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  1. I would have preferred the pattern to stop at the chest and no tailing off down the bottom but I like the kit and applaud the club for doing something different. Will be wearing with pride
  2. Ordered mine! Looking forward to wearing it
  3. Trying to buy on the website but seems to be crashing. Good sign
  4. Yeah hasn't worked out for him since Fleetwood but when he was there he was excellent
  5. Ive spent a bit of time with Devante Cole. He's a really nice guy. Got a lot of contacts in the North West so I'd be surprised to see him move back south but he was keen on a move to London when he went to Wigan. Would be a great signing at league Two but personally think he will end up back in league one
  6. Very good signing this. Squad is better than last season and we would have been promoted if we'd played the full 46. Very positive stuff. UTV
  7. Emile


    From a UK citizen living in Austria, I can confirm that the UK has handled things terribly and the Uks is being held as an example of what not to do. Would be funny if it wasn't so serious
  8. The reason for the impatience here is the delay of information being released. Other clubs are releasing their kit by the same supplier. If ours had come out 4 weeks ago people wouldn't be as upset. I still see no reason we couldnt have done a preorder. Fans will always speculate but if we manage get the kits out earlier than expected fans wouldn't need to leak information in the first place. It's the same with transfers. If we announced them all before the end of last season nobody would be speculating about who we are signing now.. I personally thought the kit release video last year wasn't a good use of funds. What's wrong with a well photographed player shot like all the other teams do? With a week to go, they could be building interest with teaser shots. It's all about using the excitement as a positive. Obviously there have been things happening beyond our control this summer, but again, other clubs managed to the theirs out. Why not us?
  9. It would be good to see him off to Forrest.
  10. Glenn, that would be really poor form.
  11. He's a decent manager and I think he will sort them out if he gets the opportunity to clear all the dead wood.
  12. Luton - winning. It's getting tight.
  13. I think it's Barnsley Wigan and either Stoke or Hull. Luton have an easier run in, Bham will get at least a point, Charlton, Huddersfield and Boro will get at least 3.
  14. Big win for them yesturday but will they get another point? I don't think they're safe on 49
  15. I used to watch man city women's regularly when I lived in the UK..it's a different game but it's entertaining, almost always goals and the skill level is good. I've enjoyed watching women's football more than watching the vale in recent years. As for punditry, there are so many awful make pundits, I'm happy for someone else to get a try.
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