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  1. They cut out any supply to Woz by having 2 on him. Benning had acres but we didn’t use him and the midfield weren’t there. Conlon needs a rocket. Great goal and second free kick but that was it. Quinn aged what, 40, ran rings around him
  2. Why did we play midfielders because we never used them. Poor tonight. We move on
  3. Got ours today, we've had an extra 100, doesn't seem a lot really.
  4. He’s just become a dad. The Podcast mentioned it last week
  5. Don't several of their team live in Rochdale?
  6. Awesome from Fury. Think Wilder thought he’d got it when he decked him but Fury was relentless
  7. Enjoyable listen with a plethora of views making it humorous too.
  8. I wouldn’t have blamed you for anything on your knees mate. My lad, now 34, had a kids party when he was about 9 or 10 down Vale and Rudgie just walked in and started talking to all the kids. Made their day
  9. Not got any good memories at Scunny. In 1969 we went and they ruined our unbeaten start so I expect nothing more than a Vale victory
  10. It’s on video. No excuse. If it was missed at the time it’s because quite rightly people were watching the game. Nobody saw it so I suppose <ovf censored> Head Swindon have reported it
  11. I’m not scared of any team in this league. Just get that winning formula soon and it’s ours.
  12. Vale v Villa was division 3 not bottom tier
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