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  1. Biddulph, fail to plan then you plan to fail. 👍keep the faith. I’ve already booked a hotel room in London for when we’re in the final.
  2. A good chance for us to progress, especially if we can adopt that never give up attitude, unlike the other side that we’re capable of, just capitulating. 🤞we can get through the first two rounds then a big team away in the third round. The transfer window will be open and C&K could probably bring in another player if that’s what we need to secure promotion challenge. The player would need to be at least an established L1 player, or perhaps above. This would surely start giving us a vision for the future. I’m also a fan of if it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it and wait until the summer. if it does play out as I’ve described above can we have better control over sales of tickets and vouchers to be issued for the two home games leading up to the third round, not like the MCFC debacle.
  3. Phil, good to see you on OVF. I hope that you manage to turn it around, perhaps a little help from the big clubs in the NW, in January
  4. No he needs to play the way he’s facing. ie left back
  5. Couldn’t get to the game today, but having read the comments on OVF, the second half performance was completely different to the first half performance. So would you stick with the team that finished and would this include keeping Cov between the sticks.?
  6. It’s all about consistency, worrying how our second half performances vary so much from our first half performance.
  7. Conrad, he’s 14, he won’t be doing a days detention. He’ll be writing a letter of apology and attending a few lessons, with a view to educating him that racism and other forms of discrimination are WRONG.
  8. When you say take us up three leagues are you suggesting that we should have anyone playing for us who could ply their trade in the EPL.? I’d suggest that none of our squad are capable of playing in the EPL, but definitely in L1. If we had a billionaire that purchased the club, how many of our current squad do you think they would keep, on our journey to the EPL.
  9. The audacity of them starting with Bennett. three points to Vale.
  10. I know that football has a habit of kicking you in the teeth and Vale have a knack of rocking the boat just when you think we’re on calm waters. Today I see at least a point. 🤞🙏🏽
  11. Andy, JR had to for us to survive. Thanks for the reply, it was only a suggestion.
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