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  1. We won’t relapse but we still lack any creativity in midfield and are still a quality, proven striker short.
  2. 16th, which is where we now are...isn’t mid table.
  3. It wasn’t a dreadful game to honest. It was simply an even match, which as someone has said was against a Stevenage side who are unlikely to be anywhere near the bottom come May. Unfortunately it was mid table 4th division stuff, which doesn’t bode well for a season which will probably end up as dull as that sounds. We didn’t look dreadful, but we offered little and it never looked liked we would score more than once.
  4. He isn’t the player he was in the promotion season and he doesn’t work playing on his own with the squad we have. Those are pretty fair points.
  5. Best Premier League moment? Stoke getting relegated!
  6. Sadly not. Go to a Roy Chubby Brown gig and he comes out with all kinds of racist slurs, yet people still find him hilarious and will happily pay to see his shows at the Victoria Hall. Yet people say, oh old chubby isn’t racist, despite numerous uses of the “N” word and derogatory jokes. All of this moralizing, yet thousands are happy to pay to watch racism as a form of entertainment in this country.
  7. Surprised to hear of renewed Smith criticism as I think he is having his best season. Legge I have personally always been unconvinced about. Yes he can make good challenges, but he struggles with any pace at him.
  8. Doing sort of what I expected. I have been surprised how much better we have been this season overall and if we’d put away more of the chances we have created, we would be comfortably in the play offs. From what I have seen, we are a play off side and think we have all to play for to get there.
  9. Great player. Easily a good league footballer.
  10. Sadly we have a BBC Savile situation all over again. The most sinister thing is, he is being protected by Crewe as a club. Still hailed a great, like Savile was by the BBC. It only will come out when he dies.
  11. I have not criticised that. Look at my previous posts. I accept he is a club legend, but legends are made from the past and what he does these days is far removed from that reputation. The likes of Foyle, Naylor even McPhee and Constantine did it for the club in the Championship and/orLeague 1. Pope had an ok season for us in League 1, then went off to Bury. A great player in our Promotion season but since he has struggled to reach those heights.
  12. Ok, I will ignore the poor efforts in late 2008/ early 2009 and look at what he has done since his injury return at Northampton in March when he scored his 100th league goal. V Crewe: Scored winner, didn’t look match fit but to be expected after injury V Exeter: Didn’t go to this one V Stevenage: Feeble. Missed one gloriously chance but generally ineffective. V MK Dons: Deservedly lost starting place after Stevenage, however in fairness looked dangerous towards the end V Macclesfield: Very poor. No excuse, missed chances, moaned, offered nothing V Bury: I Missed this one, he did score however V Colchester: Looked sharp but faded as the game wore on. Deservedly subbed. V Northampton I Missed this. Highlights suggest he missed a fair few chances. V Salford: Never looked like scoring. Deservedly subbed. V Forest Green: Came on. Jogged a bit and battled for headers. V Grimsby. Missed this thank god. V Cambridge: only on for last 6 mins or so V Newport. Didn’t go V Plymouth; He didn’t play V Exeter: Didn’t go. V Mansfield: Didn’t score and missed a couple of sitters but set up Cullen for a great chance. V Orient Didn’t go V Morecambe: Horrible first half. Scored a couple of decent goals. So overall, not much to write home about for a supposed club legend in recent games.
  13. Pope deserves some criticism. He is still the biggest earner at the club and his early season performances were a shadow of his past which justified him being considered a legend of the club. Remember his athleticism in the promotion season? He has at times brought the team down with his moaning on the pitch and there is no doubt he has lost some pace. A vale legend but he can’t go tell fans to eat s1ht when plenty of his performances over the past few months could be described as watching s1ht on some occasions.
  14. Pope is a complete has been. Getting paid money to moan and live off past glories. Great player but we are doing him the biggest favour in the world with a two year deal. His legs have gone and should join Dodds at Chorley.
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