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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I tried to do a few trick questions where the "obvious" answer wasn't necessarily the right one...
  2. Hi @Loggerheads Sage I edited it to remove the opening sequence but that seems to suggest it was a Huddersfield Town tape. I think it's the same deal as that promotion match at Brighton (where I actually have three copies of the Brighton VHS) that presumably Vale fans contacted the opposition club and bought the club video. I think it's the same thing with your video which is probably a copy of that official video bought by a Vale fan. Either way, it was fantastic and I'm really happy you found it and sent it on. One of my personal faves from the games we've shown. If anyone missed it, it is still available to watch in full through the link earlier on in this thread.
  3. Test your knowledge and see how you get on with our latest quiz – ten questions on signings by legendary manager John Rudge. To take the quiz just press the button below: Continue reading Quiz: ten tricky questions about John Rudge’s Port Vale signings at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  4. Couldn't agree more and much as the social media boo boys won't like it, some of our more successful forwards this century have come to us with appalling records at other clubs. Leon Constantine scored 1 in 17 for Torquay before hitting 26 the following season for us AJ Leitch-Smith scored 2 in 38 for Yeovil before hitting 13 the following season for us Loanee Craig Davies had gone 11 months without a goal and then hit seven in 24 for us Or even Mr Pope who had 1 in 20 for Rotherham before joining us I'm not advocating we go out and get a striker with an awful record but more pointing out that one club's disaster can be another's success. It's worth judging players on their performances for Vale in our side and system and not judging all signings by what they did at their former clubs. Not that some fans will listen though...
  5. It sounds like if he's really keen on bringing Clark and Taylor (which is totally fair enough) back then potentially the only new faces could be the goalkeeper and the striker. I'd be delighted if we could get both Clark and Taylor (I guess our chances depend on other clubs/agents) as they are proven at this level and it gives us a really settled squad for next season.
  6. I wasn't there but I remember the result... in my nightmares!
  7. This photograph portrays Roy Cross in 1970 shortly after the defender had joined Port Vale FC. Continue reading Photo essay: a portrait of Port Vale defender Roy Cross, 1970 at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  8. Just can't see that one. They may have got one rumour right (perhaps more luck than knowledge considering the sheer number of rumours they put out) but I cannot see us being interested in him. We have a core of experienced players and are well stocked in central midfield. If anything, we want a young understudy for Joyce not an injury-prone 32 year-old.
  9. Hi Folks, I know the "Port Vale Present" section is very popular and is the only place some of you visit but please try to place posts within the right section. I've just moved a post on Gareth Ainsworth out of the "Port Vale Present" section. If anything, as a former player, Gareth Ainsworth could go under "Port Vale Past" but as it's about his achievements at Wycombe the correct location is "Other Football Matters" - where other football teams are discussed,. I know it may seem a small thing but these section headings are there for a reason, to help people find related topics all in one place - otherwise we'd just end up with a jumble of Port Vale and non Port Vale things all in the one section. Oh and if you want the thread on Gareth and Wycombe it's here - Thanks, Rob
  10. I've merged two thread which had been created on this subject.
  11. The popular Port Vale fans podcast returns with their eighth episode of the summer which includes a review of the latest news at the club. About this episode Stu, Jonny and Bezza chat about: – Nathan Smith signing a new deal! – New Signing Alert! Devante Rodney – News of the new season start date Download it Available on Apple, Google, and Spotify podcasts and also available at https://aleandthevale.podbean.com Continue reading Ale and the Vale podcast episode 8 now available at onevalefan.co.uk. More
  12. What an amazing story. I actually work in a unit just above the ground (well I would if I wasn't furloughed) and it's so tiny (the stadium, not my workplace). It's unbelievable to think it will be a Championship stadium now. I know a number of Wycombe fans through work and there's some real die hards who will be over the moon.
  13. Hope you enjoyed that. It's one I really wanted to add to the OVF YouTube channel and if you did miss it, it's there to watch in full anytime.
  14. I'd hope if that's the case then Askey looks left field. We don't have to have a proven League 2 striker as a signing if none are any good. We've had plenty of players who were in the reserves of clubs higher up (Lee Mills, Steve Brooker, Steve McPhee and Alex Jones to name four) who did the business for us from day one. And with the likes of Burgess, Taylor (no one had heard of either last summer) Askey looks to potentially have a decent scouting system who could possibly net him something similar. My only worry with that is that the expectations of some the Vale fans these days is such that it seems that unless we sign one of the "big names" in the division then we've done awful and if we sign a relative unknown then they start moaning.
  15. Ha! I'll have to count it up but yeah he's probably well into double figures on these games...
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