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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/19/the-esl-would-destroy-football-as-we-know-it-its-almost-as-if-they-dont-care
  2. UEFA's reaction - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/19/super-league-players-face-world-cup-and-euros-ban-warns-furious-uefa-chief
  3. Looks like the government could introduce legislation to stop it happening. There's going to be a statement at 5pm.
  4. I don't see it that way. Like them or loathe them, Salford have not broken any rules. To say that the likes of Salford shouldn't be allowed to progress up the pyramid is a bit precious - if we only allow "established" clubs then at a lower level we would be making the same sort of ring fenced league the top six are trying to do. Salford have splashed cash and gone through managers but there's nothing in the current rules to prevent that. What the top six are doing is circumnavigating the rules and creating their own League so they can ignore things like big clubs getting relegated if they
  5. Absolutely terrible idea. The people who thought it up deserve all the criticism coming their way. The big clubs' pursuit of money has made them forget that closed shop, sterile football isn't wanted by anyone - fans and players but more importantly, I think that TV (certainly in Europe) may back away after the huge criticism it has received. If no broadcasters want to put money in then it's a dead concept unless they only want to broadcast it to an Asian TV audience. If I was a fan of the top six, I'd be targeting the TV companies to make them sure I will be cancelling if they agree to b
  6. I actually wrote this six years ago but I was going to bring it out again if Vale equaled the record. Even though the side sadly didn't manage it, I still think this makes a fascinating read as it's a truly extraordinary run of form. Here's my feature on that 1893 record breaking run: https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2015/09/seven-wins-thirty-goals-port-vales-incredible-1893-run/
  7. The system had a bit of a wobble but it should be working now. In case you've missed this series we have the five best strikers (well, in my opinion) of certain time periods - 1. Best strikers of the 1920s - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2021/04/five-of-the-best-port-vale-strikers-of-the-1920s/ 2. Best strikers of the 1930s - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2021/04/five-of-the-best-port-vale-strikers-of-the-1930s/ Can anyone guess what's coming next?
  8. This is lovely for many reasons - it's nice to catch up with some old faces, it's nice of the club to take time to put it together, it's nice to hear of such a close-knit bunch... but most importantly of all it's just lovely to hear all the tributes to the much missed Lee Collins. Well done Vale and well done the players for doing this:
  9. A well deserved reward for some magnificent work and gives us a club to proud of: https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2021/04/port-vale-community-efforts-recognised-by-football-league-award/ Well done to everyone at the club and Port Vale Foundation!
  10. I think the problem is if you are trying to cull the central midfield area is that four of the current crop (Conlon, Whitehead, Burgess and Taylor) are contracted beyond the summer. There's also the chance that Joyce, who has been a regular, has triggered a contract extension as he did last summer. Obviously, we'd all want Conlon to stay but I would imagine the jury's out on the four others. But how do you get rid if they are under contract without doing loads of expensive contract pay-offs?
  11. I would agree with that @mbycars especially if squad limits are in place next season. Even if it's 25 players it's a risk to have too many injury prone players in there, if it's 20 men squads then even more so. I know this is especially harsh but he's not even managed six 90 minute spells in his recent run of six straight matches. On Saturday he was off on 28 minutes and in two of the other games he was taken off on the hour mark. He's clearly a good player when fit, it's just a question of how often he will remain fit.
  12. National League clubs can sign players up until the 22nd April.
  13. I'd agree with that, sadly. He is a good player when fit as the recent run shows, but he's not been fit enough to last a whole season at any time during his spell with us. I think with the financial challenges of this season, if he's not in the long-term plans and with Vale now safe, it would make sense to cash in, just as the club did with Richie Bennett last season.
  14. Just wanted to give this a bump to see if anyone wants to contribute some memories...
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