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  1. Fosse69


    Flu mutates, as does Covid, so a different vaccine is required in the case of flu most years, and still a lot of people die from it.
  2. Furlough made it a financial decision based on the then current wage bills. This season Clubs should have adjusted to the different financial climate, but probably optimistic on fans at games. Likely that there will be casualties if some have overstretched themselves.
  3. You should have had an email, check your spam
  4. Well , this week my code has been accepted, so now I have a chance, which I expect to work same as Scunthorpe did.
  5. Well , this week my code has been accepted, so now I have a chance, which I expect to work same as Scunthorpe did.
  6. Well, if 1000 Vale watch an away game, first 500 to the away club, then 500 to Vale. So 500 x £10 x 80% = £4000 Home game 1000 would give £8000. It all helps, whether there will be any trickle down from the Prem I hold my breath.
  7. Fosse69


    Next will be BBC News at 9.00, and Curfew at 11.00.
  8. Games will be postponed and fitted in later, if a great number of games are postponed and cannot be fitted in the league could say clubs only need to complete a maximum of 40 games . A bit of a lottery but better than no football. Exceptional times with exceptional solutions. There have been seasons where a large number of games were postponed due to snow and ice, playing 2 midweek games were used then.
  9. The EU have been doing it for 40 odd years on our behalf as well as the other 20 odd members, where have our experts come from? The easiest deal in the world brigade, went there with no papers.
  10. May read her deal, Johnson did not read his deal.
  11. I hope your confidence is well founded
  12. Previously online/TV broadcasts were not allowed in the UK on Saturday afternoons 3-5 to avoid reducing attendances, but with restricted attendances does that need to apply? Why not allow ST holders to exchange , on a match by match basis , their seat for an online pass?
  13. Fosse69


    Something the UK had trouble grasping in the 50s, no doubt there is a modern expression I could use in Leicester based on minimum wage avoidance. But not wishing to wander off topic.
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