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  1. Are you saying we should have kept some of the players who were out of contract and paid off some of those who were under contract??
  2. There is a page in every programme with reports on all the youth team games.
  3. Loved it. I have a soft spot for Leicester.
  4. I think they were all released. Top scorer was Eden Bailey and I think he’s only 17 so he has another year.
  5. I see Steve Bruce has won the Prem Manager of the Month for April. But he didn't get most points? How does that work??
  6. Wasn't he the Brexit minister??
  7. Jacko51

    Kyle Perry

    Kyle Perry was at the club when it was a war zone. One director was trying to the manager the sack so he could put his favourite in the job. I'm told that when the decision was made to get rid of the Sinnott said director wanted to do the sacking but was told he couldn't.
  8. Thanks for all your efforts for Vale, Luke. They were very much appreciated by me.
  9. I was very sad to see Scott Brown go - I'd planned to sponsor his kit next year. I remember someone posting one of those clever stat charts on here a few weeks ago which showed that he wasn't the best keeper in our league. Doesn't stop me thinking it's sad to see him go.
  10. Good luck, Monty! You were great for us and will be missed.
  11. I knew they would have thought of everything!!
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