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  1. Rochdale have signed experienced keeper O'Donnell just released by Bradford
  2. I see a few have been released from MK Dons and Rotherham but i think most will be out of our reach at the moment but who knows if we can manage get to League One MK Dons: Conor Wickham & Hiram Boateng among six players released - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Freddie Ladapo: Rotherham United striker one of six released - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  3. I would of happily gone to any Pope testimonial even after his podcast comments but the tweet about Conlon has done it for me,no need at all for that,he seems a very bitter man that has seriously tinged his reputation with a lot of fans imo I wont attend any testimonial for him now
  4. He only came here because nobody else would take him on and it was close to family for him,Askey didn't want him(thats why he was a late signing) and all that is FACT,also a massive stoke fan(thats not the problem as we have had them at the club) who openly admits he hates the Vale and as you say he DID say he would never be seen in a Vale shirt(well until nobody wanted him),when picked he couldn't be arsed so for me he could of stayed here for 3 years but he would never be a 20 goal forward for us simply because he didn't want to be. No doubting his talent,showed it at Carlise and Swindon but would NEVER do so for us,a massive knob
  5. Agreed,Worrall still looks troubled to me,so as you say i would go with Benning on the left and Gibbo on the right,lets get at them
  6. No,their manager already said they are going out to win both games,they will come at us,they only know one way to play and thats possession based attacking,so we can get at them on the break,just wish we had a bit more pace but we have to be clever now
  7. We just have to see this as being 2-1 down at half time with a massive half to come now at VP Get the first goal and it really could be anybodys,i thought they were the better team by a mile footballing wise BUT we showed that their defence can be shaky when got at and thats what we need to do Thursday now,i do think today showed what a miss Conlon and Walker are in the middle and how we lack pace all over really. I hope we push Garrity further forward,he was far more affective when Charlsley went off. One question,is it the same ref for the second leg?
  8. Just seen their stats on sky,most shots,most attacking etc,oh well i just want something to play for Thursday so lets keep this one tight fingers crossed
  9. Going just off what their fans say he is by far their best player I always thought that Callum Cooke was a decent midfielder
  10. I think he will be heading to league one He would be a threat alongside Proctor though with Wilson playing just behind the front two
  11. Its a shame you didn't put this on earlier mate(i aren't that age but i guess i could of still got one for you) and wouldn't of wanted a pint either but sadly haven't got go again now but i hope you get sorted
  12. All i know is that at 3pm they showed me a few bundles of tickets and said they had hundreds left but maybe ring before you set out to go get one
  13. Sadly he will be aiming a lot higher than us Although our targets will change if we get promoted
  14. I do think that will become the proper home end if vale fans get it for next season,it will prove more popular than the Bycars I will still have my season tickets for the Paddock though for now
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