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  1. It was so good…it was boring! The tempo was slow but we were patient against a team who looked like they were playing for a draw. Much deserved win for us as the better team, dictating play where possible! We are not getting in the playoffs I’m afraid…we will have to settle for a mere automatic promotion place!
  2. To be honest a playoff campaign is ultimately a waste of time unless it is successful. Some people keep saying getting to the playoffs would be a success this season, but I don’t see it. The success is promotion, losing in the playoffs can often ruin the future momentum for a club, particularly in league 2, where each season seems to bring a new challenger.
  3. We should win and there is absolutely no reason on paper why not. A loss would be bad, as it will hit confidence and momentum when we lose to teams we should be beating. We will. Quite strongly. As someone else has said 3-1 win sounds a good shout.
  4. He has improved in the last few games, which demonstrates he has been working hard and wants to improve. So that has been so encouraging to see. The early games, especially the away ones he clearly lacked confidence and didn’t seem to want it. The fact he has been able to change that attitude when so few have for us in the past shows a desire to win.
  5. It was a very solid performance, the sort of one typical of promotion sides. We never, ever looked like losing this and after the first goal, we looked the only winners. It was a bit scrappy at times but importantly we had a cutting edge that Harrogate never had. A quiet game from Covolan and for me his best in a Vale shirt as his distribution of the ball was much better.
  6. Outside Celtic and Rangers few other clubs would beat us. Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and Dundee maybe league 1. The rest would struggle even in our league.
  7. The only thing I get taken off me from these searches have been flasks of tea and sandwiches. At Northampton I had to empty my flask of tea before being allowed empty and bin my sandwiches! Just a cheap excuse to rip off fans in the ground.
  8. On a positive note though, Rodney has been much better today.
  9. We are getting mauled in this 2nd half so far. They look lively, fast and dangerous. We seem to have ran out of steam. So many players for us don’t look fit enough. Smith without Legge is a bit like Morecambe without Wise. He simply isn’t the same player.
  10. I think the financial troubles may galvanize their team like it did in our promotion season, but they will probably run out of steam due to a lack of squad depth.
  11. This will be a nice, comfortable Vale win. Swindon may have been a bit better than expected but we have a much better team and should win again. 2-0 Vale. They have not scored bagfuls of goals, so surely even our defense can keep them at bay?
  12. That is the problem, I agree. If I won the lottery it’d be up there!
  13. We are in August, but come November it will be as heavy as ever contributing to injuries and everything else as usual. Speedy does a remarkable job with what he has, no doubt, but really a new pitch was needed years ago. It may cost half a million for the works, but I feel that would really make the difference over many years.
  14. I do think our ball retention generally isn’t great at home and I think that tough old bumpy clay pitch is a factor. We need a new pitch as that will reward passing, technically decent football. Instead we have a pitch full of divots that will only reward hoof ball
  15. Garrity, Jones and Proctor are the ones I can say have impressed. Pett I held in high regard and has dissappointed me a bit. No sign of any major flops, but Martin, Wilson and Covolan have been the biggest concerns.
  16. Wigan were bankrolled by Dave Whelan at a massive loss for years. Ipswich had not been in the third tier since 1957, until they were relegated from the champ a couple of years back. All the other examples are generations ago and not a reflection of modern football. The current climate is a trend for smaller, often southern based clubs in shire towns to do well and clog up the lower league places, leaving less room for traditional clubs like Vale.
  17. No problem. The best way I have used is the I Pad, I follow App and Pure VPN. Some VPNs can be poor as they are slow or will kick you out, but Pure VPN has so many servers around the world, it is impossible to find one that I follow would not accept. I always switch on the Pure VPN App first, see the connection in the top right hand corner, then load the I follow App. In my case there was no faffing around with registering an account abroad or a bank account abroad, I just used my long time UK account to buy a video pass from the official site once the VPN was switched on. The club has been given an additional sum of £140 for a season it otherwise would not have and I will still be going to about 6-10 home league games and at least that away. The only reason I don’t go to more is distance and work.
  18. They won’t. Because they don’t need fans. They are all bankrolled by wealthy local businessmen and have plenty of decent sponsors. The biggest poster boys for that are of course Salford. Those other clubs, except maybe Rochdale are the same concept on lower profile scales. Vale can match that to league 2 level but it gets harder to push on because we have so much competition, like the clubs you have mentioned, stopping us from breaking through easily. It could happen, but it won’t be easy. Stevenage for example raised all the money for their new North stand through selling bonds to fans which was well over £1 million. Rochdale have never been really above 3rd div level. All those clubs have in fact always been minnows and the idea that we should put up with being on a par with those guys is rather depressing.
  19. Sadly we are lucky to be where we are as so much of the money in football is no longer with the traditional working class Northern clubs. Looking at the league and non league so many of our old Championship level rivals or bigger clubs are down here or worse. Wrexham, Stockport, Bury, Oldham, Notts County, Bradford, etc etc have hit all time lows with some others even folding completely. Fan power has diminished and Southern small clubs have taken the place of those in the league as they have wealthy local sponsors and increasing populations. Even big clubs like Sunderland and Ipswich slipping to the third tier was unthinkable 10 years ago. We don’t really have any income streams, Carol’s philanthropy aside that will easily kick us up the leagues. The days of mega transfer income thanks to Bosnan are long gone and notably compared to many clubs we don’t seem to get many local sponsors putting money in. I thought the latter was due to an odious owner but unfortunately although a few have pulled behind Carol’s vision, it isn’t as many as we need.
  20. Well you could argue to my eyes that keeping Pope over Wilson as a sub option with Proctor may have worked. Brown all day long over Covolan who I remain unconvinced is actually the best keeper at the club. The others, well as others have said, there are more valid comparisons. Although I do not rate Johnson at all.
  21. They do talk a great game, but the idea that Carol has been duped by a pair of snake oil salesman is not justified by fact. Both are experienced and decent league 2 managers. It isn’t rocket science getting out of league 2. There is no quick solution and some of the players notably Wilson, Martin and Pett have not been as good as I had hoped, but we have so much potential in depth that we simply have not had before.
  22. I didn’t think we were that bad. Defensive mistakes were our undoing but generally it was a good game that Rochdale edged. They were good.
  23. Not bad. Rochdale probably the best league team we have played this season but as others are saying, we had a dominant 15 minutes early on:
  24. Well he certainly proved me wrong on Theo. I didn’t think any mug would come in for him. DC has actually done incredibly well to shape a team in just 9 months.
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