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  1. Well he certainly proved me wrong on Theo. I didn’t think any mug would come in for him. DC has actually done incredibly well to shape a team in just 9 months.
  2. Wow. That is our payback for Guthrie I hope.
  3. We all want them gone, it is how you do it that’s the problem. If Theo is on 2k per week it won’t happen. He will sit it out. Part of me feels it is poor financial management. Theo was poor, but he did improve in his work rate on our winning run and keeping him as a 4th choice striker seems a better use of his wage than training with youth lads. It isn’t too hard to imagine and couple of injuries to strikers and then what would we do?
  4. Does anybody know why? Big reason is that there are no Prem and champ games and ultimately it is the bigger clubs that carry the weight on sustaining that rule. Nobody really cares about sustaining the rights of league 1 and 2.
  5. Yeah international breaks are the exception.
  6. Simply it is law that you cannot broadcast between 3pm and 5.00pm a league football game.
  7. Nobody else will be offering him a wage anywhere near what we did, especially if it’s 2k a week like a previous poster said. He will sit that out.
  8. Seriously? I would stick him on for Johnson paint games at least if he is on that. Protect players who will be in the first team from injuries.
  9. Looks like we will still be paying Theo his £900 odd a week until July...
  10. Indeed. I have a UK based VPN stream account and for away games it has been excellent. In fact, it gives Vale money they wouldn’t otherwise get, because if I actually went and bought an away ticket, the club would get nothing!
  11. What’s pathetic is that we are in a division competing with these pub sides. Onwards and upwards. 2,000 fans is about the usual for 4th Div teams.
  12. Overall very happy. Garrity looked our ropiest signing but is looking like one of the best. We looked solid, strong and well disciplined with even Covolan behaving himself.
  13. Really impressed with our passing and ball retention so far. It is a complete contrast to last week. Look well drilled, organised and comfortable. Everyone is working hard, even Wilson is chasing balls as hard as he can. Very satisfied with this in all departments.
  14. Erm, the idea of paying him peanuts on the basis of his inability is perfectly reasonable in that context and anyone insinuating anything else by taking it out of that context has a warped mind.
  15. I don’t agree about the crossing being “superb”. Stevenage dealt with a lot of them and only two crosses, one that Wilson headed over and another when Worrall got over to the far post could be classed as resulting in chances. The 2nd half was decent, but when you look at how dominant we were, the lack of actual efforts on goal made and created was poor.
  16. Covolan belongs in a circus. His antics certainly kept things lively at the end of the 1st half.
  17. I was very impressed by our following. Given it is a 1,400 capacity away stand, it seemed very full. I thought we may even have had in excess of 500? Certainly more than any previous trip to their ground. Their home attendance looked dire.
  18. 2nd half was much better, even Covolan managed not to stuff up for a whole half! Oddly we kept trying to get the ball in via crosses, yet Stevenage have tall Centre halves making you wonder why we were not trying to play through the middle more often. Not brilliant, but we were the better side in the 2nd half.
  19. He isn’t clearly fine. He looks clumsy, makes Theo Robinson look clinical and has missed several sitters. His first touch isn’t good enough either.
  20. I actually think a lot of this aside from Covolan is organizational issues. Clarke simply doesn’t know how to organize this side.
  21. He is the main issue. I will say that Legge was brilliant until he went off injured. The rest? Well the goal was against the run of play and we have offered little else
  22. Covolan is appaling. Nearly got sent off for losing the ball in his own area and wrestling an opponent to the ground. This was after randomly kicking the ball out towards the dugout. I have to question what football is being directed by Flitcroft, because this belongs in a circus.
  23. He took Pope’s squad number and I presume he was brought in to score goals. If he isn’t able to do that, then I think we have found the problem. In the games he has played he has jogged around a bit looking to get into positions to score but nobody has supplied him. Not his fault. However he isn’t seemingly a “poacher”, he doesn’t seem to be able to create his own chances as the top guys can and as yet isn’t proving to be a lynchpin for Rodney. So I do question what the point of him is?
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