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  1. Ref looking right at it,he even caught him twice
  2. I would also be interested in seeing if new ownership had managed to entice Nick back(he had a big part in helping get rid of V2001) I know he said he found new things to do but if we could get these fans back it would be fantastic
  3. This is the very reason we are so lucky to have Askey,the man is a magician with low budgets but I have no doubt it will be bigger for next season without being silly money Lets not forget that scumbag demanded well over the odds for the club and as jean said the owners have paid out a lot to do the ground up.....
  4. At the end of the day if you want to put money into the club then sponsorship is the best way and it will bring us more publicity and sell a hell of a lot of shirts.... imo this would be the start of RW getting involved in the Vale(a club he has always wanted to be involved in/own but has been restricted by others) The contacts he has,the wealthy people he knows will benefit vale massively in the future unless the abuse from the nuggets(ie he is a chelseas fan etc which is total <ovf censored>) gets to him,this could be our biggest opportunity EVER. Be nice involve Ian Donaldson as well also a good friend of RW and a sponsor at Vale
  5. This would also be massive for the club,no doubt some of the idiots will still knock him but trust me that lad is a vale fan and this could/should bring a lot of money into the club like it did in his Take That days
  6. I don't get where people say about lack of spending,Taylor hasn't come cheap at all for his second loan,the contribution to Clarks wage is sizeable,contract for Atkinson and worralls extended deals wont be in the gutter cheap either plus leaving to one side offers to gibbons,smith etc . We will look better in the summer but I have confidence in how we are doing things
  7. For me if we can get a wide man and a decent striker in then the window will of been a decent one,its all down to finances at the end of the day...the loans of Taylor and Clark wont of come cheap
  8. I don't think Crookes will be earmarked for left back now,he will be looking at playing centre half,maybe if smith moves on
  9. Trust me he knows he made a massive mistake last summer,Clark loved it here and it was only his idiot agent who belittled the club,i had no doubt with him signing that he had ditched the agent,sadly young lads can be swayed by what <ovf censored> they say to them
  10. Yes but Norman wont be...……...errrmmmmmm
  11. Some people sadly crave the attention and then they get it
  12. We have made massive steps under the short tenure of carol and kevin MASSIVE.....lets not forget Gorm still has his little minnions who want to upset things,the majority of fans all of us with more than one brain cell understand how things are moving along
  13. I expect a couple of bids might come in for Smith next week and I guess the fear is we will have to accept one or get less in the summer,all will depend on how the club think contract talks are going... he would be a big loss BUT on a plus side all the money we know will go back into the club and we will move on,we have some good youngsters coming through as well,the left back out on loan and the lad who played centre half in the reserves the other day Lake? in the future we trust
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