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  1. ollyandpatch


    So a percentage of people are either losing their jobs or on short time, kids are now at home and they have trebled their shopping bill this month. Do the maths.
  2. Possibly not but people may chip in to help their family.
  3. The latest seems to suggest no relegation from Prem but top 2 in championship will go up. No other leagues would change. Talk about the rich looking after themselves !!!!!
  4. It looks as though the Man City war chest may come in handy.
  5. Stoke just reported that the attendance for their next home game will be 23,491.
  6. I actually think that on April 4th the country will be in major turmoil.
  7. So this is one scenario... The games restart on April 4th with the existing games remaining in place. This weekends games will then start the week after and so on....That means we finish our season at home to Crewe !!!!
  8. As I stated on another thread, I am no medical expert but as a planner in the chemist wholesale business working closely with our 780 pharmacies I can only call it as I see it. Today I am working from home along with a number of other managers as a test to see how we will cope in the coming weeks. I don't believe this current season will finish, we will see later what the PL say and I would think the EFL with follow their lead. Either Boris has pulled a real rabbit out of the hat by not closing schools or we are heading for major problems.
  9. ollyandpatch


    I work in the chemist wholesale business and we are working flat out. For all those who say it's nothing to worry about come back here in just 12 days when our numbers are over 10k with deaths in the hundreds.
  10. ollyandpatch


    On the football front one of the proposals in crisis hit Italy is that all teams current position may be the final position. If we follow the dire situation over there we could do with a couple of good wins as God knows when things here are called to a halt?
  11. Don't get this attendance issue that gets thrown about. Crewe are currently the best team in league 2. Bradford get 12k every week. I know who I would rather watch. Fleetwood, Wimbledon, Rochdale are all in a higher league than us with lower gates.
  12. Two home games and a trip to Oldham to come..Sounds good to me.
  13. ollyandpatch


    115 now reported in UK.
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