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  1. Can’t see it somehow, he’s under contract and would command a fee and their chairman is apparently as tight as they come.
  2. What will come good? What does good look like?? Well for me, anything other than promotion really will be disappointing when all is said and done. We’ve effectively got 2 managers who have got promotions under their respective belts and it’s not has if they haven't been backed.
  3. Yes, I cannot fathom why we signed two youth team strikers, one fine, but why two? I saw nothing from Edmundson against Salford and they were/are a very poor side IMO. So why haven’t we moved for an experienced striker? Surely we must have been in for Loft? I can understand the Politic situation, but he isn’t a natural striker nor was he starting away, although that type of wild card my well have produced the goods in a tight game like today. But yes, very odd. I suspect we’ve seen the last of Rodney though.
  4. Re Wilson, I agree. He has undoubted quality, but it’s a real concern that a striker who has Premier League minutes with one of the best teams in European football is basically buggered around 55 mins into a League 2 match whilst still only in his mid-20’s…..???
  5. On a positive note, great travelling support today, especially when you consider that going the opposite direction were free-scoring Fulham who took… wait for it…yes a whole 305 fans more than us to Stoke.
  6. How dare you. Last week when I said I thought we’d blown automatic promotion I was called every name under the sun. But the writing has been on the wall for a little while. We limped along picking up results to Newport but that was clearly a game too far. Plus we’ve proved that when we’re bad, we’re alarmingly bad (i.e. last 10 mins vs Sutton and Oldham, whole game vs Walsall and Swindon, some of the Rochdale and Orient home games). We’ve been weak defensively all season (hopefully Hall goes some way to rectifying this) and without a fully fit Proctor, Wilson and Conlon look really short of attacking threat, especially as we’ve got no Politic now. But I agree…. whilst not as severe as last year there is a very definite feel of deja vu about the side and wondering where the next goal / win is coming from. Hopefully that does mean we can also look forward to 8 wins on the spin soon….??
  7. Christ, a clean sheet the when Martin’s played!
  8. If you strip out the worldie vs Swindle which was completely out of the blue not to mention the run of the play, that’s 3 games where we haven’t been “clinical” in the oppo’s box.
  9. The results really aren’t going for us today. Be great if my some miracle we could snatch a win. Sadly for us usually the opposite happens.
  10. Hall has been good so far, jury’s out on Hussey so far.
  11. Well one things for certain, don’t expect to see a clean sheet today.
  12. Have you been drinking again to get over your bad day? I forgot, you’re not a fan of Cass are you??!!
  13. Don’t see us getting anything tomoz if I’m honest, really odd performance on Tuesday - slightly disjointed 1st half but created so many chances, whereas 2nd half we gifted a sloppy goal and then we’re totally devoid of any real quality to break them down. My team would be: Stone Gibbo-Cass-Hall-Jones Worrall-Walker-Pett-Amoo Garrity-Harratt
  14. I think this was borne out of genuine frustration at the times the ball went back to the CB’s to then do 3/4 sideways passes back and forth and end up absolutely no further toward. And understandably so. We couldn’t have been less creative in that 2nd half if we’d have tossed Martin up front for the last 20 mins and lobbed long ball in the box for him.
  15. Is it really??? I’d say it is a increasingly unlikely personally.
  16. Joking apart, that it exactly how it was, slow sideways passes (x6) then lump and…. into touch.
  17. If anyone was in any doubt, we’ve well and truly been sussed out now. So some of the issues we need to address: 1) We are trying to ‘play the right way’ and move the ball quickly but the players are just too static and do not play quick give and go’s in triangles like other teams to do. 2) We have few actual footballers. Smith for example is absolutely awful with the ball at his feet, his sideways passes are so slow that they allow the opposition to close the spaces easily, and as he have no ball carriers in midfield, as we did tonight, we then resort to lumping long as ultimately losing possession. 3) We are not very good at defending. Ok, we were unlucky to lose Hall who was having another solid game and I said as soon as Martin came on that we better score because we never keep clean sheets when he’s on the pitch. And hey presto, look what happens…. 4) Apart from maybe Gibbo, none of our regulars have any real pace. Amoo is a little erratic, Rodney completely off the boil and… then who?? 5) Powder puff up front, as expected when you have a (quality) centre forward in his mid 20’s who even at peak fitness is buggered after 55 mins, and as today you are relying on unproven kids. 6) Complete lack of passion. Again, Gibbo apart, didn’t see ‘robust’ tackle from anyone on our side, we seem content at the moment just to accept things. They were easily the worst team I’ve seen this season and yes, we carved out chances first half which we should have taken before the absolute gift of a goal, and a messy, downright horrible and very dispiriting 2nd half. Im struggling to see how Clark can shuffle the pack to get a result at Orient. I don’t know what changes (if any) they have made in the Transfer window or what their injury situation is, but they looked a decent outfit when we played them at home, and where thankful for a bit of late Politic magic to equalise and turn the tide in our favour for Proctors winner. Whatever happened to those two….?
  18. Yet another half of football without a shot on goal. We are miles off a top 3 team. I’ve seen enough.
  19. If anyone can see any positives in this then they’re a better person than me.
  20. These are comfortably the worst side we’ve faced this year and we’ve not tested the keepers gloves this half. I felt disappointed after Swindon but if it stays like this then questions have got to be asked.
  21. As goals go, that was shambolic. Coincidence or not, Martin plays = no clean sheet 🤬
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