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  1. Should of been in the building now not August. Can't comment on the game as unable to attend. The result is irrelevant it's all about fine tuning for the proper stuff. As for Theo coming back into the fold 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Why not? AC was NI U21s coach wasn't he? NI under 21's about the level of Congleton. England under 21's is serious business.
  3. A bit like Harrogate walking into the top 10 last season ?
  4. Agree and Worrall could be be that cream crackered that he's less effective in creating. Lot of tweaks for Clarke to decide on .
  5. Not far from my starting X1 that team. Benning in next week for me though No Amoo again.
  6. Crikey based on that appointment surely we'd of had no chance although I swear there were photos of him at Vale Park
  7. Very quiet, 12 days to kick off. Was Proctor the last signing ? Surely a striking option is incoming soon.
  8. Bit off topic but still relevant If you going on train book tickets as separate journey Stoke to Birmingham international Birmingham international to Northampton Worked out at 116 for 4 of us as opposed to booking direct to Northampton at 137 Bizarrely same trains so no logic to that Trainline or Redspotted Hanky are the best booking sites
  9. I'll have my gripe , sorry. Was in Liverpool today on a stag do, my fellow season ticket holder ( son ) was at work until 18.00. So the impromptu announcement caused much kerfuffle. Thankfully due to a friend I've managed to get two . Very poor from Vale this rapid announcement, hope that everyone has managed to get one. Suitably unimpressed, thought these days of p**s poor communication were a thing of the past
  10. Top 7 Bristol Rovers Salford Mansfield Exeter Leyton Orient Vale FGR Bottom 2 Hartlepool Oldham
  11. Try this mate https://pvfc-shop.com/portvale/ASP/bookTickets.asp?dept=Spectators Can print your own up to 7-00 pm
  12. I don't think I actually slagged off Cullen, merely pointed out he was one of the trialists. Anyway we move on
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