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  1. Because it was truly dreadful. That’s why it is remembered. He ran around, lost the ball, gave the ball to opponents, wandering round once they had possession making no attempt to retrieve the ball. He was effectively the 12th man for Stevenage in that game. No way is he being made a “scapegoat”, he simply has not done enough. I do agree he perhaps should have had more cameo appearances to show what he can do, but that’s for the manager to decide.
  2. Nobody was happy for him to fail. What made me unhappy was how bad he was when he played against Stevenage and it seems that since DC took over he has done little more to get into the side. Massive waste of money, far bigger waste than say Manny, who although injured actually played far more than he has due to being decent of ability and mind.
  3. Let’s just put it this way. If McKirdy and any of the other duffers stay at the expense of Manny, I’d be fuming. It won’t happen. Manny was the start of a large clearout and perhaps long overdue in many cases..
  4. To be honest with his injury record we would have been barking mad to offer him 2 years. Even if I like him so much as a player.
  5. He will be missed. Too good for the Conference when fit. A great player...watch him play 40 games straight now!
  6. Well I suppose the fact that only a National League club has been tempted tells you his injury record has been devastating for his career.
  7. I think Clarke will, alongside our DOF, take the view that to strengthen the first team, you need to have a stronger group of fringe players. I think you will see anyone not getting starts as likely to leave, including the likes of Amoo etc. I tend to feel the lineups you see at the moment will be the players staying. Once the surplus players have gone, we will then buy the buy it extra quality that will hopefully make the difference.
  8. Wonder if we will wear the all black kit as a mark of respect?
  9. It is a massive shock in some ways as Colchester were doing well getting money for players they had sold on. However their attendances are awful, which is a shame as the new ground is a great day out. I think mainly because we have put in some good efforts in recent years and the weather is often nice.
  10. Well nobody would want “Dario Gradi Close” certainly not close to your kids anyway..
  11. It hits very very hard reading the cause behind his death. Just visualising all the moments cheering him on as a fan and now reading of him dying alone in a hotel room is just so cutting. I am grateful for forums at times like this that enable such feelings to be shared with fellow fans at a time they cannot be discussed at games.
  12. More chance of the playoffs than being relegated. We are closer to the PLs than a relegation zone.
  13. It has been made harder for DC. Should he judge the players on current form or should he cast off the ones he can? Guthrie one such example. He will be out of contract. Do we just let him go or could he ever do enough to stay? I suggest Robinson has been given the nod over Rodney purely because he has the two year deal and will need the game time for next year. Personally I am with the other posters, we saw enough rubbish off many of the players to suggest they can’t cope with a bit of adversity and frankly should be let go.
  14. If we win 9 on the bounce we can talk about playoffs. I can’t see it, but I can see many more wins. I think this one will be a strong 1-1 draw. Morecambe are decent but we will match them.
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