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  1. We, as a group, still have lots to discuss concerning the information we have. It may come to the fore or it may never see the light of day. Our number one aim was to bring about change of ownership. That has now happened in the best possible way. Let's all concentrate on the 'healing process' and feel good about getting behind the club for a much brighter future. The rest will take care of itself. The support you gave us was phenomenal and we thank you all for that support. It's now time to turn that support to Carol & Kevin Shanahan. They need it. Vale needs it.
  2. Not particularly, no. A conversation was had between a member of B&G and Carol Shanahan and it was agreed that it would be sensible to halt the protests whilst they entered into serious negotiations for the club. We see no benefit at this time to carrying on with the formal protests. We are however, still working on things in the background and some of the fighting fund has been allocated to fund legal expenses, which are still ongoing. Once the legal team have cleared what they are working on a decision will then be made on what we do. That will, of course, be governed somewhat by the outcome of the current situation regarding the potential satisfactory sale of the club & ground. If no further action is required then the remainder of the fighting fund will be donated in some way to the new owners of the club. The format of that donation, at present, has not been discussed. For now - we're planning for the worst case scenario, whilst hoping for the best.
  3. Official statement: https://www.valeforsale.co.uk/post/black-gold-group-suspend-protests.php
  4. You have no idea whether anybody knows whether these Asians will be good or not and so are stupid to suggest that nobody knows anything to the contrary. This news today is entirely expected. It will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. I'm fairly certain that some members of B&G will play an active role in advising any new owners, should they wish to seek our help in moving the club forward in a new dawn. We've caught the attention of the fanbase to enable us to galvanise them into requesting change. If the correct deal is struck to move the club forwards, of course we will harness the goodwill that we have to then galvanise the fanbase in supporting new owners.
  6. The Fighting Fund towards Deakin & Miller remains ringfenced for that purpose. We can't update you on the details of the progress or otherwise of that particular campaign as we're not privy to SC information. I'm sure if you email the committee or attend the next Supporters' Club meeting with your concerns you will get answers to any questions you have. I was in attendance of the January SC meeting and the ringfenced money was mentioned in their Treasurers report. As for the current fighting fund - if people don't wish to give to a 'faceless' organisation then that is totally understandable. However, we choose to remain relatively personally anonymous to deter any personal attacks and also legal threats from the target of our campaign. We're not 'faceless' as such - the fund is in the name of the SC and is being accounted for by that organisation, in conjunction with B&G. We're as transparent as can be with why we're raising the funds and it's entirely people's choice on whether they wish to donate or not and every donation is very much appreciated. Unfortunately, Mark Porter has come under criticism and even threats from some quarters - not least the chairman himself. We try to avoid a similar situation so that we can concentrate on the task at hand, rather than be distracted by fighting other battles that we could well do without. Huge credit has to go to Mark for handling what he has had to of late. Some comments from Mr Smurthwaite are deplorable. Despite being 'faceless', we'd like to think that the progress that we have made, to date, speaks for itself on our aims. We have been self financing up until three days ago but having met with two solicitors it's clear that certain things will be delayed unless we were to raise funds. Having encountered numerous requests for a donation facility, we took the decision to set up that very facility. It is entirely optional.
  7. So far the B&G Group & Supporters' Club have self-funded: http://www.valeforsale.co.uk Website build & hosting Banners Purchase of scarves 3000 printed red cards Solicitor consultation - leading to a bill of over £2000 for initial representation, potentially rising due to the results of certain actions; the details of which we can obviously not disclose. The fighting fund was opened basically because we wanted a rapid turnaround with solicitor's costs and because numerous fans had contacted us to request that they have somewhere to make a donation towards the fight. We have so far encountered all manner of threats from Mr Angry so we, as a group, need to ensure we can continue the fight without fear of being bullied into legal action. There is so much behind the scenes that we don't publicise. This campaign isn't just about a group of people standing outside the doors chanting Smurthwaite out, as some misguidedly think!
  8. No further red cards have been purchased at this time.
  9. Valiants, In the last 48 hours, Mr Smurthwaite has initiated phone conversations with members of both Black and Gold and the Supporters Club. In these phone calls, Mr Smurthwaite: ● Queried why the SC and B&G were raising money to remove him ● Offered concern that we were asking for money under false pretext ● Claimed he will withdraw all financial support for the club as of 30/4/19, leading to insolvency. This would lead to administration and possible liquidation of Port Vale Football Club. He claimed the protests were causing this, and was going to announce it at the April Supporters Club meeting. Coming from two independent sources, we take these threats very seriously. We are now working with the relevant organisations in order to address these threats. We would also like to reiterate all funds donated to the GoFundMe will be used to fund existing and new protest initiatives, and ongoing legal costs. Any excess will be pledged to the new owners of Port Vale. A link to the GoFundMe page is included at the end of this release. Thank you for your continued patience and support. Black and Gold https://www.gofundme.com/save-the-vale/ www.valeforsale.co.uk http://portvalesupportersclub.org.uk/
  10. Just to be clear, we must focus on one enemy - Norman Smurthwaite. Do not be distracted by anything else.
  11. https://www.valeforsale.co.uk/post/concourse-sales-boycott.php
  12. In light of the revelations yesterday by Port Vale CEO Colin Garlick, the Black & Gold Group would like to endorse a blanket boycott of all refreshment kiosks at all forthcoming home matches. Colin confirmed that all revenue generated from the refreshment kiosks does not go back into the club. We would therefore urge supporters to not purchase anything from those kiosks whilst Norman Smurthwaite remains in place.
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