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  1. I can't imagine any refunds would be at Vale's cost. iFollow is a League-wide service created by EFL Digital - set up by the League. The majority of EFL clubs are signed up to it. A few use their own service but I'd imagine providing your own camera crew to go to every game around the country is pretty expensive and it is far cheaper/simpler to just join the central iFollow service. Anyway, as a result Vale as a club are as much a customer of iFollow as the fans are. The revenue is shared between the clubs and EFL Digital so I would imagine any refund would come out of this central E
  2. For anyone without video, it's pretty disjointed so far. They aren't getting the possession they got against Oldham and no real chances as a result. Cheltenham should have been ahead with that lapse at the back but Brown to the rescue...
  3. Blinking heck, terrible defending by Vale - Brown and the woodwork to the rescue...
  4. Playing for me on my phone (see my last post) - luckily you've not missed much yet...
  5. It also works on phone. So as others have said it's browsers which seem to be having issues. if you can put up with having it on a smaller screen it seems to be displaying OK on a phone or tablet. If you haven't got the app then on Android go to the Play Store search for iFollow, download it and log on and you'll see the video option there.
  6. It may be worth emailing [email protected] - it's supposed to be a 24/7 live support email address. I guess if they get a lot of Vale complaints it may spur them into action.
  7. I would agree. This is supposedly the live support email so may be worth venting at them... [email protected]
  8. So the first one of the half dozen reasons. He's moved from a Southern League Premier Division Central side to a National League North one. In effect one step higher up the pyramid.
  9. How do you read that into this short statement? Hednesford Town can confirm that young full back Ryan Campbell-Gordonโ€™s loan at Hednesford Town has ended and he has returned to Vale Park. Campbell-Gordon made 3 starts for the Pitmen and 1 substitute appearance and we thank him for his work with us during his loan spell and wish him all the best for the season ahead at Port Vale. It could literally be any one of half a dozen reasons: Vale may want him back to move him on to another club (perhaps a higher placed one or one who make a bigger contribution to wages) Val
  10. I must admit, I didn't know he was there on loan in the first place but I hope it was good experience for him: https://www.hednesfordtownfc.com/2020/10/campbell-gordon-returns-to-vale
  11. Absolutely no problems! I'm very happy to push a good cause. Good on the Oatcake users for doing it!
  12. I wonder if there will be any TV interest?
  13. It's a return to Vale Park for former Valiant Sam Kelly ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. I've been discussing the times recently when OVF has gone down in recent weeks with my server's techie people. It's been down half a dozen times in recent days. It appears it is a script crashing caused by various things including traffic. After a chat with the technical staff, a service which (in basic terms) helps websites keep online has been added. I won't go into specific details to save you all from getting bored but it should help. Hopefully this will solve the problem and the recent crashes will stop. Sorry if any of you have been annoyed when OVF has been down. As you c
  15. Exactly ๐Ÿ‘ In theory, a good time saving idea. In practice it could be a nightmare...
  16. I guess that actually makes more sense. What they can do is make all UK season ticket accounts the same status as those of Vale fans abroad (i.e. able to watch live video on demand). It should mean one mass move of the accounts rather than having to create loads of promo codes for every game throughout the season (and making sure loads of promo codes work). I guess the problem is whether iFollow do the migration right. They haven't got a great track record of doing things flawlessly and at the first attempt. Fingers crossed it does work though - it should make things easier for seaso
  17. Ah! Well it did for thirty seconds, it's come up with the option to buy one now. If you get the same issue as me it may be worth refreshing the page a few times ๐Ÿ™‚
  18. Anyone having a problem getting an iFollow pass? The system currently says there are no passes available.
  19. But the worst thing for a broadcaster would be silence. Especially potentially eight minutes of it while he was treated. If they were to "move on" from the incident then I reckon they would have got stick for that too... For instance, if Phil Bowers gets castigated for some fans for making his comments that aren't to do with the game. Even though some fans like them (I do I think it adds a dose of humour) some don't. But if he doesn't do that in this incident and comments on the incident, he's said to be going "on and on" about it. He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I t
  20. I agree. I like Whitehead. He's never going to wow with his elegance but he clearly does a really useful role in the squad. He can play in several roles in midfield (including cover for Joyce) and despite the misses his career goal record isn't bad so he could also add a few goals from midfield too.
  21. I don't see it that way at all. I think it's the right and honest thing to say they thought it was a bad challenge and to say what they thought they saw. I then thought it was the right and honest thing to then mention that fans watching with replays said there was no contact and to pass that information on. It's not a commentator's job to "just keep quiet" it's to comment on the game. It's live commentary for goodness sake - they have to give an immediate view on the whole match picture without any replays, without a producer in the studio checking other camera angles and stuff. In
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-13rHoAecA
  23. Just over an hour to go till it premieres...
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