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  1. It is a simple change, just make closing parliament a decision by parliament, doesn't stop the government doing it for a justifiable reason, but prevents misuse by dictators who could close parliament for months.
  2. Agreed, but Parliament is Sovereign , it is up to the MPs to keep the Government in check irrespective of party, otherwise only the Supreme Court can ensure that autocrats follow the rules now that conventions have been thrown out of the house.
  3. That is why the Supreme Court is involved!!
  4. It is the principle which is at stake, also at a crucial point of Brexit. I am surprised they did not sit through the conference season myself. On reflection perhaps not it is only the country at risk.
  5. But never objected to, parliament normally suspended at the end of a session when bills included in the previous Queen`s speech completed or rejected. Brexit does not come in that category, Nor have we ever had the father of liars in the mother of parliaments, thus without a proper explanation had to be challenged. Proves the need for suspension of parliament to be controlled by parliament, otherwise parliament is not sovereign.
  6. Not when the PM (Or his minder) closes down the scrutiny of parliament, otherwise Murdock holds sway in the story lines.
  7. Agreed, it is the use of the EU as the cause of nearly all of our problems that caused the Brexit result, together with the protest vote against Cameron and austerity, which itself influenced anger with lacking services. Govts will always place the blame elsewhere unless held to account by the media.
  8. Depends how the team is set up, the style and quality of the opposition, how the game develops, supply and timing of passes, marking by opposition. But a good run and attempt on goal or killer pass can lift up the team and cause apprehension in the opposing defence. The likes of Ainsworth cost a lot of money. Managers can analysis the opposition and the state of play in a game, but changes depend on availability on the bench. A winger may be more effective in the 2nd half as the defence tires, how many markers can be used against him is another factor.
  9. I read yesterday that at the last election in a survey of peoples concerns the EU was not in the top 10, I cant remember the source though as I was just flipping though on a tablet.
  10. Walking past Bevan`s statue in the centre of Cardiff yesterday, what would he say now about handing over the NHS to US insurance companies?
  11. Thus why the EU has a system of allowing their citizens to mingle and trade freely without physical borders. Nothing is ever perfect though, wars in the Middle East have produced millions of refugees, of which a relative few travelled to Europe, disturbing the equilibrium.
  12. T The problem is the sheer scale of the interconnections built up over the last 40 odd years as part of the largest trading group in the world. The politicians do not appreciate it and ignore the experts that do, and only list to backers and lobbyists.
  13. Back home to Fortress Vale Park and a return to winning ways. Hoping for good news from the treatment room, especially with Gibbons easing his back problem by avoiding the long bus journey to Devon and return. Amoo is a return possibility too. Mansfield`s hopes have not yet materialized, their 4 goal hammering last night when reduced to 10 men, (Preston red for a foul on Hannant ) may have an uncertain response. In our own hands by ensuring more chances land in the net, get in there Vale.
  14. According to Askey they tend to score goals late on, best time less time for a reply, At present we do not have the luxury of a couple of quality quick forwards to bring on, hopefully our injury problems will diminish.
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