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  1. Spot onJoe B. Bigger things to be concerned about, like a decent manager
  2. The fact that we may have a brand new team in the summer alarms me a little. We know this side is just short of a play off team so why not give it a bit of a go? Next year's may not be as good.
  3. Makes no difference as they’d rarely play anyway.
  4. Bolton will walk it I think with their support and bully teams. Salford will surely be about. Who knows
  5. Too much dead wood who JA doesn't dare to play, if he did then we could change it around quickly. Other than that, we either get players in now or wait until next season when it's going to be much harder. What really was the point in signing Kennedy, Lloyd, Evans, Archer and others if they never get considered?
  6. It's a joke Jean and so are the club. I can't do with them.
  7. After the number of signings, several failed, can we look elsewhere for players?
  8. Lack of a reserve side is one thing. Quality of recruitment is another. Let’s hope we have scouts, Rudgie et al out there with a plan.
  9. Summed us up. Expectations are so high yet we can't beat dross like them. If we are happy with 10th ish then fine. If we want a promotion push then it won't be done under Askey. Our choice.
  10. We've had bad refs and he joins the club. The booking of Leon then pulling the game back for the supposed head injury when we were 4 on 2 were shockers.
  11. This issue about Sproson is obvious and something the club should address. Should he be allowed to commentate on his players for example, moan about others too. Appreciate he’s a Vale man but he’s also got an earning to make so judgments may sometimes be clouded. As for Askey’s subs, a trip to Specsavers is needed if he couldn’t see that change was needed.
  12. £100k+? Never, surely not. 20k plus 50% of any sell on more like it.
  13. The comments towards Monty today were shocking. Some folks really need to look at themselves and support the players
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