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  1. If we signed players with a bit of prospects and were not such obvious duffers in the same league/year then I would agree.
  2. Well he was never that good for Stevenage aside for that one game against us it seems! I admit I have not seen him barely at all for Bradford. However I did have the opportunity to see him play several times for Stevenage when working down there during the 2018/19 season and he was not much good. Physically a good player but his finishing isn’t up to standard. Basically he is Theo Robinson, except maybe with a bit more pace.
  3. Calvin Andrew was our third choice striker behind Pope and Hughes back then. Calvin had been injured but had been an established Championship player with Luton and Crystal Palace from a young age. He had been injured but got back to a good league 1 level. Guthrie meanwhile has never done anything above league 2. At his age now, not likely to either.
  4. Sorry guys, this is a dire signing that won’t make us any better. Has been dreadful at Bradford and so wasteful, he makes even Theo Robinson seem clinical. Again, hope I am proved wrong, but I fear in a few weeks we will be asking where are our goals? Who is scouting these players and thinking it is a good idea?
  5. Personally I’d rather Pugh the no2 and an experienced head as the manager. Sinclair I quite like, he has some fire about him which the club has been missing.
  6. The interview from Carol was still better than a Smurfwaite era one which would usually include threats and criticisms by the dozen. I do agree there is a certain degree of “fan” style nievity to much of her commitment to the existing staff, but she got rid of Askey at the right time in my view. I had thought the time she gave Askey would mean it had been used to identify a good candidate, instead she is using it to give Pugh more time. I hate to say it, it isn’t much of a gamble. We won’t get relegated and keeping him is cheap albeit a risk of league 2 mediocrity
  7. It was just awful football. I paid £10, yet after 60 mins I switched over to see Sheff United v Newcastle as we were so bad. I couldn’t care less about those two teams! We never competed and at no point did I think we would win. Blaming managers is one thing but we need a top to bottom audit of all the training methods etc at the club. They simply are not effective. You’d think with all the players kept they would improve at a club, not get worse.
  8. Well at least we know if this is a promotion season, every single player on the pitch should be released. Nowhere near good enough against a far from good Sunderland.
  9. The greatest cup win this club has had is a Micky mouse cup? I don’t remember thinking that when it was the auto glass or LDV vans.
  10. Part of me wishes we had put out a full strength team. You can’t learn much putting out a vastly changed team of our back ups, especially against a team like Sunderland who appear, even with their changes to be solid league 1 level. This is the final cup hope we have, with even the faint hope of a Wembley crowd to give us income. Is it too much to ask our squad, already out of all the cups in Jan, to make an effort for an extra game?
  11. Indeed. He even served me Bovril in the Lorne Street at half time during our game v Blackpool in league 1. It all turned sour after his Sky Sports “racism comments” and then downhill with Bruno from there.
  12. Meanwhile Gannon is on the Telly with Stockport V West Ham. He comes across well, which is a surprise as he always seemed barking when in charge of Vale.
  13. Worrall has never been a league 2 player. He featured regularly in a Millwall team that was promoted to the Championship. He is just unlucky to have been with a league 2 club like us that really should be in league 1.
  14. Brown had the budget to bring in Worrall from Millwall who had just won promotion to the Championship. He also had players like Ryan Taylor etc who were not cheap by any stretch.
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