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  1. Manny got smacked at Orient so I assume it’s down to that
  2. I’ve really enjoyed these and they continue to be a good listen as it’s 3 Vale fans expressing their views, they don’t always agree, unlike the shouty regulars on P&G. Hopefully they’ll continue for years to come Just wondering if there’s a cost implication that needs some supporting guys?
  3. Futcher hit the bar and Jeppo missed the rebound didn't he?
  4. In these horrific times it’s so good to see the anti Stoke feelings are still prevalent. My faith in humanity is restored.
  5. Made Pointless as being one of the highest scorers of og’s in the top league in the world. Plus he’s a <ovf censored> played for a <ovf censored> club and he can piss off. Awful player .
  6. Yep, legend . He can <ovf censored> right off
  7. I’m with you, there’s something, but the podcast guys reckon players have contacted them saying there’s no issue and Yates confirmed that (I think).
  8. Whatever (and I think Toyah’s post was well intended but misinterpreted) we need this sorting out now, it’s dragged on for ages so let’s get a decision early next week please.
  9. Is Johnny the one who sounds like a Potteries Alan Carr, or is that Bez?
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