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  1. Hey Andy, what are your interests outside of football?
  2. Just need to work on finishing our chances. We are scoring more goals than we used. Cmon Vale.
  3. Emile


    Travelling from Austria to the UK this morning it is scary how different people's attitudes are here.
  4. Pope said Clarke was overweight? Bit mean seeing as he's just the manager. I think he looks pretty trim to be honest.
  5. Hey Rob - happy to jump in - will send you a PM later on today. Another option would be twitch although not actually used it myself so it might be too tech savvy to happen. I think it makes sense to move away from RS where at all possible.
  6. I don't know how feasible it is but perhaps the Ale and Vale guys would fancy doing a live phone in podcast after matchdays for Vale fans? It's something I would listen to over RS a million times over. I know you would miss the interviews with the players and manager but it would be much better than listening to the durge that is Carl talking nonsense.
  7. No stress. Thanks for trying. Think they blocked it for some unknown reason
  8. Can't find the option on mine. Might because I'm abroad, can only buy video passes.
  9. Bit late to ask but I'm walking the dog in Vienna so can't watch the game. Anyone know how to listen to it instead of that god awful squad goals programme? I've tried searching and can't see to find a way round it
  10. How utterly shameful. BTW. We had a tax break in Austria, lowered our taxes last summer to fund economic growth to rebuild the economy. We pay much higher taxes here but you can clearly see where the money is spent.
  11. I really hate these port Vale fans that come out of the woodwork when we lose. It's embarrassing.
  12. Ross Barkley seems available but I'm not sure he would get on the bench
  13. One of VFIA's more sensible teams. At least everyone else is in their normal positions..
  14. Good riddance. Hope he has a mediocre season and bradford finish mid-table. Plus he doesn't score against us. He can have a great next season when we are in League one!
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