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  1. I went the Wolves game. We started absolutely brilliantly to go 3-1 up but I was absolutely gutted when Bull (?) made it 3-3.
  2. Good win, is that another £20k?? By the way, City are making this Burnley match (on Amazon Prime btw) look like a training session...0-3 and could easily be double. Gulp.
  3. I’d be surprised if the gate was more that 30,000 to be honest, with us taking maybe 4,500. I think the figures of 52,000 and us taking 10,000 are a bit wide of the mark (and yes, I was at Villa both times but things were a bit different then). Still a decent payday mind. And it could be worse (financially).... it could be Barnsley at home
  4. Plus what about.... Jonny Askey’s Black N White Army .... we hate Smurthwaite.... and repeat for 90 mins.
  5. I know this is a thread about Vale vs Cheltenham, but just a note on our illustrious neighbours and Radio Joke’s interview with Tony Scholes yesterday...... I literally could not believe my ears when, after Sandoz asked him about changes to the squad in January and balancing Financial Fair play, he aggrogantly declared that the owners don’t like FFP and thinks the rules should be changed! Talk about complete disregard for the teams struggling in the lower leagues, which aren’t backed by owners who’ve made billions from an ethically questionable industry. If this is the sort of buffoon running the Club then, I’m sorry Stoke fans, a dose of L1 football with a Tuesday night in November sat in the Executive Boxes at Accrington Stanley can't come soon enough for him in my eyes
  6. Not the way Arsenal are at the moment. There was ‘only’ 30,000 there against Eintract the other night. Utd, Spurs, Liverpool then Arsenal away, in that order. Would be happy with Chelsea, Newcastle, West Ham, Villa or Everton. Not that bothered about going the Emptihad if I’m honest. If we happen to draw Agent O’Neil’s Championship giants, I’d prefer it at their place given the carnage that always accompanies them when they come to Vale Park. Knowing our luck, we’ll get the much wanted Premier League draw.....and it’ll be Bournemouth away.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50608695
  8. I love it when Vale make me look stupid!!!! Never saw that coming at HT. Fair play to Askey. If Carlsberg did weeks at Port Vale football club....
  9. That’s another reason for playing 5-3-2, allowing him to play further up. The main benefit of our set up should be that we overload them on the flanks, yet none of our wide players appear to be doing anything much so we’re resorting to aiming for Pope which is easy for their 3 centre backs.
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