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  1. I liked Kelly in the few games he played. The other midfield player I always really rated creatively who had too brief a career from years ago was Billy Kellock. Thought both were nailed on for new contracts but they never happened.
  2. One would hope Flitcroft and Clarke will stagger their holidays. They must have agreed the targets together.
  3. Some good points. Hill would still have been a window signing as he signed after the second game of the season. A lot of his in season signings were after we had sold players. 2 of the best were Mills and Ford; signed for not a lot with the Andy Jones money. I think there signings coincided with the end of the run of 12 league games without a win (?). I think the basic premise remains that his close season business was often done late because the likes of Foyle, Hill, Aspin etc didn't really see us as a first choice destination. Hill was quite open in his OVF interview that he was hoping for o
  4. Agree with this post. It did set me wondering about when Rudge did his business in the summer. The only big player I could find signed before July was Tony Naylor. Most of the best summer signings Rudge made were in July and August. The scale of this summers recruitment is way bigger than anything Rudge ever did. Rudge watched a lot of football but waited late because he was always looking for value for money. He still keeps a notebook on players he likes and why when watching games in his top pocket. Even if you mention a player to him he'll jot it down. It wasn't just his knowledge of player
  5. He's been on a downwards spiral for 7 years. I'd imagine he still thinks he is worth a high salary. If he ever lives up to his early potential someone will get a great player. Can't see us being interested at his likely wage expectations. In some ways we would be a good fit for him as he has pace to burn and really needs to play regular games on a bigger pitch. In terms of potential he's possibly the best in this league. Why he has struggled to kick on is a bit of a mystery.
  6. Walsall aren't in the best financial shape. Forced to sign on the cheap and promote youth to keep costs down. True this season. When he did his rebuild at the start of 2019/20 he got backed. He signed 16 players, several on over 2 grand a week (eg James Clarke). Walsall fans were less happy with his initial signings, who underperformed for 2 seasons in their eyes. They have only offered a contract to one of his signings and would like to get rid of a number on longterm contracts. He will probably have a similar budget to his first season at Walsall. Hopefully having been in place for
  7. To be fair to Clarke his budget will be largely unchanged so he isn't going shopping at Harrods. He's trying to bring in better players on the same money. The question should be is he the wheeling dealing genius he claims to be. He signed a whole new squad at Bristol Rovers BUT they would have had a massive budget compared to many teams when they dropped out of the league. He failed to do it at Walsall where his budget would have been ok for this league. Similarly he did get an improvement from our current squad. How much of that was down to being able to get our best 11 out for 7
  8. I think the issue was post his knee injury. There was a lot of talk about what a good player he was and how derisory Burton's offer was in September. There is a post on there forum from October saying how he was developing into a legend; ironically straight after his knee injury but before it was announced. He did spend a fair bit of the current season playing wide right, which would have contributed to a lowish goal return. That said I think its pretty clear his form dropped off a cliff when he got back into the side around Christmas. Football is a fickle game, last season when he was Player
  9. Really its always been a bit of a merry-go-round. It's been complicated this season by clubs not knowing squad sizes for next season. A lot of clubs have also changed manager; so want to bring in their own players. I doubt wages will come down overall. There are a lot of inconsistent players at this level; some players of the lists have had good seasons in recent memory but not done much this season.
  10. He's completely different type of player to Guthrie. Guthrie's game needs someone to play off him. Josh Gordon really needs someone to play off. If Guthrie refinds his goal scoring mojo he'll still be a good player somewhere at this level. No idea if his signing is a rumour or really on the cards. Josh Gordon is a really decent young man. He was a good player as a schoolboy but I always thought he'd struggle due to a lack of height. I think that counted against him when he got released by Stoke. Clarke was trying to get him to extend his contract at Walsall before he left, so he must rat
  11. JRC

    Retained list

    I don't think we won a league game between Macc and Spurs. We had a really awful run in the league.
  12. JRC

    Retained list

    The fact Pope gave 100% over the last couple of seasons is much to his credit. Pope has joked about needing players to do the running for him in the past, which helps hide the fact that in his first stint he did a lot of running. He was at least a yard quicker than some credit him being. He was certainly more mobile than Marc Richards. Although in decline physically his experience and attitude on the pitch meant he continued to contribute.
  13. JRC

    Retained list

    I was very young with those 2. Both were good players but neither scored the quanity of goals Pope did for Vale. I think James was more prolific after he left. Both were good players in an era, which for me was largely defined by Horton. That early 70s Vale team was certainly full of characters.
  14. JRC

    Retained list

    If you think of a player's career being about 10 seasons Pope qualifies as a legend and probably our greatest player over the last 10 years. If you are looking at the best forwards of the last 50 years I don't think he was as good as Jones, Beckford, Aly Brown, Futcher, Slaven, Mills, Foyle, Naylor, McPhee, Brooker or Sodje. Really this list shows how much quality we had from the mid 80s through to the mid noughties. Pope is better than anything from the 70s and the last 10 years. If he'd had the players around him the 11 guys ahead of him on my list had maybe he would have been eve
  15. JRC

    Retained list

    Walker's goal against Spurs. Not only saved Rudge's job but also really marked the start of our ascent to what we know call The Championship.
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