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  1. It was a lot better. But something is wrong isn't it? I feel absolutely distraught after that. We're in one of those ruts where it's all just inevitable. Somethings got to change. The amount of late goals we concede is just beyond a joke. We cannot carry on as we are that's for sure.
  2. Somethings got to happen, we're in absolute freefall now. It just felt completely inevitable that they'd get one. We were on top second half, fair enough, but I never bought into Bowers and yates doing their best to drum up optimism that we were going on to win it. Again, what the hell were we doing for that last goal?! Shocking defending, simply shocking. I think Askey has to go. I don't see him improving anything or having the nouse to get us turning the corner. Unfortunately I've got no idea whatsoever as to who I'd bring in. Graham Alexander maybe? But mainly bec
  3. Absolutely no confidence in the side at all. We desperately need halftime but not sure anything will happen. Got to say, we've had some disgusting luck this game. That second goal was ludicrous. The guys "touch" in the box totally accidental then it hits Fitzpatrick to loop back into the danger zone. They very nearly got a third threw no fault of their own off that crazy deflection. Everything that can go wrong is going wrong. Sadly, we're not good enough to turn it round at the moment.
  4. I'm not sure what's more worrying. Performances or that reaction. Basically well....yeah...we were crap....didn't really look at it....didn't do what we said....chat at halftime...bit better.....yeah....hopefully we'll be good Saturday. Hopefully John?! Worrying signs I think. We've got absolutely no bite and we're playing like Askey's talking. Just seeing if something will happen.
  5. I won't put my full thoughts on that just incase Askey morphs into the kind of beast we now need in the dressing to deliver a huge rocket and turn it round. That was bloody awful! We're in that really dodgy zone now of not looking like we know what the plan is and looking like we've never seen each other before.
  6. No away fans either. Cannot be a call for many police surely?
  7. Tier 1 4,000 permitted Tier 2 2,000 permitted Tier 3 as you were
  8. We'll definitely be in the highest tier. Our council go with the begging bowl and actually request this for us usually anyway. Massively frustrating
  9. Thats definitely how I'm looking at it. Most of what I've seen points to the loading times as the biggest improvement. Which, undoubtedly, is hugely impressive. Agree about the smaller leaps. Up to the ps4 I thought the jumps were always pretty big quality wise although it always seems that they jump to the new gen just as they're getting the best out of the current. I remember thinking ps4 didnt really kick in for me until Bloodborne came out. I got ps4 at launch in 2013 but I'm giving it some time, possibly a year, before I get the 5. Still got a few games I've not
  10. Cobra Kai is a cracking watch. Completely ubembarrassed by what it is and all the better for it! The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor are decent. The former the better one and a lot creepier. I watched Mindhunter not long ago and that was brilliant
  11. Ref was absolutely useless there. Didnt think ours was a pen and Joyce was a booking for me. Couldnt see a penalty in theirs either. Foul on Pope for their equaliser. Great game, but I need a lie down for a bit now. Anyone who's made it to the age of 70 and beyond watching us, I take my hat off to you.
  12. That's my all time favourite vale goal in terms of quality. There have been bigger mentals and more emotional/important goal moments, but in terms the absolute skill and beauty of it then that one tops it for me. His first goal in that game was a class above but gets forgotten about due the second one. As some have already said, what a player Tony Naylor was. A vale legend, there is no doubt.
  13. I've watched every game this season and bought a pass for today. I couldn't get it working on my laptop but downloaded the app on my phone and screen share it with the tv and I've had absolutely zero issues with it. My opinion is that its decent and means I can at least watch the matches.
  14. eh up nah


    Really am hoping the football does continue. It would certainly help massively I think.
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