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  1. I personally fail to see the point of having a young keeper warming the bench with no first team or reserve league to bring them on.
  2. I'm sure their keeper did know the rule, but that particular one is entirely dependent on the refs interpretation. What constitutes a backpass to one ref possibly doesn't to another. So if you're unsure you should ask in my opinion
  3. Not sure you can say it was biased as there's no evidence that he wouldn't have done the same for brown in the same situation, presuming brown had the intelligence to ask. I've not an issue with it myself
  4. When have you seen crookes pass? Is it on some archived footage somewhere?
  5. Fair enough, I obviously saw it differently. For me, being able to successfully pass a ball forwards more than 2 yards is a must for any midfielder, no matter how defensive he is. His passing is absolutely shocking. Must admit he did play a lovely through ball for their striker though [emoji16]
  6. But we don't win without joyce don't forget [emoji6]
  7. The stats suggest otherwise. Rodney now has the same amount of league goals from open play already this season than pope has in this and the last combined, in less than half the appearances. Rodney also had more assists
  8. Shall we credit that one to pope doha? [emoji38]
  9. Bring back Tonge kay and pugh, all is forgiven. Jesus wept
  10. So? Is that the basis on which we offer players contracts nowadays? Mannys on for a 5 year deal if so
  11. Well that's easy to sum up. Bloody awful. Special mention to mills (woeful long balls forward every time that never work), Joyce (getting worse every game), and amoo (sitting way too deep). So long as we look to Joyce as our playmaker, we will achieve nothing. Sick to death of our offensive plan. It's been like this for going on 4 years now and nobody at the club seems to realise
  12. I hated that under aspin. Hopefully Sunderland was just a one off
  13. Why on earth would he be promised a new deal just for being deregistered? He still gets paid regardless
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