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  1. The system had a bit of a wobble but it should be working now. In case you've missed this series we have the five best strikers (well, in my opinion) of certain time periods - 1. Best strikers of the 1920s - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2021/04/five-of-the-best-port-vale-strikers-of-the-1920s/ 2. Best strikers of the 1930s - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2021/04/five-of-the-best-port-vale-strikers-of-the-1930s/ Can anyone guess what's coming next?
  2. This is lovely for many reasons - it's nice to catch up with some old faces, it's nice of the club to take time to put it together, it's nice to hear of such a close-knit bunch... but most importantly of all it's just lovely to hear all the tributes to the much missed Lee Collins. Well done Vale and well done the players for doing this:
  3. A well deserved reward for some magnificent work and gives us a club to proud of: https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2021/04/port-vale-community-efforts-recognised-by-football-league-award/ Well done to everyone at the club and Port Vale Foundation!
  4. I think the problem is if you are trying to cull the central midfield area is that four of the current crop (Conlon, Whitehead, Burgess and Taylor) are contracted beyond the summer. There's also the chance that Joyce, who has been a regular, has triggered a contract extension as he did last summer. Obviously, we'd all want Conlon to stay but I would imagine the jury's out on the four others. But how do you get rid if they are under contract without doing loads of expensive contract pay-offs?
  5. I would agree with that @mbycars especially if squad limits are in place next season. Even if it's 25 players it's a risk to have too many injury prone players in there, if it's 20 men squads then even more so. I know this is especially harsh but he's not even managed six 90 minute spells in his recent run of six straight matches. On Saturday he was off on 28 minutes and in two of the other games he was taken off on the hour mark. He's clearly a good player when fit, it's just a question of how often he will remain fit.
  6. National League clubs can sign players up until the 22nd April.
  7. I'd agree with that, sadly. He is a good player when fit as the recent run shows, but he's not been fit enough to last a whole season at any time during his spell with us. I think with the financial challenges of this season, if he's not in the long-term plans and with Vale now safe, it would make sense to cash in, just as the club did with Richie Bennett last season.
  8. Just wanted to give this a bump to see if anyone wants to contribute some memories...
  9. Link - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56666478 I don't usually agree with much the PFA moans about but on this occasion I think they may have a case. I do think that a 25 limit across the three divisions is fairer than 20 for Leagues 1 and 2 especially, as the PFA say, a small squad could be causing injuries through players playing more games and perhaps being rushed back into action.
  10. Absolutely. A huge thanks to @Aussie Rules for the hours and hours of work and money put into OVF's competitions.
  11. @Doha remarkably it appears not. The ground cost £14m and was paid for / owned by the council who got £4m of grants and paid the remaining £10m. Prior to the move to the new stadium, the club sold Layer Road to "clear its debts" I'm taking the above from Wikipedia. According to the Price of football Twitter feed, Colchester were losing 23k a week from 2018 onwards but that comes nowhere near to £25m so gawd knows where that huge figure has come from.
  12. As I've mentioned I'm revamping OVF's coverage of classic games and one of the angles I want to get is fans' views of the matches. So, this time I am asking for your memories of the epic draw at Anfield in 1990. Please reply with your recollections. Note: replies on here may be used in a future OVF article - by posting on here you agree for your comments to be featured. Thanks!
  13. A tragic update about Lee Collins - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11729/12268589/yeovil-town-captain-lee-collins-died-from-hanging-court-hears Can I please say to anyone reading this and who feels suicidal thoughts to reach out for help. There are people who will listen, who won't judge you, who can help you and who can help you turn your life around. I would urge anyone on this forum who is suffering from depression to reach out to the Samaritans through this link - https://www.samaritans.org/ Or call them free on 116 123. Take care all!
  14. It's now also on the OVF front page which may give it a little more publicity.
  15. With respect, I am moving this to the "Gone but not forgotten" section. A redirect will remain in place from "Port Vale Present"
  16. @darren1810 Thanks. I've only just noticed this but I will put this on the front of OVF too. Articles on there get posted onto NewsNow and Google News so it will get a bit more exposure.
  17. That's awful news. My thoughts are with his friends and family. RIP Lee.
  18. I think I remember his last game under Askey and from my amateur/fan perspective it looked like he had no discipline at all out wide. He was cutting in all the time, getting out of position and not tracking back. In turn that meant the opposition were doubling up on the Zak Mills. So, unless that's changed I can't see him playing wide. Having said that, perhaps coming on as a sub in games we are chasing may be the solution - if Vale are going for broke just bring him on in a free role, tell him to ignore the tracking back, defending and go for it. He's got an eye for a goal and can also
  19. Oh and by the way... that photo - maskless people, queuing to go and enjoy spending some money in a shop. I vaguely remember those long ago days...
  20. I'm of the opposite view - I have the black one and I still really like it but I'm still not quite sold on the home one. However, I think that's a good thing as there's choice. I think they've done pretty well to cover different tastes with the designs. However, designs apart, I think the key thing the club are doing is getting the design done with plenty of time in future seasons. That can only help both in terms of managing demand but also in terms of marketing it (it gives them time to potentially tease the designs and build up interest in the kit launch).
  21. Thanks very much for the comments so far - please do keep them coming 🙂
  22. * bump * Thanks for those so far - happy to receive any more...
  23. Hi, I'm looking to get the thoughts of fans present at famous games to add to OVF's coverage. I think it's good to capture those unique moments and perspectives on the big games. So, if you have a memory of the Spurs game, either comment on the article or post a reply to this thread if it is easier. By posting a reply here you agree that your comments may be used in a future OVF feature. Thanks!
  24. I hope you enjoy these. I went to all the games mentioned in this piece so they brought back some happy memories for me.
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