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  1. I think o Neil is a good manager but does he really need a relegation on his CV? He could win the playoffs and decide to stay at Northern Ireland instead, resigning from Stoke in March and leave them to scrap for 4th bottom
  2. 12 to go. 50% win rate will be there or there abouts
  3. I think 7 wins will get us into the playoffs.
  4. I will donate / sponsor a seat - ammount of donation depends on what the club put together for offers. If it's just a donation I'll still be swinging 20+ in
  5. Point would be good. 3 would be amazing. Good luck to the boys and everyone who is traveling down to watch.
  6. That'd be great! Then I can pop over to the middle East for the final! At least I could watch the legs
  7. Would be great to know if I'm on holiday for the play off semi finals ha
  8. Anyone know the playoff dates? Can only see the final online
  9. Solution is the top four <ovf censored> off and join a euro league. Then we rebuild the league's properly and greed can go form a superleague that I would watch if someone paid me.
  10. Sure, like I say I'm also happy to be involved!
  11. As great as a crowd funding would be for this (and I'd be happy to chip in) is this where we need the investment or would it be better to chip in to improve the playing budget etc?
  12. We will probably loose and be awful..who cares??
  13. We don't need a right back. Striker and left back please!
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