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  1. "I am not leaving until I see Stoke and Vale in the same division"
  2. Image the oatcake if we were cut adrift at the bottom of our league with 3 tough games to come. It would be in meltdown. Shame we can't hold out for 95 minutes just to heap more misery on them. Good gate though nearly 21k yeah right. Lol
  3. He just said he cannot invest in Bury because he fears for his safety from Vale fans.
  4. Just realized after reading the latest, that we could well be the last club that Bury ever play.
  5. Stoke have had a Vale relegation thread for 2 years so not got a problem with having one of our own.
  6. Whatever gains Vale would make surely should not happen if it allowed Bury to go under.!!!
  7. Great that we have our club back but I don't see anything different on the pitch from the last couple of seasons. Early days though....
  8. 1400 snapped up by season ticket who had one per ticket. Gone in 24 hours because we have 4200 ticket holders. Could there have been more kiosks open including the one in the away end probably but I don't really see what else the club could have done?
  9. I've been cashless for ages..Just got no money.! UTV
  10. No it was the friendly. Lost 3-1. We beat Burnley the season after in the cup we were then in league 1.
  11. Am I the only one to have noticed that the last time we played Burnley in a pre season friendly we were promoted, we were at Vale Park and played in our new away strip (pink) we opened the scoring after 9 minutes but went on to lose 3-1 !!! An omen maybe? or I need to get out more.
  12. Taking my Vale tinted glasses and taking a step away for an overall view, it does seem that we are struggling to sign anybody who really turns our heads, why?
  13. Salford v Leeds you couldn't make it up.!
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