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  1. Absolutely not I spend my life chasing pay cheques all over the globe; I'm 30 miles from Basra tonight and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the money. My favourite summariser who reminds me of my 5 year old son who has a similar ability to say the first thing that comes into his head. If Birmingham are monitoring Smith then 200 a week isn't going to resolve his future in the same way it wouldnt have kept Birchall at Vale Park. I 100% have have no problem with anyone doing what they can to safeguard their family and personal future.
  2. It was all a little bizarre - no Birmingham bid but they are watching him. Then suddenly Birchall decides a couple of hundred quid a week would solve the problem and Smith wants to spend his whole life in Madeley. A little like Chris Birchall wanted to spend his whole life in Stafford .... or was that Coventry, L.A. and Ohio when the chance to make big bucks came along.
  3. Sadly so have the days of Vale players getting more than Liverpool apprentices which is where our predicament over loan signings lies.
  4. Agree although decent deals do materialise in the last 2 or 3 days. This year we aren't desperate so we can hold on and wait and see if something better comes along.
  5. We will do well to make another signing of similar quality. Looking at Askey's comments today it's not an easy window to be doing business. Any value likely to be during the last couple of days. Very positive news.
  6. I heard him make the comment on iPlayer and it didn't seem that well informed. Bottom line is next year the budget will be increased from about 1.5 million to maybe 1.8. Realistically the club can stretch to 2k a week for a few players. That's about the limit with employee NI and pension contributions. There comes a point where it goes far enough and the extra 200 a week is too much. You would hope what they end up with as a final offer would put him on a par with the top earners. If he doesn't sign that's the limit of what we can afford and good wishes to the lad for what he has done.
  7. Gibbo is different we will get compensation if he doesn't sign. Gibbo and Smith already have security as they will both have offers if they were available on a free. The players without security are the likes of Lloyd who probably aren't going to be offered contracts by us and in all likelihood by anyone else.
  8. If Smith had a serious leg injury and hadn't played in 15 months we'd have been looking to get rid; fans, players and directors. Loyalty in football is really smoke and mirrors. Ask the 2 youth players just released; it's one of the most ruthless industries there is.
  9. I'd be shocked if he does. If he was my son I'd tell him not to. He's potentially got 6 - 8 years to set himself up for life. 2 seasons on 8 - 10k a week would pretty much do that. That chance may only turn up once in his career, he'll be 26 or 27 next time he's out of contract and pushing the age envelope for a big Championship team to take a punt. Desperately hope he stays but don't see it being resolved favourably until he sees if someone a lot bigger comes in for him. He can always sign a deal in June if nobody takes a punt. We can't compete with 8k a week, it's pushing 1/3 of our budget.
  10. I think we will struggle with Smith. I heard Birmingham haven't bid for him BUT have been to watch him. He's 24 in the summer and if a Championship club come in for him he'll get offered more in 2 months than we can pay him in a year. I suspect his agent will advise him not to sign anything before June. Maybe he'd sign something with a relatively low release clause. Even if we pushed the boat out to 100k a year it's a fraction of what he'd get in The Championship. Age wise he's also the right age to want to try the next level. Before this season his distribution of the ball was poor but it has improved significantly. I don't see a crazy bid coming in as he's a gamble at a higher level, particularly as he lacks real pace or height (unlike Ant Gardner). There is a possibility someone could off 200- 300k on a take it or we sign him in the summer basis during the final few days of the window.
  11. Worrall and Amoo are both better on the right.
  12. 100k for a 1 in 3 striker is probably on the cheap side. He's out of contract in the summer and I'm not sure how secure the finances are at Crawley so it's possible. Probably not that likely as I think he is a southern boy. Despite his size he's better with the ball at his feet and doesn't score much with his head.
  13. Salford have paid decent fees for players out of contract in 4 months. Good business if Lincoln don't see either as players to take them to the next level. Neither will have resale value.
  14. There have been plenty of promoted teams with only one up front in recent years. Burton got to The Championship with there leading goalscorers all on 10. If you are going to do well in a 4 3 3 you need 3/4 of the wide and midfield players close to double figures. At the moment only Taylor is on course to achieve that. Burgess isn't too far off. Amoo and Worrall really need to be scoring more.
  15. There are only 3 players in this league in with a realistic chance of 20 goals this season. It's the easiest thing to criticise people for not spending money on things we want. It's a completely different thing when it's your own money. The Shanahan's aren't that wealthy. I'm sure they'd welcome a 200,000 a year donation to fund a really top striker. We have a wage structure because we don't have the Coates family as owners but people who can't afford to put 10 million a year into the club.
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