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  1. I should add - and forgive me if it’s already been said - I thought Cass and Jones were very good today and only fractionally behind Worrall as MoTM. I also thought Taylor gave a very industrious cameo and Lloyd has a bit about him.
  2. And yet Daryl made exactly the same points as me on Radio Stoke. Ummm.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve played effectively and it’s job done, but I can’t remember us working their keeper and we’ve been very slow moving the ball and wasteful at times.
  4. I’m sorry but Benning is not an upgrade on Monty.
  5. It’s been a nip and tuck half that we’ve had the better of although we haven’t looked anywhere near as good as the first 20 vs Rochdale. They have found space is behind us at times, again and I maintain that also the better teams at home this system doesn’t work. Absolute corker from Worrall who’s played well on that side with the no 3 and 21 both getting yellows, the latter eventually getting a 2nd (which he should have for a bad foul earlier) for a barge on Lucas. I’d like to see Amoo or Politic on 2nd half as I think they’ll come out all guns blazing with nothing to lose. Their no 20 at centre-half has impressed me and has had the better of Wilson all half.
  6. That 21 has finally been sent off 20 minutes late. I’d like to think that’ll make life a bit easier for us but this is Vale we’re talking about.
  7. What a goal from Wozza, right behind it!! We need change system now though, giving these too much space out wide.
  8. The world has gone mad. Absolutely nothing at all in that, their bloke made a 5 course meal plus drinks and taxi home out of it. Christ, why don’t we just put the players in ballet shoes and have done with it 😡😡😡
  9. Agree. But I love the idea that we are getting stuck in and making it generally as difficult and unpleasant as possible for the oppos. It’s not like we haven’t seen this sort of stuff a million times at home against us.
  10. I love this!!!! Well done DC 😂🤣😂🤣🥰
  11. We won at Swindle. I repeat, we won at Swindle!!!! First thing Monday I’m remortgaging and lumping the proceeds on us going up! “Darryl Clarke’s black & white army…..”
  12. Get in Garrity!!!! Cue late Swindle equaliser….
  13. Why are we replacing a left back with a right back?????!!! He can’t have played that bad surely???
  14. I can only assume 4-3-3. But a little light in terms of legs and bite in midfield I think, would have had gone Walker ahead of Pett, especially with fairly attacking FB’s. Also concerned about yet another CB pairing, I hope Jones is a good organiser / communicator. Benning and Rodney were both awful last week, albeit playing in (what I hope are) more natural positions this week. I think we’re going to get a bit overrun personally, but I’ve been calling for 4-3-3 so we’ll see. C’mon Lads, prove me wrong and bring home the points.
  15. Be surprised if we get anything today with that team. Strange.
  16. I do think we’ll lose tomorrow, Swindon is just that sort of ground. Of course I hope I’m wrong and the lads come out desperate to make amends for last week. I have to say - and this is from somebody who has been negative on certain tactical aspects - some of the posts on here have been utterly ridiculous. Nobody has been booing the team as far as I can tell, apart from one or two utter loons that even the likes of Man City or Liverpool get, so why set up a thread on the subject? Likewise Devante Rodney. Yes, he had a shocker vs Rochdale, but worthy of its own thread singling him out like public enemy No 1??? Oh wait, that’s Covolan of course. The same keeper who, from my vantage point in the Bycars, had no chance with the 1st or 2nd and was hardly the main culprit for the 3rd.l, who has also pulled off blinding saves in some of the other games. And calling for a change in keeper on the back of it….. WTF????
  17. Gaffer On Win Over Port Vale - News - Rochdale AFC WWW.ROCHDALEAFC.CO.UK Interesting thoughts from their manager.
  18. I think anyone who suggests that their victory was down to anything other than our defensive mistakes didn’t watch the same game as me. They were superior in every area of the pitch after 20 minutes and the way the players moved around the pitch and made it as wide as possible showed how to play a three man defence. Our midfield in comparison was flat and static and they played through us with ease and finding acres on the flanks to get crosses in. It is no use doing it for 20 mins and then hoping to hang on for the remaining 70+ as tired legs and minds mean plus bad luck often means this yields very little reward. So I don’t think SOME of the criticism is a knee-jerk to a disappointing result yesterday when some of the deficiencies have been clear from pre-season.
  19. I’m going for the usual 5-0 defeat. Anything that sees (a) point(s) and then I might start to believe again.
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