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  1. That’s all I need to say. His heroic status is unquestioned. Once I’d said that I didn’t need to say anything else. He turned up at school on my 50 th birthday thanks to Kirsty!!
  2. Rudge is a hero. That’s all.
  3. Does the rule apply pre and post match or just during the action?? If the former, it really is madness.
  4. Lots to choose from here! Brazil Flag | Brazilian Flags | NWFlags | Buy Flag of Brazil WWW.NWFLAGS.CO.UK
  5. I love Lucas. That's all!
  6. Just seen the feature on him on yesterday’s Football Focus. What a great guy and what an amazing journey he’s been on.
  7. It was played at the drive past at Vale prior to Charlie’s funeral.
  8. I thought it was the one by the touchline where the bloke fell over his legs. Obviously something completely different! That was the FGR game not Saturday.
  9. Is that the one where Jacko51 and I saw absolutely nothing untoward at all?! Never saw the incident - it was mikes off the ball. Seen it on video - he was daft.
  10. Don't forget the Askeys! Although John's appearances were at youth level.
  11. I once had a row with a steward at Oxford over that. Wanted to search me, told me their fans were searched as well. I said I’ve just walked round the ground and no one in the home sections is being searched. Just walked past her to the turnstile. Fortunately there were no boys in blue around! Players taking the knee is an anti-discrimination gesture. Stewards should take note.
  12. If you go on the official site there is a contacts link. You will find a Health & Safety section and if you click on that you will get the email addresses for the Senior Safety Officers. A polite email to them might be in order here to see if they can give any explanation, especially of the fact that the stewards weren't wearing gloves or masks.
  13. I'm inclined to think that if they continue to impose these restrictions on the players' families we should do what their Rugby League team did and tell them to sod off, we're not coming.
  14. That was an issue we raised last year when we were having to watch all the games on iFollow with Radio Stoke commentary. We could see what was happening but anyone dependent on radio commentary would have spells in the game when they had no idea what was happening on the pitch because the commentators - and Phil was the worst culprit for this - were talking about something completely different.
  15. It was a question directed to those who had said above that Bowers was criticising the keeper throughout the game not you specifically.
  16. If the keeper is under orders to hoof from a goal kick then the rest of the team need to clear the box and get their backsides upfield. What did Bowers say about that great save Covolan made at 1-1 which probably kept us in the game?
  17. To be fair to Cass, the striker pushed him in the back before the goal so knocked him off balance. Should have been a bit stronger but it does explain how Simpson had a free header. Re the Covolan/Jones incident late on. Smith and Jones were standing in the penalty area looking at the keeper. If Covolan was supposed to hoof it upfield what were they doing there? The ball was passed to Jones who dwelt on it for a second or two before attempting the clearance. If Covolan passed it to Jones needlessly then Jones dwelt on it needlessly as well.
  18. We took four points off them and they didn't score against us.
  19. That appears to be the key to our success - you take no interest in the game so the players put a shift in just to annoy you!!
  20. But what about yesterday? You’re on the match thread not the bloody moaning thread.
  21. Delighted there was no McKirdy yesterday. Their local media said he had left the ground before the kick off. Genuine reason or rattle out of the pram I wonder?
  22. That should be "bigger" and "larger". Hope this helps.
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