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  1. Covolan clearly has a much higher ability level. The only question mark is consistency. I feel we will rave about him for a bit, then he will hit a duff patch. Even so, he is showing himself as a worthy No.1 at this level. He is a bit lucky that his really duff performances were away early in the season.
  2. Turgid performance but we still had the odd flash of class that Mansfield simply don’t have. Mansfield looked like a team battling for a point at the end of a season to avoid relegation. They were dogged, determined but a better side? No, we were just too passive and disjointed. Rodney was poor and only Covalan and Pett impressed me. Politic, Wilson and Jones ok too. The rest looked a bit drained, Worrall wasted again.
  3. Certainly not worse than Stevenage away! That was much, much worse.
  4. What a stunning free kick from Conlon. Stunning. I don’t agree with this view that Mansfield dominated that half being thrown around on Radio Stoke. Mansfield have been very physical but have not really been a threat. Scrappy and willing to fight, but little quality. We had the quality in Conlon with that goal.
  5. Well we beat franchise FC away in the cup last time, so wouldn’t have minded that as the tickets were cheap too…
  6. Possibly one of the most important games of the season. Win well and it also indicates if we are a league 1 team in waiting. It also gives us a step towards a big R3 payday. Lose and it will be another year without a decent cup run, the gap to league 1 looks as big as ever and we don’t get a bit of cash to keep our top guys in future. Personally I think we will win.
  7. It wasn’t great really in terms of entertainment. I thought we were poor in the first half and the overall quality wasn’t consistent. However the flashes of good stuff were much too good for Barrow and we were always going to win after the equaliser. Not wholly convinced with a back three with Smith in the centre generally but it was enough today Dan Jones was very good. I also don’t think Tom Pett as a centre mid works much either. Little he did was that effective.
  8. Well not seated but telling me that that cramped away end on Saturday with no beer was a fair equivalent to whatever they were offering home fans just isn’t right.
  9. I agree. That was the main point of concern. First half we were so dominant and it should not have been a contest. We let them back in and while two of the goals were utter calamity defending, their other two could certainly have been avoided. Yes, we are still 4th (I actually think there is no reason why we should not dominate the league this year) and yes we have played very well recently, but in isolation, that was really poor.
  10. I agree with Proctor having seen the outcome, although really 3-2 up without him, the defence should see it out.
  11. Yes, I’d totally forgotten about that curse!
  12. Nah. Duff defending and clumsy GK error. We were 3-2 up post subs and should have held on.
  13. Agreed. Two of the goals were far too soft from him.
  14. Awful. It is simply dreadful defending. Not good enough. This was a match that had Legge been in the team and fit, we would have won easily.
  15. We should have seen this out, the defending for that equaliser was non existent. To be fair Sutton have played some decent stuff in the 2nd half, even though we should have been out of sight in the first.
  16. Man City we used to beat fairly often in the 90s. In fact we famously stayed up at the expense of Man City and Stoke on the final day of the 97/98. It really wasn’t that long ago. West Ham I recall us playing them often in Div 2 in the early 90s. Although a win was probably further back. I don’t think anyone can remember league wins over Man United, Chelsea or Arsenal however.
  17. I agree. It is very rare any lower league 4th Div guy these days goes for a big fee unless an absolute prodigy. The best Rudge sales were in our Champ/league 1 level era.
  18. TJHValiant

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    It offers an option to select all…so I’ve done that!
  19. A word on their ticket prices. £25 to sit in a shed. Utterly disgusting and the biggest rip off I have seen given some home tickets are only £15.
  20. Calamitous defending from Rochdale but we had loads of chances. Amoo is dangerous but so wasteful and Politic is clearly going to be a real asset. Benning missed a few too. A worthy win.
  21. That booking was ridiculous. Not a dive, their guy sticks his leg right out!
  22. It wouldn’t surprise me. Although for 20 million I’d expect a whole new railway and Bycars for that!
  23. Absolutely. Although it has always been poor by the standards of modern grounds. So much has been done but if we are being honest, only a costly rebuild may address them for good. Although I do always chuckle at a 1998 football ground guide that states “Vale Park is a ground fit for the premiership”.
  24. Always felt the gap between Lorne Street and away end was good shout. Mainly because it would fill that corner in nicely. I remember a few years back when Stoke were flogging off their old one. It would have looked so good there.
  25. Wow, what did I just see! Incredible finishes from Politic and Proctor. Some crummy defending for their second but when you can finish like that, who cares? Brilliant!
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