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  1. Well, really don’t know what to make of that game or the team in general. First 20 minutes, outstanding and the game really ought to have been put to bed. That chance that hit the post (Garrity??) has to be seen to be believed. Then at 20 mins it was like a switch was flicked as they had us totally figured out. We lost complete control of the game and never got it back. I have no doubt Rochdale will be up in the top 3 this season. They had some very good players, a more direct and purposeful midfield with neat passing an excellent movement and Beesley, O’Keefe and Odoh caused us no end of problems. On comparison, our midfield looked pedestrian with too many slow and sideways passing, before looking for the ‘Hollywood’ ball which stopped working for us 20 mins in. All are neat and tidy on the ball but as a unit didn’t look anywhere near the level of theirs. The less said about our defending the better. Beesley had our CB’s on toast but I do think he’d have found it a more difficult afternoon against Legge. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this system simply does not suit the players we have. Benning has been a major disappointment for me so far, but I agree with ‘Seb’ off Radio Joke who said there are that many formation changes he probably doesn’t understand what his job is. Rodney looks a shadow of the player of last year, likewise Worrall, both being effectively played out of position. Interesting to see where we go from here, especially ahead of a trip to our not-so-happy hunting ground Swindon 😩
  2. Agreed. Cue him scoring the winner, hopefully.
  3. As a spectacle very entertaining but definitely a half of two halves. We really should have been out of sight before they scored, but they’ve bossed it since. We look too static in midfield at times compared to them, preferring longer passing whereas they pass and go for the return to open up space. I’d been inclined to swap Benning and possibly Garrity and bring on Cass and Amoo switching to 4-4-2.
  4. They have definitely had the better of the last 15 mins. Look a reasonable side, using the full width of the pitch and plenty of ball carriers. Not entirely how DC should change this as they have the momentum atm.
  5. Wasn’t obvious from the Bycars where the error was. Good build up though. These have come back into it now.
  6. Arrrghhh. 1-1 incredibly. Good goal though to be fair.
  7. This first 15 mins is the best 15 mins of football I’ve seen at VP for a good while.
  8. It’s no exaggeration to say we really could be 4-0 up here. Good linesman on the Railway side. Not.
  9. 1-0. Sorry I’m at the wrong game, I’m watching Man City I think…????
  10. Sounded like a great all-round performance from the lads yesterday, with starring roles for Garrity and Proctor. Still no big advocate of 3-5-2 but you can’t argue with the management or players yesterday. It does throw up some very interesting questions, like getting the best out of our best players. You can’t drop Garrity or Proctor, so how does he get Rodney and Conlon in? Gibbons is nearing a return, so what does that mean for Worrall? What Taylor, who would surely flourish in a midfield where he has licence to go forward? Will 3-5-2 work at home, because every time we’ve played it we’ve always surrendered the lions share of possession, and chasing the ball will not be any easy game to play when the pitches get heavier and legs more weary?
  11. I’ve said for a while Rodney is not a centre-forward, he’s a wide attacker best suited to a three. Proctor and Wilson has always seemed a more natural fit. Interesting to see how this half pans out, need to avoid an early FGR goal.
  12. In Cornwall atm, what’s the team?? Checked the Jokeinel website but of course, at 2.07pm for a 3pm kick-off, it’s not been updated 🤬🤬
  13. Covolan Cass-Smith-Martin-Jones Garrity-Walker Worrall-Pett-Amoo Proctor
  14. Yes, I’m not saying he isn’t but whether it’s down to his relationship with Smith, experience, organisational qualities (and let’s face it, we do need that with Covolan in goal) we don’t concede goals with Legge in a 3.
  15. The first 4 games have resulted in more questions than DC currently has answers for. Play 3 CB’s including Legge and we don’t concede goals. Play 2 and we get murdered as Legge doesn’t have the pace. Play 3 CB’s and Worrall - are best attacking outlet for the last 2 seasons is ineffective - likewise Amoo who can be another game-changer. Rodney is the most likely forward to score, but again ineffective in a 532 variant. With a two up top, Wilson and Proctor seem a more natural combo, but neither offer the goal scoring threat Rodney does when played as a wide forward. The midfield is the real interesting one. No creativity without Conlon, no real pace or guile, just nice tidy players one keep things ticking over. So we either play two more defensively-minded CM’s in a 442 with two wide men - Worrall and Amoo which means potentially Rodney misses out - or if 433 then have Pett, Walker and Garrity which means you need a front three of Worrall, Proctor and Amoo or Rodney meaning Wilson (arguably our marque signing so far) misses out. And that also completely ignores Politic who looks quite exciting if we can get him fit, and Hurst who has been unfairly written off IMHO. Plus Jake Taylor who I feel would actually thrive on this current 532, frustratingly. All this AND we are talking about getting another striker. So this is why I’m critical of the new methodology so far, it almost feels like we have too many options at the moment. The best team we had in recent memory was 2012/13 when it was almost formed by default, rigid 4-4-1-1 and everyone knew their respective roles.
  16. I’ll give you some clues…. One goal in four league games perhaps?? Conceding the lions share of possession and chances? Very few of our chances actually resulting in shots on target? Most of the chances coming from picking up ‘bits and pieces’ rather than being a carefully constructed move? Absolutely no threat so far off set-pieces (can’t comment on today). Look, I’m not daft enough to be writing off the season 4 games in not calling for the managers head, but underwhelmed is probably an accurate description.
  17. Not agree?? I think I’m entitled to feel that we shouldn’t be getting dominated by Stevenage after the summer overhaul and “carefully planned recruitment” aren’t I?
  18. Christ, interesting season this is turning out to be. Somebody 0 or 1, Port Vale 0 or 1. And repeat another 40+ times. We might has well of left some of the “science” (not to mention considerable expense) out of it and stuck with Neil Aspin. Can’t wait for the next game zzz….zzz….zzz
  19. 65% possession and 8 shots (5 of which were on target) conceded against Stevenage. I’m saying nothing….
  20. Have we actually done anything in the attacking half yet???
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