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  1. I was linking using an object, but I suppose all recent presidents are linked. Too much TV football today causing my mind to wander.
  2. Oh dear, you also know Trump who sits on the same chair in the same Oval Office as JFK sat, Clinton`s antics too.
  3. They say they cant bring anyone in, the money being asked is incredible. Familiar story?
  4. Ticket prices were the same, so no difference for local fans, blame it being on live TV, Fulham`s unattractiveness, and the expectation of an uncompetitive game.
  5. I appreciate the away following being less due to the greater distance from London and there not being so much cup rivalry between the 2 clubs, 1916 since their last game. Didn't realise the Vale were so attractive though to Citeh fans.
  6. Two teams come up from the National league, the Football League is currently one short with Bury`s demise
  7. 5 years to become an established mid-table L1 team. Assuming steady improvement of average gates to 6,000, and improved business income, a few cup windfalls, astute transfer deals. Hopefully the experiences of the first year will have been sufficient to lay the plans required. Even if it was that easy there are other clubs doing the same thing, only 4 are promoted each year and include yo-yo clubs, but L2 is the easy part, staying in L1 more difficult. even John Rudge was not an instant success.
  8. Tough task with injuries mounting, Smith`s hamstring adding to Crookes, Oyeleke, and Taylor already under treatment , at least Pope should be available after suspension. It is also short notice for any possible loanees. Hardly ideal timing for the visit of 2nd place Exeter, unbeaten since early November in L2, to do anything we will have to pick ourselves up and turn up to do battle and pull ourselves together. If we do they are low scorers like ourselves with only 3 more goals than our 35. So a single goal could settle it, 0-0 more likely. Keep smiling.
  9. How many players do we have capable of L1 football? Usually teams that spend most of the season in the top 4 of L2 are capable.
  10. Test of our defensive depth or not? We have a capable team when all 11 are fit, but 15 or so are needed to progress.
  11. Only winners in the top 13 were Swindon and Plymouth. Swindon highest scorers in L2, but conceded only 5 fewer than us.
  12. Average sides tend to be about the middle of the league, maybe with a glimpse of the play-offs but not in danger of relegation battles. Steady progress takes time.
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