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  1. That is a line I was thinking of when I started reading this just. Brilliant line!
  2. It impacted me for life that QPR game did. I was genuinely shaken afterwards. I've never, ever taken a game as over until the ref has blown up ever since.
  3. Colin Miles was dire. He actually had a decent reputation at yeovil and that was when they were doing well. His next job after vale was at Mark's and Spencer
  4. Forgot the Portuguese lads name. What a spell that was for us.
  5. Had a few of those, definitely a scam.
  6. Scott Tanser possibly takes this one for absolute awfulness but that's straight off top of my head We've had some nightmares in this position!
  7. eh up nah


    Again, absolutely outrageous. There is no place whatsoever for that filth in a modern world. I do, genuinely, understand its origins. But that was 40 years ago for gods sake. If you're partaking in that now, when there's zero need, you're absolute scum. Zero morals Zero standards It needs wiping out
  8. Think Santa's sarcasm has been lost on a few here. To me its proof positive, if ever it was needed (which it wasn't) that the lad is a total wrong 'un. An absolute clueless <ovf censored>
  9. They've had mentions but I'd have had any of those in 2017 over the clowns we had then Rob Lainton was one of those granted but he was an awful signing due to injury record not because he was dire keeper
  10. Steve Berr of stalybridge Celtic maybe? His names filled me with dread on more than one occasion when we've had our "links" shown in the media
  11. eh up nah


    My mum, who is 68 now, has been told the best her employer can do for her is cut her hours to 4 per shift. This is wilko in hanley. They're calling themselves essential because they have a shelf in there with paracetamol on I think. Shocking
  12. eh up nah


    I am starting to wonder, very seriously now, about how some people actually get through the day. Do we really now live on such a conveyor belt that we need every little thing doing for us? I'd be very pissed off if I was Boris at the moment. He's offered vast support to people and still people wont take the advice. Its embarrassing.
  13. When he was on radio stoke for an hour after a game and was obviously two or three bottles of red to the good. Can't remember which game it was after. Possibly Forest Green when Michael Brown got sacked. Said goodnight to his grand daughter on air.
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