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  1. Our two wing backs were actually two backs. How many crosses did they put in. Agree about the complete lack of service.
  2. So that’s what the two up top so many wanted looks like!
  3. Smith and Legge did well. The rest were poor.
  4. I think we’re missing Guthrie, Tyler. Do you agree?
  5. Why can’t Browny find the pitch with his goal kicks?
  6. He’s the only one of the midfield three I’ve noticed.
  7. In which case we should ignore his spell at Bradford.
  8. Balance is not a word I would associate with your posts, Tyler?
  9. And there’s another portion who do nowt but moan. If we’d lost today Tyler would have spontaneously combusted.
  10. He clearly rates Crookes higher than a few on here.
  11. Mike Baggaley was never able to get a signal - that’s why there was no live coverage.
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