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  1. Fair points mate. Can't think of many players with his level of technique in this division though. Poor game by his standards but that free kick and the one off the bar near the end, sets him apart to be fair. People will pay for that kind of thing.
  2. Happy get out of there with a point in the end. Take it though. Hope the matrix has got Tom Conlons replacement lined up.
  3. I fancied Benning putting that volley in after seeing his Mansfield highlight reel. Got to say, he made it look easy, but rolling that rebound into the corner took a bit of class I thought. I've seen many of those missed at the vale.
  4. Definite case of the poppadums thereCov lad
  5. Its football I'm afraid. Lapped it up last week. Receiving end this week.
  6. What's the story with the lad who scored their second? Apparently he'd picked up five bookings this season and was listed as suspended? Irrelevant now of course. Fantastic afternoon and great scenes at the end. Politic's finish was absolutely devastating!
  7. If we had won that game, Brighton away the year after would never of happened. Its a funny old game That is very true. A funny old game indeed.
  8. Southampton were in the 06/07 championship playoffs They pipped the unwashed, which made me happy. Sadly, said unwashed gained automatic promotion the season after 😞
  9. I think the year after we lost to West Brom in the final, Reading won the league on the same number of points that saw us in the playoffs. Obviously we went up anyway so all good.
  10. You should be very proud Aguar61 People like them have helped me no end and I'll be forever grateful for that. I'm good now, but I can't see a time when I don't want to attend counselling. I pay decent money for it but I see it as essential. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.
  11. Hear hear. I've had problems too. My mental health took a genuine bashing over ten years or so. Mainly due to relationship choices. The last one amounting to four years of domestic abuse. Admitting that, as a man, I found hard. In fact it only really came out during proper counselling. I started that just over two years ago and I've come a long way. Still go once a month, in fact I'm going tomorrow morning. If anything, now, I worry I'm too open. But it's a much better feeling than bottling it up. There can never be too much stuff like this. Awareness is everything. I still hear comments at work made such as "mental health is a load of made up rubbish. It's an excuse."
  12. Yep, heard that from Lorne Street. A complete and utter pratt.
  13. Yes, I agree, that was far too lenient.
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