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  1. Isn’t it discriminatory and unfair that if the 1k go in they’re all home fans?
  2. Pretty sure there could have been more. Neymar has claimed racism but there’s been complete denial of that.
  3. Too right. Horse racing trial stopped already too. It’s looking grim.
  4. No one remember him v Crewe when he should have walked the little tw4t.? Yep, he’d do ok for us.
  5. I think he lives Wilmslow way. I read some of the stuff. Rated Bell, really likes Carol, disliked Bratt. He’s gone up in my estimation. One of our best players ever I feel.
  6. To clarify, was Theo a Southend player or Colchester? I could understand the latter not being able to afford him but not his parent club, they mustn’t rate him I assume? Like I said earlier, give him a chance.
  7. Come on, stop moaning and give the guy a chance Then moan if he’s no good
  8. Sorry, 'The Cheeky'? Ay up.
  9. Have you got something against the guy or do you think like me he's after one last decent deal?
  10. Definitely with Joe here. MT is acting like a fan not a representative of the club. Very poor.
  11. So do I . I’ve plenty of experience in the area so like a good read
  12. Not unusual for teacher’s assessments to be marked down is it. Nor is it for teachers to continually have digs at the right wing. Luckily the government saw sense and stepped in.
  13. I’m not assuming the worst. I’m merely pointing out the obvious.
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