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  1. When I left Vale Park last year v Scunthorpe I didnt think it might be the last time i see us as a league club. But it's now clearly a worry.
  2. Christ our league position looks scary now. !!
  3. Somebody on here said it was official so we just need to make Carol aware and then it's all done and dusted. !! 😉
  4. Funny how everybody knows who it is !!! Lol.
  5. DAVID Flitcroft has heaped praise on Colchester United ahead of tomorrow's showdown between the two promotion rivals. The Mansfield Town boss is a big admirer of the U's set-up and his counterpart, John McGreal. Flitcroft says he admires Colchester's philosophy, which places emphasis on providing a clear pathway for their young academy players. And the former Bury manager is also a fan of U's boss McGreal who is leading his side on a promotion charge, this season. Flitcroft said: “It will be two good teams coming up against each other.
  6. Trying to download an article from The Braintree times where Mansfield manager DF talks about how he admires McGreals worth ethic and has alot of time for him. Seems to fit for me.
  7. Doing some digging at this came up from a couple of years ago... lol "At Burnley Frank Sinclair taught me party life, while John McGreal taught me to be good player" - Cheltenham Town boss Michael Duff ahead of Colchester United away
  8. Just get McGreal in and let's get going. !!!
  9. We were 18th at 8pm until the Scunny Bradford games was abandoned.
  10. Stoke fans are a hoot.. Now saying Denise Coates is somehow funding us. !!!! 🤣😜
  11. We are actively looking for a manager. Simples..
  12. From his sofa the new manager as just told his wife..."Christ I'm taking over at Real Madrid". !!!!
  13. So the new manager is watching from his home....F#@* me HE IS GOOD. !!!@@
  14. Sorry guys not watching it today. Can somebody confirm that Southend are actually out on the park? I thank you.
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