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  1. I’m reluctant to say anything about Taylor, I thought we’d done some decent business in the Summer and look how that turned out! Of course it’s potential a good signing, although I worry he’s being portrayed on here as some sort of new Messi who will single-handedly turn us into world beaters, when in fact he’s struggled for game time at Scunthorpe. And I do also have a bit of a problem signing players when we don’t have a manager, as that never seems to work out well. If Saturday was anything to go by playing through midfield definitely isn’t Pugh’s style. And where does it le
  2. Let’s face it, if 442 wasn’t going to work against them, then it wouldn’t work full-stop. We have to accept the limitations of it though. If we play this way we will bypass the midfield and simply go long, ball out wide, and get crosses in the box. We then need two very combative, energetic central midfielders a la Manny and Anthony Grant, which we don’t really have given Manny is injured more than he plays. If I’m not mistaken, this system is what brought our beloved neighbours success under Tony Clueless.
  3. Agree with everything there. I thought the planets aligned somewhat yesterday, important players back, luck in both boxes at key times which Askey couldn’t buy, coming up against what was a poor team etc, although the attitude was obviously better. And if nothing else, it proves Holloway should be nowhere near the shortlist if that’s the short of team he puts together! I’m still not entirely convinced about Burgess if I’m honest (I know he put a nice ball through for the 3rd) and would liked to have seen Worrall moved inside and Amoo come on. We were still very weak in the centre of
  4. Not sure about that. He’s absolute box-office on the telly, especially when Utd have been spanked, and he is definitely a world apart from most of the dour, uninteresting, nice-nicey, all chums together pundits that are everywhere at the moment. However his record is management is patchy to say the least. I suspect he wants, no demands, from players what he had and gave himself, and that conflict inevitably ensues when this isn’t delivered leading to an unhappy dressing room. Sound familiar?
  5. It was job done today, and a very welcome and much-needed 3 points. I’m not going to go overboard and say it was outstanding as it wasn't, because we were up against the worst team I’ve seen for 2/3 years.
  6. Oh dear, Crewe having a Vale-style 2nd half. An injury time Rochdale winner....?
  7. I think ‘well’ is pushing it, stick with steady.
  8. Mills steady.... probably says it all given how bad these are.
  9. Is it just me, but irrespective of how poor the opposition is, why does our defending always seem ‘last ditch’?
  10. On a completely different subject, that Leicester goal vs Stoke was an absolute screamer ☺️
  11. Burgess for Rodney. Ummm. I hope Burgess actually gets into the game today. I have to say Hurst has again had a good game.
  12. We’ve looked ok, but these are a very poor side, certainly by far the worst we’ve faced this season. Obviously we’ve also got the benefit of having 3 of our better players back and the pitch isn’t great. At the risk of cursing this, I’d be seriously worried if we failed to pick up 3 points from here. I hope to God Joyce does not do anything silly because this ref is terrible. And neither would I say it’s a ringing endorsement that Pugh/Sinclair is the dream combo although of course you can only beat what’s in front of you.
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