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  1. Should have stayed at the Vale. No. No, he really shouldn't!
  2. He wasn't bothered playing for us was he? And we're far from the first club where that's happened. He's been picked up by a manager and club that suits him by the look of it. I don't mind him giving it to our fans either particularly. The over sanitised version of footy we've got now could do with some of that. Is he on my Christmas card list, no. Do I miss him, no. Do I hate him, no.
  3. Cheers Woot and Brizzlesizzle. Proper club Rovers and a lot like us in many ways. Must gave been absolutely euphoric down there today. Hopefully we can do it. We've as good a chance as any and I feel a lot more optimistic than I did this morning.
  4. Yes, I'm excited. Nothing to fear really, although our traditionally poor record against Swindon concerns me. Northampton will be devastated to be there and we've got the better of mansfield this season. Not that anything makes the blind bit of difference now!
  5. Surely Hall was signed for longer than 6 months????
  6. It is absolutely irrelevant They got three in the last 10 mins of the game yesterday I'd have been on the pitch if we'd done that Wouldn't mind a bit of that killer instinct in our last two games If we manage to win them I couldn't care less how its done
  7. Its in our hands still Win the remaining two and we're up
  8. Bristol rovers now level after being 3.0 down
  9. Good grief! Seriously, why the hell would you?!
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