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  1. It's got nothing to do with politics and everything to do with sanctions. For example the UK isn't in the top 10 for countries where Russians buy property. Germany and Spain are, the money they make from selling both oil and gas gets used to buy prime real estate. US sanctions on Russia look impressive but they've actually done relatively little to stop investment flows into property and private equity funds. It's relatively easy to stop importing Russia oil if you are a net exporter of oil. There are some problems with getting the right blend of crude into your refinery as not all crude has the same chemical makeup. Its a completely different problem if large parts of your financial sector are awash and propped up with Russian money and yet for sanctions to be effective it needs to be removed. Russian Investments in the United States: Hardening the Target WWW.GMFUS.ORG ‘It’s a complete black box’: Russian oligarchs pour money into U.S. real estate market WWW.NBCNEWS.COM
  2. The immediate problem is the war and energy supplies. Changing the system will take longer. Changing the system will happen very quickly and we won't control it. When we are unable to attract sufficient cash inflows to cover the defit on the current account the pound will fall very quickly. The wise question is when will it happen and what the consequences will be. If you knew the answer to that you could become a very rich person.
  3. Why are oligarchs so necessary in Britain? Because we love living beyond our means | Larry Elliott | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM This isn't really a party political issue. Blair was actively courting Russian money as part of the whole Cool Britannia thing. That's why Abramovich was here. Brown introduced the golden passports in 2008, in an effort to reduce the impact of 2007. Plenty of senior labour politicians have links to these people. It carried on under Osbourne, May and more recently Johnson. We have become a nation addicted to spending money we don't earn. Whether that is rising personal debt or mainly through voting in politicians who will spend public money we don't have. It isn't a free ride; that money has to come from somewhere. If we import to consume (current account) we must get overseas money in somewhere (capital account). The absolute bottom line is if you are a sane international investor putting money into anything that spends more than it earns isn't good business sense. It does make sense if you want to launder large amounts of cash. We all know this in our hearts. The problem is we still love a good freebie and have for 25 years done our best to avoid looking at uncomfortable truths. Take away the capital flows coming in and the pound will plummet. We aren't prepared to lose our Potters Fortnight in Spain, so somehow the flow of money needs to continue. That means any politician who wants to stay in power needs to find a way to keep the capital flows rolling in and all of us happy. No idea what the alternative is but I know we won't like it and we'll vote out any politicians who try it.
  4. I never started this debate on this thread. I think you will find you did stating unsubstantiated rumours as fact. I've hijacked nothing, just questioned some opinions you've claimed as facts.
  5. Frankly I don't trust you because it's something I discussed with Carol Shanahan last time I was in the UK. There clearly were some young lads mixing with pros because Bailey had a few games on the bench; as did a couple of the other accadamy players I believe. So unless you have a fact I will trust what I have been told. If you have a fact, rather than hearsay, I would consider changing my opinion.
  6. It's a bit random, I think he has dropped out of the EFL completely.
  7. The guy was employed to manage the first team. Sevvy Aslam was employed to manage The Accadamy. I'm an operations director; I don't go and try to manage either sales staff, or the finance department. The odd time I'm in the same building, or country I'm polite and I'll have a beer. Why would he even want to get involved in someone else's area of responsibility?
  8. That bit isn't true. Carol brought in Sinclair because she felt Askey was having to run everything from the youth setup to the accadamy. He was much less involved last season but it wasn't his choice. If you believe it is an issue it's still an issue under the new structure. Personally I don't see it is an issue. Last season Askey, now DC are responsible for the first team.
  9. Isn't that always the case? Ultimately managers get judged each season on recruitment. Regardless of what posters say in June if the players look awful and we are bottom half come December there will be widespread indignation on here. It's the ultimate Dickins novel with each seasonal chapter having its own plot; although still ending in roughly the same place.
  10. I don't believe there is a blank cheque this season and have absolutely no idea what the budget is. Until the club says what the budget is it's impossible to say, although I'm sure he has a decent budget to work with there will certainly be some sides with more. I'm relatively neutral on Clarke at the moment. The big thing he needs to do, for me, is to adequately replace the keeper along with the Conlon, Joyce, Oyeleke midfield. When the midfield 3 have played together we've looked a balanced top of the table side for 3 years under 3 managers. I'm sure letting Manny leave was the right call and once you are looking for a new balance in the engine room there was logic to letting Joyce go. I'm genuinely interested in seeing what midfield he puts together and how they work next season. If we get promotion great but it will take time to bed in so many players. What I do expect is playoff form over the last 30 games and a top 10 finish.
  11. Kevin Shanahan said in the first interview after the takeover that the budget for Askey was 50000 less than the one set in the previous year. Unless the Shanahan's were lying, which I doubt, at least in his first full season he was operating with a lower budget. I believe it was about on a par, or marginally higher, last season. I think or budget generally comes in about 10th highest in this league. There are always 5 or 6 clubs whose budget is nowhere near ours, including Morecambe.
  12. Walsall fans aren't universally negative about him. He was player of the year, he's also been the leading scorer at the club and clubs in league 1 tried to buy him in September. They are, generally, negative about how he's played in the last 5 months. I've always watched him closely as I've known him since he was a kid. For me he's a forward who is best with someone to work off and play around. He lost that when Adebayo moved on. I'd be fairly confident he could do at least an adequate job alongside Rodney. I think he'd be good for 8 to 12 goals a season, which is ok if your partner gets 15 to 20. He'll work hard, stretch defences, track back, win a reasonable number of headers considering his height, put in a tackle and run the channels all day. He might surprise but I don't think we'd be signing a 20 goals a season forward. I'd be very surprised if a regular 20 goal striker arrives as anyone who can do that will probably move to a higher league.
  13. Gordon is a decent player, goals output a slight concern. He's a player who will run the channels and let Rodney play more centrally. Rodney was less of a goal threat playing with Robinson as Robinson had to play in those central areas. I would be happy with Gordon as I can see the logic to it. Johnson is harder to comment on. Centrehalves tend to come through at 23 or 24. He has some league experience, dropped down a level to get games. I'm not averse to signing better Conference players as the standard is almost the same. Left footed Centrehalves are at a premium, so I'd be inclined to take a positive view on this one as well. He won't be any worse than released league 2 left footed centrebacks, with more potential to progress. Generally highly rated where he is.
  14. Walker will have been signed to be a starter. Taylor IF he regains his 2019 form for us, so that's 6 or possibly 7 players I'd expect to start the first match. One of the issues last year was having so many squad players starting so many matches. At this level long-term injuries to 3 or 4 key players can be difference between a playoff fight and a relegation battle. That's part of the reason there are always 3 or 4 surprises in the top 10 and why teams suddenly fall away so quickly during the season.
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/port-vale-transfer-ben-garrity-5493060.amp Think there might be a fair amount of collaboration between local newspapers 😉 Change the headline and use the cut and paste function ... job done, thankyou Google, tell the wife or husband I've had a busy day!
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