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  1. Would it make a difference to have buckets inside the ticket office on match days so that those buying tickets without the correct cash can easily throw their change in on their way out if they wanted to? Or is that too 'in your face'?
  2. Surely, if they play 3 big centre halves, the tactical nous would say not to put pope up against all 3 in a battle which he invariably lose, but to play the ball on the floor with a more mobile striker or strikers?
  3. I thought that we were the better team for 65 minutes. That said, our midfield looked very leggy. Whether that was the heavy pitch or tiredness I don't know, but they always seemed to have a man free in the middle, which hasn't been the case for most of the season. Joyce was deserved motm. First half he was very influential. Amoo looked excellent going forward in the first half, but was frustrating the hell out of me with his defensive efforts and not committing at all to balls that were there to be won. Cullen led the line well again first half, and scored. Not much more you can ask of a striker. All of the team were below par in the second half. I thought the intro of their number 29 made a big difference. He was pressing our back line constantly which we didn't like one bit. I don't think pope would have come on had askey waited for the corner to be taken and we'd scored from it. He was clearly going for the win by going 2 up top. When we scored he almost immediately brought on another midfielder for Cullen. Those who are trying to credit pope with an assist merely from his presence on the pitch need to have a word with yourselves! They did the same at Crewe. No wonder the guys got a God complex! He was poor after he came on, won nothing, and his only contributions were giving away a stupid foul and screaming vehemently our back line after we conceded. Gibbons distribution was shocking today. Poor second half from most. With manny, agree that he's clearly unfit. Is it not an option to loan him to the division below for a month to get him games? We're back in the playoffs and it's in our hands. Can we do it? Of course. Will we? Who knows? Whatever happens, I'm pleased as punch with our progress this season and, with sensible quality recruitment in the summer, have high hopes for next season. UTV
  4. Increased wages - not obligatory Increased security - on what basis? Ground improvement - on what basis? Travel costs - what?! Ground safety - on what basis? Better pitch - what?! Better facilities for supporters - not obligatory Better ticketing system - not obligatory
  5. Ok I'll bite - what obligatory increased costs are there to a promoted club within the league structure? The parachute payment clearly has a reason, viz the vast difference in tv income between the prem and the championship. If it wasn't for the parachute payment most relegated clubs would be bankrupt within 18 months.
  6. Don't see why they would get anything other than the standard competition prize money
  7. Askey didn't sound happy at all so I expect a few changes next week
  8. I'll take a point from most away games. We scored twice, uncharacteristically bad defending twice, point each was fair. Bet Carl is back on this week banging on.....
  9. The song is actually, so far as I've made out and been told : Montano whoooah Montano whoooah He came to play the wing Now he's our full back king Repeat Must admit I like yours better!
  10. That's the current one isn't it?
  11. Noting the couple of new songs emanating from the RS yesterday, I do think that some of the players who don't currently have songs perhaps deserve them. It's been a trend at Vale over the years that successful players get their own songs, if only for recognition that the fans appreciate them. So far, only the following players seem to have their own chants: Pope Smith Montano Legge Worrall Surely at the very least the below deserve a chant of their own: Brown Gibbons Taylor Manny Joyce Burgess Big Reg had his own chant, but I suspect that was more for comedy purposes than anything else! Maybe the days when each players name was changed before the kick off could return one day?
  12. He'll be back next time we lose. Probably turned the radio off after our second
  13. Our midfield 3 were incredible today in their energy and pressing. That high press won the game for us today. We totally dominated them. First time this season I've seen brown not have a save to make. Cullen once again excellent up top and any doubters who will still say that he can't play that role need to have a long hard look at themselves. Unlucky to get injured after playing so well a month or so ago but barring injury he should keep his place to the end of the season. The difference in our play when he plays is like chalk and cheese. Special shout out also for browne. He played very well today, especially defensively. At this rate, taylor manny pope and Clarke won't be able to get back into the team. UTV
  14. Agree. The playing of a CB at FB was a massive stick used to beat NA with! Would have much preferred Atkinson there myself
  15. The logic appears to be, to those suggesting it, to get smith back in the side at all costs.
  16. Had you had a few before? ;-)
  17. I think you're crediting him there with a degree of intelligence and logic that he doesn't deserve
  18. Will we get fined again for ill discipline on the card count?
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