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  1. Really tedious match to watch. Not really the fault of Vale as Harrogate were basically just physically resolute and I must say their fitness levels were very impressive. Their actual football was turgid to watch and they never really had any pace to threaten us and make the game more open. For Vale, I felt we could have been much better. Some really scrappy stuff especially from Rodney and Worrall meant that our attacks lost the momentum I’d been used to in recent games. Mckirdy looked good when he came on and helped to stretch their shape a bit more but I think that was because he
  2. I think this will be a nice, comfortable home win. Yes Harrogate are solid, but they are not Exeter and we are at home. 3-1 Vale. I think we will dominate, and they will get a consolation while cruising in the 2nd half. Not easy for motivation without fans .
  3. I felt similar. I think 5/6 changes would have kept a spine of a team which would have been recognisable and a useful benchmark for league games. A whole 10 changes gels is nothing if those players can player together or if it is a valid team to put out in future.
  4. That’s my big concern. He isn’t like Pope who gets involved all over the pitch that’s for sure. Robinson is good at getting into goal scoring positions but as a loan striker can easily be simply be marked out of the game.
  5. It is basically a reserve game. You simply can’t expect to beat a team a league above with our 2nd string. Even so McKirdy looks very good, Crookes has put a good shift in and everyone looks convincing. The exception is Robinson who I’ve barely noticed except for his shocking miss.
  6. No commentary, so gone for the rather dull home offering. At least it works this time visually! Come on Vale!
  7. The only club I’d be pleased for Norman Smurfwaite to own, would be Stoke.
  8. Sad to see Charlie and Phil go. Less sad about Le Tissier who is really boring and seems disinterested. Getting rid of all three just suggests they want a cull of middle aged white men. I very much doubt if any of them were women or a minority they would be leaving. It was like when they got rid of David Gower from the cricket.
  9. Is that expert Guilem Balagae by any chance? He just talks any old rubbish to get on the Telly.
  10. My outside bet is him returning to a club in Argentina. Boca Juniors or River Plate. Really can’t see him doing the Prem.
  11. Based on some of the players we have had over the years, especially up front that has been very easy!
  12. That is true. Colchester appear in big trouble.
  13. I’d be happy with the favour...
  14. Watch the league 2 playoffs when he featured. The chances he missed. I remember saying to my wife at the time..”thank god he does not play for Vale anymore” after being sent clean through and somehow managing to blaze it over.
  15. Well after Bolton and Bradford we are. Roughly we are about the size of Tranmere, albeit we have never been in the Conference:
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