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  1. I never started this debate on this thread. I think you will find you did stating unsubstantiated rumours as fact. I've hijacked nothing, just questioned some opinions you've claimed as facts.
  2. Frankly I don't trust you because it's something I discussed with Carol Shanahan last time I was in the UK. There clearly were some young lads mixing with pros because Bailey had a few games on the bench; as did a couple of the other accadamy players I believe. So unless you have a fact I will trust what I have been told. If you have a fact, rather than hearsay, I would consider changing my opinion.
  3. It's a bit random, I think he has dropped out of the EFL completely.
  4. The guy was employed to manage the first team. Sevvy Aslam was employed to manage The Accadamy. I'm an operations director; I don't go and try to manage either sales staff, or the finance department. The odd time I'm in the same building, or country I'm polite and I'll have a beer. Why would he even want to get involved in someone else's area of responsibility?
  5. That bit isn't true. Carol brought in Sinclair because she felt Askey was having to run everything from the youth setup to the accadamy. He was much less involved last season but it wasn't his choice. If you believe it is an issue it's still an issue under the new structure. Personally I don't see it is an issue. Last season Askey, now DC are responsible for the first team.
  6. Isn't that always the case? Ultimately managers get judged each season on recruitment. Regardless of what posters say in June if the players look awful and we are bottom half come December there will be widespread indignation on here. It's the ultimate Dickins novel with each seasonal chapter having its own plot; although still ending in roughly the same place.
  7. I don't believe there is a blank cheque this season and have absolutely no idea what the budget is. Until the club says what the budget is it's impossible to say, although I'm sure he has a decent budget to work with there will certainly be some sides with more. I'm relatively neutral on Clarke at the moment. The big thing he needs to do, for me, is to adequately replace the keeper along with the Conlon, Joyce, Oyeleke midfield. When the midfield 3 have played together we've looked a balanced top of the table side for 3 years under 3 managers. I'm sure letting Manny leave was the right call and once you are looking for a new balance in the engine room there was logic to letting Joyce go. I'm genuinely interested in seeing what midfield he puts together and how they work next season. If we get promotion great but it will take time to bed in so many players. What I do expect is playoff form over the last 30 games and a top 10 finish.
  8. Kevin Shanahan said in the first interview after the takeover that the budget for Askey was 50000 less than the one set in the previous year. Unless the Shanahan's were lying, which I doubt, at least in his first full season he was operating with a lower budget. I believe it was about on a par, or marginally higher, last season. I think or budget generally comes in about 10th highest in this league. There are always 5 or 6 clubs whose budget is nowhere near ours, including Morecambe.
  9. Walsall fans aren't universally negative about him. He was player of the year, he's also been the leading scorer at the club and clubs in league 1 tried to buy him in September. They are, generally, negative about how he's played in the last 5 months. I've always watched him closely as I've known him since he was a kid. For me he's a forward who is best with someone to work off and play around. He lost that when Adebayo moved on. I'd be fairly confident he could do at least an adequate job alongside Rodney. I think he'd be good for 8 to 12 goals a season, which is ok if your partner gets 15 to 20. He'll work hard, stretch defences, track back, win a reasonable number of headers considering his height, put in a tackle and run the channels all day. He might surprise but I don't think we'd be signing a 20 goals a season forward. I'd be very surprised if a regular 20 goal striker arrives as anyone who can do that will probably move to a higher league.
  10. Gordon is a decent player, goals output a slight concern. He's a player who will run the channels and let Rodney play more centrally. Rodney was less of a goal threat playing with Robinson as Robinson had to play in those central areas. I would be happy with Gordon as I can see the logic to it. Johnson is harder to comment on. Centrehalves tend to come through at 23 or 24. He has some league experience, dropped down a level to get games. I'm not averse to signing better Conference players as the standard is almost the same. Left footed Centrehalves are at a premium, so I'd be inclined to take a positive view on this one as well. He won't be any worse than released league 2 left footed centrebacks, with more potential to progress. Generally highly rated where he is.
