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  1. Touch wood i have had no issues with the streaming. What is annoying to me and it isn't Vale or ifollow fault is that the two season tickets i paid for at a grand total of 600 quid, we watch the game together so by sending out two codes only one is getting used and the whole thing now feels a waste of money , i was in a fortunate position to be able to afford to renew but am rather wishing i'd held fire now and just renewed the one. There will undoubtedly be people with 3 or 4 in the same household all watching together who have umpteen season tickets. I'm glad in one sense that
  2. Dunner worry. Bale is only on 300 grand a week at Spurs. Football will be fine 🙄
  3. As expected. Grim times . https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/54246745
  4. The only way to ensure this Bob is money feeding down from The Premier and that won't happen as they are greedy. Sadly the likes of Keegan and Clemence from Scunthorpe to Liverpool are long gone days. Also the Bosman has put paid to fees for clubs like ourselves, we nearly lost Smith for nothing. Maybe Peterborough and Exeter are the exception to the rule but in the main there a very few actual fees in the lower divisions. It simply can't be right that a player earns a million quid a month whilst a club goes bust. I really fear for lots of clubs going forward. Also i know t
  5. I find with stats like that Vale always go against the grain normally, or it feels that way. Didn't Coventry beat us 2-0 at Vale in the recent past when they had gone about 10 without a win and just lost their manager ? Though as Ginginator said records are for breaking and our opening day one survives another 12 months. Anyway we'll win Saturday.
  6. Cheers for that information. They have Notts County away in a one off tie, as you rightly say they play at Wembley on Sunday if they win. Just seen that Kalamazoo Kid has posted at the same time, so looks like won't affect us now
  7. Not sure how a tackle 13 months ago is relevant but hey ho. This season already promises to be the usual suspects with supposed challengers falling to defeats already. It's becoming about as predictable as Scotland.
  8. To be fair they've played two teams who were in The championship last season but that post has put a grin on my face, brilliant
  9. Bit early to say it's a 6 pointer as once things level off I think Harrogate will do well by coming anything above 18th. I said previously that with 4 of the first 6 at home we have a great opportunity to get early points on the board. Complete faith that we will have too much for Harrogate without being too arrogant I'll plump for another steady 2-0 win
  10. Felt sorry for Burgess but football can be harsh and there is no doubting a fit Manny is a shoe-in. His time will come again along with all the other players on the bench. Fingers crossed now for some sort of sense from the powers that be that those who want to and feel safe enough can go and watch the mighty Vale hopefully against Carlisle and onwards.
  11. Long balls are what are finding us out slightly. Milk tray man made a great save when their bloke looked miles offside. Rodders frustrates but also gets you off your seat .
  12. Made the same point about Young. Dreadful decisions. Yes hindsight is a great thing i understand that , once, maybe unlucky , twice is just sheer bad practice. Throw Ryder into the pot too and Young etc come out of it terribly, as do numerous other clubs such as the Wigan debacle. Agents and in my opinion Administrators are parasites that the game can do without. Sadly the EFL bury their heads in the sand with the likes of the Bury, Wigan, Bolton etc etc etc situations. And lo and behold Bolton are now again spending stupid money it appears .
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