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  1. You can ask I suppose but it would set a dangerous precedent if they did. More likely that you could persuade them to issue a partial refund. Anybody who bought a season ticket this season did so at their own risk IMHO.
  2. Led by Beech aka TylerB no doubt
  3. Have you actually seen amoos and montys crossing? It's woeful!
  4. Besides, I think Carol has more than proven that she is not doing things on the cheap, so I very much doubt wages even come into it
  5. Very harsh and, if nothing else, shows the demand for instant success amongst football supporters nowadays. His first season in league football, was the sole shining light when we were playing absolutely awful, much better crossing than amoo and montano, yet written off by some.
  6. That's weird, so did I! He would have been one of the first to leave for me
  7. With manny leaving and Hurst getting a new deal it certainly looks like we're getting our business and decision making done very early doors. I think it's safe to say that anyone who hasn't signed a new deal by the last game of the season won't be getting one
  8. You say that but they both handled it perfectly well in their early days, and even more so JA. So what changed, and what makes you so confident that DC will avoid it?
  9. You're a fool if you think that this squad isn't going to screw over DC at some point the way the majority did NA and JA. Very short term memory.
  10. It's all guesswork, largely gleaned from a Football Manager geek
  11. He's not got much choice if he's under contract
  12. You wouldn't think that for most of this squad based on the majority of their appearances this season
  13. We'll have to respectfully disagree I think
  14. Rodneys scored more in 1 season than pope has in 2.
  15. I'm just making the point that even with that horrendous season for Manny there's still only roughly 7 games per season difference
  16. Monty has played a total of 7539 minutes for us over 4 seasons, averaging out at 1884.75 per season. Manny played 3653 minutes over 3 seasons, so an average of 1217.66 per season. So, given Manny had a serious injury last season which seriously curtailed his appearances (only 216 minutes), they don't appear that different on a balanced view
  17. Ah, the VNL Paulo Maldini if some fans comments on here when his contract was expiring are to be believed
  18. They're splashing the cash but they're not stupid!
  19. I think DF will be thinking, if it's the only way and we really don't want most of our midfield (which I wouldn't be surprised at one bit), maybe it's worth Carol biting the bullet for 1 season and not including those players not wanted in the squad list. They will still get paid to the end of their contracts obviously, but the removal of the salary cap has made that a perfectly viable option, so long as Carol agrees with it and will/can fund it. Obvious danger with this is negative effect by those players on the dressing room
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