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  1. Shame they can't stick to normal times. Trains back after 8pm on a Saturday a bit sparse.
  2. Its not a waste of your money. Askey feels as though there is something there and all clubs have squad players that don't quite cut the mustard. If we continue to progress as we are he could play you in midfield and anybody in Arthur's team is OK by me.
  3. So Macc put out the kids against Crewe. Crewe win 6-0 and go top? !!
  4. Promotion, an FA cup run, a wembley final and end with a Robbie concert. What a season.!
  5. Friday 7.45pm Saturday 12.30pm Saturday 5.30pm Sunday 2pm Sunday 4.30pm Monday 7.45pm. the above are the options taken from the Man City forum. They seem to favour the Sunday due to other matches.
  6. Let's all spare a thought for our previous owner Mr Smurthwaite.. NOT. Lol.
  7. Our fortunes are a changing !! Even seeing Rudgey on the BBC it feels like 25 years ago.
  8. Just reading through the posts. Genuine Vale fans slagging Pope off really need to take a good hard look at themselves. The second highest goal scorer in our 143 year history has earned a right to have a dodgy 45 minutes. In years to come when our grandkids look at the history books the name Pope will pop up as one of our all time greats. We are witnessing that history in front of our eyes. We are blessed.
  9. Unassuming, decent footballing brain at this level and clearly respected and liked by all who play for him.
  10. Catching the 11.50 train. Looking forward to it.
  11. If there were 22360 there tonight Vale might as well put 11800 when we play Carlisle next week.
  12. Whatever people may think its a Brexit vote be another name. Poll this morning shows 79% of people say the same.
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