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  1. Would I be right in saying that we have never lost a game when playing in a green strip? !!!! 😛😛
  2. I'm going to stick my neck out and call it that no fans will be allowed back in before the end of February next year. At work we have just started to send out flu vaccines and the smart money within the pharmacy industry is we are in for a grim autumn and winter.
  3. Just noticed that with the next 2 rounds coming up very soon we will be in the last 8 by the time crowds are allowed back. !!!🙂
  4. Brilliant for less than 20 matches. !!!!
  5. We don't yet know. If his family don't live local then he may need to be closer to them for many reasons? Good luck lad.
  6. I hope they have pruned the Bycars Trees. ! Lol
  7. I wouldn't expect any away fans in grounds until way after Christmas.
  8. Great fixtures with Bolton, Walsall, Bradford all at home back end of the season ! Hopefully fans in by then. Anybody else notice the irony of Crawley at home first game?
  9. The badge is lost in the mayhem.
  10. Looking at the response so far I think maybe we should be sponsored by Marmite. !!!!
  11. Well I'm not walking around Oakville in that !!!!! 😜
  12. I am afraid the lack of sales will show what people think. Give me strength.
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