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  1. I think Chester couldn't believe there luck, I suspect they knew his legs were gone. Slater was massively overweight. The only player with bigger shorts bigger than Akinfenwe that I've seen. I suspect he had the ability to be a footballer but not the application.
  2. He played more like his grandmother for us
  3. Interesting ideas although it may be more of a community link. Seems to be more driven by his wife than Anthony Bamford. That said if it gets him interested in the club he may find he had a passion for football.
  4. He was my number one shout. I was excited as a kid .... jeez he was awful. Graeme Hawkins from the same era was dreadful. But he did score a great goal from about 35 yards. Andy Higgins was poor but also played in midfield and can't have played many games. Paul Bowles had a very poor first season but got better.
  5. I contemplated Pearson went for James. My reasoning was his ability to get progressively worse. First 3 or 4 games aside I felt he became atrocious. His overall average mediocrity was slighly below Pearson for me.
  6. JRC


    I suspect China could have reacted quicker but many of the delays are things like the need to replicate scientific tests. At first the common assumption was it was SARS. Although they have looked backwards and identified earlier deaths the first death of a confirmed patient wasn't until 11 Jan. So until that occured it wasn't known people would die. There were confirmed cases outside China on 13 Jan. China must have faced greater problems than the west because they would have needed to develop tests from scratch. Watching the UK daily briefing its not surprising how much the scientists still don't know as it is all so recent. But what we know today is infinitely more than Chinese scientists knew from mid December through to mid January. The irony remains this is the least deady but most disruptive of the 4 big viruses of the last 20 years. The others all got contained very quickly. The long incubation period, asymptomatic carriers and how long it takes for people to die from becoming symptomatic seem to give it a unique ability to avoid attempts to slow its spread.
  7. The situations are not comparable due to Japanese debt being almost entirely domestic; owned for pensions. One of the issues with Japans policy of more debt with lower interest is Japanes workers saving increasing percentages of income, so failing to increase consumption. So Japan more than cover any deficit due to repayment on goverment bonds through their current account surplus. They run a much bigger capital account imbalance due to the purchase of overseas productive assets than repayment of overseas owned national debt. Ours doesn't and we rely on international governments and investors to prop up government deficits. Indeed there is some evidence that the traditional domestic bond demand for annuities is falling as providers such as Legal and General diversify into areas like social housing where the return is higher. So Japan doesn't have to consider the international markets when considering issue of debt and setting interest rates, whereas the UK does for 30% of its funding. The question is at what level that starts to be significant. That point will be significantly lower than for Japan but higher than some other countries. Debt crisis around the world always start at the point when international investors pull out and that point can't be proved until it happens. Once it starts to happen its difficult to stop, although uk debt being sterling denominated does reduce pain to a degree, even if the consequences are a rise in inflation and reduced access to international markets.
  8. I can't see a government bailout of football. The sheer scale of government spending on the crisis is staggering. Despite talk of austerity government spending has exceeded revenue every year since 2007. This year the government revenue will be a fraction of what was anticipated, so even without the extra spending in the crisis there would have been a large increase in debt. Due to our current accout (difference between imports and exports ) deficit a relatively high proportion of uk government debt (about 30%) is owed to overseas customers. In current account surplus countries like Japan and China its much lower whilst USA it's almost 40%. Germany is an exception with China owning a fair chunk as a currency hedge and Germany owning a fair chunk of US bonds because they have positive interest rates. That position may have changed as the drop in the dollar straight after the Fed lowered interest rates was due to large scale German selling of US bonds and repatriating dollars. So in the UK for every 100 pounds of deficit we roughly need overseas investors to lend 30. At some point domestic sources of funds will be exhausted so you would expect that proportion to be higher. That would need higher interest rates on new debt. That will reduce spending on schools and hospitals. They could use QE, sell debt and buy it back through the Bank of England for a higher price. That will enrich rich people, overseas and domestic banks. It will depress the pound as overseas banks will want to take profits in domestic currency. It will also increase the money supply, which will at some point create inflation or raise asset prices .... probably both. When the crisis is over there will be another crisis for government to deal with. Getting the economy working and funding basic services will be an acute problem in itself. Football will be a relatively small consideration for the next couple of years.
  9. A bit of a nutter but not the worst leftback.
  10. Personal view is Jason Talbot unlucky to be bracketed with the rest. The other 4 shared some common traits, the main one being they were just so slow! Deakin, James and Pearson all had a decent left foot and maybe could have been ok in a different position.
  11. JRC


    The problem for most of us from the article Jean posted is most of us want clarity and certainty. I suspect everything in the article is true and it highlights how confusing the situation is as well as the number of variables. Its easy to just focus on one thing but there are so many things interlaced. Even if you look at the problems from a economic viewpoint there are contradictions. Globally demand for goods has collapsed, probably by more than the fall in supply. Yet demand for protective equipment, breathing equipment and testing equipment has shown enormous spikes way beyond the capacity of the limited normal producers to supply. This isn't a simple problem that has an easy solution. Government across the globe are trying to balance societal, economic and health considerations on a scale unprecedented since 1945. Indeed it could be argued that the scale is far greater than WWII as some parts of the world like South America only saw peripheral impacts. The speed this has hit the world is also far more rapid. Hitler didn't get to Paris until 10 months after the war started. This virus was only first identified a little over 3 months ago.
  12. Maybe in a couple of games but the vast majority he played rightback.
  13. JRC


    A lot of good points. My dad has been one decent winter flu from dying for at least 3 years. The reason he doesn't get flu is he is in his 90s with a number of serious medical problems, so is unable to go outside, particularly in the winter. I am 100% sure he wouldn't last covid 19 but equally every time I leave him to catch a flight back to work I always feel it's probably the last time I will see him. Whether coronavirus, asbestosis or cancer is the final certified cause of death the reality is it will probably be a combination of maybe half a dozen serious medical ailments. Although a lot of deaths will be people who would have died over a short period it is also true that some, although maybe a smallish percentage, are people with no other attributable causes. As the article states we won't know for sure until its all over.
  14. JRC


    A lot of early German cases were linked to Spanish and German travel. It would appear the European ski season certainly didn't help stem the growth of this disease. The success of their strategy can only be judged fully if they avoid it affecting their more vulnerable groups. I guess the other point could be they are picking infection up earlier by testing earlier. Whether that means just a greater lag between detection and death is still unknown.
  15. Quite a short chap signed by Rudge after a loan from West Brom. Bit part player in Rudge's first promotion. The fact he was in the poll says you didn't miss an awful lot (although he played surprisingly well in one game against Crewe). He's also in a relatively small group of players who played for us and Stoke (fairly certain he was on loan there before we signed him). To be fair he came in more as a backup player to Alan Webb and sometimes filled in as a midfield player, so effectively he had Callum Evans role in the current squad. The fact we got promoted with him in the squad and stayed in league 3 quite comfortably probably indicates he actually did a reasonable job but wasn't as solid as the players he filled in for.
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