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  1. I'd have Harry Davis as an alternative to Smith if he doesn't sign a contract.
  2. All would have been avoided if they restarted the league in September with a shorter season next season.
  3. I think we should look to encourage smaller squads with some kind of max players registered. We need to stop the big clubs hording players like they're stocks and shares - it's ruining players careers. I also think a salary cap is a good idea. A max amount a player can be paid per week, including all bonuses. Problem is clubs will always find ways round such things.
  4. Sounds like something you'd read on the back of my high school notepad!
  5. If the merge was to happen we could end up going to Maidenhead for a league two north match!
  6. In Austria the season ends in March after a short restart in Feb following on from the winter break and January transfer window. Top half teams go into a min league table to win the league / europe qualifaction and the bottom half going into a relegation playoff. There is no transfer window between the league finishing and the playoffs, which lasts until May. Whats the difference between squads in September being the start of the season or for the last 9 games?
  7. I bet this happens again next March and they decided to just cancel the season entirely. However this time we are actually top of the league and clear by 10 points...
  8. There is 0 reasons why the season needs to be ended on the spot. 0. Why can't they restart end of the year until December? Then follow up with a regional league next season. This would limit travel around the country plus 9 games + 22 (league split in half) is less than the plan for next season. Why can't they extend the play offs? Why is league two cancelled but league ones 'intention is to carry on' The season is judged by 46 games. If we haven't played everyone twice it should be voided, not ended whenever they feel like it.
  9. I think Joe Davis had a number done on him by his dad. Crewe targeted him that game in an attempt to get into his head. I actually didn't blame him and was happy to have him in the team. When he left to go to Leicester I wished him well but it was a mistake regardless of getting his confidence back.
  10. The integrity of the game is gone if we promote random teams despite them not completing the season. Why bother trying to get a playoff place next season if it just gets cancelled and wiped out again
  11. We could easily restart the season later this year with new squads. Consider it a mid season transfer window. Ends the uncertainty and gives lots of room for things to develop. Clubs can release players now and don't need to go back to training until August. Season restarts for 9 weeks, winter break and then next season is a regional split north south with 2 automatic promotion spots and and 2 playoffs that are played between 2nd and 3rd teams north Vs south. No additional costs for restarting the season and it's not unfair to any club. I don't see a single issue here. Cancel the season now and what happens come September if they can't start on time? Could go on forever.
  12. In my opinion promoting / relegating clubs will piss off more teams than voiding the entire season. Any club within a chance of a playoff place will be upset. My preference is still to finish this season, I still see no problem with that restarting in September followed by a shorter north / south league next season.
  13. Unfair on some or unfair on all? If games aren't being played the whole season has to be scrapped with no promotion or relegation.
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