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  1. eh up nah


    Downloaded it. It's doing a shazam type scan. Looks decent enough. You're meant to scan a venues barcode when you go in I think. See how it goes.
  2. eh up nah


    Or suicides due to vastly increased mental health strains? Or cancer related deaths due to not being able to get the treatment required? It is not the only game in town believe it or not.
  3. eh up nah


    Flu mutates, as does Covid, so a different vaccine is required in the case of flu most years, and still a lot of people die from it. Quite But the world hasn't stayed closed down, not daring to go through it's front door because of that has it? If we're not careful there won't be anything left to go back to. Vale for instance. Not that it's the most important thing but not many lower league clubs will survive another season being binned partway through. There's got to be a point where we have to live with it. If not, we're going to end up with a pretty sad li
  4. eh up nah


    Much of it is now nonsensical. I'm starting to wonder why anything was opened up at all if we're going to do this everytime "cases" start to go up. Of course they'll go up. But, sooner or later, we're going to have to face up to the fact that it's out there and we get on with things. We've had a flu vaccine since the late 70's Guess what? It still exists and it still kills people.
  5. One of those brilliant stats you're really proud of but never actually want to hear anyone say
  6. Decent kit that. Looks like Yates has been enjoying retirement as well.
  7. My laptop wouldnt have it so was pleased to find the app works fine on my phone and the screen sharing worked. Good start that lads. Didnt get drawn in and did enough. Pretty comfortable truth be told.
  8. Stream doesn't start until 30 mins before kick off Cheers mucker Just had it in my head you buy the pass before I'll get back on later
  9. If, when I click to buy my pass, i can only see a bouncing ball does that mean I'm too early or my connection is dodgy?
  10. Have you got screen mirroring on your phone/telly? I've not tried it with ifollow as, so far, I've never used ifollow. This was my plan for next Saturday! Really hoping it works.
  11. She did. Likes his staff to be open minded does Mark Palios. She'll do well there!
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