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  1. Well done to all those Chels fans, who have been contacted by the club today regarding the renewal of their season tickets for next season. They’ve refused to renew if Chels take part in the ESL. Fan power 👏👏
  2. The majority of MUFC fans will welcome them leaving. Would FC United then cease to be, as they were formed as a protest to Glazers.?
  3. I would be surprised if the general access continued once fans are allowed back. That said, if you really can't get to games, there's always IPTV. Phil, it’s a very good question. If it’s cheaper than going to games, some fans will be forced to do this. If one person purchased it and three ppl watch it, the only losers will be PVFC owners. Imagine if more than more than a handful of ppl gathered to watch it on a single purchase
  4. I think it is good deal for season ticket holders. I’m not buying into this rubbish of loyalty scarf, postcard signed by Carol, VIP meal with C&K, absolutely ridiculous, this comes over as complete arrogance and sends out the wrong message. All clubs will have no money. As others have said no ten game ticket, which weren’t a great discount and fans would buy tickets when their ten gamer burnt out. If purchased in midweek £20 or £22 on the day. We live in a 24/7, 365 society and ppl would have purchased this ticket to tailor around work and family commitments. Some perhaps wouldn’t
  5. I thought PSG said no, along with Bayern and Dortmund Phil, I’m not sure but I thought a Bayern official resigned from some Eufa committee
  6. Let them go it’ll do us all a favour, but when the door is shut behind them, the key gets melted in the lock. Arsenal elite top 6,PLEASE. They’ll be the whipping boys and their fan base will suffer. I wonder what the thoughts are if Leicester and Everton. I’d also say that they do not field reserve teams in any league or cup competition. PSG not included in the original 12, surprising. I don’t see it happening and if it does can we revert back to four divisions.
  7. Aspin worked under an extremely poor owner and what I think were very difficult times. The first team is still the majority of Neil’s players
  8. We’ve got to keep Monty because fans have got 🇨🇴. Seriously, I think he offers us something different
  9. Hopefully with Clarke, Flitcroft and Crosby at the club, they should have some decent contacts especially if we can free up some funds. I’m talking about actual not the same contacts as Bruno promised.
  10. The ground is surrounded by terraced streets, so very easy to conceal yourself and formulate your get away. This will be local scum who may attach themselves to the club as they have Scouse accents and the club is successful. Having attended a game at Anfield I can’t say I identified too many Scouse accents, plenty of Scandinavian.
  11. Well Manny and Mitch Clarke have gone. I think Cullen and Amoo might be out of contract. TP will probably be released with the emergence of DR. That’ll free up quite a substantial amount of wages. There should be enough money there to renegotiate Conlon current contract. What about the loan players that we have, should we make offers to their parent clubs with a view to signing them.?
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