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  1. Agree about Conlon. Didn't think Taylor had a great game, or Joyce. Why anyone who watched the game would give Brown man of the match for is beyond me; his main contribution was clearances. Looked a bit shaky on a few of the crosses.
  2. Second half I felt we were marginally the better side. They had 20 shots against Salford; can't remember one decent save Brown. We did a job on them every bit as much as teams have done a job on us at Vale Park at time this season. Stopping teams playing is at least as important in modern football as free flowing moves.
  3. He wasn't but then its taken him 18 months to get into there side. The bit I saw of him (not a lot) he probably wasn't ready.
  4. Potentially the best midfield player since Brammer. Not as good as Sam Morsy has become but if he'd been fit this season we'd have got many more points, so sadly I think you are right.
  5. In theory I think we could reregister McKirdy. There is a date, after which the squad becomes fixed again.
  6. My take on the latest media saga and the Tom Pope roadshow. 1 It is inconceivable that Shanahan and Askey hadn't discussed Pope's captaincy as he was charged, found guilty and warned about his future conduct (relating to a number of tweets before the EFL game with Stoke) at the end of the Aspin era. I think the actual tribunal actually took place just after Askey had taken over I suspect that the outcome of any Askey/Shanahan conversation was that Pope needed to understand if it happened again he would lose the captaincy. My guess is the conversation was suposed to be a warning about fut
  7. Carol Shanahan talks to John Rudge all the time. There probably isn't a plan B because Rudge and Shanahan were pleased with a lot of what Askey was doing behind the scenes on the structure of the club. This is speculation but I strongly suspect they are both genuinely upset he is gone hence there wasn't really a plan B. There is an obvious problem now having put a structure in place, that was largely Askey's, do they bring in a new man and rip it up; or do they look for someone who likes the template in place. Successful organisations don't take these decisions lightly. Most manage
  8. Looked at the time to me like it went in at off the goalkeeper's elbow from the other angle and this angle. Not sure if it would have gone in without a deflection.
  9. Sadly in a squad of 22 only 11 end up being first choice. Keeping the other 11 happy, who feel they should be first choice isn't easy. Particularly if some are experienced professionals. Cullen, Pope, Whitehead, Robinson, Brisley all fall into that category. I suspect it was only 2 or 3 players but that is enough to cause problems. I don't know anything about the current issues but I know a lot about what was going on in the Foyle/ Sinnott era and a few people with a issue at a club can cause big problems. There was also a lot going on behind the scenes when Aspin was in charge; not solel
  10. Some players clearly were putting a shift in. Worrall, Montano, Rodney, Conlon, Fitzpatrick, Legge, Brown and Rodney certainly gave it their best in most games. Losing 3 of them over Christmas was not good. Any player who has apologised for not giving 100% should 100% never get another contract at the club.
  11. Post Rudge which club has generally finished each season in the higher position in the league? Which club has been in administration most often? The Bennell issue was dreadful but in terms of the football structure there model has been successful.
  12. Just had a look ... his worst run was 85/86 when he won 1 in 17! There were a lot of calls for his head that season.
  13. No idea but Rudge went 12 league games without a win in 87/88 and only won 5 of the first 20 in 86/87. 87/88 run we were particularly awful.
  14. I agree. But I can't see any manager of ours ever being given enough time to see it through. And therein lies the fallacy of continually changing managers just because a few results, or a season, don't go as planned. Crewe had a plan, stuck by DA, and are now reaping the rewards Coleman has been at Accrington since 1999, apart from 2 years. As with Crewe the whole club points in one direction. Dario took 6 years to get his first promotion. Both clubs have a DNA about how they play. That makes it easier for players to come through as the whole club plays the same way. Young players kn
  15. PL clubs rarely release good players who will count as under 21s in the following season. The main point, though, is from my understanding of the rules only McPhee would count as an under 21 when signed with the current squad rules. Goodlad was 20 when signed but 21 in the September, so I think he would be classed as 21. The other 3 were 21 or 22 when we signed them. With under 23 teams now at bigger clubs how many of those 5 would have been released at that age if they were playing now? Taylor on last seasons performances is a good signing. But the point remains a manager has to be very
  16. Plethora is without a doubt hyperbole! There are some but you only need to watch EFL trophy games to see many are over rated and look at the percentage who don't go on to make it in the lower leagues. Players like Clark are on big money for league one and two clubs. Yes there are some who turn out as good league 1 and 2 players. A few even make it back to the big bucks and of course we should try and find them; something all clubs are trying to do. With squad limits reducing further and top clubs having under 23 teams it's becoming harder to gamble on a chancer from bigger clubs as released pl
  17. He has played in a 2 at Scunthorpe but for the most part they've tended to play 3 5 2. More recently he's played a couple of times as a 10 in a 4 4 1 1. It's not really worked for him there and he's generally been poor by all accounts. His one reasonable game was as a 10 against Walsall. As a young player it perhaps didn't help that Scunthorpe regularly changed formation. From watching him last season I felt he was a player suited to a 3. He's busy and good at finding space. Not sure he quite has the skillset of a 10. He doesn't have a bag of tricks in a tight space the best 10s tend to h
  18. That would be my team. I expect us to win this one as we have most of our key players back. Every team in this league would miss Montano, Conlon and Worrall. Add Gibbons in a week or so and I still believe we have the players available to make something out of this season. Confidence, a bit of luck and having key players available is the only difference between top and bottom in this league. Conlon has been a particularly big miss over Christmas, Whitehead is nowhere near in any aspect. I understood why we had to go for Robinson when we missed out on Maynard, as there was nobody else unsigned
  19. Just missed out in seeing him play for Vale. I know he was supposed to me a nice guy from a collegue who played with him at Torquay. Whenever we talk Port Vale he brings him up as being a special guy.
  20. Midfield 3 simply atrocious. Joyce has not passed to a Vale player once. Whitehead has only passed forward once and that was an easy interception. Burgess has been the worst of the lot and done nothing.
  21. If Vale wanted to get rid of Pope they had the opportunity in the summer as his social media antics would have been grounds for dismissal. I don't see him going this window for the salary reason you mention. Next season there are 2 scenarios. 1 he stays on a 4th striker wage 2 he leaves and tries to get one last pay day, possibly at National League level. I don't know Tom Pope but he does seem someone who really does like staying local. I'd be very surprised if he moves in this window. I don't really see him getting a move which would match his current salary or a longterm cont
  22. I suspect your statement on Morecambe is correct. Wilcox puts quite a lot of money into Cheltenham.
  23. I felt he'd make it before but he has exceeded expectations. Sill feel he'll settle into a midfield position eventually. When Worrall is fit it will be interesting to see what they do with him. I think he would add more than either Burgess or Whitehead on current form. He's played fullback more than anywhere else while on loan at Bradford PA. Certainly not afraid to put a tackle in.
  24. Well .... Ryan Burge and Sam Morsy, neither saw eye to eye with Adams! Sinclair's role always has been more than just bridging the gap. I don't believe he is involved in transfers. He is responsible for all player development with a view to getting more young players through. Last season Askey was also involved in that aspect of the club. Sinclair reports to Askey, or did in August.
  25. Coleman doesn't they employ a Head of Recruitment to find players. Accrington also invest a lot of money up to under 23s. I'm not against going down that route BUT it took time AND a lot of money to get where they have got to. They are currently advertising for an additional talent scout. Vale are building the infrastructure but it doesn't get built overnight. Gradi did it at Crewe but it took 2 or 3 years to really show the benefits.
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