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  1. I think it’s because those criticising Covolan are the same posters who thought we shouldn’t have released Scott Brown. I may be wrong though.
  2. Also high on the list is that all time scorer Wicked Deflection.
  3. That's just brought me out in a cold sweat.
  4. If you park on the club car park you will probably find the gate back to there from the away end shut at the end of the game. You’ll have to wait for 10 minutes or more to get through until the home fans clear. Happened to us last time we were there.
  5. The best place to park is on the railway station car park. If you get the ground up on Google maps you will see a load of shops in the retail park behind the ground. If you look a bit further up you will see a Burger King and behind that is the Robin Hood line station. There is a decent sized car park there and you can walk across the retail park to the away end. After the game you can get out to Portland Street then up to the A38. Don't be tempted to park on the retail park - you'll get fined!
  6. And a point blank one at Swindon at a key moment in the game.
  7. Folk kept asking this at the start of the season. The answer appears to be “everyone”. We now have 9 different league scorers and only two teams have scored more than us.
  8. I didn’t say he was surely better than Legge. Simply pointing out that he is clearly worth his place in the team which you seem to doubt.
  9. Fact. We haven’t won with Legge in the team this season. This is no reflection on Legge who has great attributes - it simply demonstrates that he is not the only defender worth his salt in the team. Smith has played in all our League wins.
  10. Smith has played under five permanent managers at Vale and a couple of caretakers. He has played over 260 games since his debut just over five seasons ago. He has been nigh on ever present during that time. So either we’ve had some appalling managers whose judgment of a player was seriously flawed or the lad has been a very decent player at this level.
  11. Re their celebration after the final goal. The Laws clearly state that "A player must be cautioned, even if the goal is disallowed, for: • climbing onto a perimeter fence and/or approaching the spectators in a manner which causes safety and/or security issues • acting in a provocative, derisory or inflammatory way" Their whole team should have been yellow carded!!
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