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  1. Not on iFollow? So we might get to see a whole 90 mins without buffering and random crashes then?
  2. Thanks all. My instinct was the same as @boslemportvale91 which is there was an incident around 68 mins but it was a player booked for a foul on Joyce not the other way around. Thanks!
  3. Sorry for the odd and specific question but... a user on Twitter has asked me if he got booked around the 68 mins. It was announced on the club Twitter feed but it isn't shown as a yellow on any of the match stats such as on Sky, BBC etc If he did get booked I think this person wins a sizeable bet so I'm trying to help him out. I genuinely cannot remember but if anyone has the full match replay and can confirm (even better if they can grab the footage of the card) it will help him. If anyone can help that would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  4. That's very true. Us exiles either in the UK or abroad are totally reliant on iFollow - either for commentary or for the stream.
  5. By the way, I have replied telling them their reply is unacceptable and asking for it to be escalated to a manager. I responded with: I would appreciate that this email was forwarded on to a supervisor or manager to indicate my extreme displeasure with your service. I think after two poor experiences in a single week we fans deserve a proper explanation of what went wrong and what iFollow are going to do about it. In particular why is your customer support service so slow at responding to urgent queries? If you get a reply you may want to do the same. If we don't accept their generic
  6. Unbelievable. I got a reply from iFollow customer services. I was about to reply saying it's pointless contacting me ten minutes after the final whistle when I realised it was their response to TUESDAY - some four days later not this game. What's even more laughable is they ask me to check my settings - for a game which finished on Tuesday night! I am responding and asking for my email to be escalated to a manager as a four day wait for an urgent support request on Tuesday is laughable. They need to know that their customer support is just not acceptable.
  7. I think what they've done is scheduled the broadcast to finish at 3pm rather than start at 3pm. Hence why it went down and there is no link available. No-one is answering their phone line either.
  8. Yes the same. What absolute muppets. This is disgraceful two games in a row...
  9. Thank you for the many kind donations so far. 👍 I'll be updating the page over the month of November as to how I get on. Thanks, Rob
  10. Hi, As you may have guessed, the Royal British Legion can't do their normal street collections etc for the poppy appeal this year so they are struggling to raise much money for what is a very worthy cause. They have asked people to support them by taking part in the Poppy Run. This is a running event where you pick what to do during November and raise money to support them. So, I've signed up and decided that rather than one run, I'm going to run 100 Km during November in the form of twenty 5k runs. I'm even going to do the last one in my Vale away top. You can sponsor me t
  11. Sad news - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54731384
  12. There's a typically vague statement from the EFL which I've reproduced here - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2020/10/football-league-issues-vague-statement-on-tuesday-nights-ifollow-issues/ Seriously, is any fan going to be reassured it won't happen again when they use phrases like “isolated technical issues” were to blame and they are “continuing to investigate”...
  13. I can't imagine any refunds would be at Vale's cost. iFollow is a League-wide service created by EFL Digital - set up by the League. The majority of EFL clubs are signed up to it. A few use their own service but I'd imagine providing your own camera crew to go to every game around the country is pretty expensive and it is far cheaper/simpler to just join the central iFollow service. Anyway, as a result Vale as a club are as much a customer of iFollow as the fans are. The revenue is shared between the clubs and EFL Digital so I would imagine any refund would come out of this central E
  14. For anyone without video, it's pretty disjointed so far. They aren't getting the possession they got against Oldham and no real chances as a result. Cheltenham should have been ahead with that lapse at the back but Brown to the rescue...
  15. Blinking heck, terrible defending by Vale - Brown and the woodwork to the rescue...
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