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  1. Hope its as rotated as a team as possible to get in the non contracted players for next season.
  2. Brisley should stay based on every time he's had an extended run in the side he's been great. It might be tough with Legge but if there's a way to let him go end of the season it makes the most sense. We have no idea what kind of deal has been made there. I'd keep brown but yeah, try the new keeper for the last 4 games see if he should be kept on. Its harsh but I'd let Guthrie go. He's done well when he's played but I think we can do better.
  3. People were happy for him to fail. No doubt about it. He did fail though. He's got another chance and I hope he takes it
  4. If devante had shot instead of stopping in the box we score the only goal of the game against Salford and its a 1 0 win. They created one chance from our mistake and scored
  5. I think Vale fans are pretty objective when it comes to how good a player is. For example, Guthrie was the worst Vale player to ever put on a shirt Brown might not be the best keeper in the league on this seasons showing. Let's see what DC can find - if he can get better for the right price why not
  6. Anyone who saw the games prior to Crosby coming in could see DC had already turned us around and we were unlucky not to win games against Oldham, Salford etc
  7. They still don't understand they have no right to be in the prem. MoN has taken a team of hopeless overpaid wasters and got them into an average championship side. If they stick with him he will get them into the playoffs in 3 seasons. Hopefully they sack him and bring in another waster
  8. Incredible? If they go then fair enough. Playoff place is also good but I wouldn't exactly say incredible. Finish 8th? Meh.
  9. Can someone answer when the last time we won 6 league games in a row was? I can see 1939 so far
  10. I don't DC is going to be my best mate but the way the players past/present talk about his man management I really don't think it's a problem we need to think about. More worried we bring his old assistant in from drawsall
  11. Tried to offer charity bets to people who said they were certain we were relegated but nobody was having any of it! Also said we would finish above Walsall and oh how they laughed at me...
  12. Was best keeper in the league last season.
  13. Space alien could do a very good job to be fair.
  14. I'd love for them to go down because of their reaction to us poaching DC was full of arrogance and bitterness.
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