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  1. Alex Scott is the finest thing to happen to bbc punditry in my lifetime!
  2. The good ship Vale is a happy one When ALL your best players re-sign then that says a hell of a lot. Absolutely unthinkable 18 months ago Wow!
  3. eh up nah


    Wow! It's in a right old state America
  4. eh up nah


    I went to two pubs saturday night. First had a good few in but all sitting and socially distanced, no bother. Second there was my group of five and probably 10 other folk. I didnt get too excited about going as I would rather not go if you had to book a slot etc. Thought I'd rather wait for there to be no distancing necessary at all. Really enjoyed it in the end though. Finally meeting your mates outside the confines of a garden or whatever. Just nice to be out. Zero trouble where I went and landlords keeping on top of it.
  5. Yeah, banging them in he was
  6. eh up nah


    And they were right about that
  7. Personally I have no problem with it. If you actually want to watch the game the most you'll have is three pints, I'd imagine. You also need about fifteen pints of football beer to get drunk anyway I reckon so it shouldn't make much difference to the overall crowd intoxication level!!
  8. There are many things that originate from something far far different to how they're used now. When people hear swing low, how many of them genuinely, honestly think of the slave trade and racism?
  9. I think I remember this one It was the central match live and one of our former managers got his name in lights
  10. Its certainly the one they dont like to talk about. May those who lost their lives rest in peace
  11. That's true and there's got to be some balance to it all. Things like fawlty towers though, what do you think of that being taken off for being offensive? The answer lies, mainly, in school/childhood education for me. Teach the wrongs and atrocities of the past and why its important to treat people of other races with respect and as equals. I get the statues of slave traders coming down. No reason for them to be up whatsoever anymore. Andyregs mentioned the Confederate statues in the usa earlier in thread. I'm glad he did. I had no idea there were so many of them, and so widespread. Only reasons they can be there at all is ram home inbuilt racial hierarchy. They are a disgrace.
  12. Absolutely incredible. Have they also considered that the iconic moment in that episode is mocking one of history's most loathed figures? A man synonymous with racial hatred? Christ! What next indeed
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