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  1. Boris had no idea what that was about! Vale is the Latin for farewell - I wish Boris the Classicist would say that and beggar off.
  2. You can change any amendment to the constitution. The 18th amendment (prohibition) was repealed in 1933. The 2nd amendment which was ratified in 1791 stated “ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. The desire for a well regulated Militia was understandable at a time when America had just won its independence and feared a backlash from Britain. The sort of arms which citizens could bear were muskets which fired a single shot and took ages to reload. There was no expectation that weapons which fired dozens of high velocity shots in a matter of seconds would become available 200 years later and brainless folk would imagine that the 2nd amendment referred to them.
  3. The last time we were at Wembley was a couple of years ago to do the stadium tour. It was fascinating. We were taken all round the dressing rooms, up to the media area, the posh seats and out onto tier 2 at one end of the stadium. The view from there was great and when the guide had stopped doing her chat, my better half just yelled VALE at the top of his voice! The rest of our party just laughed out loud.
  4. You can travel to whichever station you want and walk around the whole stadium. Bobby Moore is at the end of Wembley Way. If you haven't been to the new Wembley you'll be astonished how different it is from the old one, particularly all the buildings and shops round about.
  5. Texas shooting: Fifteen killed in attack at US primary school WWW.BBC.CO.UK Madness
  6. I ordered two tickets this morning and they've arrived. The six I ordered last Friday haven't!! Corrections - they've all arrived!
  7. The total attendance for the Crewe v Cheltenham play off ten years ago was 24,000.
  8. You've got no chance Bede - don't even think about it.
  9. The main TV cameras are on the South side pointing to the Royal Box.
  10. I assume the club collared them??
  11. Saturday’s ref is the Aussie Jarred Gillett. This is his first full seasons on the Prem list. I’ve seen him live and he did nowt daft.
  12. We've sold what we had on sale. I don't believe the north side of the lower tier was ever on sale for us. I don’t believe it was.
  13. I think most people find it strange how we've both sold 15k but Mansfield fans still have a choice of all categories and we're lumbered with no choice whatsoever. I'm not convinced by their "more than 15,000". It was posted about 15 minutes after our announcement and is rather vague. Just have a suspicious mind me.
  14. Exactly. All the cheap seats are behind the goal and they seem to have sold out. I very much doubt any tier 3 tickets will be released.
  15. Sorry, I was replying to Rory and quoted your message by mistake.
  16. At the end of the M40 carry on on the A40 to the Hanger Lane roundabout then take the North Circular. Wembley is clearly signposted from there.
  17. Agreed. Much easier to get round to Wembley from the M40 as well.
  18. Huge pitch invasion at the Etihad - ban the lot of them.
  19. I assume they want to keep the fans together rather than dotted all over the place requiring extra stewards and open kiosks??
  20. Jacko51

    Chris Neal

    Just bunged a few quid in. Heartbreaking story.
  21. I wonder if they are actually running to console the player who has just missed his pen??
  22. I suspect the Mansfield following will be boosted by some Forest fans making a weekend of it.
  23. I hope they thoroughly fumigate the place before we get there.
  24. The country is being scoured for extra coaches as we speak!
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