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  1. Code placed and it said it all went through so we will see at 2pm saturday 🙂 I think this game will be a tough one tbh but it is a game we can win,come on lets go top saturday
  2. I would be happy with a draw here anything more than that would be fantastic
  3. I might put money on Glenn Whelan getting sent off for a tackle on McKirdy
  4. I have liked what i have seen from him so far,loves a tackle that lad does just a shame we havent given him a free kick to take yet as he does have a very good free kick,not taken by Hurst as yet though
  5. Also with prize money being cut by a lot i guess financially its not as important as it was,although a televised cup clash would add a little to the revenue,oh well lets see what the boys can do now against a decent team
  6. Just shows we are aiming for promotion imo Good chance to have a look at Mckirdy and for others to try stake a claim
  7. A strong possibility that no away fans will be allowed in at all this season,that wont bother me tbh as long as we get to see some football ourselves
  8. Not sure,i havent seen anything apart from prize money for this Competition and FA Cup has gone down for this season
  9. I think McKirdy will get on the bench,really not sure if DTS will be in the squad as i would think JA would want his best team out there with the possibility of a home game v Everton that could get chosen for TV at the end of it. DTS and Hurst will get run outs in the EFL Trophy games
  10. It would be great if we could get fans in for the Carlisle and Salford games,cant see us being chosen for any pilot event v Harrogate with our infection rate being high I have said though make us all wear masks i wouldnt mind that and for me any who refuse point blank to comply just take their season ticket off them(harsh but if it allows us to carry on going in so be it).
  11. Scratch that it might of been an old tweet from when they were going to do it but i see that 1k were in for a rugby match yesterday,all wearing masks,if thats the way to go so be it,i would wear one to get to see vale
  12. He tends to get on my nerves,no real Vale feeling there imo..not sure about him but i know his family are stoke. I dont care what people say i would far sooner listen to someone who actually supports the club
  13. I see they are going to allow 1k in at pilot football grounds this weekend according to tweets i have seen,hope it is true
  14. I think the latter 3 have more chance of starting in the EFL Trophy than in the league cup tbh
  15. Its a shame we Taylor and Sproson didnt think this early doors as not sure we would have room now in the squad. I noticed that McLean has scored in his last 2 newcastle games,i think it is worth a gamble to try get him in(faster than Rodney i am told) for Sinclair to work with and then who knows
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