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  1. Given the comments re Theo, if a club takes him off our hands and we continue to pay part of his wages, does that come out of our wages budget?
  2. Brought a tear to my eye. Enjoyable afternoon.
  3. That’s the point. People need to calm down for a couple of weeks, drink beer and watch some cricket.
  4. Broom would be decent. Andy Cook is a <ovf censored> fan I gather
  5. I know we are in to backing DC but am not sure re Dutton. Didn’t work out great for them at Walsall so he’s not for me.
  6. I know. Clarke said that there had been long negotiations or something like that which made me wonder if an offer pre Clarke was made.
  7. Hurst must have been offered something before DC joined.
  8. Torquay and Hartlepool. Definitely not Wrexham .
  9. I turn it over when she’s on
  10. Isn’t Swindon that old Lee Power issue again? Right dodgy chap allegedly and once involved loosely with us?
  11. Wayne C in 82/3 was similar wasn’t he Rob? I’m not going to try and spell his name.
  12. Just seen that about Hurst. Got to be a money/age thing as he’s not good enough to change a game in my view at present but good luck to him
  13. I keep reading on here that the medical team have made a decision and DC some comments but not seen them myself. Any idea where they are?
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