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  1. Lets hope his underwhelming “I’ve got a year left on my contract so I’m focused on Vale atm” comment at the fans forum was just him keeping himself grounded.......
  2. Some would give Pope a 41 year contract.
  3. Weren’t they living together? I <ovf censored> hope he’s not coming. I’m more positive about keeping Crosby after what was said in the fans forum.
  4. 1

    Retained list

    That’s why I don’t change my mind on a good run. The players are not capable of carrying a promotion season from start to finish without a huge clear out and virtually everyone on here must surely agree with that.
  5. Good news - Rob can copy and paste “is this a joke?” from the DC story to the match report. Saved a bit of time.
  6. Replace dear with FAO and scratch best. always good to do a first draft though.
  7. Their thanks is being paid a king’s ransom for kicking a leather sphere around on some grass and regardless of how bad some of them are, being paid all the same.
  8. Hurst will never be league quality, just being young isn’t enough. Surely there’s young players better than him.
  9. It’s not a dead rubber imo. Finishing top half would be nice and throwing it away at the end after so much hard work would be awful.
  10. The matrix will have failed on day one if that happens I wouldn’t mind more Mr Smiths. He’s been a beast under Clarke.
  11. McKirdy is an interesting one, he may yet get a contract.
  12. Maybe they’ll say we had a vibe he would come unstuck at the steamrolling Grimsby. They’re such footballing experts that they know results before they come in.
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    Very much so, palm him off on someone else. If he and DC can sign better players to replace those out of contract, while also pushing away under-contract deadweights that would be a genuinely fantastic job well done and one we couldn’t possibly have managed without a DOF.
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    If DF can spin a deal for Robinson then the guy wants signing on a longer term deal.
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