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  1. The changes made a huge difference. Mainly because our reserves aren’t good enough. Conlon was dire and Evans awful. I felt to keep balance maybe Lloyd should have started on the left but get that he’s under uncalled for pressure. Never mind. First loss at home this season in December. When did that last happen?
  2. How can the words “Crewe, question, integrity’ ever appear in one sentence? They’re the lowest of the low
  3. The Accrington owner kicked off over this. Their game was cancelled v Bolton then others perceived rivals played against the Bolton kids winning easily. It’s not a level playing field. Needs postponing and sadly the club leaving the league if it carries on. i thought Les Sealey’s son was purchasing them ?
  4. 1501 kick off? That's early for us, we are always the last, come what may.
  5. Just seen that Robbie is there tonight. Potential left back ?
  6. Having just heard the comments from Dion and Kilbane on BBC2 about how our club is going and that we are a big club, it shows clearly how folks are perceiving us out there. Let's hope for a great draw tomorrow.
  7. Surely other than the goodwill element, I assume we allow our facilities over to the charity, surely stuff like parking, shirt sales, food and drink sales/snapping concessions, etc etc will come the club’s way?
  8. Wonder how we coped with 49000 in the ground ?
  9. Lloyd could do a job there easily.
  10. Totally agree. Just because he doesn't go about kicking lumps out of players doesn't make him a bad player. He was excellent once more yesterday
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