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  1. There's a real problem with the Test side in that we've got tons of options in pretty much every area APART from the top three and spin Quicks - Wood, Archer, Stone (albeit injured), Saqib All-rounders - Stokes, Woakes, Moeen (spinning all-rounder) LH Pace - Curran, possibly Garton Experience - Anderson, Broad WK - Buttler, Bairstow, Foakes even Pope at a push Middle order - Root, Stokes, Pope, Lawrence, Bairstow's back again -- I'm become a Parkinson convert in recent weeks. I think he could be a point of difference and he's impressed Shane Warne which is interesting. I reckon he could move ahead of Leach, who I still think has something to offer and Mooen. The only problem with Parkinson is he is a genuine No.11 batsmen so adds to the tail. Up-top, positions one to three, I can't see an answer. I think they've clearly decided not to rush Hameed back but he's now in form and with a Test match ave of 43, earned in overseas Tests, he's streets ahead of both Burns and Sibley IMO. Only problem would be who to partner him? As for number three, I personally would go back to Malan but there's no obvious solution. I also think Livingstone is potentially worth a shout. He reminds me a bit of Robin Smith in being fearless and I think he may thrive against Aussie pace. The only issue is he's usually a middle order batsman and I wouldn't want England to crowbar him in by playing him out of position.
  2. It's causing uproar on the Rovers forum. I'm pleased to see that the overwhelming majority of their fans think that if he's found guilty of domestic violence, he should be dismissed straight away. I think it's a dreadful position for their fans as he's not been found guilty but has two pending court dates so this is going to drag on. That's got to disrupt their preparations and potentially derail their season if he does leave following either one of them. I feel sorry for their fans - they didn't appoint their manager and it seems many were against the decision - but I'm very glad we didn't touch Barton with a bargepole when it came to picking our next manager.
  3. I think you are a bit.. the message is they "recommend" not that you "have to" - "we recommend the use of face-coverings while on the stadium footprint" So, it's not required but in terms of protecting yourself/others the club ask fans to "act responsibly."
  4. Some advice from the club if you are attending - https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2021/july/return-of-fans-to-vale-park-sheffield-wednesday-july-27/
  5. Just so we don't duplicate threads, there's already a separate thread on those comments here - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/forum/topic/48385-ovf-feature-not-much-honesty-or-loyalty-–-tom-pope-on-port-vale-exit-and-congleton-switch/?do=getNewComment
  6. Carol was interviewed on the Today programme, Radio Four this morning. It's not available to listen again yet but when it is, she' son (probably) about 8.45am. It was all about the issue of getting fans to have Covid passwords for match entry. A summary of her comments (hope I have these right from memory) She's in favour of vaccines and promoting them but can't see how the club can force people The costs of additional stewarding and so on will hurt clubs This is all about the fans but what about the duty of care to staff/players (she then seemed to say a Vale player had refused a vaccine but I'm not sure if that was a fact or a "what if a player refuses" hypothetical scenario) She made the point that there's plenty of space for 5,000 fans to spread out at Vale Park She also mentioned how do you tell loyal season ticket holders they can't come in after they have committed financially to the club I think that's a reasonably accurate summary (perhaps someone can correct me if wrong). The bit that shocked me was when she said a player had turned down having the vaccine. I can't be certain she said that so it will be interesting to see exactly what was said on the listen again.
  7. From what I can gather, the Non League paper covered Congleton Town's latest friendly (vs Crewe yesterday) and the interview appears to have done while they were there.
  8. He's directly quoted in the Non-League paper in an interview with him published online and in their paper. I cannot imagine a newspaper would interview him and manufacture quotes. It's possible but it's highly unlikely in my opinion.
  9. Yep, I think that's the issue. There's been a load of cuts at the Johnston Press and I think Mike is now having to cover several clubs so naturally there's less focus on Vale as a result. It's a pity and sadly it does show what an excellent job the Sentinel did do of covering Vale issues in the past.
  10. I personally still think he deserves a testimonial and thanking for his long service. I think these comments are unfortunate (and in my opinion they deserve to be criticised) but they shouldn't overshadow the years playing for the club. I just hope he realises that sometimes it's better to be diplomatic and that ahead of any testimonial activities he comes back with some more positive and thankful comments about the club and the fans. After all, it's a two-way thing - his goals helped the club but the fans and the club helped him too.
  11. Admin notice - I've just changed this thread title to "Sheffield Wednesday tickets" to differentiate it from the Sheff Wed match thread. Thanks.
  12. That's a fair point but even if he is found not guilty of this and the manager assault, he seems to attract bad publicity and off-field attention like no other. Even if proven innocent, it's not a great scenario for a club if your manager is forever distracted fighting (pardon the pun) off-field accusations. Whether it's his fault or not that he attracts that attention, he still does and it still detracts from the job. I'm glad we never went anywhere near him for our manager's role.
  13. Hmmm, I have a feeling that these comments to the Non League newspaper will divide opinion. Searing honesty or a moaner blaming everyone but himself? Whichever way you feel, please try to keep it respectful to both other posters and the player himself.
  14. Here's the thread to discuss the forthcoming friendly game against Sheff Wed...
  15. I don't think it is. This is an image I was given of him at Stafford: This is Lewis Cass who I think that is: For a few more shots of the younger players and trialists check out this feature: https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2021/07/a-look-at-some-of-port-vales-young-guns/ For shots of the current first teamers take a look at the current squad page: https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/category/port-vale-players/current-port-vale-squad/
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