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  1. I'd be surprised if that was allowed if I'm honest.
  2. That may be so, but it says it all about the strength of recruitment and/or poor quality of previous L2 squads that Joyce was, and Pett is much better than him
  3. I think that this is maybe a sign that teams have figured out how to stop us creating. DC has said that would happen, and that he would change it when they did, so we'll see if he actually does relatively soon I expect
  4. First time since Northampton that I've really not enjoyed watching us. Think it's unfair to single out any individual for criticism. The whole team were dreadful, including the subs. Really disappointing performance, but a point. We couldn't string 2 passes together tonight. Oh well, we haven't lost and for me to say that 2 games out of 13 have been bad, I'll take that over the 12 of 13 we've regularly had over the past 4 years
  5. If we can win this despite playing as we are, then that bodes very well.
  6. Good job we didn't start with 'steady Stone' [emoji23]
  7. I could be wrong but, as NCs teams tend to like to play out from the back, perhaps DC thinks that Lloyd, as a ratter, is more suited to effect the high press than both you mention, particularly so Amoo
  8. WTF is this cameraman doing? Sit bloody still!
  9. Some mouthy numpty in the Lorne Street no doubt. I sat there for a season some time ago but got thrown out because I didn't have a degree in moaning
  10. Don't forget the shambles of a GK performance against Walsall at home in January
  11. I personally think that it's just the opposite. He got sent off in his first game (and a friendly at that) and some seem to have never forgiven him, nor will they. Plus he's completely different to Scott Brown, so the natural reaction seems to be 'we don't like this, we're not used to it'. If he was a monkey, he'd have been hanged by the people shouting loudest for him to be dropped
  12. All of us have different opinions and are free to express them. Nobody has knocked you for that. It's your insistence on pushing your original opinion despite all of the evidence to the contrary that people give you stick for
  13. Let's hope we don't get lumbered with Sam Allison as ref again
  14. Also worth noting that FA Cup games won't be available to stream through ifollow so if you want to watch it, get yourselves down there
  15. Definitely winnable. At home, with this squad, I fancy us against anybody from the Championship down in a one off cup game
  16. This Covolan debate is getting ridiculous. Every time we concede a goal it's the same thing, even to the point where Stone has somehow gotten the moniker of 'steady Stone', despite keeping only 1 clean sheet. Teams concede goals, not just goalkeepers. Get off the guys back ffs.
  17. I understand that he, and a number of other posters, are currently offline convalescing from knee replacement surgery
  18. Always interested to hear what the opposition fans made of it. Not much on their forum but this post seems to capture the general consensus: "Probably the poorest performance of the season for me this. We were lucky to be ahead at half time, and second half has been terrible. Not sure where this performance has come from but I wasn't convinced by the way we set up from the start. All of that said, Port Vale look a good side and have played with an intensity that we have not come anywhere near to matching"
  19. If this had been Norman, he'd have had Speedy setting small fires in various parts of the pitch then calling the fire brigade
  20. Was particularly pleased with how we coped and actually thrived without Proctor today in the second half. If we can score 3 without a player like him, we really are going places
  21. I don't get this criticism by some of Pett. He's doing the 'Joyce role', and a lot more effectively than Joyce ever did, plus he can actually pass a ball. Yet Joyce was lauded on here. Baffling
  22. What's the alleged advantage? I thought we had to change ends at half time anyway? Or am I missing something?
  23. Weird game today. Looked comfortable enough first half but struggled to create and then got done by a free kick, the only real shot of the half. Thought the similar formations cancelled each other out. DC changed it and then they couldn't cope with us. Full credit to DC. Special shouts out to both Wilson, who I thought was superb today, particularly after Proctor went off, and Garrity, who covered every blade of grass. Deserved win today. UTV
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