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  1. Where have you seen that jean? Can't find anything? Presume it will be free?
  2. Only legge and clark shown as booked on flashscore. Neither anywhere near the 68th minute. I know he did take a man out on the touchline midway through the second half but didn't see him get booked
  3. 10 games gone. Average of 1.9 points per game. Keep that up and that's nearly 88 points, more than enough for automatic promotion!
  4. Where on earth have you read that I'm hoping he does poorly next time? Odds are that he will but I'm not hoping for that you clown. Anyway, I'm not taking this thread off on a tangent, so enjoy your night, and all the best
  5. Crowing from the rooftops. Point proven! We'll revisit this next game hey?
  6. Typical rose tinted pope defender. When he scores the odd goal (as he has over the last 2 years) you're all crowing from the rooftops. When, more usually, he misses a sitter or has a terrible game, you're all very very quiet. I don't hate pope at all. I question what he offers to the team more often than not. There's a huge difference between hating a player and questioning him. Unfortunately, the pope lovers try to beat down anybody who questions pope.
  7. Yep. Working fine until just before kick off
  8. That's what you said about Oldham and look how that turned out! Hopefully, your predictions carry on as they did then!
  9. But he's not as quick as the white Usain Bolt in Adam Crookes, at least according to Phil Sproson
  10. You know the vale script in games set up like that.......
  11. Amoo was largely to blame for their goal by not tracking back, leaving their man clear and unchallenged to get the cross in. You could see him just leisurely jogging back
  12. RS Carl is no doubt with him. No sign of him on P&G tonight!
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