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  1. My team would be: Covolan Cass-Smith-Jones-Benning Worrall-Garrity-Walker-Amoo Proctor-Wilson Playing a standard 4-4-2 system.
  2. https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/19520929.carlisle-united-boss-chris-beech-gives-verdict-port-vale-draw/?ref=rss Some interesting thoughts. I agree with some of what he says, but comments on the ref are bizarre. He gave us nothing all night.
  3. Well that was pretty poor tonight. I’ve said it since day one this season, 3-5-2 is defensive and is too bloody boring to watch. That was an Aspin-type performance. I felt sorry for Worrall and Rodney tonight, both had absolute stinkers in this system which does not suit either of them one bit. We have to go 4-3-3 but that means Legge or Smith need to be dropped because a) neither has enough pace and b) distribution from both is very poor. If Conlon is going to be injured for a while Is be inclined to put Worrall in a midfield 3 with Pett and Walker with Amoo and Rodney wide and Proctor central. I’m not convinced one bit by Benning, though thought Jones played really well. I think we played a decent side tonight who themselves could be in with a top 7 chance, but that doesn’t detract from an awful 2nd half bar that 5 minute spell at the end.
  4. Off the post then off the line. Cannot believe that….
  5. Don’t agree with that change, if anyone Rodney or Worrall should have been hooked.
  6. This system does not suit Rodney or Worrall at all, both very poor this half. Jones has played well and the midfield trio doing decent things in fits and starts, they break very quickly and the 4 on 1 was a little bit alarming in terms of exposing our lack of pace. These aren’t a bad team, good on the ball, plenty of direct runners, players prepared to shoot from distance and very dogged in terms of putting their foot in and making sure they win something. But I think we can be better than we’ve shown this half.
  7. We were lucky there, they really should have made more of that break. Not getting any help from the officials for a change.
  8. Can someone tell me how that is not a penalty and red card???
  9. Sitter. Peach of a move and cross, two men in each other’s way. And they break….corner
  10. Ummm. We’ve shown the odd flash but a bit disappointing so far. They’ve certainly had the better of the midfield.
  11. Nah, Charlton have just signed Charlie Kirk haven’t they, can’t see him going there.
  12. Admittedly I didn’t go today due to a prior engagement, but the facts speak for themselves. Only one shot on target today (ok we hit the woodwork twice) and no goals in two. But I wasn’t expecting much today given its already been announced we’ll be gash for the first 9 games.
  13. One goal scored in three games, none so far in the League. Not enough goals in the team.
  14. Macmanaman on. Think we all know how this ends.
  15. They should go in the Bycars then!
  16. We must have the worst League Cup record of any team in the EFL (and plenty in the Conference).
  17. I will say that for all my criticism at the weekend, this is the third game in a row we’ve been on the wrong end of some very dubious refereeing decisions.
  18. That is the most ridiculous penalty I’ve ever seen. Even their players never appealed for it!
  19. Steady, with comments like that you’ll be getting called stupid! 😁
  20. DC made a few mistakes yesterday. Aside from his pre-match comments which I’ve done done to death, I don’t think 5-3-2 is the right formation personally. Too boring and we almost certainly won’t score enough goals. Strange to use our best winger as RWB and then not include the best LWB in favour of a more traditional LB whose biggest weapon is his long throw, but then not have a target man on. Johnson seemed at fault for the goal, basically on his backside when his man fired it home. Easy with hindsight but that was a game for Leon Legge all day long. Aside from the physical aspect, the absence of players goading the ref at the Covolan incidents suggests there’s not a lot of leaders. Has DC inherited Askey’s watch? Other than the enforced change, why wait until 75 to change things? Long balls to Wilson are absolutely pointless. Yes, granted it was fine margins but it’s the accumulation of the little things that swings the game one way or the other. Have no interest in the Sunderland game, so hopefully DC re-thinks things for Tranny.
  21. Completely agree, but where were our players?? I hate to see goading of refs but it was noticeable that only Pett was in there (eventually) versus half a dozen of them.
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