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  1. Salford game has been put back until 4pm so they will know what they have to do. !! Just destined to go up.
  2. You are only as good as your next month. Win it for August and September. Move on.
  3. With Notts County beating Sutton tonight the race for a return to league football is very much on for Torquay, Hartlepool, Stockport, Wrexham, Notts C, Halifax or Chesterfield. Wrexham and Stockport please.. !
  4. Aug 28th will be my 50th. LOST 2-0 to Chesterfield. Hoping they sneak up and get them on that Weekend. !!!!
  5. Although DC has clearly stamped his mark on the Vale squad i don't think the work done by Andy Crosby should be overlooked. As the Bristol Rovers forum who are still following DC say it's a marriage made in heaven. Am I correct in thinking that AC came in after the Bolton game and so has made a massive impact. !!!
  6. Indications are that no stadium will be more than 25% full until Christmas which gives us about 4.5k every home game if we use the Hamil.
  7. Funny to look back at the first few posts. It really was squeaky bottom time.
  8. For once really glad I am crap at predictions.
  9. I think it sends out a strong signal. This club will not carry players who are consistently injured.
  10. Strange as Chesterfield know nothing?
  11. Disappointments are....Gutted if we finish less than 3 points out of the playoffs and gutted we cant have a last day out in Grimsby who will be leaving the league.
  12. Well the 6 match current form table should look good. !!!
  13. Playing with 12 helps. Hope the ref doesn't notice in all the mayhem
  14. I actually hope it gets called off as I couldnt make it today because I'm at work. Free a week on Tuesday though. !!!!!!
  15. Another sign that no fans are in the ground. Bet they would have found a solution with 4k in the ground.
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