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  1. I do actually have some brief 90 second clips of some of those games. I think 90 seconds is about all we could endure! Some of these tapes are my own. The one I actually videoed myself in the hope it would be a fond memento in years to come was the game against WBA at Wembley. There's a dusty tape with the whole 90 mins on it. Rest assured that one will NEVER air...
  2. It's a pity it had to be cut down due to time constraint (i.e. it took an age to upload to YouTube so I cut it down a bit) because the actual video tape had a host of interviews and clips of the previous games on it. You could have enjoyed even more of the 1st Team TV team! They seemed to be really enjoying themselves by the end of it...
  3. Fifa, football’s world governing organisation have announced a series of moves in light of the global pandemic including the extension of players’ contracts. The pandemic has seen the UK football season suspended and it is unclear when it will resume. However, it is now accepted by most people that the initial hope of completing the 2019-20 season by 30 June will not happen. After agreement was reached with major stakeholders about the way forward, new proposals have been approved by Fifa’s Bureau of Council. Continue reading Fifa announces extension of player contracts until end of season at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  4. I've not had a pop at footballers. I've taken a pop at football owners, Gordon Taylor and the PFA in my posts on this thread but there are undoubtedly many other individuals who could do a lot more too.
  5. Details of the next live showing here - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/forum/topic/42994-mondays-live-vintage-vale-match-is/?do=getLastComment
  6. I will do and I am so grateful he was before my time. My first match was in 1980 but the first season I remember properly was 1982-3 some time after he'd left.
  7. Thanks. That's a good call. I genuinely can't say yes or no as I don't know if it's in my collection. The video capture software doesn't show a preview so I have to copy the tape "blind" and then check to see what's on it and if it's all OK. So at the moment I'm restricting myself to clearly labelled tapes before taking a plunge into the ones recorded off the telly where there may be a copy of Huddersfield. That probably explains why the first two games have/will be the official PVFC videos for the Autoglass and for Everton - in both cases I had a decent idea what was being converted. Nevertheless, copying them to digital can mean committing to 2/3 hours of copying only to find the quality's awful. Luckily, I have a fair amount of time on my hands right now...
  8. I remember Pollard being rubbish and Richard Walker is a fair shout.
  9. I am pleased to announce that airing at 7.30pm on Monday evening will be: The 1996 FA Cup replay against Everton This will be the complete 90 minutes with commentary. Note: there is no particular order to the classic games I am selecting. Some of the VHS tapes are in too poor quality so it's very much which ones copy across to digital the best which I then select. I have an idea of which ones I'd like to do next but it really depends on what condition the tapes are on. Nevertheless, I hope that the terrific performance against Everton will be a popular one with you all. As I mentioned, these showings are being done for free - I hope they make the stay indoors more bearable. If you want to show your appreciation give those NHS workers in your area an extra cheer on Thursday evening or make a donation to an NHS charity - there are key workers who are doing heroic work and deserve our sincere thanks. More details on how to watch this game will appear on OVF and social media closer the time.
  10. As we continue the Worst Vale XI vote, we move onto centre-backs. There's two positions to fill in the side so get those nominations in. I must admit I am struggling to think of any stand-out terrible ones. I can think of plenty of poor or disappointing ones but none which stand out. Perhaps you guys can help me out with some suggestions? One note: I would expect someone to mention Exodus Geoghaghan at some point but I believe he was mainly deployed as a defensive midfielder by Jim Gannon so I would expect him to feature in the central midfield spots rather than central defence.
  11. And I think this article's headline says all that needs to be said about Gordon Taylor: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/06/pfa-chief-executive-gordon-taylor-says-he-will-not-take-wage-cut
  12. We take a look back through our archives and revisit a game which took place in the United States during the summer of 2011. Images copyright © 2011 J. Andrew Towell . Please click on a thumbnail for a full-sized version of the image. You can use the arrows to navigate through images Continue reading Vintage Gallery: Tacoma Tide versus Port Vale, 2011 at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  13. Well, I hope you enjoyed that. Join me next Monday (if all goes well) for another match from the archives...
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