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  1. Harsh to single out Pope as numerous posters have said collectively we were dreadful. Legge cost the first with a terrible piece of play and as usual the second came from our left back area. Brown was also on an off day with his kicking being poor and sometimes straight out of play. Worrall looked to me to be the only one giving a full days graft and even he was off colour , terrible performance but to create a thread about one individual is poor
  2. Personally they are not my cup of tea . I'd rather go on the train or drive depending on distance. Think I've been to Burnley and Burton on the official coach in the past 10 years and I go to maybe 10 to 15 aways a season. 6-25 on train yesterday and could come and go as I pleased at my own leisure. I understand that the club is missing out on fans money but it's all down to individual choice
  3. Having lost was it 13 home games last season i actually look forward with relish our home games. I've been to quite a few away but it is at home the bread and butter as such because wins will keep the fans going ( hopefully ) .
  4. Was playing at Wembley the highlight of his career ?
  5. Fair play to him and it is only one level down but he was awful for us.
  6. Sometimes the term legend gets bandied about too easily. My own legends are for differing reasons Ainsworth Earle Beckford Newton Foyle Taylor However Tom Pope irrespective of what somebody thinks of him now as a 34 year old is a Vale legend. His goalscoring alone gives him legendary status. By all means differ in opinion and be constructive as to why you feel he ought not be in the team. I myself at times have preferred Bennett. Pope still has a massive part to play for us either as a starter or a sub, any criticism of him is well below the belt. Though i'd prefer him to rise above it and not resort to childish bad language and twitter tripe. You are better than that Tom surely. Pope will be 2nd all time goalscorer by the time he hangs up his boots and his 37 goal season and memories like Rotherham twice, Cheltenham in the snow make him a true Vale legend forever more.
  7. Yes no worries mate was just putting it out there in case anybody thought you could just pay on the day. I'm sure we are around 300 down on last years allocation and also we are doing better form wise. Would of sold 2200 easily i reckon.
  8. For anybody thinking of doing so you should be aware that it is an all-ticket game for them too. https://www.mtfc.co.uk/news/2019/october/04.10.19-port-vale-match-is-now-all-ticket/
  9. Totally unprofessional. End of.
  10. Looking back on when we first met i cannot escape and i cannot forget Jonesy your'e the one You still turn me on You can take Stoke down again REPEAT
  11. Must live localish, interesting that Crewe haven't given him the opportunity to keep fit with them. We've done it with the likes of Dicko before. Artell possibly holds a grudge ? Can't see that though he's such a nice chap
  12. Got to be honest apart from odd clip on Youtube put up on here i know little about him. All i will say is some based it on his performance in the 0-1 in April. My granny could of ran the show that day as Vale were abject. To be virtually October before he was signed up speaks volumes even if York are splashing the wonga
  13. True enough mate. Did he not play for Bury here in the friendly along with Anthony Kay ? It is strange i guess having been a first team regular for years at Crewe. Got to be Vale doing him a favour i'd reckon. Seeing as Maddison isn't even playing in the Paint Pot or whatever it is called i can't see a keeper being on our agenda.
  14. Can't have been all he was cracked up to be. Have no doubt whatsoever Askey would of signed him if he was. York are two divisions below us
  15. What do you mean a few years ago !!! He had a blinder here in April and was Crewe number one for a few seasons. He was offered a deal to stay but didn't accept in time hence his release.
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