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  1. I see that the Brexiteers who said the post Brexit predictions of economic difficulties were all rubbish are now convinced that this prediction is clearly 100% correct. I thought we’d have enough of experts?
  2. Don’t forget only one to go down this season.
  3. Fancy being outnumbered by Acrrington fans on your home ground - attendance 1401, Away following 764. They really are tinpot with a big wallet.
  4. Jess Phillips withdraws from the race.
  5. On more money so he’s probably costing Vale more than for the last six months.
  6. Roy Sproson was only 6 ft so can't have been up to much as a centre half!
  7. Having watched the crap served up by WBA and Sjoke last night I'd have to disagree with that!!
  8. Puyol and Cannovaro were both smaller than Smith yet they won the World Cup. You can still be a successful centre half even if you're not a giant.
  9. Is that Bob Mathewson reffing? He should have know better. Is that the game when Keegan and Bremner were sent off and started a punch up as they left the pitch??
  10. For someone who is "undersized" he wins a hell of a lot in the air against oversized blokes.
  11. Nathan should consider the career move of Joe Davis before he makes an decisions about his future!
  12. And it's what some of the Leavers say - check out JRM.
  13. If we sign players on, say a two year contract, the extra money we have made out of the cup run will have to be spread over that time, not splashed all in one go. That's why I said a little higher.
  14. The fact that it was a genuine attempt to get the ball is irrelevant. It is perfectly possible for a genuine attempt to get the ball to end up as a red card because the attempt is high and dangerous.
  15. The penalty Rose got for Mansfield. The corner from which Northampton scored. The penalty for the dive at Newport. The offside goal at Morecambe. And I wish to add for consideration about 20 blatant fouls on Pope in the box which didn't produce a single penalty, M'Lud!
  16. looks like our Prime Minister's pre-election promises were not worth a fig. Who'd have thought it? https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/chancellor-sajid-javid-backtracks-boris-17593151
  17. But we have a 100% win record when Cullen starts up front on his own!
  18. I suspect our budget next year will be a little higher than this year. The owners won't have to ring fence cash for the sort of stuff they had to do this close season to ensure compliance with league regulations re the ground and so on. I hope they sort out the likes of Smith sooner rather than later or we will lose him for nothing - that would be a disaster in my opinion.
  19. I know - some of them are mad. On chances it could have been 9-3 to us yesterday as well!
  20. It happens every season - some Vale fans pick on a player whom they blame for everything and to whom they give no credit whatever he does. Last year it was Joyce, this year it's Amoo. A while ago it was Constantine. It's sheer ignorance I'm afraid. Amoo scored against Macc and scored yesterday - goals in consecutive home games. He laid on a goal at Mansfield and Manchester City. He brought the save of the game out of the Morecambe keeper but apparently he's done nowt recently. He laid one on a plate for Atkinson in the first minute yesterday and only Jake Taylor has scored more league goals for us. I may vote for him as Player of the Season just to annoy some folk!!
  21. Angol was offside so it wouldn't have counted! Brown didn't know that though. Edit. Note to self - read to end of thread before posting!!
  22. When Tom is on the pitch there is often a big gap between him and the midfield/wide men. Cullen was coming deep to receive the ball so that gap wasn't there and our ball retention was better as team. Considering Cullen has been very short of game time, I thought he was very good today. But the sooner we get Nathan Smith signed up the sooner I will believe we have a very exciting future.
  23. No end product? What about the chance he laid on a plate for Atkinson in the first minute for starters?
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