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  1. I wonder if Enoch Andoh would ever of been a decent sale. We will never know as sadly injury curtailed his Vale career but when he was on song he was flying.
  2. I think i'm right that he played Biddulph ladsandads so he's obviously local ( ish ) , also seem to recall when he made his United debut there was an article about where Nathan Smith marked him out of the game . https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/james-wilson-sunderland-aberdeen-preston-3033941
  3. Someone mentioned him previously and was a good spot. Tshimanga at Boreham Wood, scored again on Saturday . Here is a list of National League score charts https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/national-league/top-scorers The lad at number 10 is a youngster on loan from Millwall to Sutton aged 21 Isaac Olaofe
  4. I agree mate, was just being facetious. However he didn't pull up many trees for Tranmere despite them being a top 7 team.
  5. Is there a Post office local to Vale where he can draw his pension ?
  6. Totally agree. Was a surprise he wasn't on the list with the other 3 unwanted players . He needs to grab this surprise opportunity come pre season training
  7. First friendly is incredibly 7 weeks yesterday so I anticipate plenty of incoming sooner rather than later.
  8. The teams are in on merit and old farts like me can't keep living in the past but all this lot are in our division Crawley Stevenage Morecambe Vegans Salford Harrogate and probably Sutton
  9. Didn't Harrogate have similar problems ? Think they shared with Doncaster for a while
  10. Sutton up barring a collapse. Need 3 points from 2 games and one of those games is Barnet What a dreadful Stevenage-esqe addition to the football league
  11. Sign him purely on cash received for his name on the back of shirts
  12. Vigoroux comes with a health warning. He's a calamity. Always dribbling out from the back. I think Alsop is a possibility, won't be on big money at Wycombe and in effect only dropping one division now.
  13. Most footballers in the Premiership are unlikeable but to me the Vardy story is straight out of Roy of the Rovers Played at every level possible. If you see footage of him at Halifax and Fleetwood his demeanor was exactly the same. He loves the game and is a winner. Premier League winner Fa cup winner Played for England. I say well done to the lad and also so called journeymen like Morgan and Albrighton. It's a fantastic story One last thing is that last night should of been the time of their lives, season over and party party party . Instead the cretins who
  14. And he was booked yet again. Must of had 4 at least since joining them
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