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  1. I had to read that one twice myself
  2. Disgraceful losing a potential 10 game unbeaten run there.
  3. The man is Vale royalty. Get it done!
  4. Brilliant! Mopped up we have! If the cut off hadn't have been two weeks earlier Tom Conlon would have bagged goal of the season as well.
  5. Did he mean that mid air, over head, back heeled goal? What a player he was.
  6. After watching some of his Vale performances I'd definitely suggest he does it for Stoke!
  7. That was my first ever league game. My first ever game was the 1.4 against Liverpool. The next game I went to after Charlton was Exeter the following season. 2.2 i think it was. I was a regular that season and a season ticket holder thereafter.
  8. Great isn't it?! They've got tough games. FGR away A potential humdinger at home to southend Finish away at Exeter
  9. 6 points from the playoffs and the best team in the league on form. Absolutely brilliant job from DC and the lads. Momentum for next season, cant wait.
  10. We did have some good players then. Funny how memory tricks you though. I always remember the Brentord goal being at the opposite end of the pitch to where I was behind the goal. Obviously it couldn't have been as they all went in at the same end! We absolutely battered them second half didn't we? Brilliant goal from Brooker to win it, he was a cracking centre forward. I also love the tackles going in. Shows how much the games changed (definitely for the worst) in 20 years.
  11. I'd like it to continue for away games. I'd suggest match passes at the same cost as a match ticket. Admission revenue means so much to clubs at our level so I certainly wouldn't back giving it away. There still has to be incentive to actually go to the games.
  12. The pitch is outrageous. Looks like a pool table in an arcade that's been abandoned for 50 years
  13. It is the owners who need punishing not the fans. Ownership of clubs need changing to the German model if owners abuse their position. Its definitely the owners. Problem is the Premier League have been more than happy to allow this ownership and bask in the land of milk and honey. Guardiola was spot on in his interview today. He said the problem is that every single party involved in this is out for themselves.
  14. For me, its confirmation of what we already knew. At the top level, the identity has absolutely gone and it is ALL about money. Nothing else at all. The Premier League cannot even complain about it really. They've allowed ownership of clubs for folk who have no idea whatsoever about what football in this country means to fans. It's an abomination, a joke and nobody wants it. But we have let it happen.
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