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  1. I must be honest I can't see anything but that side. Managers will go back to players who have been there, seen it, done it when trying to break a bad run. Maybe Rodney over Amoo if he wants more goals in the team. Basically the side that started against Tranmere. Really the current bad run is down to Joyce's moment of madness. Until that moment we were on to run out as comfortable winners. Problems then built on problems. Would Legge have been left quite so exposed for his two yellows in Joyce had played against Newport? Would Stevenage forwards have found it so easy to pull the two cen
  2. 10 minutes after halftime against Tranmere we were looking comfortable in a tricky game. One moment of madness and ultimately its descended to tonight. Most sports are about trying to stay on the wave because its a damned sight harder to get back on one once you are off it. Looking around the team it needs someone on the pitch to step up and show some leadership. We've been unfortunate at times recently but too many players look like they are walking around feeling sorry for themselves. Sad to watch Oyeleke. He looks a small fraction of the player he was before the injuries.
  3. Joyce was stupid in a nothing position on the pitch. It was either a bad yellow or a slightly soft red, so can't really blame the ref for that. Foul on Pope and their penalty looked at least as soft as ours. Bottom line remains if Joyce hadn't given the ref a decision to make in an area on pitch where there was no danger we would have closed the game out comfortably. As soon as I saw it I thought there was a good chance of a red.
  4. Very very few clubs play a conventional 442 now. The few that do often have two sitting central midfield players like Harrogate.
  5. Not sure as expats we get too much sympathy from the man in the street ... certainly in my case I get paid a lot more and pay a lot less tax than I would in the UK 🤔
  6. There are different international broadcast agreements for the FA cup which predate iFollow. They can't show games live because it falls under FA agreements of international exclusivity rather than EFL international agreements for live games. But it is annoying if you live abroad!
  7. The one disappointment is I felt we could have gone for the jugular in the last 20 minutes. I think we could have got 2 or 3 more. Goal difference may prove important in a close league. They are by some way the weakest side we've played. Some nice ball players but ultimately they look like a bunch of young boys playing against men.
  8. Great header but jesus if I was a Southend fan!!! Two centrehalves marking space on a cross with Tom Pope on the edge of the 6 yard box. We should improve our goal difference here.
  9. It was all perfect until ... the game started!!
  10. Conlon certainly isn't slow. He's almost certainly quicker than Burgess.
  11. Amoo is having one of his best Vale games. I think he probably needs bringing off after 60 minutes to protect his hamstring but if he played like this every match he wouldn't be a league 2 player.
  12. I agree he was ok for me yesterday. He looked poor last week; although Carlisle normally got 4 against 2 in central midfield, so for me the failure of players on the pitch to adapt and Askey to change things contributed.
  13. Now have to stick to the 22 man squad. We know about: Mills, Amoo, McKirdy, Cullen, Oyeleke, Gibbons The only player we don't know about is Hurst.
  14. People read far too much into the Wigan game they put out a poor, largely inexperienced team. People saw what they wanted to see but the reality was that Wigan side would struggle in league 2.
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