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  1. Is Prince Andrew a dead cat? Very impressive if so.
  2. Was it not the EU funding in Liverpool that pulled it up by the boot straps ? For SOT small firms growing larger over time maybe the only answer, commuting opportunities in Manchester, I don't know I haven't lived there for a long time..
  3. There are Victorian buildings and an artistic heritage to build on, hasn't Prince Charles taken an interest in the past?
  4. Hating Jews and not agreeing with the current activities of Israel are entirely different.
  5. Indeed, for some reason SOT is considered as part of the West Midlands for various reasons, maybe a relic of when the Black Country was in Staffordshire. But as the article says really a Northern city. Consequently is over looked by Manchester as a neighbour or part of their conurbation. To me it has been left to make its own way, which it was quite able to do, world famous in fact, during its industrial heyday.
  6. They made such a good job of the NHS that it has lasted 70 years in spite of the wreckers, keeping Trump out is the next task,
  7. Labour 45 put ideas into practice, that is the difficult part,.
  8. Yes the main restraint being copper cables, now our local cabinets use fibre optic cables from the local exchange, the main restraint for me is what I am willing to pay. Replacing the copper from the cabinets with fibre optic with give unlimited bandwidth for all practical purposes. Thus future proof unless there is something faster than light. Constraints then are the electronics and network capacity supporting the content using the fibre optic distribution, which are changed as new facilities are developed. So once the Nation is fully fibred there will no longer be a need to replace them expect when damaged on a premises basis.
  9. True, but is their stance on a referendum important? It is the content that matters. Elections are also for parties, the leaders can be changed after the result.
  10. The terms of the withdrawal deal can be changed which affect trade, otherwise what is Johnson rabbiting on about. Brexit of course is a leap in the dark, or a jump off a cliff, no guesses who will carry the can, it was their will.
  11. I was talking about the PM`s position, present the facts and let the people decide. Referendums are rare events, direct and representative democracy do not mix as such. Countries that use them a lot have rules to avoid chaos.
  12. The war time government was a coalition one, Churchill PM, Attlee DPM, the people gave their judgement in 1945 on who was the better to lead us into a new world.
  13. Not many trophies to go round, but being out of the top 4 is hazardous, maybe given time to rebuild if lucky and income has improved with the new ground facilities.
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