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  1. We must be watching different games! Either that or you're watching the matches on ifollow using a dial-up modem and experiencing buffering issues
  2. All strikers rely at least to an extent on others providing for them. However, unlike Pope, a lot of decent strikers at this level can create their own chances if need be, or provide a threat from distance. We are so reliant, when Pope plays, on 3-4 others playing well and providing precise crosses straight onto his bonce (as he cannot move), when our crossing is generally shocking. When Pope hasn't played this season, we've looked so much more dangerous going forward, as well as playing much better from a team perspective. Bennett/Cullen will run the channels, try to get in behind, and not just stand in the centre of the pitch yelling at their teammates to hit a long diagonal ball when surrounded by centre halves that he will invariably lose.
  3. Why is it when pope plays garbage it's because he was 'marked our of the game' or 'had no service' yet any other of our strikers in the same situation are crap? Nobody came out of that game with any credit. No creativity at all. Amoo was woeful.
  4. If a fan is a die hard then slightly inconvenient train times won't make a jot of difference
  5. Massive credit to askey. Whatever he said at half time has worked wonders! Rollocking or encouraging do we think?
  6. The opening 15 mins have demonstrated perfectly for me why pope shouldn't be starting and certainly not the captain. Gibbons plays one bad ball and pope is screaming at him. Gibbons then looks bereft of any confidence and promptly makes 2 mistakes in a row
  7. 'Pope penalised....'. And so it begins....
  8. Absolute idiot. He's old enough and ugly enough to know better. I've never understood the apparent need to share your every waking thought on social media. Deserves everything he gets. Thank God he's not the mainstay of our team anymore
  9. Certainly a glass half full kind of guy ain't you ;-) :-)
  10. To be fair to crookes the standard of crossing in our team is generally woeful across the board. Monty looks like a pub player at times in that regard as does amoo!
  11. First half was the best I've seen us play all season. We absolutely dominated them. The midfield trio was totally in command and on another day we'd have gone in 2 or 3 up. Second half, despite scoring twice, I actually didn't think we played anywhere near as well, particularly after burgess went off, when they looked the most likely to nick it. Pope, for me, was terrible. I think he won one header which pinged off his head with no direction whatsoever. Bennett or Cullen over pope for me any day of the week. We look a poorer side with pope on the pitch. All in all a gutsy win which was deserved on the overall balance of play. Onwards and upwards. Nice also to hear some of the players getting the recognition they deserve in having songs chanted about them. Worrall finally got his own song yesterday for the first time. Maybe if this keeps up we'll get back to the good old days when every player had their song chanted at the start of every game and they acknowledged the crowd each time
  12. If Carlisle get anything out of this game I expect the highlights to be shown on crimewatch. All playing very well especially the midfield trio
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