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  1. As would always be the case. The parent company have loaned the club to buy the ground. Not looked closely but I wonder how the Hughill money has been reflected given Norm wanted that. We are very lucky. I agree with Toyah’s sentiments entirely.
  2. The Wilkinson was dire, so too Jermaine Holwyn. I'm sure there must be worse than them from the 60's and 70's. Not Wilson, he was like Pele compared.
  3. Harsh on Alex Williams and Boswell played in a side robbed of promotion so I’d not choose them. I could never understand Rudgie’s love of Pilkington (Sir Alex’s first Bosnam loss?) but he was poor. As non regulars go, Reg Edwards, deputy for Boswell and of late, any of those from a couple of years back. Rob, how about last decade ?
  4. Can’t open that Sage?
  5. Wasn’t that the same season and player’s then got suspended by number of days not matches? I recall it well as a 10 year old. Didn’t we win 1-0 at home with a Jameo penalty and Dave Gaskell in their goal gave us the V’s in the Bycars.?
  6. Mate went to his boss at 365 today. Told him he didn't feel well, his mum and mother in law were both self isolating for 7 days and sought advice. "I've got a bad cough and in so you are staying here too" was the response. Bunch of <ovf censored>.
  7. We've got Micky Micky Micky Micky Morris on the wing. RIP.
  8. Still do don’t they in Scotland and non-league? Jokes re there being no comparison awaited
  9. Ironic the conversation turned to Lorne St. I hope the RW concert isn't in doubt.
  10. All depends on results. Win the next two and Oldham will be very busy. Don't and it won't. Let's hope it's busy.
  11. I think he was released by Cambridge due to a shoulder injury? There was something about him being a long throw expert but it was binned due to the injury ? For me he's been outstanding. We all make mistakes and he does so too but its head up and get on with it. In addition he's role modelling off the pitch which just builds both his and our reputation
  12. Cheeky Bid never did any harm.
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