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  1. A club loyalty card which could be topped up with match tickets and used contactless ?
  2. That is the point of coaches and teachers, why hasn`t it been picked up before? It should not be up to fans to spot it. Some people are self learners others need to be taught various aspects.
  3. A job for the coaches to improve his worth.
  4. I was asking whether you would, although I thought DC was a little evasive on the subject, understandable with personal contract negotiations. But I would not be surprised if we had considered a one year contract.
  5. But would you have given Montano a 2 year contact with an option
  6. I don`t disagree, but the offside standard this season in the top games is VAR. Judged by that Chilwell was well offside compared to some decisions given. Hopefully the standards used in VAR will be reviewed for next season.
  7. He may have a better chance in future when they increase the ground capacity by 10,000 but a few seasons away.
  8. We did have Cheeseborough and Dodds off them.
  9. It took 5 finals to win the Cup, and the flags are flying. Repeat 1-0 at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday to complete the season.
  10. Football like everything else will be different for lots of people, habits change, depends how important you consider social and physical presence are.
  11. From a club point of view 50 odd games were played, the players, management and support staff were paid as in any other season. Savings would be made by not employing, stewards, gate, and ticketing staff etc but offset by lack of catering etc income. Where would the refund money come from? Were the payments for STs access to the on-line home games on the basis that all STs would be viewing? What was different with these quoted above than those that did receive any refunds is not clear,
  12. They could not use planks due to H&S regs
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