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  1. Trains have been like that for years. I worked in Brum for 18 years, and simply splitting your ticket (season or daily) into 2 parts (Stoke-Stafford, then Stafford-Birmingham) saved a small fortune with no need to change train. But they're apparently not allowed to tell you about it at the ticket desk unless you ask. Rob dogs!
  2. Not defending the guy, but what happened to innocent until proven guilty?
  3. Why would they be given squad numbers when they're not our players? If they sign for us, they'll get one.
  4. If Stoke are playing DAB, if they're not, FM and Freeview
  5. What does 'listed as a triallist due to severance reasons' mean? I thought his contract with us had expired?
  6. Or any net curtains in Meir
  7. Only colour worse than that would be brown.
  8. Absolutely spot on. I've only responded to Pope comments over the past few months and started nowt. Seems that is frowned upon now though, if you aren't gushing with Pro-Pope propaganda. I'll refer back to this thread and certain posters when Rodney, Wilson etc are subject to the horrendous abuse reserved by some fans during the course of the season
  9. It's just the people who were adamant that 'the best striker at the Club' would have his pick of L2 sides peddling an unsubstantiated rumour that suits their purpose
  10. Everybody who has bought a ST has a receipt so I don't see the issue?
  11. Just the initial run. Can always request more if we sell them. Don't Vale have to pay something for the tickets so it's best not to over order.
  12. Easy enough to make it ST holders first and require production of the receipt rather than the actual ST
  13. What's the difference between a youth loan and a standard loan?
  14. You can tell who plays Football Manager on here and who doesn't [emoji16]
  15. Key phrase there is 'on paper'. We'll all have to wait and see
  16. If people are going to be called to account for making early negative judgments on players without a reasonable number of competitive games gone, you can't in the same breath pronounce a conclusively positive judgment and question the mental state of all those who have a different opinion or, indeed, no opinion at all yet.
  17. I too liked the look of Pett, but not Benning. Thought he looked quite poor, particularly defensively, given he's supposed to be L1 level. Jones' distribution was Mills/Crookesesque at times. Proctor impressed me, and he looked a real proper target man. Friendlies mean nowt though, particularly ones played in heat like yesterday, so I'll reserve judgment on all players until at least November
  18. Cracking goal that. We are looking exposed down the flanks with this formation
  19. Just about to post that. GK and defenders especially
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