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  1. Bearing in mind they took a punt on Norwood from Tranmere who scored over 30 and didn't really make the step up that well ,my opinion is Palmer isn't fit to lace Norwoods boots
  2. Horrendous. What made Zaha worse for me was a 12 year old was the alleged perpetrator. I thought the younger generation were more tolerant and understanding than that. Disgraceful.
  3. That's just unbelievable to me. Clearly improved since he left Lincoln but can't say I was fussed with his links to ourselves or should I say rumours
  4. Reminds me of a few trips to Amsterdam.
  5. He nearly was when he nutmegged Duffy and winked at the raging Vale fans at Notts County
  6. I do agree with your points but also there is a counter argument. Smith played admirably at right back when Gibbo was banned. Brisley came in at CH. Crookes isn't as bad as painted on here. He was culpable for a few positional errors but he's young and learning the game. A more than capable deputy for Montano. Is there any point in signing a Kennedy or Evans type just for the sake of it ? Really difficult to weigh up for Askey, maybe will only sign one because Crookes can play two positions.
  7. Yet strangely wasn't booked. Another anomaly with VAR . It's a yellow once the decision is rightly reversed.
  8. Have no issues at all, some are decent some are awful. The same can be said for blokes. Seeing as the thread is about women, probably just me but can't abide Alex Scott, so robotic and the way she puts things across just bugs me. Flavour of the month though. Gabby Yorath is ok as a host and Eilidh Barbour is good. Scott is woeful.
  9. Taylor all day. Clark is great but a goal scoring midfielder is gold dust
  10. Good points made. You only have to watch the videos with Worrall , Montano, Joyce plus many more. Our club is now an attractive proposition rather than a leper. The gesture for example when Taylor had his car nicked, brilliant by Vale , word gets around. Smith was /is an integral part of the team and notched quite a few goals too. We all know he is not Maldini but what he is is a wholehearted defender who has done very well in such a short time. He had dips in form and has come back better and stronger, credit to him and credit to JA who has completely galvanised the playing side. I'm excited for the season ( as long as we are able to attend). Not presumptuous or assuming anything but surely we start in a very very good place.
  11. RIP Big Jack Leeds have had an horrendous few months, Cherry, Hunter and now Jack. Have no affiliation with Leeds but promotion would be fitting. Big Jack a proper old school guy who said it how it was. Very sad .
  12. We'd be travelling to Blyth Spartans , that's if we didn't become Bury
  13. Surely one of the best summers ever And we've only signed one newbie so far. Brilliant news and let's carry on where we left off. Everything is positive out of the club and has a feelgood factor even amongst the misery Covid has brought to the world.
  14. Brilliant news and no hard feelings from anyone surely for him keeping options open. Cracking summer we have had . Let's get the fixtures out and get going.
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