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  1. Jacko51


    I agree - that’s what I meant.
  2. Jacko51


    It's so sad that posters on here seem to have so little confidence in the basic common sense of the UK population.
  3. Some interesting figures here on the income from iFollow streaming. https://www.cu-fc.com/news/2020/september/club-statement/
  4. Exactly so, Phil, and it's perfectly possible that the loop holes would have been spotted if Parliament had been given the a proper length of time to scrutinise the details.
  5. It's in the Act but not in the original Withdrawal Agreement with the EU.
  6. That's what is happening now, Fosse, so it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to extend it when reduced attendances return.
  7. Endangered the safety of an opponent. Red card!
  8. I saw him live at SJP where he did an appalling challenge on Lejeune in the early minutes of the game which put the lad out of football for a couple of months. Only a yellow though 'cos he's Harry Kane.
  9. Perhaps the next leader might respect international treaties as well.
  10. What is your point? The dispute with the EU about breaking the terms of the agreement does not relate to the EU Withdrawal Act which you quote above.
  11. Jacko51


    Neither is the test and trace system which is a vital part of the fight against the pandemic. Cheers Boris.
  12. Jacko51


    Indeed and why put in charge of the test and trace system someone who was in charge of a company that was found to be totally incompetent in its handling of data - Dido, Queen of Carnage?
  13. There is surely confusion here as Sage has pointed out above. Clause 38 is not part of the Withdrawal Agreement which the EU and Johnson signed in October. Clause 38 is part of the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act which Parliament passed in January this year with agreed to the WA and which did not involve any further agreement with the EU but simply added bits which we fancied. PS, Bill Cash is even older than Biden, whom some on here think is too old for office and is also one of the rudest men I've met.
  14. Manure were poor but that penalty and the retake were a joke. Atkinson at his finest.
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