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  1. Wembley won’t be big enough for the Wiltshire hoards. The EFL will have to build a new venue.
  2. And these Brexiteers are in denial about how far Brexit is contributing to our problems. Not all our current issues are down to Brexit but to deny it is playing any part is complete lunacy.
  3. So you’d be happy for us to rejoin the single market and trade freely with Europeans like Norway?
  4. Well you’ve been doing a very good impression!
  5. Why are you going to Palma - I thought you didn’t like Europeans??
  6. I see Denmark has agreed to 100,000 Ukranian refugees but doesn’t want Syrian ones ?
  7. This is a long read but is funny in so many places.
  8. Madley isn't a top flight ref and was absolutely appalling in the League 2 play off final last year where he completely shafted Newport.
  9. Lawyers deal with the Law and the Law is neither left nor right wing. When lawyers stopped Johnson proroguing Parliament they were left wing. When UK lawyers gave the go ahead to Rwanda flights they were right wing. No, they just deal with the law as it is written.
  10. Your assumption that there was only one woman?
  11. Rwanda: 444 migrants crossed Channel to UK on same day as failed flight METRO.CO.UK
  12. And a pregnant women, some children and babies. Why are we expending so much energy on this crazy Rwanda scheme instead of making serious attempts to deal with the smugglers?
  13. Stuff went on that night which shouldn't have but the whole thing about their players being physically and verbally attacked has surely been exaggerated? Garner's post match response was clearly an attempt to cover up the ineptitude of his team. Their fans and, indeed, the club's staff, were far from blameless.
  14. Patel is an example of the sort of person of limited experience and competence whom Johnson appointed to his Cabinet so that there was no one in there who would be seen as a sensible alternative to him as PM.
  15. Can someone explain how breaching international law by reneging on a treaty will help us get trade deals with countries like the US?
  16. That sending off is ludicrous.
  17. England are worse than Swindon.
  18. The most amazing Test Match I've ever seen.
  19. Can we also book goalkeepers who fall face down on the floor every time they catch the ball?
  20. A gross exaggeration. Where did you get that figure from??
  21. I don't feel any freer or more independent than I did in May 2016 but I do feel less well off.
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