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Found 27 results

  1. Maintain momentum, build confidence, and let`s see where we can go. The Saddlers may be struggling at present but they are one of our bogie teams, they came back from 0-2 down to win 3-2 last night against Chelsea U21 so a bit of a boost. Whether to start Pope or not is bound to be an option dependent upon Walsall`s style, Worrall of course will be missed. Onwards and upwards 3-0 would be good, but quite happy with 1-0.
  2. Brimming with confidence and momentum on our return to the fortress, scope for a change or two as well as giving Worrall some match fitness. Mansfield`s only chance of Wembley, whereas we may be distracted by a tasty 3rd round tie. There is also a game against the Saddlers on Saturday to keep in mind, so one game at a time. 2-0 and £20k for the win.
  3. Start a new run at Cheltenham? The response will be a sign of our improving character, stretched by the absence through the suspension of Worrall. However cup football is different, at stake is 54k and a shot at a big club money spinner. Hopefully Pope will rise to the occasion to make amends to us all for his antics. A testing time for the team but football is a roller coaster. Hopefully we will come away with at least a draw, Edit : Joyce is likely to be available so original statement amended.
  4. Maintain Momentum on the road, so building a firm attempt to finish as high as possible. Will Worrall have enough time to shake off his injury? It would be a shame to change a winning team, although we have a stronger bench/squad than previously. Give super sub Cullen a start? If it is not broke don’t fix it, he will have his chance in the future. Essential to keep the team motivated, Askey`s job is to keep them all happy especially the ones that do not start. Our form will not go unnoticed, so games could become tighter, but I expect us to maintain progress with a 2-0 win
  5. Momentum needs to be maintained with the return of the first XI to Vale Park. No half measures against a Carlisle team also with a cup win behind them. Will Cullen`s Trophy goals in the week move him up the pecking order? PO places now within our grasp to begin the New Year with, starting with a 3-1 win for me. UTV
  6. Already through to the KO stage, but top spot would give us a home game in the first round. Worth going for to continue the winning mentality throughout the club, and the £10K win bonus will be very useful too. There should be scope to rest some of the key players` weary legs from Saturday`s magnificent result at MK, only 4 of the outfield players need to turn out, a chance for the rest of the squad to show what they can do. 3-0 to the Vale.
  7. Bouncing down the M1 on another Super Away Day, if our confidence is not high, when will it be? We have options up front, the only worry is the MK managerial upheaval. A cup run is always a boost, one step at a time pick up £36k and take a new ball to the next draw. Things are never that simple but a 2 goal margin is what I want.
  8. Smaller ground, drier pitch should be more favourable to a high tempo pressing game. Will the return of Worrall make all the difference? We may only be an average team but have to look upwards rather than below as in previous seasons. Crewe are on a high so we need to show the standard that we can achieve, in front of the largest Vale following this season, perhaps settle for a 2-2 draw. UTV.
  9. Vale set the standard at Bradford City, overcoming adversity which strengthens team bonding .Now build on that performance all the way to Xmas with a 3rd round to look forward to, ambitious maybe but if you don't try you don't get. Keep your hands to yourself if possible in the area when one-sided refs are about. Pity that Worrall is suspended for the visit of the Latics, but we should have enough to break them down for 3 points, a 3-1 wiin will be fine. UTV
  10. A Visit to Valley Parade or whatever it is now, always a challenge, and currently in 2nd place, what a time for an away win? It will need a return to a high tempo pressing game, maybe a shuffle of players, Archer given a start? We are in a group of 9 teams spanning 3 points, thus there is a need to carve out a rise and prevent a slide with 2 difficult away games coming up, a hard task and a couple of draws would be welcome.
  11. Back to Fortress Burslem, although they are not attractive visitors, 3 points are at stake so back to our usual 433 formation using the pitch to our advantage, Treat Macclesfield as part of the learning curve, concentrate on polishing what works with the current advantage of having more options with fewer injuries, a separate plan for small away grounds needs to be sorted for another day. But for Saturday return to our 3 goal style please, go at them Vale.
  12. A super following deserves a super display. We are finding the net from a variety of feet and heads, changes forced on us due to injuries have accelerated options, combinations and formations. No games are easy in L2 for various reasons but I am hopeful of a 3-1 victory, now we have more options forecasting the team is more interesting too. UTV
  13. It would be better without a mid-week game although the winners of the game go through to the knock-out stages, but still another game to come, useful money spinner competition but injuries our main concern at present. Back to our normal formation? But have we got enough players to allow recovery time for Gibbons and Worrall? Will Manny be ready for a cameo/short run out? Also need to think about the trip to Orient, possible 3 points? Plenty for Askey to think about this week.
