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  1. 2 players needed currently. Centre mid to replace burgess and winger / creative to replace politic. Striker to replace Rodney if he goes also. Could be a busy week
  2. Listening to DC and Flickers' recent interviews I have more faith in PVFC than ever before in my near 30 years supporting the club. Just wish some of the negative fools would stick to the oatcake instead of spamming this website.
  3. He's out fishing again as we lost a match
  4. I think a player who is best used as an impact sub isn't one we should be breaking the bank for personally. Its a luxury to have but I'd rather we spent it on a 38 game a season Player instead.
  5. Totally. Not sure why everyone was so desperate for him to stay really. He was good, but was he the best we had? Was he worth breaking the bank for? I'd say no.
  6. I wonder if he has a club already to go to and we just haven't stood in his way?
  7. I'm only going if the players clap me.
  8. From my leeds supporting friend; he was highly rated for a bit for Leeds, went up to Aberdeen and played alright on his debut but then took an ankle injury which didn't help his progression he's a big strong lad, not sure of his quality
  9. Being taken off course again by one of the trolls. Why do people keep replying to these fools?
  10. Can a mod please remove all posts that are not related to transfer talk from this thread? I come here to read about potential targets and even though I have most of the morons on ignore I still get the replies to them.
  11. How?! As much chance as The Rock being PM. He doesn't belong to a party and will never be the leader of one of the main parties. I'm sure there are some really good people who could make a good prime minster not in politics but what's the point on mentioning them as they will never be the PM in a million years. So why don't we stick to realistic options? Someone who can get enough votes to get a seat in Parliament is a good start, then someone who could be the leader of the Labour or Conservative parties. That's the options.
  12. Please can someone advise how Nigel can fix this? He's gonna win an election or is he gonna join one of the main parties? Curious.
  13. Emile


    People in SA say they were the first to report it. With the number of cases in the UK looks more likely its from the UK itself.
  14. Totally, if its not going to be enforced then whats the point? It just causing unnecessary issues for people just trying to follow the rules. My point was just that the covid passports shouldn't cause an issue to enforce if its done properly - but that starts from being able to access your certificate, getting a test, getting it checked and getting into the ground. I think everyone wants to be safe and enjoy the game - even Leedsvaliant 😉
  15. I'm afraid when bigger grounds are able to accommodate much bigger crowds than the Vale get the problem can only be organisation and planning. I don't think covid passports make a difference to if people can't organise enough turnstiles to be open to accommodate a crowd.
  16. I don't see any reason why there should be 50 people in a que to get into the ground. This can only be bad planning and management.
  17. We have automatic turnstiles here. But still it should only take 30 secs to scan and send someone through
  18. We have had covid passports in Austria since the summer. Worked perfectly fine when I went to see Rapid. Showed to the steward and then he checked my ID and I'm in - 30 secs tops. We also have free testing facilities all over the city, plus free PCR home tests that are done in front of your computer. The passports aren't the problem, the system is.
  19. 3rd in league missing key players for quite a few games. How many of these players are in our first 11? Top of the league lost twice all season, one of them against us. I think we all would have took this at the start of the season, surely?! Were going up!
  20. Emile


    Can someone explain why people visiting the UK from abroad need to test to come over and then isolate for 2 days and then test again? Isn't the UK's problem the number of cases inside the UK? They have the most cases of this variant outside of South Africa. In contrast, people visiting Austria just need to be vaccinated within the last 270 days. Incidence rate is below 100, we wear masks everywhere we go and we haven't been able to get into bars / restaurants without being vaccinated or tested since the summer. Seems like people value some freedoms more than others resulting in stupid hoop jumping that has no impact on the numbers of cases.
  21. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good striker to bring in?
  22. Emile


    You are not quite understanding what I am saying.... What is that expression, don't argue with something or other because they will win on experience? Can't seem to find it...
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