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  1. Informed criticism is fine.
  2. With regard to Martin Tideswell, I seem to remember he is employed by Synectics so Colin Garlick will have had nothing to do with it.
  3. And I don't understand your persistent and unpleasant attacks on the bloke when you haven't even spoken to him. I say again, go and tell him to his face what he's doing wrong so he can put it right. I think you're crap at your job as well by the way - not that I've ever met you or know what your job involves. I just know you're crap at it.
  4. Indeed they did, which makes you wonder why they appointed a bloke with such little experience.
  5. Why don't you pop over to Vale and ask if you can have a socially distanced masked chat with him so your can sort him out and tell him what he's doing wrong?
  6. Were you saying all this rubbish last season? I don't remember.
  7. I thought it was Colin's fault that we had that long losing run because he didn't want to sack Askey?
  8. Did OK at Bristol but was terrible at Mansfield.
  9. This is from 9 months ago: https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-soccer-england-idUSL5N2CG5Y3 "In League Two, the average manager’s annual income is 79,462 pounds, with the lowest-paid manager in the Football League receiving 45,000."
  10. Norman was the CEO. That worked well.
  11. Joe, I've pm'd you my final thoughts on this and will say no more. And for clarification, I have never said he is infallible.
  12. And you were desperate to sign Maynard who can't get a regular place in the Mansfield team and has scored three goals.
  13. Your memories of that meeting and what was said before it started are different from mine, Joe.
  14. Does the CEO at a football club make decisions about the playing staff other than to say whether or not we can afford them?
  15. They were signed before he arrived at the club. He was appointed in October 2016 - all those players had arrived in the summer of 2016 so I can't see how he should have resigned when he hadn't even been appointed.
  16. Joe, admit it, you have never liked Garlick because you thought he was in cahoots with our previous owner. You said as much at that meeting with him at the Smallthorne WMC.
  17. League One players??? We had a squad made up of overpaid foreign imports who had been brought in by an owner who had been seriously conned by some random agent. As examples we were paying silly wages to a player from the Norwegian third division who never started a league game for us. We were paying nearly two grand a week on a two year contract to a Portuguese midfielder whom we had to pay off after the first year - he played less than 20 games. We signed a centre-forward from Portugal on a two year contract. His claim to fame appeared to be that he was the first baby in Portugal to be bo
  18. You're not listening. He gave a long interview with the Senile a couple of weeks ago about the managerial situation.
  19. So if it's not down to him that we are in a better position, how come it is down to him that we are in "chaos" at the moment?
  20. My post simply pointed out that everyone thought he was crap on the basis of a game and a half. I never said anything about thinking he was good because he clearly wasn't.
  21. We are in a better situation now than we were when Colin Garlick came to the club.
  22. If we re-register Robinson we will have to de-register another player won't we?
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