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  1. That’s a good question. After the comments about the current club captain I’d doubt it
  2. We’d already got tickets for that game and we only had 1300 ish anyway?
  3. Johnny Wilkes tweeted recently that he was attending both games . Thought I’d seen him in the queue 😀
  4. That could have been net too and they're told to say that but I get your point
  5. The 575 could be a net figure though ?
  6. Bit steep but understand the testament. Not sure about the video
  7. Had the same problem so drove over at 945. Nobody in a queue . Got home and still in the online queue
  8. Lacey isn't on that photo, it's Peyton. Not sure he played many though ? Wonder where Keith Ball was, behind Roy?
  9. Did we win that 2-0? It wasn't a joke that song. We never played Stoke, Crewe were nothing, Macclesfield non league and we played Walsall quite often but we never won. I started following us in the early 60's and it was a thing then.
  10. Best side won but now the <ovf censored> the efl allowed that guy to ref is beyond me
  11. He’s error strewn. Maybe a decent guy but sometimes.
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