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  1. For what its worth we will win this one 6-1 feel free to come back to this post on saturday 😮
  2. Is that the one where coaches got bricked by the Bolton fans? I am sure i went this one
  3. Looks like i have succeeded in bringing all the loons in out of the basket.....sorry folks,lets get back on track
  4. I claim that you are you,you are sting and you are the bounty hunter who occasionally posts on here also,look back you will see all post the same.... i claim my prize thank you very much
  5. you are the Bounty Hunter on here i claim my prize
  6. IF Askey was sacked, I imagine Fank Sinclair would be the next manager.... Again i ask why? nobody seems to answer
  7. Happy with the owner not happy with the manager right now,is that ok flower?
  8. You talk some <ovf censored> I back Carol so if that makes me an happy clapper then yes i must be...not that i give a monkeys chuff what you think
  9. That first bit is total and utter twonkles,they have ploughed money into supporting the players and the club with no income other than the season ticket money and yes they keep up their payments to gorm,they also have plans further down the chain that money will be used for......really lucky to have them and when decisions are to be made they will make them and i will support them whatever they choose to do.
  10. I am actually pleased she stays quiet look at the total opposite in Gorm... its a refreshing change imo,when she needs to say something on the matter then i am sure she will
  11. Was Carol in charge then? I dont know why people are just expecting a cheap option,i might be wrong but i am expecting askey to be given the bolton game then that would be it,no doubt then pugh would take charge and see who applies,just have to be careful as some right <ovf censored> ones apply for jobs sol campbell,ricketts etc may have missed out with keith hill going tranmere imo When all said and done Askey is still manager so as he says we go again 🙂
  12. I remember Askey saying he wants wet pitches so we can zip it around so lets see what happens today.I am desperate for a win today to try and give us some momentum,lose today then wow Wasn't their striker Johnson linked with us when he was at Gateshead and Aspin was in charge here,seems to have hit form with Orient,Wright is also a tricky player for them,this wont be easy. They also have a 6'5 centre half so i hope we dont long ball it to a small striker again
  13. Spot on,this is what i have been saying
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