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  1. possible future investment The striker and wide man will come
  2. I thought that,looking at players to potentially not go straight in but can bring on and maybe sell on at a future date
  3. when there was a change years ago now i think,i actually lost thousands upon thousands of posts off my total(now how sad is that considering what i have now,I dread to think how many i would of been on had they been put back on 😮 ). So back in the day it seems i had nowt better to do...... then i found out i actually had a wife and kids at home,nice people when you get to know them i also found.
  4. I could go with that Mellor me owd fruit looks quite steady to me
  5. I wonder if he sees Conlon in that role now he has options in midfield will certainly get goals in that position imo
  6. Looks ok to me but i do see Johnson pushing Jones for that position and Legge will push Martin imo but thats a good thing,should have a decent bench as well with the likes of Amoo,Cass,Proctor plus another couple we will sign
  7. I think we will only bring one wide player in,hopefully it will be a tricky pacy one. Lets not forget we will still have the loan option available if needed
  8. Ah yes you could be right,i was forgetting how young he is
  9. I can see him keeping Solanke(maybe 12mth deal) Bailey will probably get loaned out but i hope its to a national league north or south team and not just a local one like Kidsgrove just for the experience of a higher level of mens game,so he can come back and maybe get a place on the bench for us
  10. I think Walker if he can stay fit will be a very good addition to the team,some of his long range passing was effortless just seemed to swing a foot at it and wallop straight to the intended target although he did tire later in the game. I thought Cass might have got on for a few minutes
  11. It wasn't good to watch today but i dont think we can say we will or wont be in the play offs after viewing one friendly kick around in really hot weather.... as i said earlier play like that in the first few games then it will be a concern but with 3 weeks to go and a couple more friendlys for fitness,a couple more signings i aren't worried right now
  12. The heat had a big part to play but other than Rodney i did think we lacked pace,hopefully the next couple of signings will solve that. Its what happens in the first game of the season thats important though
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