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  1. Whilst I agree about it being a friendly etc… it’s a fair enough question. Why did we wear black and why did we not think it wouldn’t be a good idea in near 30 degree heat???
  2. Agree entirely. Very strange. I was contemplating going living in Stone but TF I decided not to bother!!!
  3. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Stafford Rangers were a decent sized non-league outfit, and if it’s right that we had 1,000+ there I’d be pretty p!ssed off if that’s what had been served up if I’m honest.
  4. Right, so this is not a criticism but just a question….?? What was the point of tonight?
  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaawn…….. zzz …… zzzz
  6. Christ, this is getting really tedious now. People are talking about him as if he’s Ronaldo. He isn’t, he was a very good L1/L2 footballer in his prime and I’d argue vastly underrated, but old Father Time has caught up. It happens. Now please, can we move on?
  7. Should hope so playing Kidsgrove!! Doesn’t say much for the rest if they’re the only ones!!!
  8. Is Kane even still on the pitch???
  9. God this is pretty turgid stuff from England.
  10. I know I’m in danger of falling into the same trap, but I’m starting to worry a tad about the lack of signings, especially at least one goalie, given the squad starts pre-season training. I know it’s never going to be perfect with contracts, negotiations etc but you’d have thought that for bonding and tactical discussions you’d want as many of your squad back as possible. I hope we don’t fall into last years trap again.
  11. That does not surprise me. I cannot understand any of the negative reaction tbh. It’s a brilliant kit and I think the colours complement each other perfectly. It is a plain (rather than slightly garish a la last year) but very fresh and, dare I say it, classier look than we’ve been used to. This could be my favourite kit yet.
  12. That has to be one of the most abject, uninspiring, negative England performances I’ve seen for a good while. Although it’s hardly surprising with Southgate as manager, his interviews are so uninteresting it sounds at times like he’s boring himself. Two DM’s, why?? The praise we got after narrowly beating a poor Croatian side was way over the top. Yes, Modric and Perisic are still class, but they are 3 years past their peak. Fair play to Scotland, but the again wildly OTT celebrations show the extent of their ambitions. Standby for another snorefest against the Czechs on Tuesday given a draw will send both through. I really hope it’s on ITV as I think I’ll go with EastEnders instead. I’ll tune in for the inevitable exit in the first knock out game. Southgate has to go after this tournament.
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