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  1. cant see us signing hartley now tbh,i think full back will be next target Lots of credit to Carol and Askey for getting smith to sign
  2. Not many rumours come out of the club these days
  3. Probably all the rumours are poo as very little gets leaked out of the club these days BUT we all love rumours don't we
  4. Looks like Conlon and Browne staying Leaves Amoo and Smith then
  5. Hoping to renew mine and the lads at the end of the month,imo I think fans in some form will be allowed in whenever the season starts as it cant be allowed to go on forever plus they wont want clubs going bust left right and centre BUT a decision will need to be made soon so the clubs know where they stand as a lot have suspended ticket sales. Many probably don't agree with me but personally I don't see the difference now in letting thousands protest side by side around the country and fans sitting in a stadium(yes we know the risks but as I said it cant go on forever),I noticed Coventry fans were also out celebrating in the streets yesterday
  6. I think we will target 2 maybe 3 decent players depending on who signs again but I also think we will bring in a couple of untried players(if they end up like Burgess its a win win),I trust Askey whatever happens
  7. Where/when did you see a lot of league 1 clubs sniffing? I personally don't think they are
  8. Looks like Cullen is the first to sign up
  9. Regarding Soule(just using him as an example) I do think we will get a couple of gambles so to speak in to bolster the squad along with a couple of decent players as well but if they turn out like Burgess then fair play.
  10. I wouldn't count on Palmer ending up in league 1 tbh. Good shout with boyle but there will be a lot of players available and we will be in a good position to entice players we wouldn't of thought possible before,our reputation in the game right now is very very good. I agree Smith will be off but we cant begrudge him that,been a good servant to us Brisley has a few years in him still and Legge probably enough legs for next season,we will get to see how Crookes plays at CB and will bring in another I am sure of that. Would love us to get Clark in either on loan again or permanent,him and Gibbons as attacking full backs would be fantastic.
  11. I think Palmer would be an ideal fit for us
  12. Clubs could fold with whats going on now...so all I would say to those saying cancel next season and restart this after Christmas or in next march,who will be paying the contracted players at clubs for the next 8-10mths if they do that?? how many would survive that? I don't have the answers like none of us do,we are in unchartered territory .. … for what its worth imo it will never happen a restart next December or march,a new season will start probably in September maybe without certain cups. I personally think a vaccine or treatment will be found somewhere in the world before winter which should help...no guarantee though
  13. Ref looking right at it,he even caught him twice
  14. I would also be interested in seeing if new ownership had managed to entice Nick back(he had a big part in helping get rid of V2001) I know he said he found new things to do but if we could get these fans back it would be fantastic
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