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  1. to everyone who messaged me good news i got offered a job today im still on cloud 9 id just like to say thank you to those who helped me we are vale super vale
  2. i need some help i am being made redundant this friday 30th oct so if any one knows of any jobs please let me know i was working in a printing firm but i can turn my had to most things thank you
  3. I like how you state the obvious with a sense of discovery
  4. very good now go and get tea ready bet your husband is starving
  5. its one of the best excuses when you loose a game its only a warm up , we need time on the pitch yeh right ,what about PRIDE .sorry you should go out and try to win never mind practice .just admit you lost to a better side and as for being a dinosaur I will admit it I AM NO regrets either
  6. when the so called world cup winners USA lost 5-2 to an under 15 team boys team im sure our hopeless bunch of losers would be defeated by Hanley town plain and simple men are stronger and more powerful than a ladies team , one stiff challenge and that's it .by all means let ladies play but to compare or play against men its a no no ! its like womens cricket its a poor imitation
  7. the worst one is sue smith that is one woman who is a total waste of space being on tv .
  8. that's a bit low cant he have an opinion ?
  9. this guy knows about women commentators its towards the end about 1 hr 16 mins
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