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  1. According to some we have stolen loads earlier in the season.
  2. I see the Leyton manager says they stole the points.
  3. Who knows? Did any think we’d be anywhere near the play offs at this stage last season
  4. If true, kick 'em out.
  5. Anyone who refers to himself in the third person is a bit odd I have to say. Enjoy your weekend mate.
  6. Cost. He was signed on League One money, played all of last season at Colchester and Southend had to cut costs. I bet they wouldn't mind having him back now! And I'm not aware his manager sent him on his way with a kick up the backside!
  7. You mean because your mate wasn't in the squad?
  8. Robinson was top league scorer for his team last season with 11 goals in 19 starts so it hardly seemed a daft signing. I didn't know enough about Whitehead. McKirdy had a start on Tuesday and was one of the worst players in a dreadful team performance. If he's so good, why did Carlisle not want him?
  9. I thought Fitzpatrick had a decent game today. It was the hole left by his departure that partially led to their winner. The one player I wouldn't have signed is McKirdy.
  10. But have actually got more points than we had at this stage last year and we ended a point off the play offs then. Things are not good but to write off the season is madness.
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