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    Shortened season

    Ok thanks.
  2. I’ve been off the site for a bit so apologies if this is common knowledge. Why would the owners agree to foregoing the rest of the regular season with us so close to the playoffs and a good chance of getting in with form and the remaining fixtures? The news says all 24 clubs voted in favour, including us. Was it just a case of being responsible with safety precautions and our situation is just not worth putting that at risk? and we would perhaps look pretty bad if we objected alone anyway I suppose. Maybe I’ve answered my own question, but have I?
  3. I don’t necessarily disagree with Askey’s subs, but I think Taylor sitting on the bench when we’re trying to get in the playoffs is mad. At the very least he should be coming in instead of Oyeleke. Keep him for the odd 10 mins here and there, protect him and build him up during a full pre-season. This season we need Taylor to be putting in the performances that contributed to us getting into this position! Clark to start next week for me, but don’t hesitate to bring Taylor on sooner rather than later.
  4. I think it’s time Pugh got a run out lol.
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    Run In

    the teams that finish 6th and 7th will lose more games between now and the end of the season than those that finish 8th and 9th. It'll be the draws that decide it.
  7. If that was on a Vale player and not red carded I would be expecting the club to be complaining.
  8. Definitely, and the pitch was one of the worst in the league, which makes little fouls more common.
  9. Joyce pen was harsh but not outrageous. Clark tackle was begging the ref to send him off and why make it when they have the ball so far away from goal. Pope, again very soft foul but don't react and just see the game out.
  10. get Brisley signed up to be Smith's backup next season!
  11. we haven't in the league, but league + cup there's a few dotted around!
  12. 15th! no chance son 10th min
  13. swindon ^ plymouth ^ exeter ^ --- crewe bradford colchester vale (knocking crewe out first round of PO) ^ --- Morecambe
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