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  1. I was unable to go due to work but went to Stevenage. The last line of your post interests me, i have no reason to doubt any of what you say as like i say i wasn't there. But are you saying in the 6 minutes prior to Morecambe opening the scoring our own fans were giving the players grief?
  2. Crookes has had a hard press on here. For my two penneth he is a far better defender than Monty. However he gets a nose bleed when he crosses the halfway line and tends to chicken out of putting a cross in or trying something. He is better suited to away games. No manager worth his salt would play a left back at home and a different one away. So to me we need a specialist proper left back next season. The lad from Newport will do nicely thank you. A proper left back would enable Crookes to be a cover for Centre Half and Left back and free Monty up to be an attacking player. Despite ( again ) having his critics Monty scored 7 in 33 games last season. Decent return and much needed goals from a wide area, This season he is yet to score in 28 appearances in a better team. That is because he has been left back. Numerous people were saying left back was a problem in August, myself included. It continues to be so, i'm not critical of Monty at Left back but we miss his goals higher up the pitch. PS Sorry for the use of the words Left back about 300 times
  3. Now you have said that it rings a bell. Smith is to VFIA what Lloyd is to Ernie. I myself was a bit critical of Smith partly because he set such high standards in his first season despite relegation. I felt he struggled for a while in League 2 but he has proved clowns like me totally wrong and has come back with some outstanding form , i think Legge is a great mentor. There are no agendas whether Smith is a Stoke fan, Liverpool or Curzon Ashton, fan . It makes no odds as long as he gives everything on the pitch. Jaded my A**E
  4. Usain Bolt could be made to look static given the movement and one touches of the City players.
  5. Glad you find our posts amusing, bizarre defence you picked and Crookes isn't even fit !!!
  6. As a father of a 22 year old this sad news is simply awful. No words can be enough. God bless and Love to Mussy and his family.
  7. VFIA , wow, this site is all about different opinions, but leaving Smith out ? Smith as Jacko said is arguably player of the season, certainly in the top 3 and you want to see Vale without him ? i'm staggered
  8. I'm not going to get into this whole Pope debate but your last paragraph only applies for the first 3 or 4 games and November onwards. Bennett held the shirt for a good couple of months. Pope was a bit part player. Incidentally the best team performance in my opinion all season was Forest Green. Pope played the last 4 minutes. The intensity from the team that night was amazing from start to finish
  9. I'm in agreement mate . Season ticket holder myself, but I've definitely seen people moaning on here any time we have done offers for pay on the day
  10. Still haunted by the last gasp goal away to these where it felt like we'd lost. These have had a poor season , unsurprising after the tragedy of Edinburgh passing away. Surely go for the throat from the off, be nice to get a really convincing win but a scrappy 1-0 will do just as well. Surely this is the time to ring the changes, nothing stupid but maybe up to three. Is Burgess due a rest ? Conlon or even Pope dropped/rested . I'd like to see Atkinson and Cullen start just to freshen things up a bit. With regard to the fiver off, you can't knock the club for trying something but i don't think it will have a huge impact on the crowd. Had it been a tenner then maybe so but then we have the age old, ' it's unfair on season ticket holders '
  11. Don't forget Barrow have Quiggers and Angus if they come up
  12. Gibbons is rapidly becoming our version of Trent at Liverpool. Some decent assists and lung bursting runs. Needs to work on his defensive attributes but it's his bursting runs why we all like him and his tackling and commitment. Smith had a real lull after his debut season where he was outstanding. Seemed to be bossed a lot by journeymen forwards , however he is back to his best and i can't help think that Legge has played a big part too. Smith is excellent this season.
  13. Exactly this. January is a bad time to be signing players normally. We should be grateful we haven't the calamity of last January and keep our powder dry until the summer, bar maybe an incoming loanee or two.
  14. Has revolutionised the way the club has been portrayed on social media. His SVA youtube clips etc. The Oyeleke contract video too . Seemed well liked by the players too. Funny when he was chucked out at Northampton last season. Good luck for the future to him, hope somebody comes in and does a similar job.
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