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  1. Whilst this does have a familiar feel to when Askey took over, ie we're in a very bad way, I'm around 70% confident we'll do enough to stay up. Last time we were in free fall and lost our first five under the new manager. This time we have Clarke who, barring a closing stage missile, would've gotten us a credible point yesterday and remained solid and unbeaten in his first three. This with a depleted and low on confidence team. As long as we can get our key players getting enough game time between now and the end of the season we'll stay up. As bad as we are in terms of qu
  2. I see your point, I don't think Vale fans are particularly patient and looking at the facebook page last night you'd think the knives were being sharpened already. Its football fans everywhere though isn't it? Watch a performance like last night and it is very hard to be positive. If we'd romped to a 4 nil win then it's the other extreme. Euphoria! It's an emotional thing football. I think what I would say is that I'm very confident that Darrell Clarke won't be taking any notice of it if he does come under fire early doors. He doesn't strike me as the soft touch type at all. And
  3. What a dreadful second half that was. I think fitness must be a massive issue for us, stemming from sub standard training and disinterest in said training this season. First half wasnt a total disaster as we were pressing then but second half we were second to everything until they tired for the last ten minutes. Clarke will get very little judgement from me this season. Massive job to turn us around.
  4. Take that all day. I liked the winding down the clock because we'd got got something. I liked the bringing off of the furthest man from the dugout. I liked Brown taking 30 seconds to take his last goal kick to get us to time up (even though the ref let it go a little over). Thought we gave a solid enough performance to make sure we got a point. But it's the stuff we never normally do that everyone else does that made a refreshing change
  5. Overhead kick from the half way line. Good old Ryan flat on his arse. It's very easy to stay loyal when nobody comes in for you.
  6. I see him as a leader in an emperors new clothes kind of way. There's a lot of getting pumped up and badge kissing type stuff but he's dire with the ball and is far too reckless I think. Gets sent off regularly and easily too. Literally chops players down.
  7. He must hear it all, every week. For him to react like that then it must have been pretty near the knuckle. Agree the ref should be the one who keeps his head above all others but he's human, same as everyone else. If we're outraged by this then we really have become a soft bunch.
  8. Hopefully he's actually staying there.
  9. Joe Davis got signed by them. 'Nuff said. Did absolutely nothing for us whatsoever.
  10. Sounds good to me. First remit, get us a manager. Someone who knows what they're doing, picking the manager.
  11. Having listened to the bloke, I agree. This COULD work, that's for sure. A solid looking managerial appointment and I think we'll have some real direction. Fingers crossed for that.
  12. Listened to the whole interview. Really like Flitcroft. Comes across as proper football man who knows full well what he's talking about. I'm going to leave my full judgement there until we appoint the manager. Listening to DF, it simply cannot be Pugh. He doesn't want it and isnt ready for it. Everyone at the club has now said that. If he did end up being appointed after that then, yes, it would be an utter circus. If we do get a solid manager in and things work the way its sold then it really could be something. My big worry is that Flitcroft is too much of a pre
  13. Wow! Is he one of those Directors of Football that identifies all the transfer targets, ensures we get them, takes training, picks the team, does the tactics, sits in the dugout, makes the subs, does the pre and post match interviews and the programme notes and puts Pugh and Sinclair on indefinite gardening leave? If not, I'm very worried indeed.
  14. Maybe just chat to pass the time. I'm really hoping it is mate.
  15. Is this DOF thing from a credible source? Its league 2 for gods sake! It ain't rocket science. Employ someone who knows what they're on about, can convey that to the players and get them to buy into it. No guarantees of promotion or anything, just get something going on the pitch that vaguely resembles direction and purpose. Its Vale, I certainly don't go for the glory. I just want us to look like a bloody football side again!!
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