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  1. Quite enjoyed last night's game and watched it all having planned to just watch the first 15 minutes. Initially thought we were in for a drubbing but what was very much a scratch team adapted ok. Conlon and Lloyd started off out played by their central 3 but more than had parity for the remainder of the first half. Last 30 minutes of the first half was the best I've seen from Lloyd, although Conlon was better. Their right winger gave Evans a pretty difficult first 20 minutes but he found his way back into the game. Thought Browne was disappointing although he took his goal well, the ball was way over the line. Archer wasn't as good as I hoped. Cullen clearly a finisher, although the teams overall lack of height disadvantages him compared to the other forward options. Trickett-smith has good touch, hard to be 100% certain he can make the step up but worth another run out. Brisley is clearly a good backup for Smith and Legge. I expected Kennedy's distribution to be a bit better than it was. Atkinson has played better for us. Keeper looked at least competent. Overall thought we deserved the win. Lots of new combinations tried. Could have done better in a lot of areas but considering most combinations were new to one another I didn't expect perfection.
  2. The ridiculous thing is these under 23 players are on more than division one and two players. The money being played to 21 and 22 year olds who aren't conference standard is staggering. They then fade to obscurity because nobody at our level can meet their inflated wage demands.
  3. Be interesting to see who plays fullback. A midfield 3 on Conlon, Evans and Atkinson looks decent but I guessing at least one will be in defence.
  4. You just need 4 players who've started 40 games.
  5. I agree we want a win. I see a team including Conlon, Cullen, Archer, Browne, Atkinson, Kennedy, Evans and Brisley, plus a strong bench, as being more than good enough to get a result. Most of those players would have been regulars last season. Really a chance for players to put down a marker for the inevitable injuries over a busy Christmas. EFL trophy was a springboard for Burgess (Macclesfield) and Taylor (Shrewsbury) and there are one or two who could easily do the same on Tuesday. Evans has looked decent off the bench, Archer has done well in spells, Cullen, Conlon, Browne, Atkinson and Brisley have all been first choice at the level or in the league above. You'd hope they all want first opportunity to get a call to the first 11. Probably big games for Kennedy and Lloyd as they've dropped well down the pecking order, particularly with Montano's form at leftback limiting Lloyds chances there and potentially freeing Crookes to play more centrally. Might be a dead rubber in terms of qualification but a lot rests on it for individuals.
  6. The rules about the 4 outfield qualifying players seem quite tough until you reach the get out of jail free clause: 7.4.4 has made forty or more starting appearances in First Team Fixtures or international equivalents (and not limited to the same Club or Season) Pick pretty much any permutation of 10 outfield players from our squad and there will be 4 who have started 40 games in the league or any of the 3 cup competitions we enter.
  7. Probably doesn't need to play anyone from Saturday due to the 40 first team starts clause. Browne, Cullen and Brisley will all start. Be a surprise if one of Conlon and Atkinson aren't include, if not both. So really has a free hand after that. Be interesting to see who play leftback as we are short of cover there until Crookes is fit. Lloyd and Evans have both played there in league games. He could also go with one of Hurst and Campbell-Gordon. Be a major surprise if he risks Montano. Would imagine Evans, Archer and Kennedy will also play.
  8. Madison Evans Kennedy Brisley Hurst (unless Bradford PA are playing) Atkinson Conlon Lloyd Browne Cullen Archer Pretty strong team and complies with the competition rules - Browne, Cullen, Atkinson, Conlon and Brisley have all started more than 40 first team games. Hopefully enough to get a result.
  9. I think most fans have been broadly supportive of Askey. He's certainly on a high currently. If you look for progress the following are all probable starters midweek because they didn't play today: Evans, Conlon, Atkinson, Brisley, Archer, Cullen, Browne Considering he's got a lower budget than last season that's a squad with a lot more strength in reserve.
  10. If we beat Newcastle mid week that's a 46k windfall, plus a share of gate receipts from the second round of the FA cup. If we're still in both competitions at Christmas we'll have a minimum of 110k extra within the club. Hopefully some fans will turn up mid week as I think we get to keep all the receipts.
  11. Probably enough to fund Atkinson for the rest of the season.
  12. I can only get the commentary on iFollow, assuming that FA cup games don't have video?
  13. Think he is signed a 3 year contract early in the relegation season. Another who will get a decent pay rise if he stays.
  14. Gibbons, although he won't be if we keep him next season after his contract runs out. I'm assuming you aren't including Birks.
  15. They are near to the squad because two injuries and they'll be on the bench. The main reason they aren't in the match day squad is he's signed Brisley and Atkinson. Both will almost certainly be on a lot less than last season and having Lloyd and Kennedy around allowed him to wait for players he did want to reduce their demands. Atkinson was one of Mansfield's top wage earners so I'd imagine he took a pretty big cut to sign and County had a very hefty wage bill. He also filled in while we waited for Forest to allow Taylor out on loan. Kennedy I'm less sure about but Lloyd is definitely not on mega bucks, reflecting that he's 5th choice on the wing, 4th choice fullback and probably 6th choice in central midfield. He'll get on the pitch a couple more times this season because we don't have a big squad given the new loan window. He's allowed us to get the likes of Campbell-gordon and Hurst out on loan, which will hopefully pay dividends in the future. Provided Hurst or Campbell-Gordon make the hoped for progress it would be a big surprise if Lloyd was here next season. I'd imagine the choice at Christmas is do the management team feel either is ready to challenge for the first 11. If they do Lloyd will probably get loaned out. If they don't then they'll try to get both game time higher up the pyramid. Personally I felt Calverley could have done a job as a fill in anywhere player on a low wage with more potential to develop ( he played full back, centrehalf, central midfield, wide midfield and in goal for Nuneaton) but that was based on a couple of meaningless friendlies and reserve outings. Kennedy will definitely get a chance because I can't remember many seasons when there hasn't been a point 2 centrehalves aren't injured or suspended at the same time. He looked iffy in the first 15 at Macclesfield and was playing out of position against Exeter but wasn't shocking. Didn't see the Shrewsbury game. He's not looked as good as the 3 players above him in the pecking order at centrehalf but I suspect he's also by some distance the lowest paid. Time to pass judgement is when he does get a run of 2 or 3 games which will come at some point.
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