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  1. The problem is now fixed - a misperforming piece of code has been removed and all is back to normal including the Prediction League pages.
  2. p.s. the links to the Prediction Leagues on the menu etc should all now go to this temporary page too.
  3. Hi all, There's an issue with some of the pages on the main OVF site (so the blog part) including the Prediction League pages. I am aware of it and it's a bit of a complex one so please bear with me. It may take some days to work out what is causing it. As a temporary solution for any Prediction Leaguers please use the new URL below to log in: OVF Prediction Leagues Login Page - onevalefan.co.uk WWW.ONEVALEFAN.CO.UK Sorry for any inconvenience, Rob
  4. Players leaving - that's that pesky transfer window thing, although some players have joined us too. One's scored two goals in 108 minutes... Academy staff leaving - not a huge surprise after the comments in various press conferences about restructuring it Poor performances / team selection - there's always going to be a few of them even during the successful seasons
  5. Am I missing something obvious but am I wrong to think that Gibbo was simply (right or wrongly) rested on Saturday as he has had his injury issues and that he isn't leaving? If he starts on Tuesday will that rumour go away?
  6. We've also got Smith and Jones at the back...
  7. I think it is, yes. Thanks! It also looks like loan signings over 22 do count towards the limit. It you add Cass and Hurst (both 22) to the list and take Covolan and Stone out then it works out at 19. 19 outfield players over 22: Hussey Proctor Wilson Walker Dan Jones Benning Garrity Martin Pett Taylor Amoo Conlon Legge Burgess Rodney Worrall Gibbons Hurst Cass These players don't count: Covolan (GK) Stone (GK) Edmondson (under 22) Harratt (under 22) Politic (under 22) Bailey (under 22) Ellis Jones (under 22) McDermott (under 22) I can't believe Politic is only 21. I thought he was a few years older. He'd be a steal if we could get him on a permanent deal as he's got bags of potential. When you consider Vale could potentially move say Burgess on if they do need more space in the squad, to have such a strong squad yet still have room to add to it is pretty remarkable business over the summer.
  8. Cass doesn't count as he's on loan (and he's under 22 anyhow) while Hurst was 21 (so under 22) at the start of the season. Here's my workings out... Don't count (8) Edmondson (loan and under 22) Harratt (loan and under 22) Politic (loan and under 22) Cass (loan and under 22) Bailey (under 22) Ellis Jones (under 22) McDermott (under 22) Hurst (under 22 at start of the season) Do count (19) Hussey Proctor Covolan Stone Wilson Walker Dan Jones Benning Garrity Martin Pett Taylor Amoo Conlon Legge Burgess Rodney Worrall Gibbons
  9. Absolutely. I would imagine DC will be very happy to have a selection dilemma of how to fit Gibbo, Worrall, Hussey etc into a team. It also means that everyone has to be on it all the time. While I think Gibbo and Worrall never let us down, it's good that even so-called automatic starters will be looking over their shoulders due to the competition for place. Not only that but the two of them have had knocks in recent weeks so DC can rest them and allow them to recover rather than playing them not fully fit.
  10. I think he's still injured. I don't know that for sure but the fact he's not been on the bench even when we're down to the bare bones would suggest so.
  11. Well, no player is "100% signed" until it's official - but judging by pieces in the local press it's very likely. However, until it's over the line it's never done. Mansfield called the press in to formally announce the signing of Ron Futcher in 1988. Only he never turned up to the press conference as he'd driven to Vale Park to sign for John Rudge instead - Nearly men 7-12: the rocky transfer route to Ron Futcher... - onevalefan.co.uk WWW.ONEVALEFAN.CO.UK So, it's never 100% until the player's signed the contract.
  12. I'm not sure about that. I would be very happy with Gibbo as RWB, Hussey as LWB and Worrall used (more effectively) further up the pitch.
  13. Yep, sadly I agree on Hameed. He got his form back in the county game but to me it looks like he's not up to International level. He's regressed so much it's almost painful to keep persisting with him. For what it's worth I'm not sure Burns is also the required standard and I'm not sure Crawley is an opener, so that leaves us back to the drawing board in terms of openers. I agree about Buttler. He's on 90-odd Tests now and just isn't the answer.
