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  1. I got no reward for investing money in shares and losing it. I got no reward for buy a lifetime season ticket then having it taken away by our previous owner. I don't give a stuff about rewards. I'll still buy a season ticket.
  2. Should the club put the "loyal Vale" scarves on sale in the shop so every Vale fan , ST holder or not, can buy one and show how loyal they are??
  3. It appears that a couple of the English clubs are getting cold feet having been taken aback by the response of their fans and the rest of the football world. This tells you everything you need to know about these owners and executives - they understand bugger all about football and what the fans want.
  4. Just like Arsenal were unable to beat likely to be relegated Fulham yesterday.
  5. If you didn't see this tonight on TV, seek it out on iPlayer. It's brilliant. And it has Terry Harkin and Felix Healy!
  6. Nothing makes Eddie happy. With regard to the loyal/not loyal debate, Carol was on Radio Stoke tonight saying that all fans were valued equally.
  7. I “lost” a great deal less money on my ST this year than the V2001 mob robbed from me in shares.
  8. Am I right in thinking that of the 6 clubs involved only one has English owners. They clearly do not understand football and only think of the finances??
  9. Gary Neville was brilliant on Sky after the Manure game this afternoon. He’ll probably be banned from Old Trafford after his outburst.
  10. This afternoon, Atwell has been 4th official at Arsenal v Fulham. He has decided that a dive by a Fulham player which started before the defender touched his toenail was a penalty. Who said VAR would give us consistency??
  11. Do we know this was actually a Liverpool "fan" or some random nutter out for a laugh to impress his mates?
  12. I'm not disputing that Manny is an excellent addition to our squad when fit. I just think it's unfair on the other lads, who finished 8th without him last season, to suggest they aren't up to the job without him.
  13. Monty has played a total of 7539 minutes for us over 4 seasons, averaging out at 1884.75 per season. Manny played 3653 minutes over 3 seasons, so an average of 1217.66 per season. So, given Manny had a serious injury last season which seriously curtailed his appearances (only 216 minutes), they don't appear that different on a balanced view You can't argue that we should miss out Manny's worst run of injuries whilst including Monty's?
  14. Funnily enough, we were poor before he was subbed on Saturday yet somehow managed to win the game without him. He’s a very good player but we can manage without him.
  15. It's annoying. Vale and Newcastle now clash so two games at once to watch!
  16. Was the decision made by the Vale or the player?
  17. Last season we finished 8th yet Manny only started 3 games and only finished the full 90 in one of those. I think the other lads can do a decent job without him, much as I’d like him to stay and remain fit.
  18. I love Manny as a player and a bloke. In an ideal world I'd give him another contract and keep my fingers crossed that he stayed fit. But we have to be realistic. Manny is 28. He made his league debut for Brentford nearly ten years ago. Since then he has started 51 League games and made 14 sub appearances. In total, counting all his games in the National League as well, he has started 127 games with 30 as sub. With reduced squads of over 21s next season I don't think we can afford to take the risk on him. History suggests he will break down again at some point. I'd loved a miracle
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