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  1. Be interesting to see what side we can put out, as it stands: Injured Evans, Amoo and Conlon, Archer Carrying knocks might not play Worrall, Oyeleke Plus 4 players out on loan. Might be easy to pick a squad as we may be down to 18 fit players.
  2. 2 bits of quality created the 2 best chances either team created .... both by Bennett. Second chance he was a long way put and was sandwiched between 2 players. He does a hell of a lot of running for a big man. Reminds me a bit of Crouch. Can see why he's not everyone's cup of tea but I can see why the manager rates him.
  3. It looked a push on the internet but then the foul by Gibbons looked even more of a dead certainty. Looked a nice day in Burslem. Good solid team performance.
  4. IPlayer has the Radio Stoke commentary and it's pretty obvious when I'm watching overseas that as soon as they mention certain players make a mistake 2 or 3 posters jump up and say how poorly they are playing. At least 4 players were at fault including Crookes for Newport's goal. Nobody mentions the 2 clearances he made in the six yard box when he was the last man. Ray Williams has to be the most negative pundit about his own side ever to get a job on a commentary team. Always quite like listening to Dennis Smith whenever I'm home as I think he gets the balance right between positives and negatives post match on Stoke.
  5. I've watched Vale through 5 promotions (remember each one) and 6 relegations. Oddly impressive you can recall even one, as all the relegations are just a haze somewhere at the back of my mind.
  6. Funny how people see it differently, Pope won every ball and held play up. Deserved a point and created the better chances in the second half.
  7. They've created nothing from open play. Big side. Use their midfield to make it a back 6 or 8 quickly and pick up second balls from big balls lumped forwards. They are very very tall!! Like watching Wimbledon without a Dennis Wise.
  8. Pope is the best in the league at what Pope does and has a big part to play still. He never had pace but works very hard and defences always know they've had a battle. He's got competition now. He's nowhere near as mobile as the other 3 but he's far the best in the air and at holding the ball up. I'm not advocating playing him today but he'll play and win games for us this season. Maybe better suited to smaller pitches away from home now.
  9. He was awful at Grimsby but was much better on Tuesday, particularly second half. I spend a lot of time abroad and watch a lot of games on iPlayer. It's noticeable that a lot of the negative comments about Crookes and (on Tuesday) Lloyd are posted online just after the radio stoke commentary says they missed a pass or tackle. Lloyd built a reputation post Vale in midfield. Must be honest in a more advanced role I'd go for Hannat. Think Lloyd does deserve a fair crack at the midfield role and I don't think he was less effective on Tuesday than Hannat was the odd time he played in that role. I don't think he's going to become a legend and I'm guessing he's 6th choice for a midfield role but he did look like he was functional at this level. I've had a few ex Vale players work for me. I remember two telling me early on in their careers Roy Sproston warning them Vale had a small number of load mouthed fans with little knowledge about football who went to matches to abuse players. His advice was ignore them and worry about what he said in the changing room. I remember two idiots in the Railway making monkey noises at Mark Chamberlain on his debut when I was young. There always has been a small element at the club who seem to want someone to boo. Fortunately the silent majority are generally a lot more even-minded.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7433001/FA-launch-investigation-Crystal-Palace-defender-Ryan-Inniss-accused-biting-player.html Sounds like he won't be playing.
  11. Based on Tuesday night you'd say Taylor was behind Evans and Lloyd, who both had good second halves. Taylor did look good off the bench on Saturday. If it was at home I'd stick with the team from Saturday. I could see an argument for Evans away at Newport instead of Montano as I think he'd be the best of the 3 if we were under the cosh. The advantage of keeping Montano is you're giving defenders essentially 4 attacking players to worry about and he is a little quicker than Worrall so will help keep both fullback honest. Worrall clearly has to play in one of his two positions. I think he'll probably carry on with the team from the last league game, unless he feels strangling Newport in midfield is the best way to get a result.
  12. Not for me that leaves us with 3 essentially similar central midfield players. Worrall can spot a pass in either position.
  13. I'm excited but I'd also be happy with 2 points from our next 4 games; Newport, Plymouth, Exeter and Mansfield is as tough as it comes in this league. 6 points or more and I think we'll have done really well.
  14. Evans was more highly rated by the fans at Macclesfield in midfield last season. I think he struggled as a wingback a little, which was a problem within Campbell's preferred system. Although this wasn't quite Shrewsbury's first team they had much more league experience than the team we put out, particularly in defence and midfield. Lloyd looked much better in midfield than on the wing. On what we've seen so far this I'd say the first 11 is stronger than last season and almost certainly the rest of the squad is as well. There is a drop in quality after, maybe, the best 13 but it doesn't fall off a cliff. The last 3 years when injuries and suspensions have kicked in we've had to change systems to try and keep some players out of the team, I wouldn't be too concerned if we had to play last night's starting or finishing 11 in a league fixture. We aren't world beaters and I think the next 3 games will be a struggle but we have a few months of fixtures where I'm confident we will pick up quite a few points.