  14. I dunno. The January window is known as being really difficult in terms of signing established players. Most of the experienced players are either not available or only available for massive amounts, so it was likely to be loan signings rather than permanent deals.
  15. It wasn't a straight swop - the new ground has cost £71m to date (that price doesn't include the cost of the land). I think their rise is more to do with the good fortune of having an owner who's a fan and worth many millions and was able to clear their debts, fund an innovative "moneyball" approach and fund a new stadium.
  16. I know it's rumours but it's the escalation of rumours into "alternative facts" where people are seemingly convinced we would lose one of our best players (hence my use of the over-the-top word "crisis") which concerned me. I wanted people to remember to take all these posts with a pinch of salt. However, when we suddenly get posts debating the effect of Gibbo leaving then I think that's the point when everyone does need to be reminded that there is no evidence he actually is. By all means let the rumours continue but I do think it's worthwhile just to remind everyone that rumours are well, rumours and not facts.
  17. How do websites get away with these things? This article has the suspended Dan Jones starting and Gibbo dropped for Mal Benning on the strength of Benning's performance against Burton at the start of December Garrity starts: The predicted Port Vale XI to face Brentford in the FA Cup on Saturday FOOTBALLLEAGUEWORLD.CO.UK
  18. It's staggering how a few rumours can lead to a "crisis" on this thread. There's an unsubstantiated rumour that Gibbo has rejected a contract despite a Sentinel interview in which he doesn't say anything of the sort. So why are people thinking a rumour (which could be made of thin air) is more likely than an on the record chat with a journalist? This is what Gibbo said to the Sentinel: Yesterday: He said there are no developments about his contract situation, adding: “Nothing yet. I am still in the same position as I said last time I was asked. What was the position last time he was asked? According to the Sentinel in October it was that he hadn't had any contract talks with the manager. Conclusion: Pretty difficult to reject a contract without being offered one in the first place, I reckon. Then it gets sillier in that a player who plays in a similar position is linked to Vale with no evidence simply because his club have brought in a younger player in his position. As an unsubstantiated rumour is clearly a done deal, it obviously means Gibbo is leaving, despite again there being zero evidence of any offers from other clubs and that this player is replacing him despite again there being zero evidence of the player wanting to move to Vale. Amazing! If we look at the few facts we have... Gibbo said yesterday there have been no discussions about contracts. If so, there is no way he has rejected a contract because one hasn't been offered yet. There is also no reported interest from any other clubs in Gibbo. Furthermore, there is no indication from Cheltenham that their recent signing means Chris Hussey is on the way out, and even if he was there is no indication that Vale Park would be his chosen destination.
  19. Dunno. What's his goalscoring record like?
  20. Ashes: Bowling 'doesn't matter' if batting fails - Stuart Broad on England's woes in Australia - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  21. I'd agree with that. You do potentially get a long tail with Broad, Anderson, Wood and a spinner but frankly if the batsmen do their job that shouldn't matter as you shouldn't be relying on 7-11 to bail you out. The difference between the spinners is simply immense - Lyon, 12 wickets at 21.75 with an economy of 2.10 / Leach 2 wickets at 118.5 with an economy of 4.55
  22. I'm not sure. I don't pay too much attention to what the commentators say to be honest - they are often there to fill in the silence. It would be good to have the choice of the three fast men but I wouldn't think they'd all play in the same team. As much as I'm fed up with England picking three right handed fast-medium bowlers I think the same could happen with three fast men and the lack of variation could hamper rather than help us. For me it's about variety -The Aussies have variety in that Starc is a leftie, Hazelwood is more of a line and length man and Lyon's always there as a spin option. For me, I'd be happy with a combination of different threats - different pace, right/left combinations. The other problem I would worry about with Stone, Archer and Wood all playing is a) what if any/all of them break down b) that's a LONG tail and c) how on earth would you keep to the over rate. You'd end up being docked points if you aren't careful.
  23. I would imagine if he goes then moneybags Stockport will have to pay a fee for an under contract player. I can't see the club turning down getting a transfer fee for a squad player just to keep him around to cover a three match ban.
  24. Someone wants to leave your row and walks in front of you just as an exciting moment happens...
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