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  1. Great signing. I hope he does well. Clearly has a point to prove. Get Covolan off to Kings Lynn Town where he can perform kung-fu on whoever he likes.
  2. Let’s be honest, Vale Park is not a Premier League stadium. We have a big capacity because the railway stand and bycars are old standing areas filled with seats. In facility terms we are behind many clubs even in league 2.
  3. Brilliant? If we were 10 points clear that would have been brilliant. Mid table 4th division will never be brilliant. I remember moaning about us finishing lower mid table at Championship level and blaming Bell for being tight!
  4. Holy looks like the sort of keeper we should have signed in the summer. Loads of experience in higher leagues with Ipswich and Gillingham. His CV looks impressive and I hope we get this done. Not been impressed with Covolan at all.
  5. Interesting theory. However those backroom staff have certainly organised the club in a far better way. Smurfwaite cut us down to the bare bones. I look at our whole squad and it looks easily good enough to get promotion. Honestly, look at FGRs squad and tell me you’d take theirs? I would say it is the injuries and that can’t be escaped from. Have a full strength squad and we would be in a vastly different place.
  6. We have never broken the bank. When we did, it was with Smurfwaite signing Lee Hughes, which was worth every penny. Trouble is, Smurfwaite realised he was not going to get rich investing in the club, so became an asset stripper instead.
  7. I’d say that would be not to hire a youth coach from them..
  8. Depends if that impact is on a heavy, clay like pitch which may make a difference if it had been a modern, cushioned pitch.
  9. I completely agree. The pitch is absolutely awful. Heavy, bobbily, with a thick clay like base, it needs binning for a modern pitch. It isn’t responsible for all our injuries but we do have a lot of lower body injuries to legs that the old pitch will not help. In fact if we keep that quagmire of a pitch after the Robbie Williams concert, I dread to think what it will end up like. Forget fans raising money for the Lorne Street…it should be on a pitch!
  10. I honestly think our awful old heavy pitch has something to do with these injuries. Although today offered some comfort as we competed rather well and had we won 1-0, I’d have probably felt that was a fair result. However it was still really hard work and I actually fear us finishing lower than last season!
  11. We need to win and if we get back to something like before Christmas we will. If we don’t and we lose, we may start to worry if the season mat actually see us finish higher than last.
  12. Conlon is still our best player and has shown enough to get my vote. Could still be Wilson, as after a slow start he has come good. Garitty my current runner up. Worrall still mr consistent and would get 3rd place.
  13. Politic has barely played enough pro games to be demanding mega money anywhere. Yes he was good, but the reality is he was unwanted at a lower table league 1 club. Serie B must have declined a fair bit given that when we played against Genoa in the 90s and we were a champ level club, they had players who were world class.
  14. We look to have lost all our confidence. So much uncertain passing and anxious build ups that lack composure. When we got chances, they became clumsy scraps. It all looked very desperate. The only concern is that Hussey doesn’t look anywhere near as good as you’d have hoped. I really think that break completely ruined our habit of winning and a big problem is that three games back have been really tough ones. All three would have been tough if he we had been match fit, let alone after such a break. My only hope now is a win against Orient on Saturday. We need to win fast.
  15. Absolutely no problem with the current management set up and a blip was unfortunately inevitable given we had about a month off. My biggest concern is the injury list and I just hope Proctor can come back soon.
  16. Interestingly Arsenal have let a goalkeeper, Dejan Illiev leave after 9 years at the club and not a single appearance. Surely can’t be worse than amateur wrestler and Chuck Norris impersonator Covolan?
  17. Carol will hate staying in league 2 even more, along with all the other Vale fans who are sick of seeing 4th div football. The only people who would stick up for him would be people who didn’t go or see such a deflating incident right before half time. Soon as he was sent off that was the match. Ruined the whole match. The only thing that has been unexpected is how crap he has been. However I agree that paying him money to leave is silly. However we should entertain the idea of getting a goalkeeper in who possesses some sanity and composure. Must be plenty of big clubs with keepers who could benefit from football league experience and willing to pay wages in a loan deal.
  18. Three today, three when we got sent off at Northampton then numerous stuff ups at Stevenage saw us drop another two and then being charitable maybe one point in the loss at Sutton, although two of them were incredibly soft. He is isn’t reliable, is far too inconsistent and yes his bowlers have led to points being dropped and ass kissers on here are deluded. Saying, “oh you can’t say we would have got those points without his mistakes”, well you can say we would have had a much better chance without him getting sent off or not saving easy balls any Sunday league keeper could because he switched off.
  19. We have totally lost our structure and rhythm with the cancellations and new signings. Our passing was poor throughout, with Hussy’s set pieces tragically bad, his last free kick straight into the hands of their keeper. Covolan should be sacked. Plenty of decent keepers around who don’t need to collect a ball while kicking a leg out and not getting sent off. He has cost us 9 whole points this season with his antics. McKirdy, well playing much better than at any point when he was at Vale.
  20. To be honest reading over FGR’s squad it looks to lack any real strength in depth. You’d think if they got a few injuries they would start to slip up. A team will go on a run and join the pack but for us Swindon is a pivotal game. Get the win and that will give us the momentum to really cement a promotion place.
  21. Agreed, so sad as the George used to be a fine hotel but went seriously downhill at the turn of the century. Last stayed there in 2019 and my god, sleeping on the street would have been better. You’d think a hotel near Vale park would work. It was the most convenient one.
  22. Would you commute from Cambridgeshire or stay in the flea pit that is The George hotel? I’d commute….
  23. Robbie gig is this summer isn’t it? God help people getting in for that!!
  24. It’s a problem and today was poor but we simply don’t have enough scanners. I was in the Bycars and given it was much emptier saw no problem getting in! The railway is a problem because it is a big, long stand with only one entrance at the side really. A modern stand that big would have 5 or 6 along the stand, spreading things out a bit.
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