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  1. Did you read the Independent before the referendum. It was the only newspaper that spend each day looking at a particular aspect of the decision and putting forward arguments for and against. It was the most balanced of the “proper” newspapers - ones that didn’t have ludicrous headline stories about some random celebrities sex life!
  2. He was offered a U23 contract at Newcastle which means he wasn’t going to get first team football.
  3. So you are what I call a tall person.
  4. As far as I can tell, the club supported Tom Pope during his case by the FA but I’ve never seen any statement from him thanking the club for its support or accepting that his comments were inappropriate.
  5. TheSupporters Club has set up a committee to organise the testimonial game and other testimonial events.
  6. Just responding to your alternative facts, mate!
  7. You didn’t win the first one, you shared it. And you didn’t win the third one you governed with the help of a bunch of Irish mad men. And your PM lost the referendum.
  8. Bonser currently charges the club a rent which I have heard rumoured is £750,000?
  9. But the £12 billion is not their money is it? It's other people's money that they manage?
  10. Left of Nadine Dorries, ie somewhere between Stalin and Putin.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CegJspSjG4K/?hl=en
  12. If I was you, I'd reconsider saying Johnson was solely responsible for all decisions like that because you would also have to make him responsible for the huge amount of money that was wasted during the pandemic.
  13. The Ukrainian President was a comedian before he became President. Johnson on the other hand, was a comedian before he became PM and is now a clown.
  14. As opposed to the current incumbent who isn’t nice and does a crap job?
  15. Except it’s all true.
  16. None of the current Cabinet. Give Teresa another go - it would really upset the Johnson crew!!
  17. You could have started a thread on it but clearly didn't think it was important enough?
  18. I believe it’s because he misled Parliament. It’s nowt to do with Brexit and anyone who thinks so is seriously clutching at straws.
  19. There are 210 Tory MPs who don’t care.
  20. Where are we going to get one of them from? We’d get a better PM out of a Christmas cracker than this one.
  21. It’s because of what’s going on in the Ukraine and the cost of everything that we actually need a proper grown up in No 10 instead of this clown.
  22. Because the ERG kept stabbing her in the back at PMQs.
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