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  1. Lets be honest it is rare that we get such a poor performance ALL game under DC but this was one BUT what i will say is play like that and dont lose is a bonus.... win most of your home games,dont lose in the majority of away games will certainly = promotion,so i wont go over the top on this performance after some of the games we have seen of late...they are due an odd one throughout the season,anyway on to the next one and IF we can get a win that will be 7 points out of 3 games and that will do
  2. So we win 3-1 and then get post upon post about the goalkeeper
  3. 443 would certainly give us an advantage so i am all for that system 😉
  4. Do you still have a different opinion on the players he has brought in and on DC and the management team then?
  5. My guess would be he will start Lloyd if he has recovered from his illness but as you say it could be Politic or Amoo tbf
  6. I agree I dont like him............I love him
  7. Come on Doha that cant be right surely.....RZ told us he was a bully and how poor his man management was....we can ask him when he errrmmm next appears
  8. I will say it again........we wont go down
  9. Dont count us out of this,he isn't signing the contract their and his manager slated him publicly for it...he loves it here and the management,so we will see but he would cost a fee and we would happily pay one
  10. Lets see where we are after 23 games,personally i think we will be in the top 3 and that will give us a great shot at it for the remaining 23 games. It would be nice to have a little cushion as well and open up a gap between us and 8th and then us and 4th
  11. Oh well at least he has gone from Non league player to a mid table league two player,maybe at some point he will get the credit he deserves......we live in hope
  12. Barrow are another one of those horrible teams like Harrogate,Stevenage and Sutton so i think this could go either way,that first goal will be crucial again because i have to be honest i cant see these causing us the same trouble Sutton did if they go a goal down
  13. I for one aren't saying that Smith is a Championship player as that would be silly BUT i am saying that imo he is a very good League Two defender,people can bring up the Smith was in our very poor sides over the years and then blame him for everything that goes wrong in a defeat but lets be realistic he has has to also play with some <ovf censored> players in those depressing times and that can even bring the best players down to their level.
  14. Not being funny here but i dont think fans were saying this after the previous 5 games ?? players do have the odd bad game or they wouldn't be in league two. Smith has been outstanding in our unbeaten run imo but after this game he is now a sunday league player....
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