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  1. I do too, but more so to see how the youngsters cope. Scott, RCG, Agho and Bailey
  2. That's the big question isn't it? I don't think anybody can say either way. Perhaps a 6 month trial involving a select few clubs would be the best way to determine this?
  3. Following on from a comment made in another thread, what are our thoughts on the extent of ifollow access that should be available once fans are allowed back into grounds? If there remains any restrictions on the number of fans that can attend, I'm firmly of the view that unfettered ifollow access should remain as it currently is. That's only right in my view, so that all those who want to watch the games can, and the Club will maintain another income stream. The bigger conundrum is when there are no restrictions on numbers. Do we really believe that unrestricted access in those circumstan
  4. Yeah, Pope doesn't rate him. On Pope's recommendation, 'Kayzee' was brought in as the man to solve our CB problems, closely followed by Rob Lainton [emoji23]
  5. I would be surprised if the general access continued once fans are allowed back. That said, if you really can't get to games, there's always IPTV (which, I should say, is illegal)
  6. I thought PSG said no, along with Bayern and Dortmund
  7. If we wrote off every player who had been released as a youngster by their first club there'd be very few professional footballers
  8. Just watching Sgorio and there's a young striker playing for Newtown who looks quality! Rapid and appears to be a proper poacher. Lifumpa Mwandwe. Obviously he's playing in a crap league, but at his age (20, wouldn't count towards the squad cap and looks a real prospect
  9. Which your months of diatribe between October and February clearly demonstrates
  10. I hate that argument, because it completely ignores the fact that we have lost a hell of a lot with Joyce too. It also demonstrates the insular view that a lot of Vale fans seem to have (that the world ends at the horizon). If there's not younger and much better than Joyce available this summer then football in this country is in a very sorry state. Most of this division manage perfectly well without Luke Joyce in their side, and we'll be no different if he goes now that we have a proper recruitment plan in place.
  11. I'm not saying he's not someone we need but surely you can agree that creativity starts at the back, whether it's your keeper finding his own men, or the defence. Brown's goal kicks are crap, so that leaves the defenders. Not one of them can do anything but launch it aimlessly, when it always comes back and, I'm sorry to say, Brisley is the worst. Add into the equation that he's so one footed that he makes Crookes look like Messi on the ball, and I see need for a different approach. Our creativity is shocking, and that starts at the back, and to have not 1 central defender that is comfortable
  12. We absolutely need one. Brisley is all well and good when you're protecting a lead, but I want more than a 'Ave it' central defender. Same with Joyce. It's all well and good saying oh he's a holding midfielder but, defensive minded or not, in my book, the least a central midfielder should be capable of is actually passing a ball forward. Joyce struggles to do this even over 5 yards
  13. Got to be happy with a point, but anybody whos happy with anything from our midfield offensively wants their head examining. It's been like that for much of the season and anything less than a huge overhaul of our midfield in the summer would be scandalous. The fact that our 2 moments of offensive quality both came from our defenders (gibbons with a cross and smith with control and shot) says it all really
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