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  1. Thanks @Santa I thought a question on Vale in the 90's would be up your street.
  2. I found a story on Chris Burns and I am opening this one up to all you amateur detectives of the 1990s to get to the bottom of it. The story is here - Chris Burns: My love for Portsmouth was why I quit Football League aged 28 to return to the building site. No club came close | The News WWW.PORTSMOUTH.CO.UK The salient points are - Burns says he was set to join Vale in a swap deal for Ian Bogie but it fell through over the transfer fee. The problem is - he says the interest was before he moved on loan to Swansea which took place in December 1993 Ian Bogie didn't join Vale until March 1995 so it can't have been him at that date. So there's two possibilities - 1. Burns got confused over the player, got Bogie's name mixed up with another player and the journalist didn't realise. 2. Burns got confused over the date and this didn't happen in 1993. Even then it can't be Bogie as Burns left Pompey in 1994 and as I mentioned Bogie didn't join Vale till 95. I know several of you have press clippings and the like and I wonder if anyone has any info on when Burns was on trial with the club. That would shed more light on when it was and what player was involved. There doesn't seem to be any likely candidates from the Vale midfield of 93/94. That season there was Porter, VDL and Ian Taylor (can't see any of them being let go) plus Paul Kerr who had only joined in the summer. If anyone has any suggestions on who the "swop" player could possibly be, that would be great too. Thanks in advance for any comments on this.
  3. Being pedantic for the players covered I look at their entire record, not a single spell. Over Littlewood's two spells it's 63% - which is still brilliant though and as good/better than some on there. That said, I take the point and if there's any others out there that aren't in the article feel free to add them to this thread. It's select list, not a definitive top five (that's why it's "Five of the best" not "The five best") and there's always going to be players I miss / it's going to be subject to personal preferences (i.e. it helps if the players have an interesting story as well as the stats). However, I am grateful for the comment - and keep 'em peeled, he may just be appearing in another feature soon 😀
  4. Hope you enjoy this one - there's some extraordinary characters profiled in this article. 🙂
  5. This could get very messy/costly: Wycombe Wanderers could launch legal action against relegation after Derby administration - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK I can see the Wycombe's owner's points - the Derby owner has basically admitted they would have been relegated last season if they'd filed on time and he has a duty to the Wycombe shareholders (including fans) to reclaim the Championship money Wycombe would have got by staying up.
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    I couldn't agree more. 👍
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    I think that there's some Football League rule change about not having anyone standing at the front of stands at pitch level. This was a statement by Bristol Rovers on it: The club is aware that the recent changes to the terracing areas have caused some issues over the first three games of the season. The change has come following an EFL regulation that does not allow any standing at pitch level. This rule is now being enforced by our Safety Advisory Group. We are aware that many fans, particularly younger fans, used to stand at the front of the terrace to ensure that they could see and therefore we know that this change has been disappointing for many supporters." Terrace Standing - News - Bristol Rovers WWW.BRISTOLROVERS.CO.UK If that is the case then: 1) It's just Vale/other clubs following FL rules 2) However, even if that is the case, it may be good for the stewards to communicate this change rather than move people away with no explanation. 3) It may also be a good idea for the club could pop up a quick statement too. It's all about communication it seems to me. I'm guessing the rule has been applied to stop pitch invasions/protect player safety but you actually need to tell people when the rules change or how else are they going to know?
  8. I do think people were writing him off though. I saw several comments on here along the lines of "clown" and "get rid" in the opening week of the season. How players perform in the League can apply to a multitude of players and can go either way. You could say that no-one knew that about Ian Taylor and he had a very successful first season as a League footballer. Everyone has to start their career at some stage. However, we've also got an insurance policy in Aidan Stone. I think it's been a while since we've had quality GK cover and that not only helps in terms of someone with a decent amount of experience able to step in but also helps Lucas maintain standards. For me, I think it's too early to herald him as a success and as I said in my post above, it will be interesting to see where he is in the New Year, but the signs are certainly promising at the moment. All he can do is keep proving the doubters wrong and I hope he does.
  9. I do think it was a bit unfair to write him off after one game. He's still not into double figures in terms of his Football League career and he's lining up behind / communicating with a rebuilt defence. Considering both those things, he's settled really well. It will be interesting to see how he's doing by the New Year with 20-odd games behind him. In a funny way, another thing he's got is relatively experienced back-up in Aidan Stone breathing down his neck. That's got to help him maintain the standards. Scott Brown didn't have that competition for several periods of his Vale career and I think it's good to have someone like Stone to keep the pressure on and also as a long-term successor for him.
