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  1. Can you imagine if Trev steps up for the big show?
  2. I'm not convinced but that said the only angle I've seen is the poor one on the Sky highlights. I was referring more to Bennings clear handball I didn’t see a handball. You must be mistaken ..... I don’t know what you’re on about. Hit his head didn’t it?
  3. I highly doubt other fans will be sat thinking that all Vale fans are yobs, just like I don’t think all Forest fans should be tarnished. Just as in wider life, the crowds are filled with people who have a brain that could power a city, sitting next to people who not only have no lights on upstairs, but no wiring at all.
  4. The stewards were the only ones who let more people through than Conroy.
  5. Darrell Clarke vs Patrick Vieira in the manager’s boxing final, should be a good one.
  6. He should have been in the away end if he’s a Man City fan, that’s who we were playing.........
  7. I think Swindon are trying to will the ‘dirty, long ball’ tags into existence when in truth we are not dirty. I would say if we are, because we’re trying to win here, but I don’t think we are. Smith is frustrating and constantly on the wind up in a low-key way, but you can see some of the teams come to rough us up deliberately and I don’t think we do that. If anything in recent months we’ve been crying out for a bit more steel and grit haven’t we!?
  8. There will be a lot of really unhappy people waking up in Swindon this morning ... whether or not they follow football.
  9. Anything considered deliberately antagonistic celebration-wise should be a booking in my opinion.
  10. Thank you, I appreciate it. There’s so many opinions on here but the vast majority come from sheer passion for Vale. We gotta stick together.
  11. It’ll be hard not to go with the same team again, but Proctor and Walker could feature? Big call to start Proctor instead of Harratt if he’s available, but if that is the case it’s not through the fault of Kian, he was absolutely brilliant alongside Willo.
  12. No way mate, defender is stretching across the entire box, playing every man and his goals onside.
  13. Wow, what a night. Not just in football terms, but in my life honestly. I’ll remember that night forever regardless of the Mansfield result. We have been so professional all the way through this tie. We refused to be dragged into mudslinging, player comparisons, arrogance and tit-for-tat nonsense with a team that would do well to learn from his experience and come out as better people and football professionals. We complimented them when they mocked our style and player quality, we humbly and quietly went about our preparations while they scoffed and soaked up media coverage in the most cringeworthy and unjustifiable way. Meanwhile we were making changes, managing Proctor’s injury and adjusting to the sad news that he couldn’t play and utilising a belief that has clearly been built over a long period. Also bearing in mind, they have totally misunderstood and overlooked our style. We pass and overload on the wings, play into Wilson’s feet and pass it out from the back. We passed and moved better than them on the night, and if anyone was hoofing it forward trying desperately to find their only mobile striker, it was them. Don’t believe your own hype, watch the game without ego-blinkers. Dazzler getting sent off was not needed, I thought. Yes he’s out of his technical area, but the instigator, as always, often and uncalled for, was the nasty opposition captain and inspirer of much unneeded bad blood. Shamefully in the write up it says DC obviously lost his head due to family bereavement catching up with him. This comment should be complained about and subsequently an apology issued, because that is plainly wrong. In reality, it is what standing up to bullies looks like. That’s what giving an entitled group of egotists their own medicine is all about. Well done Darrell, you fight for us with a passion we haven’t had in a manager in my lifetime. Every single player to a man was superb. I think we were clearly the better side. Did Stone have to save a real, clear cut chance in the whole game? I mean a real opportunity like the 3 or 4 we should have put away? We held possession, overlapped like the Vale that seemed unbeatable on our winning runs and stood up firmly and strongly in the tackle for 2 hours. Absolutely fantastic. It’s not really right to mention individuals, but Smith as a defender is as good as they come. That back 3, in the right positions, doing the right jobs, is our best 3, and we’ve got it right just at the right time. The mentality of this group is genuinely inspiring. Any of the many personal and professional issues that have plagued Vale this season could have caused them individually or collectively to throw in the towel. We are with you and you are with us, the players have been, to a man, a credit to Carol and the club. They are going to want to drag this game out in the news for weeks; they have a lot of free time now after all. But we should not be sorry about the pitch invasion. Every club does it and it was 99% celebratory. Those fans that tarnished the evening with their antics should be found and banned and prosecuted, no doubt. But where is the protection against the abuse, goading and underlying inappropriate behaviours that rile the fans up? The club should just issue a blanket, ‘we don’t condone XYZ’ response and then move on. Don’t get bogged down in a war of words, let it go. For me this game is separate to the Mansfield game. This is a moral victory for the players, a cultural victory for the club, and a testament to the real work that is going on behind the scenes. It’s a new club, and all the people involved in taking us on this journey have my permanent gratitude. I’m sure if we lose against Mansfield all the little people behind their club badges, on their keyboards, cackling in the shadow of hate (Walsall, Crewe, Swindon, Stoke and whoever else wants it) will kid themselves that our pain is a win for them that blots out their greater and deeper flaws, shortcomings and delusions; but I say leave them to it. We are building so much, so fast, with amazing staff that will drive us forward season after season. I am so proud to be a Vale fan and our long term aspirations. I went down the route of trying to pre-numb the hurt and disappointment by expecting the worst throughout the game. I barely celebrated when we scored, I clapped quietly when we went close, I ignored McKirdy to the point of not looking in his direction while all those around me hurled abuse whenever he was within 100 yards. I wanted solemn contemplation upon defeat or humble grace in victory to be my only prescribed options. I didn’t blink when we missed 2 penalties in a row, I stood cross-armed, unmoved when McKirdy blazed over. But when Iandolo missed, I think I literally blacked out for 2 minutes. The relief, the joy, the intensity, everything I had be holding in just came out all at once. I’ve never spontaneously hugged a stranger before, and certainly not 10, while crying and singing, but now I have. What a night. Thank you football. Thank you Vale.
  14. I don't consider us to be a long ball side, but we do need that cutting pass tonight. We have to manage the emotional side in three ways: the noise and expectation of the crowd, the panic of needing a goal, the rough side of the game. This is going to be a really bad tempered game, mark my words now. Realistically, is Williams better than Pett? I don't think they have better passers than us necessarily and certainly not when we have a full strength side.
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