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  1. If he's still going 3 at the back, I just can't see Martin being dropped. Like you say though, we'll soon see!
  2. I'm concerned too. More so about you topping yourself before we've even kicked off! [emoji38]
  3. I cannot figure out that formation for love nor money. Certainly looks like 4 at the back. 4411? With Wilson in the hole? But that would mean Taylor on the left?
  4. Very demanding job that given our collection of rag bags and undesirables [emoji6]
  5. 3 easy steps to victory: Step 1 - Play the Karate Kid on a loop on all screens at the ground for the whole of tomorrow, before convincing Covolan that McKirdy has doinked his missus. That's McKirdy subjected to the crane technique as he disembarks the Swindon team coach, and out of the game. Step 2 - Do not, under any circumstances, give Nathan Smith the ball at his feet, particularly in an attempt to play out from the back. Step 3 - Force feed Proctor Weetabix as his pre-match meal. 4.0 Vale. Jobs a good un
  6. As bad as we are on turnstiles, I can't see us needing to start admitting people tomorrow [emoji6]
  7. Ted has to go in the Stand after every ticket sale and paint the appropriate seat grey by hand. Then get on the roof and take an aerial photo. He's only one guy
  8. Nobody on there can count to 8, let alone 8000. I'd treat that with a pinch of salt
  9. Preferable to the regular 360 minutes wait in the 5 seasons before this one
  10. If only Covolan hadn't got sent off in pre-season, we'd have won today. Bloody Cov Just trying to fit into this forum....
  11. Amoos got pace to burn. As did Rodney. Neither have hardly shown that is what we're missing this season. When we're on it and play our game, we have looked formidable. When we're not on it, we haven't. Nowt to do with a lack of pace
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