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  1. The game last season at Swindon was the worst of the season. It was played in a howling gale and ended 0-0. I seem to recall their manager complaining that we'd been time wasting from the first minute because Scott Brown couldn't get the ball to stay still for a goal kick and had to keep respotting it!
  2. This graphic shows the decline in attendances in the late 70s and early 80s. Hooliganism, as RR says, drove people away. Man Utd's average that season was 42,000. Liverpool had won the league three times in a row up to that season and their average was 34,000. Football grounds in those days were total pigholes. Crumbling terraces, toilets worse than the Bycars and the risk of getting your head kicked in. In the circumstances, it's suprising so many people did turn up!
  3. Because before the referendum he was pro EU. Immediately after the referendum he wrote in his Telegraph column: "I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe, and always will be. There will still be intense and intensifying European cooperation and partnership in a huge number of fields: the arts, the sciences, the universities, and on improving the environment. EU citizens living in this country will have their rights fully protected, and the same goes for British citizens living in the EU. British people will still be able to go and work in the EU; to live; to travel; to study; to buy homes and to settle down. As the German equivalent of the CBI – the BDI – has very sensibly reminded us, there will continue to be free trade, and access to the single market. Britain is and always will be a great European power, offering top-table opinions and giving leadership on everything from foreign policy to defence to counter-terrorism and intelligence-sharing – all the things we need to do together to make our world safer." That doesn't sound like a bloke who wants a clean break from Europe to me.
  4. I saw Newcastle's game at Shrewsbury and I saw no evidence of the Newcastle lads passing the Shrews off the park. They have a couple of decent footballers in Young and the sub winger who came on, Fernandez, but the 3-0 didn't flatter the home team. One thing to look out for is the the club's best defender, Florian Lejeune, who's played two of the last three games for the U23s while coming back from a bad injury. Full back Jamie Sterry played against us when on loan at Crewe in the 2-2 draw a couple of years ago. Should the match end in a draw we will have to endure another of those completely pointless penalty shoot outs. Both clubs will get £5k prize money but Vale could not finish below first and Newcastle could not finish above 4th no matter what the outcome of a shoot out was.
  5. If democracy had ended on 23 June 2016 we wouldn’t be having this election.
  6. The problem we have is our first past the post system. It means that at every general election we end up with a government that the majority of the electorate do not want. It also means that in what is basically a two party system, elections become vicious and confrontational. Time for a change??
  7. Farage is a cretin. Nothing he does surprises me but I can't honestly see the point of him at the moment.
  8. Farage wanted a Norway + deal and stay in the customs union. Now he wants a hard Brexit. He wanted a second referendum if Leave lost. Now he doesn't. Farage does not stick to his guns. Boris Johnson had always been pro EU and even wanted Turkey to join: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/2003/may/21/european-union-accessions-bill#2003-05-21T16:29:00Z Johnson has never stuck to anything other than his own personal advancement.
  9. Indeed, we seem to have a Prime Minister who doesn't know which way is up. And he has the nucelar codes? Bloody frightening.
  10. The main pro Gorm poster on here was, thankfully, banned. Just as well because he would be bloody embarrassed at what has happened since his saviour has buggered off.
  11. No. Cup bookings are separate from League ones. If he avoids a booking in his next two league games he will pass the deadline for a suspension.
  12. http://home.bt.com/news/news-extra/here-are-the-5-most-important-issues-for-voters-ahead-of-the-general-election-11363972418744
  13. Some interesting comments on here. http://www.talkceltic.net/forums/threads/michael-oneill-arrested-on-suspicion-of-drink-driving.146012/
  14. In the 70s only about 10% of the population had the opportunity to go to university so the student debt thing is a bit of a red herring.
  15. I remember the 70s. They weren’t nice. Mortgage interest rates at 15%. Inflation reaching 26% due in part to oil prices but also to crazy wage inflation. Regular strikes culminating in the 1979 winter of discontent. I admit to voting for Thatcher then I was so fed up with it all.
  16. Can we assume Rafa Benitez has turned them down?
  17. Did you agree with Johnson before the referendum when he was pro EU?
  18. You're right about Villa, Phil, although my better half has seen them in the League at Vale Park. He thinks he might have seen Southampton at Vale in 57-58 but can't remember for certain.
  19. Just checked and I reckon I’ve seen us play all bar one of the current league clubs. I did see the Youth Cup game against Chelsea though - does that count?!! I’ve seen most of them in League games but 8 only in Cups.
  20. That gives totally the wrong impression of the game. Makes it look like Crewe we’re having loads of efforts and Scott repelled them.
  21. It's 90 years since we played Chelsea* but I think we have played them all. * And no, I wasn't there before some smart alec asks!
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