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  1. Jim Arnold (Southall was the best but only on loan) Mills Gardner Aspin Hughes Earle Walker Taylor Chamberlain Foyle Guppy Bench Goodlad, Glover, Tankard, Brammer, McCarthy, Naylor, Andy Jones Change Brammer for Horton
  2. He was, by some distance, the best attacking player I've seen at Vale. His last season no fullback could touch him. Better player than his son until his hamstring problems in his 3rd season at Stoke. Never quite the same player thereafter.
  3. Understand its a thread about players in someones lifetime.... but Mark Chamberlain left Vale and was a full England international within months. In whatever formation he would be my first name on a team sheet.
  4. Basically we played with 5 at the back and 3 players in the holding midfield role. The issue with wingbacks is you don't really get players overlapping and that is big on a pitch the size of Vale Park. There's also s massive gap between the front 2 and any support.
  5. JRC

    Retained list

    Rudge was also good at picking up coaches who often went on to bigger and better things. I don't recall him sacking any.
  6. JRC

    Retained list

    It's longer the average is just over a year.
  7. Our defensive line is sitting 10 to 15 metres behind where we were before Clarke came in. Swings and roundabouts, less chance of the sucker punch ball over the top that has been our achillies heel; but the midfield is also getting dragged back deeper and picking the ball up in areas where they can't do a lot with it. Montano to an extent and Gibbons more so aren't able to offer much down the flanks going forward as their starting position is so far back.
  8. The wonder of being a Vale fan!!! People want to replace Rodney (10 in 29) with Cullen (best season at Luton 14 in 47) because he is a better goal scorer. If people can't see what Guthrie adds to the team that Robinson doesn't I can only imagine that the internet overseas shows something different on Ifollow to the UK. On my stream Guthrie seems to occasionally win a header, chases defenders down and sometimes passes a ball to a Vale player. I'm assuming Robinson does all this on the UK internet, rather than walking around like a lost sheep, as he does on the Saudi internet.
  9. Not sure to what extent Conlon had a poor game and how much it was the change of formation. Matching 3 in central midfield with a 2 meant he was really sitting in a holding role alongside Joyce. He's a lot better picking the ball up just inside the opposition half than sitting 10 metres infront of his own penalty area. Apart from a dog awful pass his play in a holding role was pretty steady but unspectacular; which is what you want if a player is playing as a holding midfield player. We haven't drawn much this year, as someone pointed out. It is a perennial problem in football that you s
  10. He's only 19 so I don't think it's make or break. Just needs to impress enough for the new management team there is potential to justify another year.
  11. He played more at leftback than any other position. He also played quite often as a holding midfield player.
  12. The issue with him is he plays first team football like a under 23 match.
  13. Seems slightly odd that some want Tom Pope as goalkeeper coach 🤔
  14. Even more reason the board MUST make the appointment if they have any ambition. Clearly a man who understands flowing locks of hair make all the difference
  15. How can you seriously support a bald manager .... do you know nothing about modern fashion 😉
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