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  1. You need to specify .... I think at the end of each window.
  2. We have 23 over 21 players so I believe DTS can only play in cup games. Hurst can play in league games but recalling him shouldn't be too difficult.
  3. Clearly a very good win and I thought we looked a solid. 4 moments of quality really made the difference: Brown's save Rodney's finish Conlon's through ball Conlon's goal Looking at results today and some of the quality in one or two sides I think it will be a very tight league this season. I certainly feel we will be in the mix. I was told the day after we signed Rodney that he would be the x factor that could make the difference this season. Having him on the left gives us a second out ball, which I think is going to help away from home. Man of the Match was Conlon f
  4. The issue today was the player he was marking regularly got inside him. That's actually worse than a player going around the outside as it's leaving the player free on goal. I thought he looked solid in the last 2 games but teams will study today and try the same thing. I don't know if its adjusting to being in a back 4; as Macclesfield player with 3 at the back a lot over the last two years. Allowing a player inside is covered by the left centrehalf more with a back 3, so less of a problem. It may just be getting used to playing with Smith, although Smith being right footed is going to strugg
  5. Agree he will go with players he thinks are up to match speed. I think it will be basically be the Scunthorpe starting 11. Its possible he may play Montano on the left in either defence or attack. It's also also possible he could change the central attacking player. The player who is perhaps a little lucky is Burgess. He hasn't looked as sharp in the 4 streamed games as last season but nobody has looked clearly ahead of him for that position. I'm fairly confident he still has enough credit with Askey to keep his place for now.
  6. I suspect McKirdy may not be the gamble signing Askey mentioned in his interview a couple of days back. He doesn’t really meet the description Askey gave. Things change quickly in football. It may well be that; The player Askey thought he was signing got cold feet. The other player was under 24 and we couldn't agree a fee. McKirdy significantly lowered his wage expectations. With the salary cap he has probably had to settle for whatever Browne was on and he wasn't a big earner. McKirdy only really counts as a gamble because of what happened off the pitch at Carlisle. Not su
  7. Rodney was used as a winger at Stockport, Salford and Hartlepool, he only played down the middle at Halifax(20 out of 94 appearances). So his experience is predominately as a left winger, though he has also played on the right. The issue is he wants to be a centreforward and I suspect at some point he will nail that position down. Askey is trying for more of a fexible front 3 this season, which will give Rodney an advantage over Amoo, who is more of an out and out winger. May also help McKirdy as he (ironically) has actually spent most of his career more centrally. Its only really at Carlisle
  8. A little bit of a long shot is Ephron Mason-Clark, has played in league 2 and Barnet are allegedly short of cash. He's not been training with them and I think he was out of contract.
  9. And people complain about EFLhub and other Twitter sites. From looking at Askey's comments most likely someone 21 to 23. If Baggeley doesn't know I suspect it's been kept pretty tight. McKirdy is the youngest mentioned. Could be a youngish lad released from a bigger club who had a loan in league 2.
  10. I think the club needs to really consider holding back on a new winger as an October return for fans is looking unlikely.
  11. Nathan Thomas is a good player. He was allegedly on 10k a week at Sheffield. I don't see him coming because we need wingers who can score and he's not really prolific. He's more of an out and out wide player. Also he doesn't travel well, or allegedly, his wife doesn't. Rowe, Thomas definitely and possibly McKirdy are all looking at possible pay cuts. I suspect location would therefore be a factor for all 3. That would probably make Rowe and McKirdy to be more likely.
  12. All in all I think more positives for Vale than Tranmere as there side was pretty much a first 11 minus Vaughan whereas we played 3 players without an EFL game. Montano and Rodney both did well on the left. Best 45 minutes as a winger I've seen from Montano in a while. Has he convinced the manager he is a viable option further forward?Do we need a fifth winger with Fitzpatrick looking comfortable at leftback? An alternative may be to keep some funds until January and sign a loan player for double the weekly wage for the run in. Is Rodney now a definite in our first choice front 3? H
  13. As a statistical anomoly are Tranmere the first English professional team to lose 2 consecutive officially sanctioned games on penalties? It's very rare to play consecutive cup games.
  14. I don't think it makes much difference his first game back is the next Trophy game I think.
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