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  1. They beat Bradford last night and one of the favourites to come up. For me Saturday is more of test than last night with Cobblers the week after. Playing away similar pitch, etc.
  2. We went in as the gates opened and the floor was swimming at 7pm. !!
  3. Plus points...Keeper, Dan Jones, Pett, Conlon as ever. Walker and Johnson looked comfortable on the ball. Minus was not sure who is going to score the goals needed for top 7 push.
  4. I suggest nipping onto try and buy a ticket. I needed an extra kids one so why I was there went on the planner. The Lorne St is 75% full, the 3 main sections in the railway stand is 50% full so whoever get the 800 number needs to go and have a lie down. As for Wednesday fans just waiting for a log in..
  5. Does it give Saturdays lottery numbers? We have sold about 700 so the 900 will be gone today and then go on general sale tomorrow morning with the extra 350. Can't see many leaving it until the day...
  6. Tuesday evening...Wednesday have sold out their allocation.
  7. Tickets selling well for our first live game for 18 months. !
  8. Looks as though the season ticket holders will gave snapped up the first 900 by midday tomorrow. Not sure how long the next batch will take to source?
  9. Pope, Roberts and Duffy. ! I'm looking for a pub in Congleton that needs a landlord. ! Good luck fellas will nip up and see you in action when I can..
  10. And according to Twitter we will be given 650 tickets for Northampton
  11. Just trying to work out which way to buy ours?
  12. This might sound a stupid question but all those that have paid at the club for season tickets I take it they will soon be able to collect them? IF you have bought online I take it you already have printed off with the QR code on, is this again correct?
  13. Seems that plenty have purchased their tickets online.
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