  10. Some interesting comments in a fan's article here: The signs are ominous for Joey Barton with huge pressure on Bristol Rovers' trip to Walsall - Bristol Live WWW.BRISTOLPOST.CO.UK To quote... The Rovers manager was delusional in his words after the match. I sat in disbelief as he started the presser by claiming that there wasn’t that much in it on Saturday. Was he watching a different game? We were 3-0 down at half time, gifting the opposition their offensive position and made mistake after mistake. His comments sparked laughter and fury in equal measure and he grew similar responses again when he tried to turn a horror show into a positive, pointing out we won the second half. We lost the game and he should have been less bullish in his remarks, which was further evident when he repeated his promotion rhetoric. He surely has to regret claiming he’ll get us promoted this season when all that is between us and non-league are Scunthorpe and Oldham... I’m starting to wonder too if there are problems elsewhere in the club. Since the much revered days of Darrell Clarke and Graham Coughlan, three straight managers have failed to turn Rovers around.
  11. Just moving this to the "Gone not forgotten" area...
  12. I mentioned in another post how I like Cass in the back three as he steps up so often. I do think that has helped Worrall a little bit. He knows there's someone there who will step up and offer some cover on the flank and it allows Worrall to get more up the pitch and leave his defensive duties a bit. That's taking nothing away from Wozza, who was my MOTM by a country mile on Saturday and who has been superb for a number of seasons. But it's why I like seeing Cass in the back three as it does seem to give Worrall more freedom to attack.
  13. For me, it's definitely fingers crossed we can keep Gibbo and Conlon fit this season as they both add so much. I think it's going to be the same with Conlon too. He's not quite there and back to the levels of last season. That's no criticism as he was exceptional last season and is currently only back from injury. I think that's just him catching up on sharpness. Even at 90-95% he's a very good player but when Tom's back to 100% I think he'll be a class above just as Gibbo will be.
  14. Hi, can we please get back on topic. If you want to discuss songs to sing then that should be in a different thread from the one discussion the action on the pitch. Some posts have been hidden now to prevent this thread going off on a tangent 😉 Thanks!
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    Guardian feature: ‘Ticking timebomb’: Oldham braced for more protests amid sorry decline | Oldham | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM
  16. For me @heatwave it's about professionalism and perception as well though. We've seen the efforts under the owners to reinvigorate the club through non-tangible projects - things like the nostalgic images on the club shop, the painting of the stand metalwork etc. None of those bring in any extra money but they all help create the impression of a professional, well run club with pride in itself. I think it has to be a similar approach with the media. We all hope Vale will be a success and if they are they will come to the attention of the national media. What are they going to think about being plonked at the back of a home stand among the fans. What if... heaven forbid... one of the fans ever decides to confront them because (stewards apart) there's next to no segregation. I think a professional club needs a professional, self-contained media area, away from the fans and with modern equipment and good sightlines. We want the national media to be welcomed, to notice how well the club is run and to tell people about it. Sorting it out is NOT going to bring any more money in, it is an additional expense and the priority should always be success on the pitch first, but I do think that in the long-term relocating that press area should be something that's done. It's a small thing in the grand scheme of things but all these little things do have a tendency to add up to give you an overall impression of a football club.
  17. Absolutely agree it's a ridiculous location. I seem to recall it's basically cost-cutting by a previous board. The obvious place would be up near the Presidents seating, in a secure area where they won't have fans walking in front of them and where they can get a clearer view of the action from higher up. I guess the problem is that there's a lot of equipment put in that block for the journalists so it will be complex and possibly pricey to relocate it all.
  18. A bit of a "cheat" as these clippings have been shown in three separate articles but my hope is that collecting them together gives a real flavour of what the coverage of the 1953-54 season was like (such as the odd obsession with players in the bath)...
  19. Thanks. That sort of connection is the most difficult to find out as it's one thing looking through lists of players for the same surname but when they are cousins it's far trickier. Thank you for the additions, I will update the article at some point 👍
  20. I'm very happy to receive any suggestions - as the feature says, it wasn't an exhaustive list and I'm sure there are many more... 🙂
  21. I hope he is too, but on current form, I would have Cass in the starting XI ahead of him. That's not to say that Martin may come good later but I think he's had a slow start to his Vale spell and I thought Cass did really well against Swindon.
  22. I think he's a goal away from going on a good run. I think we just need to be patient with him. If you don't look at his career stats, it's easy to forget just how little first-team football he has played - 66 League starts in eight years (five of those starts for Vale). Out of all the players, I suspect he's the one who may take the longest to adjust but also possibly the one with the greatest potential to be a huge asset when he does.
  23. Just to continue "bootwatch"... The photo in the Burnley report: Gibbo (far right) on Saturday (Gerard Austin's photo from the official site):
  24. I'm terrible at identifying players but in terms of players... Aaron Martin is mentioned in the report while is that Jake Taylor and Gibbo (looking at the club's Swindon gallery he's wearing the same colour boots as Gibbo) in two of the photos?
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