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  1. Or had him signing random players his managers didn’t want?
  2. Or the Mail, Express, Telegraph, etc. It would be a pretty empty bus if all the anti-Corbyn papers were banned.
  3. There must be a market for them.
  4. We all know who it is, Joe. See my post above.
  5. I love debating with folk who have an open mind.
  6. Have you given up on UKIP then??
  7. I think Legge is only on three bookings so is already safe. The media had him down as receiving a yellow at Leyton but he didn't. If you check on the FA suspensions list the only one of our players down as one booking away from a suspension is Luke "James". So Joycey should be fine as well!!
  8. Did you hear what he said on the "debate" last night on that issue?
  9. I don't know about interesting, I thought it was bloody depressing.
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