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  1. I think Jones is injured unfortunately. If he was fit I'd have him on the bench in place of Robinson as his throw could be useful. I wonder if Harratt is worth a start in place of Edmondson? I know Ryan has bags of energy and I personally feel he has good potential but Harratt has that goal poacher's mentality and looks to be able to snatch a goal from nowhere. Then again, I don't see the players on the training ground like the management do.
  2. My thoughts exactly. It's a pity if he is missing today (would be great to see him in the squad) as he gives us height and power in midfield as well as another attacking option with his passing. Stats-wise we were unbeaten in seven with him in the midfield, winning six of them and drawing the other. But if he's not fit I hope one of the others will step up.
  3. I'm also clearly working really hard at the moment...
  4. What about those of us who don't like in the local area? I've not lived in Stoke-on-Trent since 1989.
  5. @Guppys left peg my car will be festooned with Vale scarves so give us a wave if we cross paths on the M1 either there or on the way back!
  6. Just wondering how everybody's holding up ahead of the game? Due to my location (it normally takes about two and a half hours anyhow) and concerns about motorway rush hour delays my journey to Burslem is starting pretty early at around 1.30pm this afternoon. Can't wait to get in the car and begin. Anybody else travelling from outside the area to the game?
  7. Good Lord, the arrogance and lack of humility going on there. Well, there's the article for the Vale coaching staff to pin up on the wall of the dressing room...
  8. Just a polite note - there's already a match thread and to keep the forum easy to follow we don't need multiple threads on the same topic.
  9. Not sure this is exactly the "brave new dawn" we expected under McCullum and Stokes. Can't see what more Matt Parkinson has to do to get in the squad. I think we may have selected the wrong Overton brother (Jamie offers the express pace missing in the side) and there's a yawning gap at number three where someone is going to have to play in a new position at Test level. Why no specialist number three? I guess they didn't want to have too many new faces in the squad and some continuity but I think we have gaps in some areas (competition for spots 1-3, spin options) and more options that we need in others (mid-order batsman and fast-medium bowlers) Harry Brook, Matthew Potts called up but familiar names dominate England's Test squad WWW.ESPNCRICINFO.COM
  10. Completely agree, especially with what a captain should and shouldn't be.
  11. Amoo upfront... he has never done anything upfront! Ridiculous. We need Proctor on to make the ball stick up front. Absolutely, put him on for last half-hour if he's fit enough. Edmondson hasn't really been involved. I don't really get the doom and gloom, a quarter of the way in and we're 1-0 down in an away fixture.
  12. I think the club are quite rightly keeping things quiet about who's fit or not (so our opponents are kept guessing) but I think it would be a big boost if Walker was in contention.
  13. It could be the regulations rather than the stadium that have changed. Either way, it's certainly extremely draconian and galling when you see other stadiums which seemingly aren't subject to the same rules. I don't know enough about this but are the regulations nationwide or set locally? By the council, police or both? Is it that the issue that we are subject to local guidelines which are far stricter than other places? I honestly don't know.
  14. I think it's unclear what the specific reasons are. It's down to safety regulations but why those numbers have been decided for VP when other grounds with similar issues regarding exits, turnstiles etc can seemingly have greater capacities is unclear. For instance, if it is a maximum of 2,000 in the Railway stand that's 57% of the previous 3,500 capacity. I think that why we can understand some reduction in capacity, no-one is sure why it is so low and what measures the club could take to raise them (if they could afford to do so).
  15. Port Vale give more details of live screening of play-off at Vale Park - onevalefan.co.uk WWW.ONEVALEFAN.CO.UK
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