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  1. I agree. Although season ticket holders deserve first priority as they have put the most money into the club. Had they not bought tickets there would be no FA cup tie.
  2. No need to queue in my view. There will be plenty of tickets. I believe you will be able to turn up on 27th December and still have a great choice. If I am wrong...then I guess I will have to suck it up and buy a couple in the City end on the day.
  3. Fairly certain plenty of glory loving Stoke fans will want to snap up tickets too.
  4. Plenty on rip off resale sites for big money...
  5. Shanahan policy? Prices are frozen from the Smurfwaite era. I think football is generally expensive but I think sadly due to years of dire football, owners robbing fans of hope and a stadium that lacks any sense of customer well being except in Lorne Street. £20 a head flat would be nice, but on the flip side, I think we could charge £30 each and it would not affect our attendances by maybe 500 or so.
  6. Absolutely agree but money talks. They would rather satisfy some fat Asian or American sofa viewer than a die hard fan wanting to see a match in person.
  7. Man City’s u21 would be the worst draw. Why bother, when we have the real deal in the cup?
  8. Would like to draw Ipswich at some point, away. Mainly because we have not played them in years and it is a great ground. I also like the fact that we would play a big club who have to play their “proper” team rather than an u23 one. Hopefully it could be in the final.
  9. Absolutely. Wonderful points and I am glad someone started this. Best loan we have had since Mitch Clark. I hope he can be signed.
  10. Absolutely amazing. Although seats and an open stand are two very different things. However at the very least it will massively improve the look of the ground.
  11. Ticket pricing to fill the ground matters most. It would be awful if we get our big day and the ground is barely half full.
  12. He couldn’t have won any of those things. It is purely down to Carol and Kevin. Smurfwaite would have dumped us into admin or at best carried on being a malicious pillock. No playoffs, No Robbie concerts (as if Smurf would buy into any form of charity except himself) and certainly no FA Cup Third Round. We’d just have FA with Smurf around.
  13. Norman Smurfwaite is the last thing on my mind these days. Doubt he cares less, he got plenty of money out of this club.
  14. Smurf won’t watch or go unless we are paying him.
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