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    Retained list

    Clarke reckons he’s only “theoretically” under Flitcroft in the pecking order. That would be a popcorn-worthy barny to watch
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    I don’t mind him being given a coaching role. I think there’s a big difference between a player who happens to have finished up at Vale staying on, and a Vale fan who’s done so much for the club and is a lifelong fan. He’ll put everything into any role he has at the club, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold.
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    Retained list

    I didn’t even mention Mills and Fitz, but obvs gone in the summer.
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    In a squad of 20, assuming monty, Gibbo and Smith are all here, will mean we need at least 1 nailed on CB starter then two players who can be versatile in two positions across the back line. Crookes, Legge and Brisley have no chance of a single contract between them.
  5. In his time here he’s going to ruffle a lot of feathers, which is far better than being disrespected and taken for a mug.
  6. Brown Monty Legge smith Gibbo Taylor Burgess Conlon worrall (diamond) Robinson Rodney don’t like it, but without Joyce or Pope what can you do
  7. I think Clarke thought we would have won a game and be cruising with a more confident team by now. He seems to be lashing out a bit at the lack of quality, lob-sided squad depth and injuries. Not that he’s wrong at all, but he seems a little bit ruffled. Let’s settle the nerves tomorrow!
  8. I have no idea why the Hudds CB is not playing, he tired a bit but looked good. I know the team have looked better at the back but still wobbly in parts
  9. and the incentive bump of being against his old team
  10. When Pope fit he will start. Will we have him before the end of the season though?!
  11. Salford drew with Southend today so hopefully Clarke can get the heads up again and we get something on Tuesday.
  12. Salford - L Cheltenham - D Oldham - D Bolton - L Newport - W Colchester - D Crawley - D Exeter - D Harrogate - D Carlisle - L Morecambe - W Barrow - D Bradford - D Grimsby - D Mansfield - W That’s 52 points, which means we’d be safe by the time we played Grimsby. By that we won’t win any of the next 4 games but will still stay up.
  13. I can definitely see Rodney and Robinson together next time out. Like others have said get that arm strapped up and throw Pope on. If he gets 5 before the end of the season I’ll change my preference to giving him a new contract lol. <ovf censored> it make it 2 years, just keep us up!
  14. The last full season that was played we finished 20th, Cambridge finished 21st. here and now, they are top and we are still 20th. Clarke has got a big job on his hands but he’s doing it after treading water in the interim with a manager who will probably never see the football league again.
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