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  1. Amoo will be nowhere near and for me you cant drop Rodney mainly as he is the only one to create something out of nothing
  2. I honestly dont think i can pick as we have had so many fantastic players in my time,i could easily pick about 6 strikers.. Jones,Beckford,Foyle,Futcher,Naylor,Cross(more of a number 10),Lee Matthews during the few games he played was different class Missed off the likes of Brooker,Mills,McPhee and Constantine(who was decent in both areas)
  3. Agree with that Dont you just know that if they dont go up then Wellens will be ditched by them
  4. I totally agree going off performances prior to DC coming in,he has improved under DC there is no doubting that,is it enough to get a deal i doubt it at the moment
  5. Ah yes so he is,that one is touch and go as well then although his performances under DC have done him no harm imo
  6. Before Clarke came in i would of said Crookes time is up but since he has played 3 at the back i do think he is improving and maybe worth keeping for the year left on his deal to see how he goes(he does have a season left doesn't he?) I really do think most will be gone even some under contract we could see 15 or 16 new players coming in. I know this will be against the grain but i dont even think Brown is safe now
  7. I can see all our forwards apart from Rodney being ditched.. maybe depending on how he comes back Pope has a chance but i guess he will be offered less money if we do keep him then it will be left to him
  8. Really need to go at these from the off after all we have nothing to lose now,it shows though how we are struggling when we cant come up with a decent and threatening front two
  9. If we are going on appearances didn't he score 3 in about 35?? not sure but his best spell to date was at Kidsgrove where he got 5 in 4 games,now i think he has had 4 clubs in 4 seasons currently at Leamington. He is still only 22 though
  10. I think the only problem in closing a match thread is that they will end up closing every match thread as most end up going in this direction. For what its worth bullying is a strong phrase to use on here,i for one hate bullies but i see different points of view not bullying,i will be honest and say nofinikea gets on my twonks at times but then again so do others,i dont agree with a lot of what they say but then some things i do,we all have differing opinions on here but in the current climate there are far more important things to worry about..... surely whether you preferred Aspin,preff
  11. I think it was more to do with it was your first post after the game,nothing during when we were playing better and then the first thing you did was put 2 points out of 9,personally i think you were after a reaction and you got it,bang out of order for you to be called what you were mind
  12. Credit there for a decent post We all know there will be a massive overhaul of the squad this summer and i for one am looking forward to that,then as you say lets see what he can do next season Priority this season is to stay up no matter how messy or ugly or boring we have to be to do it
  13. You must feel so proud.... the word scumbag was ott i agree but wow
  14. And as i said here we go When having all these digs at DC etc and we all know now you want him to fail can you please get it into your head that these are Askey's players,Askeys job was to keep us up when he came with Aspins squad,DC's job is to keep us up with Askeys squad,so surely being Vale fans we all want that dont we?
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