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  1. Didnt think we won 7 in a row in 93/94, sure we had an awful start to the season back then following the hangover of the play offs the year before.
  2. Very professional performance today, reminded me of a Micky Adams side that, dug in during the first half, Brisley, Legge and Smith was like when we had Collins, Owen and McCombe 10 years ago. Second half our extra quality shone through. I said 5 games ago before we played Newport, whatever the results from now to the end of the season we need a massive clear out and wouldn't be sorry to see anyone go, happy to be proved wrong. I am changing my mind on some of these players the more I watch them and Clarke certainly has them fit and playing for him. I just wish this change had happened a m
  3. Absoutely gutted to hear this news earlier today and not afraid to admit shed a tear when I saw this. Condolences to his family and friends, taken far too young. So many memories of Lee in our team and for me since we dropped into the bottom 2 divisions in 2000, feel he was the best defender we have had in that time. He could play right back, left back and centre half and was always a 7/10 with every game and never got injured. RIP Lee and you will never be forgotten.
  4. How can you compare someone who has played 50 games to someone who played one game against Derby Under 23's. We have seen what Crookes can do and he is not good enough if we want to progress and move on. Next year for most teams there will be reduced squads and we can't have these places taken by poor players, for me Monty would be my back up for the left back spot with a specialist first choice left back signed as a priority.
  5. There is a reason he has only played 49 games and that is because he is not good enough, I still don't know what his ideal position is, at left back his distributon is poor and he doesnt get forward enough, centre half he is too lightweight. I trust this management set up that we now have in place to not be so lazy as with Askey and to sign better quality players than Crookes. If we want to improve and try and get out of this league at the right end, we need better players than Crookes.
  6. Great performance today, for me that was as well as we have played all season, thoroughly deserved the 3 points. That puts us one win I reckon away from safety and from panicking a few weeks ago and not seeing where we would find a win, looking pretty comfortable. Some real good performances out there today, though Smith was back to his, Manny and Conlon excellent in midfield and Worrall in his new position looking like played there for years. Special mention to Clarke for completely turning this round, we were massively in trouble a few weeks back, I did not think he could get th
  7. Meant Wrexham away in 93/94 rather than Walsall, too many mentions of Walsall.
  8. Remember going Walsall around 93/94 season when we must have taken over 3500, took the Police and Wrexham by surprise that day, sure the away end was completely rammed and they ended up moving home fans to another stand to accommodate all the Vale fans.
  9. Although older than yourself, never had an issue with Walsall, never felt like I want us win really bad like at Crewe or Shrewsbury. I always felt the atmosphere at both Crewe and Shrewsbury far better than at Walsall, never seems much of an rivalry from them towards us when we have played them, no early kick offs like we had with Shrewsbury and Chester. I personally want as many local teams as possible play next year when we be all be hopefully travelling away again. For me Grimsby and Southend or Colchester happy see them go, hopefully see Wigan, Rochdale come down and maybe one of Notts
  10. Be a big ask for them but you never at this stage of the season, strange things happen especially when you start to play teams with nothing much to play for. This will be 5 games unbeaten for Grimsby tonight, you never know they might start to build confidence and go on a run like Barrow just have. I am just glad we won those 2 games, just want another 2 wins quickly and then we can start to prepare for next year and I can start to relax when watching the games.
  11. Colchester winning 2 nil against Tranmere.
  12. I'm sorry but we have got to be far more ruthless than that, we can't be only signing 5 or 6 players, we need a lot more than that. Going on what you are saying giving deals to Manny, Joyce and Burgess and then having Taylor and Conlon under contract would leave 5 central midfields, clearly that would leave no room to sign any more midfielders. This side is not good enough to challenge where we all want to be at, if we want to accept mid-table to bottom half then maybe but I don't want that like most Vale fans. Other than a good run just after Christmas last year this side/squad over
  13. Definitely want Walsall to win tomorrow, all that matters is we are in this league next season. With the bottom 2 currently a bit adrift at the moment, lets hope it stays that way. We can worry about finishing above Walsall later on. A win for Southend could give them that confidence and you never know they might do what Barrow have just done and win 4 on the bounce. I know lots on here think teams at the bottom won't suddenly start winning games together but it can happen as Barrow have just shown.
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