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  1. Yes, truly horrible bunch. I think the Utd supporters are spot on about them.
  2. Managers and players are marmite, sometimes horrific sometimes delightful. We are currently experiencing the latter after an very difficult start. It should be pretty clear if it wasn’t already, that for all their detractors the team definitely misses something without Monty and Manny in there. At the moment, I’m enjoying Clarke’s tactics off knocking when to go for the jugular and knowing when to sit back. It was very good management to bring on a forward for Manny after the stoppage and we came flying at them, got the first goal which was arguably going to be important, and then were a
  3. I think that Yann Songo’o who played for them yesterday would be a really good signing us.
  4. Brilliant!!!! Well done Vale. Ground that out.
  5. Like how Brown made sure he spotted that goal kick up properly 🤣🤣
  6. I’m glad that Songo has gone off, I thought he’s looked good.
  7. We just don’t look any threat at all at the moment. I fear an equaliser is coming.
  8. We make no attempt to stop crosses coming in at all.
  9. Bit under the cosh this half, struggling to hold the ball of create anything. That was never a pen in a million years.
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