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  1. What I would note is that it's all gone really quiet on Twitter etc. Little for ages from the owner or her team, little really from Tideswell, no post match videos of players coming off the pitch etc. It's really different. What a shame we agreed on last season finishing early and the final few games being cancelled due to no fans going in grounds , what difference did that make?
  2. Totally agree. Other than this, the hospital is rammed and have asked people to be careful as they could do with fewer patients this weekend. If that remains rammed we have no chance.
  3. So are clubs in T3 going to be recompensed in anyway ? There's a huge advantage for clubs like Cheltenham, Forest Green, Newport, Crawley etc who get <ovf censored> gates but should accommodate the majority of their fans whereas T3 clubs like us can't have any fans in. That's plainly unfair.
  4. Why’ve you said that? He’s only expressed an opinion.
  5. I'm not people's, I'm a "your". My issue is that I've seen nothing but decline so far since we appointed several and I'd rather spend money on players. Plus I didn't mention Academy. Didn't think we had one actually.
  6. That’s because the players we need haven’t played for Macclesfield. The links to their ex players are embarrassing. Do we have scouts? Do people put the miles in watching players like Rudge did? What do all these coaches do?
  7. We’ve injuries and suspensions aplenty but still should have enough quality if we take the game to them. Unless there’s something about Harry I’ve missed then play him in the number 10 role behind whoever we stick up front. I’ll take a 1-0 off Calvin Andrew’s arse now. Not sure if it’s a must win game but certainly is if we want to silence the majority.
  8. Despite all of his goals for us, I'll always remember him for that cross he made for Foyle at Everton, with the outside of his right foot. Pinpoint and absolute class! And the ball to Guppy for the winner v Everton.
  9. Legge and Pope must play. Need their experience and strength.
  10. Transition is one thing we aren’t. It’s practically the same team that would have played last season. Poor signings once more.
  11. What next? Dicked by Kings Lynn, the players are hurt and will do Tranmere, dicked by them , the players are hurt, will do Scunny, dicked by Scunny, what next?
  12. We need to wake the flip up. Looking a poor side currently.
  13. They’re inexperienced so retain Popey. Manny and Monty to start. 3-1 Vale
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