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  1. We lost yesterday in the 13 minutes after half-time it took Askey to react to Grimsby's changes. Once we were 2 goals behind we were chasing it. We need to get one of the midfield players on the toes of someone like Hanson. If you make it difficult for him the quality of the second ball falls. Porter was as good as anyone at it and he wasn't tall or strong in the air.
  2. He started out as a defender. Notts County played him a lot in midfield, right wing and fullback. Despite his size he was, allegedly, the fastest player county had. I thought we might go for him as he's ex Macc Town. My nephew, who is a County fan, reckoned he was temperamental and his distribution lets him down.
  3. The average wage for a league 1 player is more than double the average wage of a league 2 player. Its a ridiculous statement that Vale fans don't like quality players. I would imagine 99% of people would like a nicer house but money dictate what you can afford. A deal for Grant needs Shrewsbury to pick up a chunk of his wages and they'll only do that when they've exhausted avenues to find a club to pay all his wages. Askey is clearly aware of Grant as he paid money for him 12 months ago. I suspect another 10 or 11 league 2 clubs would take a punt on a loan for him but can't afford all his wages. I'd guess he's on at least Peterborough's average wage from 2 seasons ago so 2200 a week, then add on employer NI at 13.8% and that's a minimum of 131000 per year, or at least 9% of our wage budget. As it gets closer to deadline day there may be a deal depending on what Shrewsbury will contribute, how much other clubs will offer to contribute and where Grant wants to move to. Grant won't take any kind of a wage hit, he's not that kind of guy. He'll sit it out not playing at Shrewsbury if a deal doesn't suit him.
  4. May well have pushed himself in front of Lloyd. Hopefully Browne, Montano and Oyeleke will be in contention for the next game. With hindsight we played too many first choice players against Burton. Back to back midweek games aren't ideal.
  5. Lloyd just isn't quick enough to play wide in a front 3. I resigned myself to his signing on the basis he played a lot of his more recent football further back and more centrally. He's just not quick enough to keep the fullback honest. You'd hope he's behind Browne, Worrall, Amoo and Montano for the wide roles. I'm sure Bennett out there and Pope or Cullen through the middle would have been stronger and helped us compete with a big side.
  6. Maybe although I think may Bennett on the left and Cullen or Pope in the middle is more likely on a small pitch. Worral wide right also an option.
  7. We don't really know if he has no offers or only offers on reduced terms. If he's had no offers its certainly hard to criticise him for not taking them. My instinct says he'll be here all season, clubs certainly aren't falling over one another to sign him up. Might be best for everyone to try and loan him to the conference.
  8. JRC

    Brexit again...

    The average of the 4 most recent polls is 52% remain 48% leave. I think you're confusing the data with the change voters .... where a majority of those who have changed their mind are now 87% leave and 13% remain.
  9. At the moment its just a trial. Had a lot in on trial to date and only signed Browne and the goalkeeper.
  10. Suspect there is a story as it wasn't a problem when they signed him.
  11. Some decisions to make for Saturday. Is Browne fit? Does Worrall go wide and Cullen in the advanced midfield role? Does Lloyd come in? Does Bennett play wide left and Pope or Cullen in the centre? They were a good side, if Arsenalesque in there ability to keep the ball without creating many chances. Would be surprised if they don't make the top 7. Big winners: Bennett - looked like a handful Montano and Amoo - kept their defence stretched Worrall - ideally want one of him on the wing and one in midfield Crookes - despite constant criticism on here looked good defensively and going forward.
  12. Completely agree with the final paragraph. When you look at the average wages in the leagues above there is a very small pool of players better than our best 14 or 15 who we can afford. There's also been an interesting trend of Scottish teams recruiting from the division 2 pool. Historically Scotland has had a surfeit of talent. 15 years ago SPL clubs wouldn't have been coming in for the likes of Sam Foley and Jon Guthrie. Not sure how much the quality of Scottish players has declined and how much English players have improved but it makes league 2 recruitment more difficult.
  13. I like Joyce but he's well into his 30s now and he's probably on one of better wages. If he stays may be on a reduced package.
  14. Still think we need a big centrehalf as cover for Legge. Don't think there's any money left after that anyway. Only one more week before injury cover is irrelevant until January.
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