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  1. On the subject of Gibbons teams are watching him and I believe one in particular are taking a keen interest
  2. He wont name any players as I asked him all through the summer.... I said with him obviously knowing what these players are on and what HIS potential targets would want wage wise then it should be easy for him to name who he would like
  3. Shout out to Joyce as well who is playing fantastically and has done for a while,some of the balls he was spraying around yesterday were sublime... Regarding singled out players,owd foghorn who sits near me in the paddock seems to have gone onto Bennett now,every game he bellows you are 6'5 get your feet off the ground,you are a waste of space blah blah,last season it was Joyce,he does it every game but says jack <ovf censored> when they do something good,i just don't get what it achieves,they must have such a sad life and just want to get noticed...
  4. We win AGAIN..not lost at home..3 points off second place..yet you wont give askey any praise..you just bleat on about wasting the budget etc....well I hope he keeps wasting the budget like he has.....you are starting to really sound bitter and pathetic now,you just hate being proved wrong don't you
  5. Don't fancy us today sadly what with their new manager BUT lets play our game and give it a real go then hopefully I am very wrong......Come on Vale
  6. You still cant find it in yourself to praise Askey can you?? A positive post from you and yet no praise for the manager in it at all,the same manager who has turned everything around in the short time he has been here...…….what could the next season and half bring
  7. I have had enough of this dross.....Askey OUT OUT yea right
  8. There is a bloke sits near me in the paddock with a booming voice who HAS to single out one player every game,saturday it was bennetts turn
  9. Its taken crewe a couple of years to stabilise and then climb the table though,they gave their manager time despite the struggles
  10. Maybe Brisley will get a game next weekend? as for people saying get rid of Askey,really??? we will more than likely finish mid table which imo after all that has gone on will be a massive improvement,of course we all want promotion but it will take steady progress...….I hate to say but look at crewe,they were desperate to get rid of Artell and we were all desperate for him to stay,they have a small budget and have made steady progress. Of course Askey makes mistakes,most managers at this level will BUT imo he has got us playing better than under Aspin and Brown(not hard I know) especially at home. Cant wait to hear who those wanting him sacked want to replace him with,any idea peeps?
  11. What a pathetic response...….dummock You have made yourself look an idiot here to go with your comments before and at the start of yesterdays game For what its worth I think popes best vale days are behind him but he continues to do a job for us,i really don't get this bashing of players especially record breaking ones for us but hey ho I guess each to their own,it sums some people up and sadly they are probably like that throughout life
  12. I would guess at Worrall who was really struggling at the end of the game saturday
  13. So you have been saying Gibbons is a stoke fan then here you say you have no idea?? have I got that right
  14. Thought it had been a while since you last had a chance to post drivel,i guess that's what happens when you aren't doing too bad as a team so far this season,i bet you cant wait for us to go on a losing streak
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