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  1. It would have to be club-changing money to let DC go elsewhere. His skills and Carol’s generosity combined is a recipe for years of incremental success, so don’t give it up!
  2. Tough game, will have to play better than at Mansfield to win it; but maybe that was down to the three day turnaround. Play the same team again. I don’t buy into the theory behind a home formation and away formation. If you’ve got the better players, set up to attack and get on the front foot.
  3. It’ll be sweet to be presented with the league trophy away at Walsall. Just timed that fixture right.
  4. I sat closer than usual today and I could really tell we have that extra quality and composure now, and Pett is one of the most technically gifted we’ve had for a while. Just call me Neo, because I trust the matrix.
  5. Politic was just sauntering around, going where he wants when he wants. Great talent and I would hate to have him against us.
  6. Exactly, they were all Vale fans today, against a side with a decent away following that goes up massively by the other team pulling their weight.
  7. Absolutely brilliant. To a man, the whole game, brilliant. You tell me that’s not a team and a squad catching fire to take the league title? Totally controlled the game, could have scored more, interlinking down both flanks, dealt with some tricky customers like Nouble without too much hassle. Strong and dominant throughout, but special mentions to: Jones: a very special find Pett: getting better and better, rarely loses the ball, constantly breaking up play and had some attacking flair today Politic: just give the man the ball, he’ll do the rest, brilliant Gibbo: nailed on starter and still improving
  8. Conlon won’t be dropped and no more should he be. He’s our talisman and a top 3 player and even underperforming he’ll have Colchester chasing shadows.
  9. Most of the goals we have conceded have been crossed in low or high, passing at least one defender on the way. People just say oh that was mistake, then forget about it. Covalan makes a mistake and he has to play amazingly for 3 games straight after to absolve himself. We should just support the players and be beyond doubt that they are trying their best, everything we see DC sees and has a plan to put it right, and the team is good enough to get us out of this league, including Cov at his CURRENT level, not even factoring in his development and honing.
  10. Should be playing 433 at home. Attacking with Worrall and Politic at the sides. Bring back Gibbo and be home and dry by half time.
  11. Need to win this one in the right way to get back on track. Smithy with his hands full against Nouble and Sears is no slouch at this level. Cass back would be very welcome.
  12. The teams that get promoted will be beating Colchester and teams like them at home with convincing aplomb.
  13. I want to see Cov swapping his laces over for every goal kick from 60 mins onwards. assuming we're winning.
  14. Mansfield will not finish in the top 10.
  15. we have no defensive midfielders apart from Walker, who is going to be in and out like Manny. I suppose DC classes Pett as an all-rounder but like you said I think the midfield 3 have very similar attributes.
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