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  1. If he wants something rubbing I’m available.
  2. Rob, surely the issue is to stop Swindon fans buying tickets in the home seats. If folk have got a season ticket - no problem. If not, they will have a purchase history at the club for tickets so no problem. If neither of those - no season ticket, never bought a match ticket, how have you ever been to a match?!!
  3. That's very sad Phil. Sounds like some Crewe fans still want to pull up the barricades and stick their fingers in their ears.
  4. Lucky you. I paid £1.60 for a litre - that’s the equivalent of £7.20 a gallon or almost 9 of your dollars.
  5. I thought that was the whole point???
  6. The proof of address thing shouldn’t put anyone off - it’s on your driving licence and I bet loads of folk have that in their wallet.
  7. He also did our 4-0 win over the Stoke Muppets in the EFL Trophy.
  8. Perhaps fans have been listening to all this stuff about us not playing well in front of big crowds and have decided to help out by staying away?
  9. Needs to ask himself why so many previous managers hadn’t done so.
  10. That is what happens when you support a lower league team. If you want regular success you know what you have to do but it won’t involve the Vale.
  11. How old are you? Can’t be more than about 12 on that basis??
  12. Of course not but the 9 games before were great!
  13. I expect they will appear after midnight.
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