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  1. Agreeing with Horny Horse, whatever is next for me! He is a professional footballer, this is a fact. Maybe we will be his only ever professional football club, but he has indeed become a professional footballer.
  2. At least we are no longer talking about resigning Tom Pope Now we are arguing if a player who already has a contract should have got one....
  3. I think anywhere between 4th and 10th is realistic Below 10th would be a disappointment Above 4th would be fantastic Walsall won't make top 10.
  4. Walsall 6th?? They will finish below us, mark my words.
  5. What stream? Someone filming from under their coat?
  6. He really doesn't fit in. DC barely played him last season and when we did he did nothing. I can see him leaving before the season starts. Or maybe I'm totally wrong.
  7. Another thing he's not very good at.
  8. Why doesn't anyone else think he can do a job at our level but TP? Great player in his day, time to move on. Thanks for the memories
  9. Nice and simple but I must admit I won't be buying it. I have the new home and 3rd kit plus last seasons home - this doesn't jump out at me as something I need to buy
  10. Enjoyed this! Good quality and a really good insight into DC - I think he talks a very good game and makes me think he should be managing much higher up - so lets see if we make this happen with us! UTV!
  11. An absolute legend and I'm sure he will score for fun at Congleton. Obviously wants to stay local instead of travelling and we can all respect that. Slightly surprised he hasn't gone somewhere like Stockport, he could still slot into most league two squads, if not the league below. Think he has prioritised playing with Gary Roberts and having Duffy as his boss! Best of luck to the guy, my found his level post had a fishing emoji for a reason!
  12. That was the view we saw on Austrian coverage after the game. They slowed it down and showed a point of contact on either side. It looked as clear as day a pen watching it here.
  13. Will start muting people who keep talking about released players soon I think
  14. Gareth nailed his tactics. Literally perfect
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