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  1. I think it is true too, hopefully a steady climb over the next few seasons.
  2. We were lucky to miss the recent icebergs, steady as we go hopefully.
  3. I don't need to know the budget, only that it is related to what the club can justify. The important thing is that it is spent wisely. Whether there is a marginal drop or increase from last season should not affect our prospects.
  4. Thanks that's fine. I know they are proud of never been conquered by Europeans.
  5. Thanks, I thought so. Would like a general view but no rush, PM if you prefer. I enjoyed the country, lovely people, but as a tourist it is only on the surface. As you would expect King Power well liked in Leicester.
  6. Further point Geo, do Thais have a vote? What is their parliamentary system ?
  7. Leaks/news are part of an agents game. Managers choose whether to keep their targets under cover or highlight them dependent on circumstances. Different ball game.
  8. Not at all, exactly the same, information that was not meant to be in the public domain, I did say different in scale and motive.
  9. Foxes and Wolves closing in on the leading pack.
  10. In theory no different to the recent US ambassador leak, obviously far different in scale and motive. If you want to keep something private or secret you cant leave things lying about so the Vale security is to blame.
  11. Question asked this morning," How do you know someone critical of Israel is using it as a cover for Jewish hatred?" Was that discussed this week ?
  12. Seems to be a knitted material to me, but likely to be similar style to the actual playing kit.
  13. Most people are sure about her ability and public service over the years that justifies her position. I would close the place tomorrow but that's another story.
  14. You don't understand the function of an ambassador then, he acted like all the other ambassadors in Washington, so they are all wrong. It is a error of the Govt in failing to control its intelligence, there are far more important things at risk.
  15. Does your Home counties include London? Where was the 60% of the total Labour vote for remain otherwise?
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