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  1. Mentioned 24 hours ago. Do keep up at the back there!!
  2. Supreme Court has told Trump he must hand over his tax returns to SDNYC.
  3. If he does his cruciate in the first game, they're stuffed!
  4. Jacko51


    Bolsonaro tests positive. I'm trying not to laugh!
  5. Jacko51


    “We discovered too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures in the way that they could have" We have also discovered that a certain Prime Minister didn't follow the procedures in the way he should have by shaking hands with strangers and standing close to colleagues in the Commons. He ended up in ICU. Probably not his fault though.
  6. You are Dan Turner's mother and I claim my five pounds reward.
  7. One of the Wigan fans on their message board has shown a letter he sent to the EFL and various media outlets before the takeover was complete. He warned of the issues which have come to light but was totally ignored.
  8. Three divisions below us?
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