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  1. i think it will be closer than you think cant see 5-0 these two teams are fairly equal bar one bloke (cheat and cry baby smith ) if we get a draw or victory in the first test the aussie media will give them some much stick. one thing missing will be the barmy army there will be ex pats in the crowd but im sure the vocal support would of helped create an atmosphere
  2. you can blame me for that Neil as for Ernie a proper English centre forward god bless you sir R.I.P
  3. sorry but the corner was taken from the lorne street side best goal ive ever seen
  4. I like how you state the obvious with a sense of discovery
  5. very good now go and get tea ready bet your husband is starving
  6. its one of the best excuses when you loose a game its only a warm up , we need time on the pitch yeh right ,what about PRIDE .sorry you should go out and try to win never mind practice .just admit you lost to a better side and as for being a dinosaur I will admit it I AM NO regrets either
  7. when the so called world cup winners USA lost 5-2 to an under 15 team boys team im sure our hopeless bunch of losers would be defeated by Hanley town plain and simple men are stronger and more powerful than a ladies team , one stiff challenge and that's it .by all means let ladies play but to compare or play against men its a no no ! its like womens cricket its a poor imitation
  8. the worst one is sue smith that is one woman who is a total waste of space being on tv .
  9. that's a bit low cant he have an opinion ?
  10. this guy knows about women commentators its towards the end about 1 hr 16 mins
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