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  1. Kevin stepped down from the Vale in January didn't he?
  2. How many managers have we had where we complain they don’t make subs quickly enough. We did it Micky, page, brown, Aspin and now Askey. I have faith in the man, we need to find our gear but I believe it will come. Very difficult not to be frustrated right now but we need to be scoring goals.
  3. There is most definetely an elite on here. People's who's posts are more valued than others. A hell of a lot of ego. But isn't that Internet in a nutshell? That ignore button works wonders for me
  4. You watched the actual one. VFIA who consistently watches another game. Should have changed his name to Vale fan on another planet.
  5. Don't think he should be on commentary personally.
  6. He's got his humble pie. Let's leave it at that. No need for personal attacks. I agree with the holier than thou posters on here, but that's a forum on the Internet for you.
  7. Understand if your disappointed you can't go to games but Phil Bowers is a Vale fan and works for radio Stoke. He's also human. For all radio stokes faults they do try. They bring in guest commentary to freshen up. Phil got it wrong, it's a guessing game and these 'sources' can be completely off the mark. He admitted he got it wrong - so what. Let's just enjoy the fact we've had one of our best ever transfer Windows and the squads in a really rock solid place.
  8. Better goalkeeper ? Tick Cover at left back? Tick Goalscoring striker? Tick Replacement winger for Browne? Tick Better squad depth than last season? Tick On paper one of our most well rounded transfer windows in recent years. Time will tell if JA has it right, but I think they have pulled a blinder!
  9. Top signing let's be honest here. One of the best players in the league on his day. Hope JA keeps him on the straight and narrow
  10. Dicko was terrible. I have no clue why everyone bangs on about this guy.
  11. Same kind of goal he scored against forrest. Obviously being told to follow balls in and be in the right place right time. Good to have a player like that
  12. Askey hasn't got a bad egg wrong before for us, why presume we know better than him now?
  13. I think it's fine people stopped referring to his madness as representing Bury fc
  14. Manchester is only an hour away. Sorry, was saying this as a positive for why he might be keen
  15. Devante would be a great signing at this level but not sure he would drop. Wants to stay local to Manchester though. He's a friend of a friend.
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