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  1. Questions to be raised with the Govt, but don't expect answers.
  2. Because the NHS could not cope, because we were not prepared. Discussed ad infinitum.
  3. Lucky there is natural immunity otherwise we would all be dead, not just the millions without it.
  4. Of course their performance will be higher if they want to earn a contract with the Vale or elsewhere at the end of the season.
  5. Genoa usually play in Serie A, in 1992 they became the first Italian side to beat Liverpool at Anfield,(UEFA Cup) so probably kept a few players after relegation.
  6. The other players, agents would find out that the club was telling lies about the wage structure.. They could no longer be trusted.
  7. Two teams lacking in confidence, both last won in the league on the 7th of December. Orient beat Swindle 4-1 at home, Vale 2-1 at Bristol R seems a long time ago. Orient have not played in the league since 18th Dec, so whether rusty or not is for the Vale to test with 2 recent games under our belts. Avoiding game changing errors must be on DC`s mind, as with injuries, settling new players in, etc. Wilson to start and a playmaker from somewhere? Strangely I expect to win to avoid a 4th successive league defeat, sometimes easier to play away.
  8. It was a question, it is not a Standards Commissioners remit what the people do.
  9. Should of killed it first half, once behind all over.
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