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  1. We wouldn't have had the last three years of division.
  2. I was at that game and saw Curtis outside the ground in one of those huge ten gallon hats. He came over to where we were hanging around like groupies outside the main entrance waiting for the Vale team. You know this idea of six degrees of separation - that you know loads of famous folk through six common acquaintances? Well it struck me that I knew JFK because I'd met Tony Curtis who'd kissed Marilyn Monroe who'd done rather more than that with the tragic US President!!
  3. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than celebrate something almost half the country didn’t want. So much for uniting the country again!!
  4. Leave them alone. They’re excited because they won. Let’s just wait and see what “won” means.
  5. It must be true what our fans chanted - “you’ve only come see the Vale”.
  6. Not in Stoke it didn’t - the “Brexit capital of the UK” returned 3 Labour MPs in 2015.
  7. There is a percentage of our fanbase who are inveterate moaners. P&G Carl is a prime example. If we were to go up this year they would immediately say, "Yes, but we'll come straight back down". They are the folk who were criticising the team for not getting "stuck in" against Man City. They're never happy unless they're bloody moaning. I really can't understand them at all.
  8. Yeh, I bet everyone who voted Tory then did so to get a referendum!! Stop re-writing history.
  9. That followed three top half finishes, not three seasons of absolute ****.
  10. So are we signing Perry Deakin?
  11. Bloody hell - if we beat Crewe and they beat Swindon at home we must be flippin' magic.
  12. There you go again. And I missed one of the general elections - when was it?
  13. Where has it ever been suggested, other than in the heads of some fans, that the Robbie concert will make the club a big proft???
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