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  1. On a positive note , the Railway Stand bogs were flooded . Nothing changes
  2. Great strip. Much better than the home one.
  3. So we are after another left back? How many do we want? Winger and striker please.
  4. Blimey, I knew Swindon were in the mire but that’s serious stuff. They’ve broken literally every rule
  5. Lawrie Wilson anybody?
  6. I’m a pro Leon fan and hope he has another great season but the anti vaccine views are a bit strange but so are others. It’s his opinion, often “retweeted” from mates but that’s his call so just ignore them if you don’t like them.
  7. Kiddy fans weren’t fussed, nor too Hartlepool fans but he must have ticked some of DC’s boxes.
  8. Enjoyable listen. Must admit that I’m convinced now than what I was about Walker and Garrity. The debate around Wilson is fair play but I’m convinced he’ll come good under DC
  9. Some <ovf censored> being talked on here which I appreciate and understand why people do it but calm down people. It’ll all work out ok.
  10. Always liked him. Some differing comments from ex colleagues I believe
  11. Great signing . Sends out the message. Man U fan all his life I gather so he’ll do us Biddle folks proud
  12. Be a good idea. Both very knowledgeable.
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