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  1. Should we get rid of it?
  2. Morality? Politics? Is this a parallel universe??
  3. We bought our season tickets on the monthly payment scheme so had committed in January. What I find quite aggravating about all of this is that you are allowed to get onto an aeroplane, sit right next to someone you have probably never met in your life, and be subject to recirculating breath from everyone else on the plane for several hours. Yet you are not allowed to sit out in the open air to watch a football match. At Vale we are fortunate in having such a big ground so distancing should not be an issue but that is all dependent on the co-operation of the fans. Will the lads who congregate around the gents toilets at the back of the Railway Stand obey instructions? How many extra stewards/police will we need to enforce the rules? How can we have one way systems around the stands? Will it make sense to close the refreshment kiosks? The logistics of setting up systems to keep to the guidelines are horrendous. I will be happy to attend if the club can get systems in place and open the ground.
  4. How about this one for a geometric nightmare?!!
  5. Great to read that! Do you get free gloves with the goalie shirt?!!
  6. Our previous owner at his most imaginative!
  7. Indeed, but look at how many views already. How about a link to the club shop, Robbie.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/robbiewilliams/status/1291772386631733248
  9. That was the worst kit ever. Looked like someone had been trying to paint a ceiling and spilt the paint everywhere.
  10. What's the W N E on the back?
  11. A child who was a genius at geometry!
  12. I quite like that - a V on the front like the old PMT kit. And not just a off the shelf design.
  13. It’s also useful to look at what they do, or in the case of the current mob, what they don’t do.
  14. I believe Sunderland’s wage bill last year was £13 million. Getting it down to £2.5 mill will be a job.
  15. I see the PFA are up in arms about this and suggesting it is unlawful and unenforceable. A possible legal challenge?? Will it also lead to the sort of cash in the boots payments that went on when the maximum wage was in place?? Or will we see some Vale players having part time "jobs" at Synectics?!!!
  16. Salford will be up **** creek. As will the likes of Bolton and FGR.
  17. At elections you get the chance to put it right five years later.
  18. That Edberg article is from 31 years ago!!!
  19. With all those qualifications and being a Vale fan, you really should know how to spell valiant, Warren!!
  20. So you respect a lot of women you’ve met but seem to belittle quite a few you haven’t met? And please don’t start all this qualifications palaver. Matt Hancock has a first class honours degree and an MPhil from Oxford but he’s still a knob!
  21. Duncan Smith has spent his career handling the truth rather carelessly - especially in relation to his own CV.
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