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  1. Plus everyone bar Askey could see this. The fact he waited until they scored to make a change speaks volumes.
  2. It’s actually worse because we’ve got better players now too. What’s that tell you ?
  3. I get the “red button” argument but this was a 6 pointer, must win game. Says a lot for loyalty , pride , whatever . Shocking from our neighbours. When a following of thugs turn up, they’ll all be out, just watch. Very poor. Deserve relegation.
  4. It’s too good to last. Jones has to go sadly. Maybe the new manager keeps up the good work for a few games but common sense would suggest that it’ll stop. That said, when has common sense come in to football?
  5. Alan Pardew is the favourite. They’ll hate him too
  6. Fancy being the one ex Macc player Askey didn’t want. He’d be distraught.
  7. Not sure what you mean there mate. Drop me a PM if you like?
  8. And how come you’re in the know so much? Not trying to cause some <ovf censored> are you? I thought it’d gone quiet.
  9. What you going on about? Why should terms be extended? Who are you ?
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