  7. You would have thought that Labour would keep quiet about Bozo he's their best hope of winning an election.
  8. He's broken the ministerial code, I don't care about his politics, I don't care how well he's done, it should be about his integrity and he has none. So resign. What a mess
  9. That would be the best way to find out what's going on, express your opinion / displeasure and see what Carol says.
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