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  1. Have to agree with VF16 here Dave. For me it was never going to be even considered. West Ham are notorious lately for losing to lower division sides, you also have the Mersey derby, Wolves v United and surely Rochdale or Boston v Newcastle. As VF16 rightly says , this is purely because we are away. I've seen odds for Premier Games of say Norwich or Watford about 33/1 to beat City. We will be maybe 50/1 or higher. Had it been at Vale we would of been on the box i'm sure. No complaints from me.
  2. I get totally what you are saying. He won't be going to the Championship or Forest would have him back. League one, he has to settle in, content probably for a place on the bench. Why would he leave Vale for another League 2 club ? , Sproson has to be mindful of these factors as a good agent would. Game time at Vale is more likely to interest potential suitors in the summer rather than joining say Oxford and being on the bench until March. Also the gesture Carol made over his car the other week will be in his mind surely it has to play a part, that he is wanted and respected here. The grass isn't always greener, it is in the interest of both parties for a season long loan. We have had threads before about great loan players, Tony Sealy, my own favourite David Lowe , Mark Lawrence. This guy is up there based on the impact he has made.
  3. A simply staggering comment. You weren't this vile even towards Martin Patterson were you ?
  4. Was it Plymouth game he made his debut after we had all three subs in the first half an hour? Not looked back and has grown into a key player for such a young lad. Can Sproson wield any influence and we keep him for the season. What has happened here is a series of injuries led to him getting game time. Makes you wonder how many of the countless loan signings we have had in the past who never got a sniff were actually good enough. Pyke for example is in League one and never got a sniff here, also the much maligned Theo Robinson has played for Southend and Swindon after his spell here. It is all about getting an opportunity, had the injuries not happened he would maybe still be getting splinters in his backside on the bench. Fate conspired and we have been the beneficiary. Great player.
  5. That lad who will be playing with Joe Davis at Goole Town after believing he was the dogs' doodahs
  6. Ernie lad we are all just going over the same thing over and over. Why do you have to lower yourself to all this diatribe against Lloyd ? If it makes you feel any better i myself wasn't running through the streets of Boslem when we signed him, indeed i was staggered. However John Askey knows more about football than me and you put together. He is a squad / fringe player who every club needs and has. The same applies to Evans and Kennedy, let us be honest here Burgess is a massive plus, he was on the verge of being loaned out and now is a valued squad member indeed first team challenger. I think you have rubbished him previously ? I didn't go last night as i've previously stated i don't attend this Cup. So i don't know if you were there or one of the boo boys. But Ryan Lloyd is worthy of respect as one of our players and to boo the lad is a disgrace. Imagine he was your son or brother or husband and you are in the crowd. Is he Lionel Messi , NO. But good grief give the lad a break for once and for all. Last year it was Dodds now it is Lloyd. I'd hazard a guess he may be released in the summer so you can move on to a new victim in August. It is childish, petty and disgusting.
  7. One more round regionalised then it's a free for all in the last 8. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/efl-trophy-draw-port-vale-3606927
  8. Sol Campbell owed 180 grand it says and he is backing a winding up order by HMRC according to BBC Football.
  9. Walsall used to be our bogey team, i know the last game was that 5-0 surrender when they missed out to Burton on the last day but in general the bogey is laid to rest. I'm certainly hopeful of a good win after dashing back from Llandudno where i'm watching Shed Seven on Friday night . Hopefully the drive will be worth it. Told my Mrs we better get back early because of the cats , rather than walk around Llandudno on Saturday !! ( it worked anyway )
  10. The answer to that is open to conjecture anyway. I'll be at Kasabian and i'm expecting an immense show in their home City in front of 60'000. Likewise Robbie will put on an amazing show in his home. I'm not a fan of Robbies' music but i'd definitely of liked to have gone for the occasion. It seems rather churlish and childish to run a poll , possibly a veiled dig at ourselves. Who cares anyway, he's coming here and it is going to be a great day for Burslem and Port Vale.
  11. Burnley were horrific and were scared of attempting to cross the half way line. Saying that most teams that give it a go get spanked anyway .
  12. Need to get some 1950's style rattles in the shop
  13. It was Sat 4th January so will now be a night match . Swindon away clashes with the 4th round so that too might be rearranged !!
  14. Went off early doors at Leyton Orient in September.
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