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  1. So you have been saying Gibbons is a stoke fan then here you say you have no idea?? have I got that right
  2. Thought it had been a while since you last had a chance to post drivel,i guess that's what happens when you aren't doing too bad as a team so far this season,i bet you cant wait for us to go on a losing streak
  3. In our home games how many chances have we created in total and how many on target,its not always boring,under Aspin it was certainly boring but not under Askey imo,although today was dull tbf but chances were created
  4. How opinions differ,i thought he was decent and didn't do much wrong but that's what football is all about
  5. Grimsby apart we have been the better team in most games imo which is a good sign,we certainly wont struggle.I don't get Crookes bashing I think he has been targeted in games yet has been decent apart from the odd one,i thought Taylor did well when he came on and COULD be the answer for when Manny is out. I thought Montano was ok for a short while but then had a shocker,i wonder if Archer is capable of playing on the left of a 3..I also think Pope is going to struggle to start games under Askey now
  6. If they are frisking 7 or 9 yr olds then I am certain that's illegal,they wouldn't be frisking my 11yr old that's for sure.....16yr olds etc not sure on those legalities tbf
  7. I agree,set out with the two up top in home games and set up how we do away
  8. The budget will get better with each season,we are improving,if it wasn't for a dodgy corner kick v Northampton and Browns mistake yesterday it COULD of been a fantastic start.We can allow Brown a mistake considering how many points he wins us. We are starting to play how Askey wants to play and creating a lot of chances,putting them away is the problem,someone will get a good walloping soon imo,we have had a tough start and to remain unbeaten is at least something.
  9. Yet Durrell is still without a club mmm
  10. only just realised we have won 4 games in 18 under askey
  11. 16 shots with 7 on target(who kept them in it) just wondering?? Oh and we are in the top 5 or 6 after 2 games with shots and shots on target(I know that doesn't win games before you say that) so yes I am hating this negative football Bruno and Aspin when we were lucky to get a shot at goal after 70mins now that was negative football
  12. silly comment but hey ho each to their own
  13. Stuff the missogs who just like to moan for the sake of moaning,really enjoyed the game from when the Shanahans and Sir John came on(what a reception they all got) you can tell what they think of the club from how they were on there unlike the scum bag.... right to the last kick,so much so I don't really do the first round of the cup but I will be there Tuesday,i like what we are doing,yes there was one new player who started BUT how we played is what we like to see imo. Only sad part was Manny being injured again,i really don't think we will ever have a 40 game fit manny
  14. He was running around one of the parks or something the other day in a Bournemouth training top
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