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  1. I've a mate who's a ST holder at Motherwell. Really rates him and says he'll do a decent job. Lost a yard of pace last season but makes up for it with his aggression and leadership.
  2. I still think we will miss Smith but it’s his choice and good luck to him unless he goes to Stoke, which I doubt.
  3. I just used to find him funny when he used to go off talking to his Mum.
  4. Voted for it. It’s about time folks realised that most football fans aren’t second rate compared to Rugby, Cricket etc. Difficulty is policing it though and when it kicks off, eg a goal and someone chucks a drink. Maybe just allow it in the posh end to begin with. What next though, bins for rubbish in the ground? Piss free toilet floors?
  5. Seems a decent signing to me. Admittedly 3 years is unusual but given his first real season with us I think we’ve got to give Askey credit. He’s now hopefully moved away from ex Macc players and clearly a lot more focussed. My only concern is his agent. Is it really Gareth Seddon, him from off those early Salford programmes? And well done to those who’ve ditched Facebook. Seriously bad for your health that place can be.
  6. Pointless now. All being played out to avoid costs and to get Scouse over the line. Not seen a decent game yet so back to Sky for another reduction I reckon.
  7. Went down the Vale for the drive-by today Great turnout and lovely to hear Carol say a few words A fitting tribute
  8. No worries. I’ve always said that decision would cost us and it did.
  9. I wasn’t, didn’t quote you or anything. I was telling the other clubs etc to do one, Pal. I’m still furious about the whole thing.


    Read an article today about Bury. Basically one group of fans have set up the Phoenix club and they’re set to play in the North West Counties or whatever and now the owner wants them in the National League so there’s a split fan base and possibility of 2 clubs being based in Bury. Spoke to a Fan earlier and he reckons it’s a total disaster.
  11. You make a good point for once. I’m unsure how the furlough scheme works if someone is out of contract then offered a deal knowing that they won’t be paid and going straight on to furlough again. In turn, how could they sigh elsewhere?
  12. I think those stats pretty much reflect a lot of people’s opinions. Multiply them by certain factors like the Smurf effect, condition of the club at the time etc and you’ve a hybrid of Butler and Sinnott I reckon. I hadn’t realised Smith was that bad as I think he took a higher league job at Swindon, but stats are stats
  13. Butler for me. Blew our successful Lottery money on dire signings. Makes the others look like Alf Ramsey.
  14. Friio from Plymouth at our level just had one of those games. He got a standing ovation that day. We were awful though Paul Stewart scored 3 for Blackpool I think before moving up the leagues and looked a player
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