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  1. When you say he swapped a couple of times you don't mean he played on the right wing for any length of time in the game then do you? He wasn't picked on the right wing and he didn't play much of the game on the right wing. So when he say he played on the right wing, you mean like Tom Pope might have played in defence when the other lot had a corner???
  2. Don't recall that, when did he swap over.
  3. He played on the left in that game.
  4. Shame about his off-field antics.
  5. New Zealand are an outtanding team and play cricket in the right way, unlike their Antipodean cousins.
  6. Jacko51


    Bury have had to cancel their friendly against WBA because their floodlights have been repossessed according to Twitter. Also from Twitter:
  7. Getting Vale back on track will be like turning round an ocean liner. It will happen eventually but don't expect it to turn on a sixpence.
  8. 1 is very much wingy and 2 is a bit nearer the centre.
  9. As usual with Colchester tickets, the sooner you buy them the cheaper they are.
  10. My mistake, it was the Mail on Sunday not the Daily Mail.
  11. It appears that leaks of this nature are in effect a breach of the Official Secrets Act and could lead to the imprisonment of the perpetrator if found. The Daily Mail clearly knows the source of the leaks. Puts them in a very difficult position.
  12. That's what he thought he was doing. That's what every ambassador thinks they are doing. The fact that some of these supposedly encripted private cables have been released now at a time when a new PM will have the opportunity to appoint his replacement smells rather bad to me.
  13. When did Vale move to the King Power???
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