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  1. If that was a penalty I expect one every corner kick
  2. Playing Pope negates the pace around him, especially if he's come deep, as the pacy players have to hold the ball up then as he ambles towards the area! Bennett or Archer all day long over Pope for me
  3. Hope so. Worst outcome for us would be that they've been rushed back and end up injured again. Particularly Oyeleke
  4. Pope up top. Readying myself for the inevitable repeated commentary of 'ball hit long towards pope, pope beaten in the air/pope penalised for a foul'
  5. Seems a case of different rules outside of the penalty area
  6. Joyce seems to be having the same problem....... never have I seen such a negative player as him
  7. 2.1. Archer debut goal. Subs have worked a treat
  8. Pope, in my opinion, showing just why he should no longer be near the starting 11. Totally immobile and wins little.
  9. Played relatively well so far. Just missing that little bit of quality and composure in the middle. Bennett playing very well. Monty having a stinker with his final ball. Defence solid enough for now. Full backs seem to have instructions to be more cautious today
  10. Nothing to write home about so far. Like the high pressing but I've said it before and I'll say it again - playing pope is like playing with 10 men. No mobility, no pace, very rarely wins a header and when he does it just pings off his bonce with no direction at all. Exactly the same issues as last season and the one before. Common denominator is Pope
  11. Anybody know who the ref is? He looks suspiciously like the ref who awarded a penalty against Mitch Clark for that overhead clearance last season!
  12. I think it's called managing expectations. All of us want promotion, few expect it, fewer still will demand it and declare anything less a failure and call for 'change'. After the last 3 seasons I'd happily take a top to upper mid table finish. That's not 'settling', or showing a lack of ambition/accepting mediocrity, as some will allege. That would be progress, and realistic.
  13. Kind of? He's the very definition of it. Suspect much of it is mental rather than physical
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