  11. Walker will have been signed to be a starter. Taylor IF he regains his 2019 form for us, so that's 6 or possibly 7 players I'd expect to start the first match. One of the issues last year was having so many squad players starting so many matches. At this level long-term injuries to 3 or 4 key players can be difference between a playoff fight and a relegation battle. That's part of the reason there are always 3 or 4 surprises in the top 10 and why teams suddenly fall away so quickly during the season.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/port-vale-transfer-ben-garrity-5493060.amp Think there might be a fair amount of collaboration between local newspapers 😉 Change the headline and use the cut and paste function ... job done, thankyou Google, tell the wife or husband I've had a busy day!
  13. Don't quite understand what you mean. Walsall fans still deride Clarke. Bristol and Vale fans like him because he has done well at the clubs. Walsall fans don't because he did less well. He made 2 real coups at Walsall in Joules and Adebayo but there fans feel most of his signings didn't come off; particularly his rebuild in summer 19. It is a big window for Clarke, if he gets it right and we go on to bigger and better things he'll probably get a Championship club next. If he gets it wrong he'll be looking at The Conference. It is an easier window for him than 2019 because he only took the job during the close season. There is lots of reasons to believe he will do better for us. There does remain an element of contradiction in some of his statements since joining. He has said we had better players than Walsall. He's also claimed to be a recruitment specialist. Whilst he did have budgetary constraints last summer he also got a lot of backing the previous year. One has to hope he will leave us with better players than those he left behind at Walsall.
  14. It wasn't the same team that won the league. The average age of the league winning side was higher than people remember as the likes of Irwin, Schmeichel, Cole, McClair, Cantona and Pallister were still playing. Butt and Neville played 30 games that season, Beckham and Scholes less. What that side did show was a side containing good young players could be successful. The quote from (Hanson?) is the one that lived in the memory from a game early in the season when United won with all 4 playing. Sharpe and Giggs were still young players in 95/96 but they were quite experienced by then.
  15. The first player to get a fee for Jules was Sol Campbell. I raised an eyebrow when Walsall bought him. He had an in and out first season at Walsall, then a good 3 months before they cashed in. Whitehead has quite a lot of experience at league 2/ top of the conference. He just hasn't done it for us. Salford fans were generally complimentary. He played ok (not well) in a few games at the end of last season. He was poor at the start of the year. Biggest flaw in Askey's summer was signing Mills, Fitzpatrick and Whitehead. He could have kept Atkinson who would have done just as well as any of them in their respective positions. He could have also replaced Joyce when he lost form mid season; in what was actually Atkinson's best position. Whitehead was poor when he filled in for Joyce. I certainly don't think we'd have ended up lower in the table if he'd done that. He signed 3 specialist to replace one utility player; who with hindsight was a better player in their specialist roles. You can never replay a season but that decision may well have cost Askey his job.
  16. Where I'd cut Garrity a bit of slack is he was often paired with Callum Whelan. Neither had a league start before this season. If he plays in a 3 with Conlon and Walker he'll be alongside players with about 200 professional games each. He's also got at least one player alongside him, in Conlon, who will be vocal enough to talk him through games. On the face of it he doesn't look like like a Burgess upgrade; although Burgess did look like he was going backwards last season. Be interesting to see how they go about bringing in cover for Walker in the holding role. If he can't shift Whitehead and Burgess we have 6 central midfield players. Does he go for a specialist, or someone who can also cover fullback? Or does he use Conlon; which is a waste for me as he is the best inside left in this division but no more than about average in a holding role.
  17. Depends how you define chancers. I'm pretty confident Walker will be a good player, provided he can play around 35 games a season. Garrity is an interesting one. Last year Rodney was defined as a chancer. Two people on the football side of the club told me they were as confident as they could be about him. Vale watched him a lot last season. With extra people involved one would hope there has been a similar level of care taken. DC and DF need to get recruitment right; particularly handing out longer contracts. Stoke, or Notts County, show the legacy of managers giving long contracts; only to be unsuccessful and then leave the club with a string of players new managers won't select. The first 10 games of 21/22 season are going to be really interesting seeing how these players and team perform. Ultimately long contracts are great, if you get 85% of recruitment right. They are bad if you don't. On the subject of Garrity I watched 3 of his 4 goals for Oldham last night. He seems quite a big lad. His goal on the first game of the season should be shown to every schoolboy player. The Carlisle marking for a free kick was the worst I've ever seen.
