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  1. Reality is he has to stick with the team that did well against Colchester because what keeps players training hard is the belief that if they do well they start the next game. This team works because the team spirit is good and players believe they are treated fairly. I can think of two teams that dropped out of the league recently (County and Chesterfield) who were as strong on paper as our current squad. Due to constant managerial changes and over recruitment of players both ended up with disinterested and under performing teams. Mansfield are in a similar, if less extreme position, this season.
  2. Technically he looks a better player than Amoo but lacks that yard of pace to really frighten defenders. Prior to the Cheltenham home game they were looking seriously at replacing Amoo with Browne. Currently I'd give Browne an extended run. Football changes quickly when players get their head down and take their chances. I suspect Browne was on course to be released, now has a real chance to win a new contract.
  3. Askey now has a real selection dilemma. No Pope, Crookes, Oyeleke, Taylor, Gibbons, Clark and Amoo. There were a lot of comments about quantity over quality yet at the business end of the season it looks like he got the squad size just about right. I suspect Askey will keep the starting 11 for the next game, as he doesn't just pick his favorite 11 in the replacements do well - which is probably why the players seem to universally respect him. Some of the more negative posters from July and August have disappeared.
  4. I thought the ref was consistent. None of the bookings were due to conditions they were for players cynically stopping attaking opportunities. He tried to keep the game flowing, which despite the card count favoured the way we play.
  5. I have no idea what he plans ... but this would be a good thing.
  6. Counter argument is: Players have got used to playing 4 3 3 and particularly what positions to get into when defending Our form is at least as good as Colchester since Christmas so they should be the team adapting systems to counter us Plenty of options at right back, Atkinson, Evans, Oyeleke has played there in the past and Montano is a better leftback than winger in my opinion.
  7. Having just watched the game back hard to disagree. At times he could have let the game flow but didnt see anything that was outrageously wrong. Pope injury their player started some comedy rolling around but it was behind the referees back while he was talking to Pope.
  8. I think a few fans need to decide what they want from the owners. The current owners are clear that money coming into the club stays in the club. Expecting the owners to pay for everything without ever making a return is really expecting the owners to treat our club as a charity. If most fans put a pound in a bucket at each home game for a season that would pretty much sort the finance. Alternatively we could ask the Shanahans to sell to a business person who can stump up some investment and the take 5 or 6 % out of revenue out of the club as a return. Personally i like the current owners and their determination to run it for the community rather than profit. They've put up 5 million with no expectation of a return so i dont see contributing some money to enable disabled children enjoy football in a club not being run for personal gain as anything but a charitable contribution.
  9. I would imagine they will look at signing him for 2 or 3 years on improved terms, rather than rolling over his existing contract for 12 months.
  10. Thats pretty much guaranteed we will lose this one! Although their form is poor they have some decent players. I think teams know how they will play, so set up to stop them passing the ball out. Definitely not an easy game but it is an important one.
  11. Who thought when Smith went off injured at Swindon he wouldn't come straight back in when fit? Brisley will keep his spot on Tuesday after that performance. Another poor signing from Macclesfield
  12. That was real tension at the end but what a result. Still expecting us to miss out ... but maybe? Man of the match a close call. Couple of decent saves. Legge was solid. Conlon was the pick of the midfield and attacking players. For me Brisley was awesome and won every battle in a real bombardment. Adams is still some player for them.
  13. Leeds have a reasonable uk support base although nowhere near the 70s when they had a lot of supporters around Stoke. Internationally they haven't got a base because they haven't spent long enough in the top flight since the big TV roll outs. I think they over estimate their market worth. Some of the clubs pushing this confuse a large local following and history with what overseas television watchers want to pay for.
  14. I'm not sure the big 6 want a Premier League 2 as it will dilute their share of the revenue further. Their ultimate goal is to be like Barcelona and control the TV rights around the world for home games. The issue is TV rights are driven by a small number of clubs with an international profile. Although the Premier League is a global brand it relies on even stronger brands which are a very small group of clubs.
