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  1. Plenty of positivity in my life thanks all the same, I’m merely commenting on the game as see it. Feel free to ignore.
  2. Performance-wise it was better than Tuesday (not difficult) but we didn’t exactly blitz through a pretty poor side who thankfully were not particularly physical or big on gamesmanship. Again appreciate we had a lot of absentees but we would have again struggled if we’d played a Walsall or Bradford in my opinion. We had one or two flashes of good football but I felt a lot of the time we were a bit untidy and resorted to playing aimless long balls. We badly miss a presence up front and Rodney just isn’t a striker in a two, he’s a wide forward best suited to a three Set plays were also poor. I think play like that next week and we’ll be on the wrong end of a 3-0 (though not really bothered about the Cup). However for today the 3 points was the most important thing however they came and hopefully as we start to get players returning to fitness it can be the springboard to another good run. My MoTM today was probably Gibbons.
  3. Not entirely true, they did have two really good chances 2nd half.
  4. Don’t understand your comment, 15 minutes AFTER the match, on my comment made DURING the game we were leading 1-0 in but coming increasingly under the cosh from a very poor side….
  5. Another BIG let off. Somebody needs get a grip of the midfield.
  6. Let off there. If their guy hadn’t done the dying swan he might have scored then.
  7. Hartlepool are starting show a bit more urgency now.
  8. And to be fair, without the elementary mistakes which have cost points we’d be up with them.
  9. These are so poor at the back. It will be a travesty if we don’t get 3 points today.
  10. Poor again from us. This formation is not working with this 11.
  11. Cannot believe these have been on top for the last 10 mins.
  12. Agree. Rodney has blocked Gibbo off twice by pulling out wide instead of being central.
  13. We’ve started off in a similar fashion to Tuesday, the difference being the oppo’s aren’t quite as physical or happy to go down as easily. The forwards are playing to far apart and drifting into wide areas meaning there’s no one central. I’ll take a scrappy 1-0 now.
  14. Hit the thing Garrity!! How much of the goal does he need???
  15. Decent Hartlepool turnout considering the distance / weather. As I said previously, could be any result this but I’m even more convinced Cullen will score with that defence!
  16. Not even going to try to predict this. We gave the bottom club three really soft goals and gift wrapped the points and followed it up with such a wretched, lifeless, darn right turgid performance completely bereft of any confidence and energy. I fear we could literally lose to the Dog & Duck at the moment. I’d like to go 4-3-3 but suspect injuries might hamper that idea but nonetheless:- Cov Gibbons-Smith-Legge-Jones Walker-Pett-Garrity Worrall-Lloyd-Amoo Now it’s a toss up between Jones and Benning at LB. Jones had an absolute stinker on Tuesday and I think Benning has looked decent as an orthodox LB when played there, however I feel Jones will defend the back stick better when crosses come in (!) so he gets the nod. Politic was pretty anonymous so I’d see that Lloyd can do. Granted he’s not a big lad nor prolific but he puts himself about. And let me be the first one to say it…. Mark Cullen to score against us.
  17. It makes me laugh to think of the Bycars as a family zone. Two words…. ”toilets” and “speakers”.
  18. In modern football, it’s pretty easy to get two yellows, especially in midfield. I think the yelp from their guy on the 2nd helped the ref make his mind up. The bigger issue for me was why their No 24 was given such an easy time being on a yellow for the best part of 80 mins?
  19. Yep. Agree. Why gamble on a half fit Proctor who moments after coming on got nobbled by the keeper and was wincing the rest of the game? Stick Legge upfront and launch the thing. It’s League 2 for Christ sake, we saw Oldham get too lucky breaks. Just real lack of determination tonight from everyone. So frustrating.
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