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  1. I watched the 5 mins either side of half time during our pit stop from the long drive back from Cornwall. It was obvious from this exactly what sort of game it was and how it would finish. This is not a criticism and hindsight is wonderful but I did wonder what Askey’s logic was for starting Cullen in the middle, as this was really not his type of game. The logic is we do lack a bit of creativity in the middle of the park especially against these types of teams. Rodney looks better through the middle IMHO and with this line up we have lost a bit of potency down the flanks. That
  2. Only watched about 5 mins either side of Half Time but it did work fine this time.
  3. I’m getting excited, this is the best Vale SQUAD for several years. That said, I do agree with VFIA about how, for however well we played on Saturday, if they hadn’t squandered 3 gilt-edged chances peoples (including me) perceptions might have been slightly different. So I’d say we’re not exactly watertight at the back (for Seymours chances both crosses came in way too easily and he was unmarked both times) and need to try and manage the close of games better. And yes, I know we won with a clean sheet and Exeter are one of the better teams we’ll face.
  4. Interesting take from the co-commentator on Radio Devon... we’re a tall, physical side but do not have many weaknesses in the team, with a very good goalkeeper, two solid stoppers in Smith and Legge, industrious midfield and pace up front.
  5. What a result. Listening to it on BBC Radio Devon, who provided excellent balanced commentary where they were very complimentary about us, describing us as a very good side who will be in the mix.
  6. Spare a thought for me.... I’m sat at Exeter services😭😭😭😭
  7. I for one think Askey did absolutely the right thing with the team last night. The League Cup has never been kind to us and we’ve had two difficult away draws, plus what’s the point of having a plum tie against Everton when you can’t go and see it?? Last year we had a good 11, this year we’ve got a strong 22+ and all of those players will want game time otherwise there will be some discontent which we don’t want. That is the trade off. Last night was arguably the least important game of the season for me but one where we’ve seen a battling generally performance against strong o
  8. I’m not sure I like Robinson as a sole striker, doesn’t get involved enough.
  9. All I can say is.....well done Askey!!! That is a very exciting line up and even if we lose, he’s 100% put the right team out for me!! My God, just 2....yes TWO years ago what we’d have given for that as a first team. Now it’s arguably the ‘reserves’!!!
  10. I didn’t necessarily say it was Vale’s fault and nor that they should be the ones doing the compensating. Irrespective, it looks bad on the clubs, and so iFollow / EFL should do something to placate the clubs and ST’s affected. It’s like going to the cinema, paying for your ticket, sitting in your seat and finding the screen didn’t work. Surely you’d want your money back or a free ticket for the next showing...?
  11. I’m still fuming about yesterday. We’ve had a fantastic 12 months having amazing owners that have done more in 1 year than anyone in the past 20, what seems to have be a very shrewd Manager (best since Adams) and have arguably the most competitive squad for a decade, so I was very excited for the new season and bought a season ticket for the first time since the 90’s. To be let down by invalid codes / dodgy tech was a bit of a kicker to be honest. So how are those ST’s that suffered from yesterday’s fiasco going to be compensated????
  12. It’s ever likely if today was an example of how the official technology works.
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