  15. First 15 we looked lively then for the rest of the half they got on top by dominating the midfield. Second half the midfield 3 upped their game and we had a slight advantage. Archer looked a find when he came on. Cullen slotted in well playing a similar role to Worrall in a more advanced midfield position. Over the 90 minutes as a whole sure this gives Askey food for thought.
  16. Not sure that was the case during the negotiations with Aspin. Managers want a player to do a particular job in a team, for whatever reason Askey felt Whitfield couldn't play within the structure he wanted. As an agent that's part of football. He's a bit of a luxury player and overall not as good as Worrall, Amoo or Montano. I'm sure something happened in the second week of pre-season as initially Askey was quite positive about Whitfield and Rawlinson. Maybe some kind of bust ùp. By the 3rd week of pre-season I think the writing was clearly on the wall. Good luck to him.
  17. Came across this, someone we were widely tipped to sign. Very odd he's still without a club as he was one of the standout players in the league at the back end of last season. Gives a good interview. Surely someone in the West Midlands/ North West needs a creative midfield player who scores and assists goals.
  18. Don't have to have started in the last game. You can also just play 4 players with over 40 first team appearances. Not sure if Conference games are included in that number. Cullen, Whitfield, Pope, Brisley and Browne definitely qualify. If National League games count so would Lloyd, Evans and Kennedy. There should be enough flexibility to rest as many players as they want. If Forest have a cat 1 Accadamy Taylor is also a qualifying player.
  19. So are we a better team without him? (when fit i still see him as number one pick) I'm guessing he'll be close to fit on Saturday. If he picks him one of Worrall, Conlon (left side so unlikely), Joyce, Worrall or Montano drops out. If he doesn't pick him who to drop from the bench? Evans and Kennedy are defensive cover, Taylor did well and the other 3 are forwards.
  20. Picture from behind the goal on Twitter seems to show the ball hitting Bennett's knee. Was the goal given as an OG because of Bennett's low key celebration? Askey said Bennett said he'd scored it. His goal celebrations are quite low key for a modern footballer, I had a look on YouTube when we signed him and quite often he just turns around and wanders back to the halfway line.
  21. My guess is he hasn't. Askey said he'd try for a couple more around deadline day when wages come down and he did a similar thing at Macclesfield. Looks like Whitfield will be jogging around Burslem park for 4 months or they may come to a settlement so he's a free agent. Outside chance we might offer Patching something, although that trial now looks an insurance policy in case a league one side had come in for Jake Taylor; who I suspect Askey was desperate to get in. He's obviously been working on it for about 6 weeks. I could see the sense in Patching if he just needs toughening up on a three month loan at conference level but with Taylor in, Oyeleke fit again and Worrall the midfield is suddenly looking stronger. Danny Pugh has the role of looking after and scouting youger players out on loan; so they seem to be looking at developing under 23s, without running an U23 side. I think its likely that signing Taylor will free up Campbell-Gordon to go out somewhere for at least a month; which could then be extended unless we have an injury crisis. Probably waiting until after the Shrewsbury game to get a few of the younger players out somewhere.
  22. With Archer signed is that business over?
  23. I've been surprised. Seems a player better suited to a bigger pitch like Vale Park. Despite his size he's mobile and pretty quick. Completely different as a player to Pope, which isn't meant as a criticism of either.
  24. I would have preferred him to Lloyd last week but we don't know the wage differential and haven't seen Browne play a competitive match. I think Askey will always try to play 2 wingers. He's also got options with Bennett and Archer if his first 4 wingers are injured. If Askey had Archer available last week it would be interesting to know if he would have still played Lloyd or put Archer on the right and Amoo on the left. I am open minded about Lloyd in a midfield role as that's where he's played a lot of football since he left. He's quite a fit lad but lacks the pace you need wide in a 4 3 3 for me. Sure he'll get a chance over the season, be interesting to see if he takes it; otherwise Conference calling next year I'd guess.
  25. At any level, even with top level players, it takes time to integrate them into a team. Arsenal have taken their time introducing the likes of Pepe. Askey has taken flak for not bringing signings straight in, as did Rudge at times. Under Aspin we made a lot of changes at the start of last season yet the same players look better after 12 months together. Stoke players look like they barely know one another, which in many cases they don't. Big dilema now for Stoke, carry on and keep stability or twist and bring in another half dozen players a new manager fancies at Christmas.
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