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  1. Swindle 2-0 up at Sutton in the first half. Dangerous score line is that!!
  2. Ummm. Not sure about this one now. Line up looks like’s trying to pinch it one nil, but we all know it tends to go the other way with Vale.
  3. Cooper's Video Review: Port Vale - News - Barrow Association Football Club WWW.BARROWAFC.COM Not happy with the 2nd half it seems 😂
  4. Blimey, talk about jumping the gun. Let’s get past Accrington first and not worry too much about the theoretical vouchers for a theoretical Third Round away tie at a Premier League club hey??!!!
  5. I don’t think anyone is knocking Covolan as such, but I’m also struggling to understand the reluctance to give Stone a go. When we signed both it wasn’t immediately obvious (to me at any rate) who would be No 1, given Cov, whilst more experienced, has spent most of his career in Non-League whereas Stone has more FL appearances. I have a feeling Mansfield might be the game with it being his old club, because if he can’t get up for that game he never will.
  6. Yes and bound to be a big away following. Oh wait…
  7. So, I thought DC saw the game exactly as I did, another great post-match interview. First half, occasional flashes of great play let down with sloppy final pass and no shots on target. They played some decent stuff at times but I felt they’d only score from a set play and/or mistake. Can’t really comment on their goal as it looked like a decent hit but even DC said he should have saved it. As predicted Proctor was not fit and I confess I did not see how we were going to get back into the game based on the changes made at HT. How wrong was I! Enter the Messi of L2 with a brilliantly taken equaliser (lovely ball in from Pett?) and a bit of glorious football which forced the OG. We then did the “typical Port Vale” (to quote DC) thing of sitting back and inviting pressure before a lovely counter from their corner and a cracking bit of work from Benning made it 3-1. I was never entirely confident as they started to get joy down the flanks trying to get balls in to the giant No 10 but thankfully we saw the game out. I agree Wilson was MoTM today, will never be that 20 goal striker but stepped up to complete a full 90 and has obvious quality to link play. Worrall was a close 2nd. I thought Benning had a great 2nd half, showed excellent control several times and his goal (never mind the ability to get in the hat position) was excellent. Hope he can push on. Politic I thought didn’t do an awful lot after his goal which I think was a consequence of how we sat back, but again his quality is not in doubt. I said at HT that I think Conlon is starting to believe in his own hype and I stand by that. Too often moves broke down with him trying over elaborate flicks, tricks and Hollywood passes and he needs to sometimes keep the game simple. Finally, I’m afraid we do need to give Stone a run. I just think the defence has no confidence in Covolan and his inability to deal with long rangers is concerning. They were having pot shots all game. So DC gets to plaudits for the changes which worked this week. A win Tuesday would be champion, we all know that Clough will have been sacked by then and they’ll get that ‘bounce’ which is “typical Port Vale”.
  8. Not confident we’ll see that out. That No 10 of theirs is huge!!
  9. I would also say I think Conlon is starting to believe in his own hype a bit too much.
  10. Disappointing half, played nice bits of football early on but never really looked threatening. I can’t actually remember us troubling their keeper. Predictably got worse as the half wore on and lose yet another goal to another long ranger. Couldn’t really see how much Cov got on it but the comments don’t seem encouraging and it’s getting beyond a coincidence now. I honestly cannot see us getting anything out of this game now. We know Wilson will go off on 65 and I’d be amazed if Proctor does the full 90, so we’re a bit restricted in what changes we can make.
  11. Should the keeper have got it? Looked like a toe bunt into the side of the net from the Bycars.
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