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  1. Well if P Sproson has anything to do with the extension, I’d like to say thank you. If Forest get promoted will they still want to keep Jake.? If nit should we go back in for him.?
  2. Taylor loan extended, clubs wanting astronomical fees for loan players. I’d say we’ve done our business so let’s shut up shop and concentrate on the players we have out of contract. It would be good if Nathan became our modern day Roy Sproson, however the game and life have evolved immensely since then. Perhaps the promise of a statue of him outside the ground when he retires might just swing an extension deal.
  3. Well done to Stockport who just plummeted down the leagues. Decent crowd some clubs in league two will be envious of that. I wish Archer all the best and if he proves himself, I’d like him to comeback. I hope he doesn’t become the next Dior Angus who I personally believe wasn’t given a chance, even though he did okay in lower leagues. I’d like to gave four strikers in the squad but four competing for first team football and that can be relied upon to be brought in at any time. Didn't we use to have some big games against County, I must admit I hated them, but well done to them.
  4. Quite possibly, I’ve not read anything about his injury, if that is the case he then he shouldn’t have been allowed to carry on.
  5. I was sitting in the railway paddock around the half way line and had a clear unobstructed view on the Monty incident, as both player’s were coming towards me. It certainly wasn’t a 50/50 ball, it only became that when the Orient player maliciously smashed himself into Montys head, a definite red card. I hope he apologised to Monty at some stage. I was concerned for Monty how long he was on the ground with a head injury and was glad that he got back up. I don’t know what went on with the Vale medical team but Monty exchanged words with them before re entering the pitch. Then as he was walking behind the Hamil End goal, he got into a verbal confrontation with the away fans.
  6. As a team effort and it’s only my opinion from the games I’ve seen, I’d put it as the fourth best team performance I’ve seen this season. The best being Plymouth at home, Crewe away and Swindon at home. I’ve seen all but one home game and a couple away so there could be better performances that I’ve missed. It’s obviously very a subjective topic. What I can say is that I’ve witnessed some some average games and not so good games, which as ppl have pointed out tend to against the lower teams. Overall I’d still say the average and not so good games were better than previous seasons as I formed the belief that we might win, the games even when going behind. Previous seasons I’d have thought that’s it unless we get a penalty we’ll lose. At the end of the season we’ll forget the nit so good performances and probably all agree it’s been a good season for us, taken the progress that we’ve made.
  7. I was surprised that we made the substitutions when we did, as I thought that we’d got total control of the game, but JA is the manager and the players might have been fatigued. As I said in an earlier post when the subs were due to come on Cullen moved towards the railway paddock. As he was walking off Leon came to him and shook his hand, I don’t know if that was to console him. Glad both players had a standing ovation as they left the pitch.
  8. No problem, I didn’t know it was a given that ST’s got two tickets.
  9. A really good team performance, I hoped we wouldn’t get punished for missing our chances in the first half. Well done to all players. I did notice that when Vale were about to make the double substitution Cullen came over towards the railway paddock, I think he was shocked to be substituted. Congratulations on the decision to charge £15 a ticket I think it put a couple of hundred on the gate. So well done to whoever decided on the offer. A good day at the office.
  10. Lance, I’m struggling to understand, what you’re saying. If it was one ticket per season ticket and we don’t have 5,000 ST holders how would we have shifted 8,000 tickets, without them going on general sale.?
  11. I’d have taken the season tickets holders allocation down to one ticket. I’m a season ticket holder but knew I couldn’t make it when the draw was made, so I didn’t buy a ticket. I have heard from a reliable source that no records were made on a season tickets being used to purchase tickets. This meant that some unscrupulous ST holders had more than their allocated two tickets.
  12. Thank you for your reply, I just thought I’d get other ppls opinions. Most ten game tickets have now been used and unless you go in the week £20, ticket will be £22, this might deter ppl from going. Just thought I’d offer an idea to get ppl through the gate as we enter the second half of our home games. So instead of purchasing the 15 game ticket fans might think, I’ll take a season ticket. It might not work as the club are looking at alternative payment methods for season tickets which everyone must agree is a positive move for the fans and should be applauded.
  13. I’d like to think that the £15 ticket might work but can’t see it myself, please prove me wrong. I believe this is a stunt by Mr Garlick trying to cover his back for not issuing vouchers at our home games against Walsall and Cheltenham to prioritise the MCFC games. This must have cost the club quite a few thousand pounds.There could have been a promotional ticket for the home game against Swindon if purchased before Christmas. Should the club do away with the ten game ticket.? Instead a 13 game priced at £18 a game £234 or 15 game ticket priced at £16 a game £240. Adult tickets only, just a thought. I have to accept that PVFC have a business model and the above might not be conducive to the plan.
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