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  1. I've seen it. I personally cant see anything wrong in it whatsoever. It would be saying that a black person could never be in an advert for black friday without it being racist. There's nothing in it at all.
  2. Got to be honest I'd forgotten about him. We're now in a good position regards making sure he's actually fully fit rather than throwing him back in at the first sign he's better as we've got nobody else.
  3. We haven't had a big fish in the cup for a long time now. I'd like Chelsea as we've pretty much never played them. Spurs for the new ground would be my second choice. Stoke third choice as it would be tasty to say the least and a very good time to play them
  4. He'll get his chance. No way will Monty last the whole season without injury. Good that we've got someone to come straight back in when that happens though.
  5. I'll correct myself there I had it firmly in my head that we'd lost that one!!!
  6. I think Mansfield would argue the toss that we haven't lost at home but other than that i think you're spot on there bud.
  7. Personally don't think Neil Aspin kept us up last season. In fact in my head he'd taken us down in February before we turned results around. JA has kept a good few of the players but he's changed the team and style drastically. We've got a real energy in midfield which is something i cant remember us for a long time now. Front thee is balanced and there's a selection headache up top.
  8. No different to last season
  9. Yeah Crossley was the best one. That story about what Clough did when he got complacent in the team was absolute brilliance! Shiiiiitttthhhooouse!!!!
  10. The Gary Roberts one was good. Pope did one as well. There's loads of them and they really are a good listen. Some great stories and it does give an insight into what it's really like in football. Just finished Geoff Horsefields. Really good and he seems a cracking bloke. Finished on his charity work which is definitely a great cause.
  11. Listened to the first half this morning. Really good! Busgate and gannon are the first things he talks about. You can see why we dropped like a stone under jimbo!
  12. They're definitely not going for tried and tested which is what i think they need really. Trying to be too clever i think.
  13. Bit harsh on Horton that i think. Raised an eyebrow on more than the odd occasion at his team selections but he put a good, entertaining side together. You could argue that side should have gotten promoted and we won a trophy with that side too.
  14. I'm not sure F1 is much different to most sports in that respect. The best drivers end up driving for the best team. Its no coincidence. Schumacher won it in the Bennetton and thats the last time i can remember a genuinely weaker team winning it. To be world champion that number of times is an awesome achievement. It's impossible to nail down who the best ever is as everyone has their own criteria and there are so many factors. To consistantly win at the rate he does, he is definitely up there with the best. And, no, i wouldnt go the pub with him!
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