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  1. Rugby U the big game there, 15, 000 capacity Northampton Rugby club don't play at Sixfields, they play at Franklin Gardens which has a 15000+ capacity.
  2. The queues were so long on Thursday as tickets were been sold for Swindon away and the home game at the same time and then people sorting out coach tickets as well. The process was painfully slow, having queued up for 5 hours, I would say maybe about 400 - 500 people in the queue when I went. Yes 7400 at Mansfield but I don't think we are a small club like them, I put us alongside a Tranmere, slightly smaller than Swindon and after 29 years of waiting for a big game, I would have thought this would have been sold out. I get the cost of living crisis but for everyone who can afford they need to get down there.
  3. It would have been nice for a big game like this to have had some kind of daily alert from the club as to how many tickets sold/left. Having registered with Exeter to get the tickets for the last game, would constantly receive e-mails saying how many tickets they had left for each game.
  4. No idea how many tickets we are going to sell but if 7000 to 8000 that is a really poor show from my point of view. I get this has been an expensive time for everyone and there will be people who I have no doubt can't afford but for everyone who can, they seriously need to get their tickets and get there to cheer us onto Wembley. This is the biggest game since Cheltenham in 2013 and the first play-off for 29 years. If we can't get 9000 home fans for a play-off then we are a lot smaller than what we think we are and Carol will be seriously wondering what would be the point spending money on the ground if people are not going to come for such an important game.
  5. Are tickets for the home game definitely going on sale at the same time on Thursday as the away game. I can see this be an absolute nightmare if they are and people likely to be queing for a very long time.
  6. If you read my post properly, I was posting about a couple of our supporters and nothing to do with your club, not sure why you are still on this forum.
  7. Completely agree about the Sutton and Newport players, however on a side note some of the abuse opposition players get from a couple of our supporters when warming up, it is hardly surprising they choose to celebrate in front if they were to score. The abuse the ex Stoke player was getting when warming up at Barrow was shocking from a certain supporter and I have no doubt if he had come on and scored where he would have been celebrating.
  8. Aologies if already posted on here but anyone recommend anywhere close for parking, looking online it looks like all residential and nothing available close by.
  9. I don't buy into this we have over achieved even if we miss out on the play-offs. We have been backed heavily with a really competitive budget, might be wrong but reckon top 7, certainly top 10, we then invested in January for the first time since Micky Adams was manager and paid money for the likes of Hall, Charsley and Hussey, not many teams could do things like that. As I have said before next year will be even harder if we don't succeed and it could be that our budget even if it remains the same as this year might only be a mid table one.
  10. Maybe the capacity has been cut as they know the Vale don't perform with a big crowd behind them, if we make the play-offs limit it to 5000.
  11. For me this league will be even more competive next year and touger to get out of, Wimbledon, Doncaster and Gillingham are all decent sized clubs at this level and will likely be up there, you could have money bags Stockport and Wrexham in the league, I know money doesn't mean everything but gives you a great chance to succeed. Mark Hughes has not gone to Bradford without any assurances of a big budget, Crawley been taken over by American owners who have promised money, then the likes of Orient, Tranmere, Salford, Newport who will be very competitive not to mention those teams who miss out in the play-offs like Bristol, Swindon and Mansfield. This for me could be the best chance we have in years and while I trust everything Carol, Darrell and Flitcroft are doing, this could be a much harder league next year.
  12. No chance of this team been played for me but this is how I would go assuming Hall back fit. Lucas Worrall Gibbo Smith Hall Benning Charsley Garritty Pett Proctor Wilson Stone looks so nervous to me, I know Covolan will never be picked again but for me still the best keeper at the club and in the most important game, you have to have your best players, I honestly don't think he would do anything stupid in a game that matters,if he did no team in the professional game will come in for him. I would bring Gibbo as the right sided centre half of a 3, he's played that position before and looked comfortable for me, you can play Gibbo there as Exeter not a big side and more of a footballing team than long balls. Smith back in the middle where you don't have to bring the ball out and start attacks and hopefully Hall will be back.
  13. Maybe I am been negative and after I've slept, I will feel different tomorrow but how I see it, I feel we are more likely to finish 8th than scrape into the play-offs. If we play at Exeter like we have these last 3 games, we are getting nothing, then we are hoping either Walsall beat a Swindon team backed by 3500 who have found form at just the right time or Sutton not winning at Harrogate.
  14. Idiotic post, people surely have a right to be unhappy and frustrated on here after chucking the best chance away we might get, League 2 next season will be even harder to get out of trust me. Just out of interest what was your take on the game today.
  15. Vale fans no different to any other fans of teams up and down the country who when results don't go their way show it. We had one promotion in 29 years and no other play-offs during that time. We have for me been very loyal throughout these 3 decades and nothing to show for it, we worked so hard to get into this position, not surprising people are frustrated.
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