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  1. Behind the goal in the upper tier! Can't wait
  2. Booked return flight from Leeds to Slovakia and will find a bus back to Austria! Hope its all worth it!
  3. Same issue for me, flight over was only 11 euros but I can't get a cheap flight back out for some reason. Will figure that bit out at a later date anyway
  4. Booked my flight over from Vienna but struggling to get a flight back that's not a crazy price. Will work that bit out later
  5. Looked to me our throw in and Clarke wanted the ball back. Hope he doesn't get a 1 match ban?!
  6. John's done a great job getting York into the playoffs. 90 mins from a return to the national League. Still have my doubts as to what went wrong in his last season with us. Something behind the scenes I really do believe. Best of luck to JA!
  7. Think he has insighted some of the negative feeling about the club from certain fans here at a time where things should be unbelievably positive compared to the last 10 years. I wouldn't attend a game for TP anymore sorry.
  8. Win the next 90 mins and we get a minimum of another 30. I'd have taken that before the game.
  9. Does anyone have a link? I can’t get anything to work - watching from Middle East
  10. Just say the Hamil has a capacity of 1200. Seems to work for the home ends when we sell out at 10k
  11. Release - Benning, Amoo Transfer list - Covolan, Hurst and Hussey Send all the loans back Sign - GK, LWB, CB, CMx2 (one perm and one loan), STx2 (one perm and one loan), Winger (both footed would be awesome) Quality of the above positions depends on the league we are in, but the rest of the squad I think can make it in either
  12. Would love to see Hall back, and Gibbo starting Stone Smith Hall Martin Gibbo Benning Pett Garrity Taylor Proctor Wilson
  13. I would have taken this position at the start of the season. Disappointed no doubt but keeping faith. Will be watching the stream from the middle east on holiday and hoping for a miracle!
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