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  1. Stevenage funded their whole new North Stand purely through a fans bond scheme.
  2. Good to hear. It looks a good one. I got burned in the past paying for one that quickly stopped working. This seems to be the go to one based on other fan forums. Hi
  3. Maybe our outstanding ticket office should give them training in customer care?
  4. If he misses as many calls as he does chances there won’t be many sales!
  5. Never had a problem getting tickets under Norman..well mainly because hardly anyone went when he was stuffing up the club 😂
  6. Managed to get a couple via the e-Mail suggestion and they called straight back! Apparently still under 300 remaining. I’d get in today for anyone thinking about it, as unless we sell out today I can’t see us getting the extra rumoured.
  7. Ticket office not picking up the phone..I hope the queues at the ground are not too long!
  8. I have often believed our squad is stronger every year...then as the season wears on we find that some of the promising signings turn duff and other guys lose form. One thing I would say, is that as others have said as a squad it looks to have more depth. I really cannot imagine another relegation flirting season at all. I just don’t see us as having the finesse and certainly the speed in the team that a top side will have. Goals remain a problem. You know the sort of teams that we will find tough, the usual physical ones and hoof ball merchants with no passing finesse who will frustrate us..
  9. I don’t know what football everyone else has been watching but from the friendlies I really don’t see us doing much better than mid table again. People can scoff on here about friendlies being meaningless but I just don’t see the team having as much additional quality as I had hoped. I really felt great seeing some of the new names signed and I felt optimistic but so far some look equally barely better than the duffers they have replaced. Let me just put it this way. I really really hope I am wrong but I don’t see the playoffs. I see 10-14th. Would that be so terrible? No. Would be bloody frustrating though.
  10. Nobody is calling for Theo coming back, I was being factitious. The guy is a total donkey and my previous posts on wanting him gone make that clear.
  11. I don’t know what the plan is with Wilson. I thought he was a target man, with excellent finishing. Instead he looked like he was running all over the place (tracking back yes) like a latter era Pope when we were struggling under Aspin. I hate to say it but...don’t give Theo a push out of the club just yet!
  12. Based on what I have seen the jury is still out. We do look toothless and lacking a goal threat. Wilson has not shown anything that I thought he would and yes the old friendlies are meaningless adage does apply to the results, but not the performances. The performances to me seem to weigh more towards another season of mid table stuff, not the big promotion charge everyone, including me hopes for.
  13. Are those the “victimless crime” related sentences? What the hell is a victimless crime in relation to what he has been charged with?
  14. He only got employment for being friends with the fleetwood manager. Foul man and god know how he kept getting hired. His prior record was bad enough and it is incredible the powers that be allow him to effectively mentor young men.
  15. Black and Gold looks like a traditional (at least in my lifetime) away shirt. Probably the one I will buy as the home one just isn’t a Vale shirt in my eyes. We have not had a black and gold away for a while, so this will be a must buy for me.
  16. Sort of believe that. After all Guthrie was brought in as a Robinson replacement and ended up below him. He did improve under the new management structure. There is no proof that all these new boys will be better. I do agree, that while he is getting paid he should be given a proper pre season. He has a year left on his deal and I reckon he will see it out.
  17. I agree. I don’t get this view the play off is some kind of achievement. It isn’t. Being promoted is. Easier automatically, play offs are a lottery.
  18. I agree it looks rather hard. What we don’t want is a poor start and confidence lost because it is so hard to get it back.
  19. Let’s just put it this way. If an out of contract Pope can only get a gig at Congleton Town, then what hope is there of offloading an in-contract Theo Robinson any time soon?
  20. Usually for Northampton away, even the one where we were pushing for a Playoff place pre-covid, I can usually pay on the day at their place no problem for the away end. 600 seems stingy
  21. I have not seen tickets from either club. I will be going, even if it means sitting in the home end. I just want to see competitive, live Vale action.
  22. Looking purely at what I saw from that game, I do agree. The black shirts thing seemed stupid given the heat, as it does make a difference. As for the performance, I don’t see much evidence of the squad being as big an improvement on last seasons as was needed. Very early days of course but the gap between ourselves and Forest did seem rather big.
  23. Well, it is a fair bet it isn’t Smurfwaite. Unless we are paying him!
  24. It didn’t seem anything more than a chance to test the squad fitness. The unusual 120 format tells you that.
  25. Much as I love Tinman and the Vale, it is one record I hope he loses on Sunday!
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