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  1. Covolan made an impression by the Baggaley blog? FT 1-2
  2. The extra go on sale 2nd August I believe, NOT tomorrow Would make more sense as ground entry rules not yet announced.
  3. The Vale app quotes tickets available on the day at £2 extra at Northampton so not expecting a sell-out?
  4. I would really moan if Carol and Kevin were not there checking how things were going. When will we know whether NHS passports are required?
  5. How will they all fit together is the unknown. Better ingredients help but if the oven fails so does the cake.
  6. Big enough, but until the Vale say who knows. Not likely to be Seagrave which is Leicester`s new training area.
  7. Leicester Incorrect. Leics is the abbreviation for Leicestershire , as Staffs for Staffordshire.
  8. It happens to us all, I would think every system has their own "ranking method" every time Rob upgrades/changes so do they. The good news is there is not a drop in pay grade.
  9. If you buy online the usual Plastic ST with QR code is sent through the post if you live outside the local area. Does that help?
  10. Last year's were included with this year's posted out STs for the benefit of fans that save STs
  11. Think I will wait until the beginning of October to assess how building a team around Conlon is progressing. We may be delighted by then or still apprehensive, interesting times.
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