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  1. Kind of? He's the very definition of it. Suspect much of it is mental rather than physical
  2. Monty injured 14 mins in. And so it begins....
  3. I thought Reggie had re-signed for a moment there
  4. It is after his second half of last season. Just need Manny to do the same now, and hopefully stay fit next season.
  5. Enquiring club: 'Will you stump for the taxi?' JA: 'Done. He'll be there in an hour'. Sounds about the right deal to me
  6. Another decent striker? Who's the first one?
  7. Technically, we may only have 10 first team players after the end of June, dependent upon whether Hornby signs the new deal offered, and any of the 4 who have the extension clauses in their contracts actually trigger them. So, until the end of June or confirmation of the position of these 5 additional players before then, it will be very much a case of trying to plan and bring players in knowing that some or all of the 5 may stay. I would also expect Miller's contract to be terminated at some point before the end of June and, quite possibly, Montys. Both of those are likely to be amongst the higher earners, I would think. Plenty of scope to bring in 11-12 players now, all of whom, bar any goalie, I would want to be better than what we have under contract. 2 strikers is a must for me, to actually compete with Pope for the jersey, and not simply be seen as his understudy.
  8. I predicted 6 months before the usual suspects found their excuses not to buy a season ticket and started their negativity again. Seems 6 days was long enough
  9. Probably only as pope's understudy
  10. That didn't stop pugh and Tonge getting 2 year contracts
  11. I don't think that's necessarily true. It seems that the Club was pretty much self-sufficient over the past couple of years, so if that's the starting point (happy to be proven wrong), all it would take is a steady increase in funds made available to the manager to gradually improve the playing squad.
  12. Seems that is a common theme with our number 9s.....
  13. I wouldn't say that any player exiting would be a surprise as such, given how crap most of them have been this season. I think any 'surprises' will arise out of players still under contract being released, such as Whitfield, Monty and Miller.
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