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  1. EFL chairman Rick Parry has e-mailed all clubs. Interesting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52230105
  2. darren1810


    Don't think we will have an option the longer it goes on. Colin Garlick says League 2 clubs are hoping to make a unified decision, though odd clubs like Crewe, Sunderland and others have already made their decisions. Fail to see a scenario where clubs can sustain their business without furloughing ( in the lower leagues )
  3. Footballers maybe are an easy target, but the brain dead amongst them like Grealish, Walker, Pope, McLean etc don't endear themselves to Joe Public do they. All Sports starts and ' entertainment ' people earn mega bucks whether it is film, rock stars or Racing drivers. I'd be asking why the PFA feels the need to pay a 75 year old, yes 75 !!! 2 million quid a year anyway. Shouldn't he be mowing his lawn now or doing a sudoku. Surely a younger man with fresher ideas is needed not a dinosaur. Sadly as with most unions the figurehead is on an obscene salary, i recall the Fire dispute where their leader was swanning it in swanky restaurants while the workers were warming themselves by the braziers . This whole virus situation could be a watershed in society as a whole and people realise that paying 150 million for a sulky prima donna who kicks a ball is not really acceptable any longer, neither is a bloke earning more in a month what an NHS worker will earn in an entire career.
  4. darren1810


    i've deliberately not commented on here because for starters i am not clever enough on the subject. what i have read confirmed my thoughts. Hell of a lot of hindsight and political claptrap/ agendas. The amount of experts on social media is staggering.
  5. Does anyone else remember in the QPR game I think ( may be wrong ) Tony Naylor ' scored ' with a header which was way over the line but not given and played on. Not sure exactly what the score was at the time. Like I say I might be dreaming it but I swear that's how I recall it .
  6. i was merely saying age isn't the issue. I'm sure Legge and Pope will still be on the books next season . The person was suggesting as though 30 is over the hill when his contract ran out.
  7. I wouldn't say cash in mate. Be gobsmacked if more than 15 grand. It will be a nominal fee . Not even publicised which in my mind it should be.
  8. But Pope is nearly 36 when his contract expires ?
  9. The ' fee ' will be nominal . Forget Archer he couldn't get in Stockport team . Bennett was good enough for the squad, remember he kept Pope out for a good 10 games or more until the cup game at Cheltenham. FGR he was brilliant and also had one or two more decent games. He wasn't a world beater but got unfair flack because of who he was deemed to of replaced. Massive call by Askey given Cullen record with injury and his papier mache body.
  10. Wasn't hot for Stockport as he was a sub at times and now they prefer Bennett For Archer see Achille Campion. Great player on OVF, problem was when he was on the pitch !!
  11. Good luck to him. Had a lot of unfair criticism on here because of the views on Pope. He is never going to be that type of player. I for one wish him well, but this is such strange timing with possibly 12 games left !! All we need is Cullen to go injured again or another stupid red and we in lumber
  12. Whereas Jezzer and Abbot would have sorted this by now
  13. Just to be cantankerous, there is nothing stopping me buying a Cambridge ticket , as already said can't go but will be at the other two Will mean I'm paying about 40 quid for my Plymouth ticket in effect as I'll be buying a Cambridge one just to get the 3 stubs.
  14. Not convinced mate, if we only took 600 odd to Cheltenham i don't see us taking four figures to Carlisle or Cambridge. They are damned if they do or damned if they don't, personally i will be going to Oldham and Carlisle but can't make Cambridge. There is nothing in place for say 2 away stubs or even 1 , it is either all 3 or nothing. As others have said you can't please everybody
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