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  1. I read a good quote the other day. "You are not entitled to an opinion. You are entitled to an informed opinion. No one is entitled to ignorance."
  2. Re Diane Abbott. I've just finished reading Rachel Reeves book "Women in Westminster" which is a history of the rise of women in our Parliament starting with Nancy Astor. There is a section about the abuse which women MPs receive via social media. In 2017 Amnesty International did some research into the number of abusive tweets that had been sent to female MPs in a 6 month period. There were 25,000 of them and half of them had been sent to Diane Abbott. Whatever you think of her politics, that is quite scandalous.
  3. The ref didn't seem to mind players kicking the ball away so I suspect Popey was booked for telling the ref a few home truths.
  4. That's a bit harsh on your posts, mate. Ocassionally they actually make sense.
  5. So are we all now convinced that two up front doesn't work?
  6. Mansfield were one of the scummiest sides I’ve seen for a while. That No 6 Bishop was doing his very best to get Vale players booked with his dramatic falling about. They spent the whole game taking advantage of the inexperience of yet another new ref who was conned by them all the time, particularly with the penalty. Delighted that we scored in the time added on for their time wasting!!
  7. If Manny's injury record doesn't improve he will struggle to get a contract next year in my opinion. We can't afford to carry passengers who will miss half the games.
  8. And the football World Cup.
  9. I see Emily Thornbury has compared the Lib Dems to the Taliban following their latest policy announcement. I chuckled at Tim Farron's response!
  10. I didn’t say you had. I was making a general statement about what had been posted by folk on here.
  11. Anti- Europe feeling in this country has been encouraged by the tabloid press in particular with their stupid headlines. It has been encouraged by people like Boris Johnson writing made up stuff about the EU in his newspaper columns. This suggestion that it has been at the top of the political agenda for years is also incorrect. If you look at the 2010 Conservative manifesto, which is 118 pages long, it is page 113 before the EU is mention.
  12. Might be an idea to actually read what I posted before making statements like that.
  13. I think we need Pope away from home if we are going to co to us with 4-3-3/4-5-1. Bennett doesn’t win headers and doesn’t hold up the ball. He is quicker than Popey (but so am I). We haven’t lost away when Popey has started!!
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