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  1. Wonder what Covalan is thinking seeing Clarke have his nutter moment and getting sent off?
  2. Agreed. Although that’s part of the wider debate as to why no South West club has ever really managed to break through in the top flight in recent years. The Potteries has always been a football area. Yet you’d think the Bristol clubs, Swindon, Plymouth etc would get big crowds due to big catchment areas. Biggest surprise is how many big North West clubs so close to each other have managed to survive for so long with big attendances. Blackpool, Preston, Bolton, Oldham, Wigan, Blackburn, Burnley etc etc all managing to have done well at some point despite the even bigger boys in Manchester and Liverpool. The potteries is a bit more distinct and outside that North West bubble at a reasonable distance from all those other clubs, yet they thrive.
  3. It never seemed that obvious to me, Carlisle or any Vale fan who saw his 8 appearances. Nobody was too upset when he left and being honest yes, he deserved a better run than 8 games scattered randomly throughout the season, but he also didn’t do much outside that. Some players click at certain clubs at certain times. Constantine, Myrie Williams, Sodje…all had excellent runs at Vale but were underwhelming afterwards elsewhere.
  4. Totally agree. McKirdy is a prima Donna show pony. He struggles when the going gets tough. Sure he is doing well now, but when the club go off the boil and he has to scrap with them when the form is not there, he will still try to do his own thing.
  5. She is saying that after we didn’t get promotion.
  6. The sky commentators did say we were on top until they scored their first. Overall it was a fairly grim watch. We just seem to have lost any fluency to our play and Sky Sports viewers just watching our two televised games will wonder how on earth we got into the playoffs.
  7. Can’t blame Clarke. When he came in McKirdy hardly had a show reel of glittering performances. He had shown a bit at Carlisle but was very inconsistent which is why he ended up released at Vale. He then played awfully badly against Stevenage which I remember and then played a bit under Clarke at the end of the season. Nobody thought he looked great and while he is playing well now, has been allowed to because Swindon at the start of the season were desperate for any players.
  8. “You have to wonder what Port Vale were doing letting him go” says the commentator. Well they didn’t seem him when he was playing for Vale much did they?
  9. Secretive pre sale? Maybe Carol, Sir John Rudge and Robbie Williams might get priority for some reason but I really don’t think there is some kind of preferential ballot going on except for the free tickets given out at my local Freemasons club for our small exclusive box tucked away in the Lorne Street. 😂
  10. I think it looks pretty average TBH. I did love last seasons retro training gear more than this seasons sponsored stuff. This new stuff looks like they cut up the black/gold keepers shirt from last season and placed it on a plain black tracksuit.
  11. It is about the extra seats. I am surprised though. In terms of facilities it should be the away end but always felt getting away fans round to that area of the ground would cause problems for policing?
  12. Not just local. If you have a regular job or are not retired to have the time to queue too.
  13. Nah, compared to the real die hards who do every home and away I am a lightweight. Frankly it amazes me how many people have gone to every game who don’t earn much but have prioritised the Vale. I didn’t go to Exeter despite originally having tickets, but I am going all in on Wembley if we get there! 👍
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