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  1. Something is definitely wrong because whenever I’ve seen him he’s been a shadow of the player from last year. That sub appearance (was it vs Rochdale in the League??) was horrific.
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    Looks like someone has too much time on their hands.
  3. I think the Rochdale game was quite difficult to understand and dissect to be honest. I still think that was our best 25 minutes at home so far so, yet we then collapsed like a deck of cards and it’s hard to know whether to credit them (I think they are the best side we faced so far) or it was down to us mental, physically and/or tactically. You will always get more supporters trying to analyse things after a defeat irrespective of whether it’s Port Vale or Manchester City IMO.
  4. Time to pick the bones out of that one now my heart rate has normalised… As a said at HT, first half was a bit strange. Some beautiful football at times which created four gilt-edged chances but all to often to ball was like a hot potato and I somehow felt we never had complete control. Second half was, in many respects a repeat of Rochdale bar obviously the last 10 mins. We looked a completely different side and like we’d run out of energy and ideas. They pressed us and generally got in our faces more and looked the more threatening, even though I can only really remember one real moment of actual danger. Their equaliser was bad (if a little unlucky) whereas the 2nd was terrible - the pass, the CBs backing off inviting the shot and the keeper going down in instalments. Two really poor goals. Then came the comeback. Cracking first time, pick that-one-out, straight-out-of-the warm up finish by Politic and then a similarly worked beauty from Proctor to win it. As I said, the roar when the third went in was has not been heard since we equalised against Northampton in 2013. Moments like that are why you follow football. So, a few points. Cass was outstanding today. We seriously need to get this guy signed permanently if possible. There were glimpses of the old Jake Taylor. If Garrity is out for a week or two - he was excellent 1st half - then I wouldn’t have any qualms about sticking him in. Not convinced about the keeper if I’m being honest. Had no real saves to make but thought his kicking was a bit hit and miss and he was slow on their 2nd. Not calling for a change yet though. We need to address the 2nd half performances at home. We got away with one today really. I don’t think 3-5-2 gets the best out of Conlon who is miles off last years form. We have a much stronger squad than last year with game-changers on the bench. In summary, League 1 here we come!
  5. You’ve got to say we got out of jail there but what a last 5 mins. Football, bl**dy hell.
  6. That’s the loudest cheer if heard for a good while when that 3rd went in. Jeeez.
  7. Carbon copy of the Rochdale game this. Looked a completely different side this half.
  8. Absolute gift. Three points literally gifted to them.
  9. Strange half for me. It at times it’s looked a bit harem scarem at the back and the ball has spent a lot of time in the air so I’ve never really felt we had control of the game. That said, when we’ve got it down we’ve played some brilliant football and created four arguably gilt-edged chances (including the goal) and I just hope we don’t regret our wastefulness in front of goal. We need to play on their two CB’s with both on yellows. These are a very big side and have won most of the first balls so we need to be alive to the flicks and absolutely no give any needless corners or free kicks away. These haven’t looked a patch on Rochdale but there must be more to come from them given their record so far.
  10. Wilson wastes a good chance now. We really should have put this to bed.
  11. Cynical, Wilson through on goal, hacked down, yellow, Conlon puts free kick wide
  12. Great break, lovely ball in from Gibbo and put on a plate for Wilson by Proctor. Smashing!
  13. Christ, these are a big side! Got a bad feeling about today, we cannot invite crosses into the box because that will be asking for trouble.
  14. Had a busy family day so only caught the last 20 mins. It was hard to gauge what sort of game it was as Bowers commentary implied we were really under the cosh. Great result and we are developing a bit of momentum whereby we have a settled team and system that is doing the business away from home. Next week vs Orient will be an interesting test as I’m still not convinced it’s the right system for at home, but what do I know. Loving the new found “game management”. I noticed Lucas had “hamstring problems” against Harrogate around 80 minutes in. Anyway, as others have said, we’ve been on the receiving end of some outrageous gamesmanship over the past few seasons, so great that we are dishing a bit out ourselves. looking forward to the next game (which normally means we lose it)!
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