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  1. Born in Clough hall, bred in burslem. Bottom of scotia road. I opened my curtains to see the Mecca of football Vale Park every morning until I was mid twenties. Went to school at brownhills high and that’s north of the city and only remember me and another guy who was a ball boy ( god like status in my eyes) who were Vale fans in the early eighties. All Stoke then, so no divide.
  2. Thank you. At least we know he followed the money and not his heart.
  3. Big Dave! Should sleep well, but can’t, because he doesn’t know if he should [emoji2]
  4. You said professional,I never said professional, I said bribed, not bribed, professional!!
  5. Only 6 players booked and a manager sent off from the pure footballing neighbours of ourselves today [emoji2]
  6. He walked out of the vale after being signed from the promoted Crewe side who didn’t think he was good enough to play in a higher league to sign for the mighty Kidsgrove Athlectic, where I watched him and he was overweight and useless. Give him some respect he has lost that weight, but I’m sure heading that ball has effected his thinking. The man said that Crewe were unfortunate at Vale Park! Read the stats educated one!
  7. David Artell’s comments on radio Stoke saying the match officials were being bribed, and then a red card. This is the man that called all vale fans uneducated and whose the only signed player to walk out of a club that is put in to administration. This man needs ejecting from football, what a nasty piece of work! Local football is about derbys,.............6 points [emoji120]
  8. There is always the massive bid from Hong Kong, that the idiot was on about, to consider
  9. He thought he was buying a hotel, for God’s sake and ended up creaming the life out of the mother town pray god help us!
  10. Please stop responding to this person! He’s playing you like a fiddle!!!
  11. Will somebody realise that PVFC86 is fatsthwaitie and stop responding to him!!!
  12. I buy a programme every game as my son likes to collect them . He has all the last 4 seasons he has attended with a season ticket and cherishes them, the poor bugger has never seen a good season yet! Do the profits from these go to fatsthwaite?
  13. PVFC86 you are Fathatwaite. Go to Lace and have a jelly belly (not lap( nobody has seen that for years)dance)
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