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  1. I don't think Askey wants players who disrupt the dressing room,so like you I would be majorly surprised if he signed Grant....I just hope we can get rid of Whitfield and bring in another winger/forward(I do wonder why Durrell hasn't been signed by anyone yet)
  2. I think it was said when arranged that Burnley will be sending a mix of players to Vale and Crewe
  3. I am spoiling this site??? really?? the thread maybe but not the site,my only crime tbf is to take the bait off our ernie who has wound most up with his endless bile spouted at Lloyd Grow up....no ta I know for a fact lifes too short for that
  4. Funny lad....in the head mind,still crack on flower I like watching you come across as a total dipshit From someone who was a decent poster and has then for whatever reason decided,wait I can get attention on myself by being a clueless idiot,sorry if that offends any idiots by the way,doing a great job though I like it
  5. I am on about what you said clown boy not what someone else said...anyway carry on making yourself look a twonk on football matters....
  6. He didn't Jean(he may have swapped to cover for a minute or two but our Ern is moving the posts on what he first stated),he makes stuff up and chats <ovf censored>,like now saying the statement was he played on the wing when he said right wing,he is just a knob with NO knowledge of football,showed up again by saying Hurst didn't do much yet many/most were very impressed with him Saturday
  7. Looks like Askey doesn't fancy cummings to me but then why keep playing him...describing him as steady seems like he wants more from a RB,maybe Gibbons is to be first choice and cummings would cost too much as cover. Not sure on Durrell now,i know Askey wanted him since the season ended but it looks like that's cooled now with him being linked with Oldham,at least we know if whitfield is to go then we will look to replace him
  8. He hasn't it just shows Ernies lack of football knowledge yet again,knows nowt that lad...quite funny really
  9. I think you are clearly wasting your breath here,the majority on here now know that Ernie knows nothing about football at all FACT
  10. Despite what the weird attention seeker Ernie thinks imo we have got better than who has left...we have resigned Manny,Worrall and Brown(our better players) Elliot,Turner,Hannant and likely Whitfield replaced with Bennett,Cullen and Amoo I know the 3 I prefer Kay,Tonge,Pugh have left replaced with a younger Lloyd and Burgess who folk have been impressed with Bring in a keeper and RB and add maybe Browne then couple of loans and I think we are good to go,i await Ernie coming along quoting me and slating Lloyd again
  11. I guess that's why Askey doesn't rate him and has had him playing in the youth team etc
  12. He is attacking midfielder who can create things and has a decent free kick,thats of Leek Town fans
  13. Open your eyes....where did I bash Pope???? yea thought not,maybe you should read first...did I say I hope pope is sub NO....only my opinion but I think Askey will use him as sub(for what its worth I hope I am wrong) mainly due to how he wants his forwards to play with mobility etc
  14. I don't think Pope will be first choice under Askey and will be used a sub
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