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  1. Hi everyone, Seems my plan has worked. Anyone got any idea of a team suggestion for my first game in charge? Emile
  2. I'm in too. I don't think the squad is too bad working on the budget we have during a pandemic etc. But, I do believe something has happened since October. You don't go from a rock solid 0 - 0 team to a 6 - 3 team with no obvious changes in tactics overnight. Maybe someone with more time on their hands could see what JA has changed to make the defence so leaky, but I think theres more to it.
  3. Something has changed in the tactics. Earlier in the season we weren’t scoring and we were not conceding. Since Bolton we score for fun and concede like there’s no tomorrow. youd think on paper we have switched to a 424 or something. Playing gung-ho attacking football, but we don’t seem to be. So what has changed?
  4. Everyone is going to call for his head now, and he only has himself and his players to blame. Conceding 4 in a half and throwing away a lead twice is unacceptable. Isnt it time brisley got a game?
  5. Oh he’s back. Quiet in the first half though weren’t you?
  6. Tin hat time - interesting timing with Worall being out until the January transfer window and Charlton rumoured to be sniffing around...
  7. He was excellent at Northampton too..
  8. Smashing through their defence like a wrecking ball....
  9. Their fans were happy with a point. Said we were one of best teams they have seen all season. Keep picking up points and we will back up there at the end of the season - just need to take more of our chances!
  10. Mckirdy needs a bit of game time, he's ample good enough back up for our best wingers.
  11. Another winger only makes sense if one is going. I'd like to see a goalscoring midfielder come in on loan to take the place of some of the younger players who can go out on loan. A striker would be great but I don't see that happening until summer. Unless Theo is off?
  12. Perhaps. But I have a feeling its more likely we will see Leon legge in a leotard playing rugby than we will see Nathan Smith in a ball winning midfielders role. Please do save this post though and if he does end up playing there I'd be happy to forfeit something or other
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