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  1. His best era for Vale in my view were our seasons in league 1. I thought he looked good and was effective after looking too lightweight in league 2.
  2. Very good news. If everyone else signs that’s great. I just hope that maybe Smithy is still thinking of staying and just biding his time, after all, we will always keep him.
  3. League 2 is generally awful to watch and I really hope we go up in the coming season. League 1 at least has some glamour with ties against the likes of Sunderland and Ipswich. We don’t even get a Crewe match coming up either. Watching Northampton go up felt like someone robbing my house. Had that season been finished properly, no way would they have gone up ahead of us.
  4. Given the queues for the beer in the Lorne Street concourse, you’d be lucky to buy a pint’s worth over 90 mins. I think for most games it would work but I can foresee someone throwing a plastic pint at opposition players very easily. I’d like it to happen, but know in my heart you’d get prats who would mess it up for the club.
  5. Yes you’re right! Thankfully as the article and you have pointed out, he isn’t getting a penny from the club. That’s his T&B salary! Even so, still a greedy sod who should pay for those shares.
  6. If he is actually still getting paid for doing nothing then he wins the “Port Vale” exploitation award ahead of Smurfwaite in my view. Surely he isn’t actually getting this cash? Carol should stop that right now. Whatever role he is supposed to have with the club he isn’t doing it and should be banished and sued for the money. Bottom line is he is being paid for something and doing nothing. He is a thief.
  7. The Northampton away win was one of the most satisfying of the season and in many ways the best. That Worrall header near the post was the icing on the cake to a really entertaining game. It was a very close game but we were better and undoubtedly would have made the playoffs. I think it bodes well for next season. Northampton were good last night but we made them look very ordinary to our credit.
  8. Constantine and I insist on this, had the best first touch of any player I have seen outside the Premier League.
  9. Very true. Added to that, Beckham has moved his focus to his “Inter Miami” team. I tend to believe most of the United players saw Salford as an investment they would get a return on. I can’t see them throwing money at it forever.
  10. Would rather it was released later this year. Build a bit of a buzz up to the new season.
  11. Tom Pett is the latest rumour following his release from Lincoln. He would be an excellent signing and makes perfect sense for us. He is basically Louis Dodds but better. Stronger, faster and more creative. A big reason why since Stevenage lost him they have struggled.
  12. I agree, in principle. After all, of the worst did happen we can always bring in someone experienced later on.
  13. The only reason Leigh Francis apologized over Bo Selecta was because he wanted to save his career. Had it been three years, he would have happily defended it.
  14. Unfortunately I think that’s the wrong place to look. The Welsh league has fallen a long way in recent years.
  15. I have pondered this and feel the idea of budget caps, alongside the cancellation of league 2 is creating a 2 tier football league. My concern is once you get some rules that differ between the divisions of the league, you will end up with enabling even more further down the line. In the long term it will lead to further splits and ultimately a disjointed league system. I don’t get the arguments over saying a budget cap would stop overspending and owner incompetence. Smurfwaite did overspend at Vale but he overspent on rubbish and wasted money on silly viability studies like on Vale Park pubs and flats. An idiot and incompetent will always damage the club, no matter what wider safeguards are put in place.
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