  18. If you did a search for either player on here most comments on those 2 players would be positive. Every player will have some fans who don't rate them. The comments on the Oldham website are quite universally negative. So while it is the nature of the internet for people to comment; there is a difference in the 2 scenarios.
  19. Coupled with paying a fee this is definitely a left field signing. Seems Blackpool did a job on us when they found out we were interested. If we hadn't have found out we'd have probably got him for nothing. Clearly not rated by Oldham fans, who are generally quite knowledgeable. Interviews well and seems excited to join. Some players do need a season to find their feet in league football. Quigley clearly benefited more than us from his time at the club. He also moved around a few midfield positions last season. Not sure if Oldham played 2 or 3 in the middle. It may be he is really an old fasioned inside forward and could be a find as a number 8. 2 year contract shows our management have faith in him. Biggest worry for me are the comments about his poor touch, positive is he seems to be very mobile; which you need on Vale Park. I have a feeling this is a signing we will either look back on as absolute genius or folly in 12 months time.
  20. He's not an average player he's played 598 times and been a first choice selection at clubs for 12 consecutive seasons. He is quite a limited footballer in terms of his technical ability and can probably only play in a midfield 3. He does play that anchor role well because he has a high level of football intelligence, which is why he makes so many interceptions. I know some Vale fans believe a holding midfielder needs to be 6 foot plus and pump 150kg; but when you look at the best players in that position they tend to be smaller. Its become a role thats to do with recognising where the danger is likely to arrive and being mobile enough to get into the space. I'm not gutted he's gone and wouldn't have been sad if he stayed but he has been a good league 2 player but not good enough to be any more than that. Average player play 300 games and are out of the league by 30.
  21. The left winger played well for them against us. Didn't realise he was on loan from Rangers. If I'd have been asked to pick one of their players he would have been my choice. Their holding midfield player also looked decent.
  22. Joe if you go onto the Shrewsbury forum there are plenty of comments about injuries, not just from this season. It's a valid point to make. All players get injuries and for many players they occur in clusters. Being random doesn't mean a player misses 8 games a season, they may miss a whole season then not have an injury for a couple of season. Broadly speaking players average about 32 to 34 games a season. Some players get labelled injury prone when stats don't really show they are. There isn't a big gap between Worral and Montano in terms of games per season; one considered injury prone, one as always fit for action. Over his career Walker has averaged about 30 games a season, which I would say is a little low but not a big concern. Over the last 3 seasons he has had injuries, including his time at Crewe. What you, nor I, know is whether he has just had a cluster of injuries, or if there is an underlying issue. There isn't enough evidence to say one way or the other. We don't see his medical reports and all professional footballer medicals will pick up some old scar tissue which could develop into a problem. Vale's insurance company and management must feel the risk is low enough to offer a 2 year contract. No doctor can 100% say that, for example, the most recent ankle ligament problem will not reoccur. If you are looking at a signing in the round, based on what is out there in the public domain, that is an obvious point and a valid point with this player. You can 100% be certain ANY manager at any level would have looked at this aspect of this player. Our management have clearly decided the risk is worth the reward.
  23. He was one of my favourite players when he first signed. Did his form drop after that howler? At his best he seemed way better initially (I was 6) than during the latter period when he and Trevor Dance were about on a par? First season at the club he was my favourite player.
  24. There is a rumour that Kelleher was released because he was already in talks with a couple of league one clubs and us. At Macclesfield he was a player who seemed to win every header. Very similar to Legg.
  25. Can only think he has something lined up. Felt sorry for him as he ended up stuck at Macclesfield until the bitter end. For the month before the transfer deadline he was their only registered player. By the time he was available the deadline was over and squads had been submitted. If they weren't I think he would probably have got a league 1 club. For me he is much better than a backup at league 2 level.
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