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  1. Vale not ever with a win at Bolton, nor played them before in what was the 4th Division. The Trotters finding their feet after a disastrous relegation, kicked off with 7 defeats and no wins until their 12th game, but now with a run of 4 league wins. Salford, Stevenage, Scunthorpe, and Southend. How will they cope with a team beginning with P? Will we get the breaks that are still needed even if we perform? At least the November games are now over. What will December bring with 18 points to play for? Will Santa be kind?
  2. Probably not, the priority was stability. Last season we did better than expected, which raised everyone's hopes. Whether we finish in the POs or not could we survive in L1 without a massive re-build? It is not lack of ambition but realism of the time we live in with limited income into the club. As with life at present maybe we have to stand still and hope for the best and write a year off.
  3. Similar to the situation when he arrived then. Get rid, send them on gardening leave otherwise.
  4. With the chances we have had, we should have been out of sight.
  5. Fosse69


    Disagree, not a minor issue compare our deaths to that of Germany. Insufficient hospital staffing capacity to allow it to spread out of control. Spanish Flu was an example of lack of control, knowledge etc a 100 years ago. In a years time the various vaccines should reduce the spread and effects.
  6. Fans still seen in a poor light even when we come back Football policing to focus on more stadium bans when fans return | The Independent
  7. Fosse69


    Of course we did, Isolate then Test and Trace, as practiced in the Far East. We were on the end of the chain but did not take advantage of the period of warning. We were slow and did not isolate very well.
  8. Fosse69


    Logical to follow countries with experience of dealing with pandemics. The financial costs of dealing with a pandemic are more easily dealt with by a wealthy country. The need for a fairer society may well have been highlighted by the peoples` experiences and provide the impetus to make changes. Tax evasion/avoidance if corrected could supply the funds.
  9. Fosse69


    Consider this, life expectancy at birth male 79.4, female 83.1. at 65 male 83.8 female 86.1, at 83 male 90, and female 91. Don`t you think a reasonable fit 83 year old should not be looking forward to a few more years? Or is a cull in order? Restrictions on activities have been carried out in very many countries so a reasonably sensible approach? Other countries were better prepared and acted more promptly, our failures increased the scale of deaths.
  10. Fosse69


    Didnt say it was, but it can be controlled using a vaccine as with flu, which people also die from. Cancer is not contagious, an entirely different disease, as you say the likely reason for the death of half of the population.
  11. Fosse69


    Important because it is new, deadly and contagious. Pending the wide spread use of a vaccine, hospital staff and specialist treatment capacity is insufficient so demand on it has to be limited.
  12. The scorers will be reliant on how the team is setup and the chances available, also Rodney is a development signing. The cover in goal appears to be adequate and younger. The lack of goals has not changed and is disappointing.
  13. Shrews sack manager Sam Ricketts: Shrewsbury Town sack manager after winless run - BBC Sport
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