  14. Well, we are finding the net more regularly now, but ours is more open. Sort it Vale, although hampered by injuries. Let's have a 3-0 win at the Fortress.
  15. Although apprehensive of the mid week game due to our injury situation it seems things turned out well, win bonus, key players rested, injured players eased back, game time for squad players, and a confidence boost for our visit to the Orient. May even have given Askey selection headaches of a more positive nature. Orient not doing great guns at present, so a chance of a first league win away or caution of a turn of fortune. Put it in our own hands, go for it Vale and put the chances away, hopefully Manny to make an appearance.
  16. Back home to Fortress Vale Park and a return to winning ways. Hoping for good news from the treatment room, especially with Gibbons easing his back problem by avoiding the long bus journey to Devon and return. Amoo is a return possibility too. Mansfield`s hopes have not yet materialized, their 4 goal hammering last night when reduced to 10 men, (Preston red for a foul on Hannant ) may have an uncertain response. In our own hands by ensuring more chances land in the net, get in there Vale.
  17. Follow that performance with a long trip to Exeter in mid-week, but what is there to fear? Injuries mounting, but up to now the bench has provided replacements. Signs of a squad knitting together, playing to a plan and for each other. Players also keener to hold onto their places in a winning team than when things are not so good. If possible keep the same side and hope that substitutes are for tactical reasons? End of September should give us some idea of our progress, after yesterday it could well be better than what we expected. However one match at a time our first away win and the Grecians first defeat will keep the smiles on our faces, I am enjoying it.
  18. Since there does seem a lot of difference in this league firm up a mid table position in anticipation of a go at the play-offs, maybe ambitious but the sun is shining. Plymouth lost 1-0 at Newport so why should we not go for a win, it is home wins that build a league position. The Archer injury situation does not look promising, but at least we have more choice this season.. Taylor to make a return, with a better chance to play football on a pitch with short grass. .Not sure what to make of the Plymouth/Bury coalition but go for it Vale
  19. Tough game so far, and more to come this month, but with a come-back win behind us why not be cheerful. New players gradually blending in and showing promise, especially with our Archer on target. More choices and set-ups, wins boost confidence why not a draw, even a win at unbeaten Newport?
  20. A minor money spinner, but useful all the same.as a work out against a L1 side. A chance to try out new player combinations, especially Taylor who trained with us during the summer, but has only joined us a few days ago. Also keep an eye on Saturdays game against unbeaten Newport, toughest game so far, avoid injuries and strain on some of our players. No doubt Askey would be pleased with a win against his previous club..
  21. Reality check after the Lord Mayors Show. Pick our selves up, hopefully Monty will be back. Although Oldham`s win showed Cambridge`s defensive frailties, it was scorning lots of chances that cost them the game, so press them hard. We have a full week to recover, they have a Cup game at Swansea in the week, whether they will rest Richards there who knows. Early days yet, still tuning the team, and learn from each game. There is still time to add a player or 2, but lets be positive lets grab 3 points.
  22. Keep a winning team, builds confidence and cohesion, unfortunately Monty may not be fit but I am still hopeful. Onwards and upwards Vale, seize your chances early and wrap up the game like the local fish and chips, no need for late goal antics then.
  23. 2 unbeaten teams, 1 with 7 points, 1 with 3, thus a need to make more of our chances. Confidence is the key to scoring, we will need at least 2 or 3 goals as we know what to expect from FGR. So I would keep our recent scorer Bennett in the starting line-up, and hopefully grab the 3 points.
  24. A Massive Wall of Black and Gold, Surely a wonderful sight to behold Super Vale are here today, Many more were turned away A new ground for the Vale, hoping for goals in open play, but much depends on taking our chances. Obviously we would be more confident with Manny on the pitch but can Monty fill the gap? Whether someone can be brought in before Saturday is doubtful so a reversion to our league set-up or minor tweak is most likely. Be brave go for 3 points.
  25. An opportunity to play football and build confidence? One thing is sure it will not be a repeat of the Brewers last LC away score, 9-0 at Man City. Always the chance of a Prem team in the next round. As for our team, Manny`s hamstring is again a concern, maybe explore our forward options and rest Pope for Salford. Not an easy game, their No9 Broadhead bagged 2 goals in their away win at the Gills on Sat, I fancy a penalty shoot-out, any bodies guess then..
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