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  1. I said they should swap the keeper Well done Lucas!
  2. He's now among the favourites for the Southend job. Towards the end of this article (they haven't realised he has left the Vale)... Bristol Rovers coach the new favourite to take over at National League Southend United - Bristol Live WWW.BRISTOLPOST.CO.UK
  3. Any more score predictions? I fancy 2-1 myself. I don't think we've quite got that rock solid defence to keep a clean sheet but I think we've got a lot of goals through the team.
  4. @PV1973 True. What I was (inelegantly) trying to say was that having quality players on the bench is a real advantage as you are not weakening your side by bringing them on and (as you say) that also allows flexibility in formation. I'm sure this is a problem the manager is absolutely delighted with - who to play where, in what formation and who to leave out... I'm not surprised he keeps saying he picks the team to beat the opponents as it can come down to who he thinks will do best against the next opponents.
  5. Well, moving away from the keeper situation, I do think the strength of the bench has really been to the fore in recent games. That's two matches where we've been able to bring players off the bench to clearly influence the game. Against Orient it was Politic and Amoo - on Saturday it was Politic and Benning.
  6. I do like that flexible line-up because you can also switch to three at the back with it as well. Covolan Gibbo Smith Jones Worrall Conlon Pett Garrity Benning Politic Wilson
  7. I don't agree with that point. If he's dropped it would be due to several errors not one. I would imagine that would be the same if Stone was brought in. He wouldn't be booted out as soon as he makes a mistake. For me, Clarke's harsh words for LC, "not good enough" even in the middle of a winning run were striking. I guess the key question is are we winning because of the keeper or despite the keeper and which one of those camps DC falls into? I suspect DC will be keeping a close eye on him in training today and seeing how Lucas responds.
  8. I'd agree with that. I wouldn't be surprised if Covolan is left out because I worry that goal will affect his confidence and also because the rest of the squad are judged on their performances so you can't make an exception for the keeper But I wouldn't write him off. He's just come into the FL and made a couple of noticeable errors. However, he's on a two year deal, he's got time to come back stronger and learn from these. He appears to be keen to make a success of it and learn so I hope he does but on current form, he must be worried about keeping his place. For me, that's just the way it works. Some players (take Dan Jones) just come in from day one and impress. Others (Mal Benning for instance) seem to take longer. That could be for loads of reasons - moving to a new area, new team mates, different coaching methods, tactics and so on. With LC I suspect it's the move up in standard. But If the coaching staff have done their homework, Covolan is of the right stuff, he just may be more of a slow burner (a Benning) in adapting rather than being the finished product from day one.
  9. I dunno... I do know you can normally trust the Interweb to make everything into a conspiracy! I just wonder if DC kept the same squad together as it was winning. So, no conspiracy or "personal reasons" just that Rodney wasn't out of the squad and DC didn't think it was fair to drop anyone out to accommodate him while they were winning.
  10. It will be interesting to see who comes in if Proctor is unfit. One from Rodney, Amoo, Lloyd or Politic?
  11. Great statement by the club - really sends out the zero tolerance message in no uncertain terms. Good bye "supporter" - you certainly won't be missed...
  12. Voting closes 9am on Thursday so you'll need to be quick if you want to vote for him. A link is in the article.
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