  15. This is at least as much to do with international broadcasting as anything else. I spend 80% of my time in The Stans, The Middle East and about 15% further East. Clubs like Derby and Stoke are deluding themselves if they think there is a market to watch a game between the pair of them in Uzbekistan. There is a market for Liverpool, United, Man City (recent), Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs. Most people in these countries struggle to comprehend you support any club other than those 6. I do have a Saudi friend who supports MK Dons, goes to see them play 7 or 8 times a year, watches matches on IPlayer and knows who Port Vale are but he is very much the exception. As long as money is important for success you won't take greed out of football. If those teams pulled out of domestic football TV revenue would take a massive hit. Certainly club revenue and player wages would fall. Clubs would still take financial risk for promotion. My personal view is there should be a salary cap per league similar to rugby. That would also guarantee the competitivness of each league. That won't happen until there is a major financial crisis with several clubs going under in one season.
  16. Those 5 you would think he'd be happy to hold on to regardless of what league we finish in. There may be one or two he'll make offers to at the end of the season once he knows his budget.
  17. I wouldn't false Aspin for not recognising we needed energy in midfield as he recruited Hannatt, Conlon, Joyce and Oyeleke to provide it. What made him a poor manager for me was his summer recruitment was premised around playing 3 4 3 and he then bottled it and went 4 4 2. The Montano as a left centre half was bonkers, particularly as he would have been very effective as a left wingback. He recruited Vassell who Campbell (who knows a thing or two about defending) is trying to sign at a , admittedly cash strapped, struggling team in a higher league to play on the left of a back 3. Aspin never once played him there despite justifying signing him based on his success in that role. Personally I don't overly care what formation we play. But Askey wants to play 4 3 3, recruited players to play 4 3 3, spent preseason working on 4 3 3 and plays 4 3 3. Aspin wanted to play 3 4 3, recruited and spent close season working on 3 4 3; then went 4 4 2. Just showed a lack of clarity of purpose, conviction and belief in what he was trying to do.
  18. Agree entirely. If it was possible to bring in better players at lower wages Morecombe could be top of the league. It's not a perfect correlation but most of the teams in the top 7 have the bigger budgets. The exceptions give hope to the rest. While we don't know for sure who gets paid what I think it's pretty clear Legge is on a lot more than, say, Evans. The more you pay the first 11 the lower the quality of the players coming in as cover for injuries. If money wasn't a factor we could easily bring in better players than the whole of our squad but this is the real world.
  19. I'd be surprised if Brisley isn't offered a contract. I suspect he will see what his options are as my guess is we are paying him a lot less than he's earned in the past. During the last couple of games he has been a very capable deputy for Smith. The others I suspect will move on, although Evans is probably quite cheap and his versatility is useful.
  20. JRC

    Squad Depth?

    Despite all the groaning I've just added up 19 players who are at least ok at this level. I think we lack a little in gold dust players but: Brown, Gibbons, Crookes, Joyce, Worrall, Legge, Oyeleke, Pope, Conlon, Montano, Atkinson, Cullen, Smith, Taylor, Amoo, Burgess, Bennett, Clark, Brisley That's a pretty decent starting point for a promotion push next season. One or two will leave with at least as many coming in. At the top of their individual games they have all shown they are capable of being justifiable selections at times this season.
  21. It will be but I think more pressure on them than us. Expensive summer recruitment so they probably need promotion. We remain a long shot and overall have less expectations this season. Go out and give it a shot with not a lot to lose.
  22. Does also show that when fans are complaining that some clubs bring in better loan players from bigger clubs they have no idea over the cost.
  23. Don't understand why they waited until the end of the window. You'd assume he was signing the new players on Friday.
  24. Oyeleke doesn't get injured with rough stuff it's making his forward runs that has generally aggravated his hamstring. He's the best all round midfielder we have and could play in any of the 3 positions. Not too sure which way I would play it but I think Manny's distribution is better than Joyce and I'd certainly be tempted to go with Taylor, Oyeleke and either Conlon (played well recently) or Burgess.
  25. O'Connor got frustrated because Conlon and Burgess were bullying him. He's a great player dictating play in front of the back 4. Conlon and Burgess were all over him in terms of not giving him the time to dictate play. He is a real quality footballer but we stopped him and made him look ordinary.
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