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  1. Depends what you want from the whole new set up,if you want to aim really high then maybe more coaches at that level will be needed,you would be surprised
  2. Remember his debut i think it was away to Crewe?? but he ripped them a new one that day they couldn't play him at all
  3. I think this is what our owners hope we can start to do Kwadwo Baah: Watford sign Rochdale forward for 'six-figure fee' - BBC Sport
  4. Not all season obviously but i have seen him in a few of the live games on BT again and tbh he hasn't impressed me but that Sutton lad on loan from Millwall really did. To be fair nobody on the Notts County stood out to me in the games i watched
  5. Seems to have been a few days now since we got linked to someone,its gone a bit boring 🙂
  6. I mentioned Tshimanga a while ago on here as he wants to try league football after rising up through the non leagues,i also mentioned Olaofe a couple of weeks ago after watching him 2 or 3 times on BT,he was the stand out player in those games by a mile,Notts County couldn't stop him and had to foul him all through the game and his goal in that one was excellent took on the whole defence,plays out wide .
  7. My guess would be that DC will want the majority of his squad sorted by the time training resumes which at a guess will be mid June
  8. We will get players announced before then
  9. I would be amazed if we weren't allowed into football again if i am being honest,to many people will of been vaccinated,cant see there being an additional lockdown either,why would there be ??
  10. Also like with Nichols when we do sign the strikers maybe we shouldn't look at past history(mullin,Pope etc) as nothing says they wont come here hit the ground running and score 30
  11. He wants 4 strikers who score 40 or so between them so i wouldn't be shocked if he looked at him
  12. I watched sutton the other night and they have a wide player on loan from Millwall who scored a cracking goal and ripped their opponents a new one all game,scored yesterday as well .... Isaac Olaofe age 21 scored 13 or 14 on loan playing wide,love us to look at those types big and strong as well
  13. I think they are the kind of players we will look at and the right age for us BUT plenty will moan because he isn't a name but the young striker Crawley got from Doncaster when released,he was sold for 1m after 6 months our fans would of gone nuts had we signed him last summer or Mullin with his record before this season
  14. Of course they will i have already had that said to me about this player.... i am just fed up of saying the same thing about how the majority of managers will sign a lot of players they know,trust and have managed before(although as you say he wasn't at either club with DC or DF
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