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  1. I have just had an email from the ticket office. I said as someone out of the area would it be possible to buy tickets over the phone on Sunday. Their answer was that it was possible and the phone line will be available during the same hours that the office is open on Sunday. I didn't get an answer on how many tickets I could get but I hope that helps some of the exiles.
  2. Thanks Jean. However, I live away and I'm trying to get two adult and three junior tickets. Does anyone know what the limits are - I don't fancy driving the whole family up just to collect five tickets. Are there going to be any telephone sales?
  3. I want to know the answer to that one too. I have emailed the ticket office but I suspect they are busy right now. If I hear back I will post on here.
  4. Port Vale have been given an initial allocation of 8,000 tickets for their FA Cup third round tie against Manchester City. Season ticket holders will be allowed to buy their tickets from 9am on Wednesday 11th December 2019 with the tickets going on general release on Sunday 22nd December. Full details are available on the Port Vale website – https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2019/december/ticket-details-manchester-city/ Continue reading Port Vale announce ticket details for FA Cup game against Manchester City at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  5. I think the good thing is that unlike Brown and Aspin (who both clogged up their teams with a million loanees by mid-August) we have space to get a left-back on loan. I wonder if that is the route that Askey will take? For me, it's early days and I've only seen about 30 minutes of him playing, but I really like the look of young Ryan Campbell-Gordon as an attacking left-back but he's maybe a season or so away from the first-team so I wouldn't be too unhappy with a temporary signing there. Getting a loan in is easier for Vale as well I would imagine. There's isn't the commitment of agreeing a long-term deal (player having to move house etc), the risk in potentially getting the wrong player and then being stuck with them etc. Plus I presume some higher placed clubs will be keen to give players first-team football if they are not in the first-team.
  6. And for the avoidance of Vale "bias" the well respected independent blog Hundred Percent has a pop at the EFL and Crewe in their excellent piece here - http://twohundredpercent.net/further-miserable-macclesfield-machinations/
  7. Interesting opinion piece. The writer mentions how they sympathise with Macc but later adds that it's "it's always Crewe and Crewe fans first" and concludes that poor Crewe (not the Macc fans or the players and staff owed money) are apparently the "victims" https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/sport/football/opinion-sympathise-macclesfield-suits-made-17382917
  8. What left-backs are potential / realistic signings. We're all saying "left-back" but anyone got any actual names of players who would come and do a job?
  9. I would hope it's a one in, one out policy. I think John Askey has already said as much. So either Kennedy comes back and fights for a place or he stays on loan/is sold permanently and someone else comes in.
  10. I think it's separate. In that: 1. The monthly UK subscription is for audio commentary from all the games. 2. The live stream is a separate one-off "event" So, I think you can buy an "event" without having the audio subscription but I don't know for sure as, living in Aylesbury, I have an active audio subscription but whenever I buy a video ticket it comes up as a separate purchase.
  11. Carabao Energy Drink has teamed up with onevalefan.co.uk to give 10 lucky Vale fans the chance to win a pair of tickets to Port Vale v Cheltenham Town on Saturday 21st December. Currently in the third year of its partnership with the EFL, which includes the title sponsorship of the Carabao Cup, South-East Asian energy drink Carabao is proud to support all 72 football league clubs for the 2019/20 season. Carabao Energy Drinks are great-tasting, fruity low sugar and no sugar drinks that provide an energy boost for everyone, specifically adults of all ages, to get them through their day. Continue reading Win a pair of tickets to Port Vale v Cheltenham Town on 21st December courtesy of Carabao Energy Drink at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  12. This is to let you know of a competition on the front of OVF. Enter to win one of ten pairs of tickets to Vale's game against Cheltenham. Link - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2019/12/win-a-pair-of-tickets-to-port-vale-v-cheltenham-town-on-21st-december-courtesy-of-carabao-energy-drink/
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