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  1. I think decent is over stretching Crookes performance. He's been ok /acceptable. Maybe 6 to 6.5 out of 10 each game. Basically his stock appears to of gone up a notch with our fan base. Hate to be negative nelly but I'm far from convinced
  2. The reason Chambo wasn't in my team was because it was the bottom division. He improved hugely at Stoke eventually getting England caps and a move to bigger club. He was a superb player but my choices did it week in week out in The Championship. Otherwise I'd of had Chambo. I wasn't there as too young but believe he had a cheeky goal away at Mansfield where he sneaked on the pitch ?
  3. The Scunthorpe one was a cracker too can't remember if that was the Hamil end . The old adage if you don't shoot you don't score . They seem to fly in against us apart from the one that went out of the ground yesterday.
  4. If the worst professional team people have ever seen can keep a clean sheet against them yesterday then surely they aren't that good 1-1
  5. Clearly they are a better team than the sum of their parts. Mullen is a journeyman having his Pope season 12/13. Hannant is okay, was steady but unspectacular. Ironside was sub , again ok but nothing special. The shining light at 38 is Hoolahan but other than him they are just a typical league 2 side with average players. This is my frustration, the league table doesn't lie though so fair play they are there on merit.
  6. Quest didn't even show the Guthrie chance and from the brief 90 seconds highlights it appeared they battered us , shocking coverage . Not as it makes any difference. Rodney has got to start getting more physical, he's an absolute unit. I've noticed on occasions where he's one on one out wide or in the channels he's often beaten and doesn't seem to use his strength appropriately. Get your shoulder in lad and leave them in your wake. I just can't get the sick feeling out of my stomach at the moment and am dreading the league table in a fortnight. I just hope and pray that there are 2
  7. Goodlad Hill Glover Walsh Tankard Ainsworth Earle Walker Guppy Beckford Foyle Clearly nearly all are from our Championship days. Andy Hill a really unassuming player, quality at RB or CH .
  8. That's fine mate be boring if we all agreed. I agree the squad is terrible. The first and best X1 is decent. But injury and suspension is part and parcel of the game so our poor squad has led to our downfall.
  9. Good post but it was 3-15 today !!! Only messing
  10. That game against them was pivotal for both sides. Gave them belief. Sucked the soul out of us
  11. Yes that's what I put . Cambridge aren't particularly any good
  12. What is frustrating me is this league Is pants . I've just looked at the table. Bolton are in the play offs and Bradford are only 4 points off with 2 in hand. Neither of those are particularly good and neither are Cambridge . To be where we are is an absolute shameful disgrace by the players
  13. True. I meant in my own mind ha ha Which where Port Vale are concerned isn't in a good place
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