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  1. Welcome back thought hadn't seen you for a while.
  2. Some really committed fans here, excellent. The lengths all footy fans go to not just Vale is worth it for the good days. Hopefully you all rewarded tonight. I remember having a WEEK off sick so i could go to Cardiff and Brighton when we clinched promotion. Only counted as one absence. Luckily i wasn't on the telly doing a promotion jig on the pitch at the Goldstone ground soaked wet through.
  3. I've never lived in Stoke-On-Trent. Proud to be from the borough of Newcastle-Under-Lyme 😀 In all seriousness, all fans should be treated the same if from Stoke, Cornwall, Castle or Leicestershire. Everyone deserves a fair crack at a ticket.
  4. Safe journey to all you diehards travelling in from wherever. Excellent to see. I'll be walking from Porthill in anticipation whilst also nervous.
  5. Find myself getting more angry about this lot. What is it with them ? Completely disrespectful towards us. I can never remember any Vale player or manager being as disparaging about an opponent before a game as these are. Conroy a stunner, the guy who got play stopped with his fake injury only for us to score a minute later. Basically a CHEAT .
  6. I agree. You have to seize the moment NOW. Football takes no prisoners. Barnsley play offs last season relegated this time. Notts County play offs about 4 years ago, non-league the year after. I'm not for a moment suggesting that will happen but whilst i agree we have a great foundation and base for the future i want to be welcoming 4500 Derby and Sheff Wed next season not 45 Sutton and Salford. Can be no regrets, if we give it a real good go and go out then fair play, we can't lose with a whimper. Has to be a rip roaring performance to get the place bouncing.
  7. Oldham was an above average crowd. Yes we didn't play fantastic but we showed character having being pegged back twice. To be fair the Sheff Utd and Bolton you mention was in the run in of Browns famous 10 cup finals quote, we were playing teams going for promotion and were woeful. There's definitely a perception we don't do it in front of big crowds. We do okay away at Bradford and yes scarily it's nearly a decade ago but Burton was an unbelievable performance. Shrewsbury at home the Gary Roberts goal was another bumper night crowd. Again years ago. We've basically been in the doldrums for years, this team have given us hope. And for me, i've never really had an axe to grind with Swindon, mean nothing to me apart from stuffing after stuffing at their place. But the manner in which their entitled fanbase and smug management and players have acted will have me shouting my head off tonight and then if we do fall short i'll be rooting for Mansfield at Wembley.
  8. What a difficult watch this programme is. Took some guts for Woodward to come forward.
  9. Salford sacked Bowyer. Gary Neville an absolute hypocrite of a man.
  10. With regards to York , Brackley town finished 21 points clear of York in the Final League table but were knocked out in the play-offs. They finished 24 points above Boston who are the other finalist.
  11. I was at Hartlepool. All I saw was exuberant celebrating similar to against Barrow and Oldham. Maybe the surprise appearance of Clarke got emotions running but I personally don't think we over celebrated that day. Can only speak for myself but I didn't think it was a done deal ( genuinely not being wise after the event). Bristol was a must not lose , Walsall are Walsall and I certainly didn't fancy us at Exeter . We still had work to do and the group I travel away with were still balanced and cautious not celebrating promotion.
  12. Thursday evening is not comparible to a Sunday afternoon. 2200 Swindon fans making the effort. I just feel there's no excuse whatever night or day it is. These games are once a decade or in our case once in 29 years.
  13. Given that 7th placed Chesterfield managed 9000 against huge away supported Woking yesterday in non league damn right we should sell this out. Incredulous of what we need to do if we fall short of Full House signs.
  14. Football is a tribal game. People act differently and shout things they wouldn't do in normal daily life. It's emotional and both exciting and heartbreaking. Empathy doesn't come into it. If you can't take it don't give it. That applies to fans and up their own backside merchants like Williams and Mckirdy. I certainly won't be shouting oh spiffing effort Johnny lad good luck at Wembley if they beat us and start giving it the big one .
  15. Funnily enough this cropped up on the way home. But you can't pick and choose ultimately so it's a get to the final and then take your chances. But even now I harp on about Roger Milford. That defeat was horrible.
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