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  1. Hopefully a bit of attacking endeavour with Southend winning at FGR tonight. Lots of games left, Dont Panic.
  2. Teams at the top have wobbles, hopefully on saturday.
  3. Welcome to a Cambridge smarting after a home defeat by Cheltenham. Anyone but Pope and Scott not appeared for Clarke yet? Any chance an attacking formation could arise from the mix? I suppose a 0-0 would be welcome against the leaders, at least there is not the pressure of a six-pointer.
  4. Always the most revolting game of the season.
  5. Hopefully a game of 2 halves, that was not ours.
  6. Need to rotate with frequent games which also aids options and assessments. Interesting times, hopefully points tonight.
  7. Strange times, between Tranmere and the Leyton game there were 13 days without a game and bad weather restricting outdoor training/practice, during the 13 days from Leyton to Cheltenham 3 games will be played. Thus careful management using the usual bounce will be required for such a change in exertion.
  8. Maybe fitness drops off as a managers tenure runs out ?
  9. DC will also need to assess whether the pitch is contributing to any lack of full fitness being maintained.
  10. Wonder if there will be any surprises once the assessments have been done?
  11. When we went there last November we had 19 points they had 8 points, fortunes have changed since then. Hopefully so will ours on Tuesday evening
  12. Difficult home debut for Clarke who no doubt is still assessing his team options. Stevenage hoping to build on a run of 1-0 away wins at Tranmere and Crawley, have 33 points as the Vale but played a game more. Injuries always a concern and kept quiet, making the set-up difficult to anticipate, but Worrall ankle and Monty Covid effects are known worries. An unbeaten run for Clarke likely to be the priority but hopefully a win possible prior to the visit of Cambridge.
  13. Must have been in pain first half, he was walking with a slight limp towards the end.
  14. Point away wins at home is promotion form in some seasons.
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