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  1. Cass fit for Saturday(Rested) but Proctor may miss Crawley as well( stomach tear)
  2. Survey done recently that Covid can reduce players' performance by 5% for upto 6 months.
  3. Colchester beat Harrogate last Saturday their only home win, their other 2 wins have been away (Barrow &Oldham), no half throttle against them Vale, 4th home win on the trot please. Firm up our promotion position although injuries are restricting our options, hopefully Proctor will be returning amongst others, whether DC shares the treatment situation with us or not.
  4. I would be surprised if ticket purchasing is not recorded electronically.
  5. Apparently a lot of injuries, if key players it would account for poor results. But teams can suddenly click, trust in DC that is what he is paid for.
  6. Revenge required for last season 0-4 away, 0-3 home, give them a thumping. Don’t take it easy against a team depleted by 10 injuries, although Quinn and Sinclair return from suspension. No league wins since August, their 2 wins being their first 2 games both at home. Expecting son of Cloughie to still be there and a 3-0 win for us.
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