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  1. As the rest of football crumbles we go from strength to strength.
  2. Agent Jones needs to have his bonus increased if he pulls this off. !!!
  3. I have not trawled through the previous posts but there is a real possibility that if all ground capacity were reduced it would be season ticket holders first. For once our vast stadium may work in our favour.
  4. Clearly league 2 will be close to becoming a semi-pro none league next season.
  5. Don't think any of my selections made the slightest bit of difference as there are 6 clear front runners.
  6. No wonder John Allen has no votes. Played just 18 games for us and scored 4 times in a crap team? Martin Henderson was brought when we were cast adrift in what is now league 1 and scored 7 in 27, had a purple patch and nearly helped us stay up I remember him scoring against Sheff Utd when they were top and we had gone half a season without a win. Again like Allen miles better than some of the more recent so called strikers.
  7. 25th in the list of Vale appearances with 310, Popey went past him earlier in the season. John will be sadly missed.
  8. Sadly I have been told this evening that John has passed away. RIP Ridders.
  9. Turning up at Rochdale (3-3) with half the pitch under water and the the game still started on time. 3-0 down after 80 minutes but came back to draw. Also seem to remember fighting in the away end with an umbrella. !!!! Great times. Lol
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