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  1. Can I have next weeks lottery numbers please??
  2. I just can’t understand what the ref saw. He had a clear, unobstructed view about 5 yards away of their guy had both feet off the ground. It was certainly not a 50/50 ball as someone suggested. I know everyone feels they get hard done to by refs by I really don’t think we get the rub of the green with any of them, not that it mattered in the end, thankfully.
  3. I stood to applaud as it was a stupendous save, not sure whether he was actually offside for that passage on play. The one a few minutes before was good as well.
  4. You could have fooled me, he was very good today in that role,
  5. I was happy to see us keeping possession at the end, less happy when people started moaning so Amoo felt he had to get a cross in which then resulted in them breaking. Game management is still defo something we need to improve upon, hopefully in the next 7 days as I’d love to see us frustrate the hell out of Swindon with time wasting, shirt pulling, niggly fouls etc.
  6. Agreed, but he got in several good positions after that were he didn’t make the most of the opening. I’m not criticising him though, it was a cracking goal though and thought he had a decent afternoon overall.
  7. Agree. I thought they looked a decent side at times.
  8. I have to also say that the ref started well but had some utterly bizarre moments. I cannot see how their 14’s assault that nearly took Monty’s head off could have been anything other than red. And if someone goes down expecting a foul, doesn’t get it but then grabs the ball, surely should get an instant yellow for deliberate handball??
  9. I thought Cullen was very good and linked up play very well. I do think however that because he does come deep to link up play with the wide men (to great effect in the first half) then we’re short of numbers in the box for when the cross comes in. I’d be inclined to move Wozza into midfield while Taylor’s out and give Browne a run, especially if we are going to use Cullen as the lone man again.
  10. To be fair he had a good 1st half without the end product.
  11. Wozza/Cullen miss a sitter between them! Absolutely incredible.....
  12. Next yellow card to Monty for a challenge on their 14..... get your money on it.
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