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  1. Maybe it's Akinfenwe time, although he thinks a press involves barbells. He either picks a league 2 striker he feels is on the up or he'll have to look imaginatively at the options. Agree about fan expectations, although I haven't seen many realistic options being suggested. Ultimately I think Askey will be forced to go with his gut instinct on a player. If County don't get promoted I think Kristian Dennis may become available. Prior to Christmas he wasn't making the team but he then scored a load of goals in February. Notts County have an option of a 3rd year on his contract I think.
  2. Henderson doesn't fit our system. He's normally a 10 or midfield player. Don't think he will ever have played in the middle of a front 3. Could be a possible for midfield but not sure a player who is 36 next season would be able to press the way Askey expects. Good player but I doubt he'd be a good player the way we set up.
  3. I'm not shocked there are very few regular goalscorers about. I was fairly confident a league 1 club would take a punt. There's not much that inspires in terms of league 2 goalscorers in terms of goals and general play.
  4. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/stats/_/league/ENG.4/english-league-two Not really an inspiring list (assuming Maynard is out of our budget). Need to go a long way down to find players not under contract or with a promoted club ... the return of Theo Robinson?
  5. Guessing but I suspect Hurst is closer to a breakthrough. He's had two seasons at National League North level as a regular. Campbell-Gordon's two loan spells have both been a couple of levels lower on the pyramid. I'm guessing he'll do at least half a season at a tier 5 or 6 club in 2020/21.
  6. We have 4 players who can play leftback on the books already. If we sign Clark that would be 5. Montano is the best of the 4 we currently have, so the other 3 (Crookes, Hurst, Campbell-Gordon) are squad players. Askey's hope is to pay more for one very good player who can play in 4 positions is better value than 3 mediocre players. There are very few good leftbacks around at the level so any reserve we sign wouldn't be that good.
  7. Absolutely no chance of signing that many players, we've spent big on resigning players.
  8. Askey has said he'll use Crookes as a 4th centrehalf. I agree with your point about 4 centrehalves so the Crookes call is one of thebig calls the manager had to make. I suspect Gibbons and Smith signing new contracts hasn't come cheap in terms of wages. Interesting that Askey also talked about Clark as a potential midfield player midweek. If he does return he may play the Joyce role for part of the season. We will only get one midfield player. Taylor is less likely to sign than Clark. He's a good player BUT we used him pretty sparingly post Christmas when we had our best run of form. I think he's unlikely to sign as Forrest still have ambitions for him, whereas Leicester are already happy to ship Clark out. Having Rodney in the squad gives an option of dropping Worrall into a midfield role if we have injuries. Oyeleke, Burgess, Conlon, Joyce, Worrall and a. n. Other is a pretty good set of options - if Oyeleke stays fit. It seems the plan for this year is a smaller squad. They've spent money keeping players, so that restricts the money for new signings. That's Askey's call which he will live or die over. We have 19 players under contract so it looks like we will try to get by with 23 next season.
  9. We won't be signing that many new players. One defender who can play rightback, a keeper, a striker and maybe a midfield player is all Askey is planning. Maybe an Alex Hurst type of punt if one comes along.
  10. Probably the realisation there were alternatives being looked at helped. I suspect we would have been looking to withdraw the offer about now. Fantastic news as the club can only enter the new season with a stronger squad now. As always we need some luck with injuries but very positive about 2020/21 season.
  11. Only signing that would truely shock me ... the return of Ben Whitfield!
  12. Smith and the club must be very confident he's moving on IF the rumours about Hartley are true. I'm guessing we've offered as much as we can afford and he's already got offered more elsewhere. Clubs are already signing players up so there must be a degree of confidence the season will be starting within the next 2 months. Vale may have made a judgement call that the more in demand players may actually be cheaper now than in a couple of weeks when all clubs are back in the market to sign players and driving up wages. They might wait until the bargain bucket at the end of the window for less key players, like a backup rightback. I think that smaller squads will drive wages of "squad players" down much more than starting players. So, for example, there are loads of perfectly adequate backup rightbacks, midfield players and even experienced keepers available; many of whom will still be without clubs in September. Conversely there are very few decent strikers, so I expect anyone capable of 10 goals a season will have been signed by the start of August. A bit like the stock market there are really a number of markets for different types of players and individual players. Some companies have got through covid with increased share prices, some have tanked completely. Football wages are very similar with some winners and many losers. Smith will probably be a winner because: He's the right age In smaller squads the fact he rarely misses matches will be a consideration. As with buying shares I suspect this summer timing of buying players may be crucial. A top centreforward will be expensive and have a club within a fortnight at pre covid levels. Decent centreforwards may see their going rates go up over the next 3 or 4 weeks as the numbers available decrease leading to clubs getting desperate, with some get something close to what they were on last season. Some players will find they have zero value at the end of September. Overall the average will be lower but that is different to all players getting lower wages.
  13. He spoke last week of the problem of attracting interest from English clubs when playing in Scotland. He's probably slightly unique in that regard. There's probably "more value" in terms of what he's prepared to accept than some of the alternatives we've looked at to replace Smith. I'm guessing it's still a hefty wage compared to most people.
  14. Be one hell of a come down if it happens. March he was looking forward to captain a team in the Europa League versus the likes of AC Milan or Lazio. July looking at a raining Tuesday night playing Barrow away! Such are the vagaries of football outside the elite level.
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5657107/motherwell-hartley-tears-release-fir-park/amp/ Interesting interview on Hartley's thoughts about a new club. Not worried about is age, provided he's the best we can get for the money. If we are in for him coming from being Captain of the 3rd best team in Scotland you'd be hopeful he is still pretty useful. If it's true not sure how this one has come about as you wouldn't think Askey has scouted him out. He was offered a new contract prior to lockdown so he wouldn't have been a player expected to become available. I'd imagine he played with Montano at Bristol and Cullen at Blackpool, so wouldn't read anything into following players on twitter.
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