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  1. Saw him at the traffic lights in Burslem this afternoon
  2. I’m not having much success with the GTGS competition so can I have a go at guess the crowd, as I feel I’ll be more successful. If the answer to my question is NO, I’ll have the 27th minute. Thank you
  3. Absolutely disgusting no minutes silence. So much for talking about being the Port Vale family, talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.
  4. It’s comforting to know that Boomer, made the cut
  5. Sinclair talks a complete load of donkey twaddle, a complete embarrassment. I don’t know why we don’t get Eddie Newton involved then we’ll have probably the worst two Chelsea FC players of all time. They’re all blagging Carol and unfortunately I think she’s believing them as she doesn’t know any better. That’s why Colin Garlick perhaps needs some help at the club. It wasn’t great in the 70’s but from memory at least they tried. I remember going to York away where we lost 6-0. On our way home we met fans from Blackpool in the motorway services who informed us that our manager Alan Bloor ha
  6. Joe, I agree. It’s a balance of cash investment against being the chance of being relegated. I’m sure we advertised the post and it was reported that we’d received applications. So has the paper sift process taken place.? If so when does the interviews process start. I suspect that it’s all been put on hold to give Pugh a few more games, but games will slip away. I think we’re reverting back to the theory of other seasons with the exception of last season. There’ll be two worse teams than us in the league.
  7. Yes away from home and even Bennett scored. Sacked for his culture apparently
  8. Yes, I understand that but I don’t think it will happen. We have Gibboand Smith. How many have fallen by the wayside, as I’ve said very good young players get taken by big clubs. If you’re a parent and you son is at a lower level and a big club come in then it’s a no brainer your son is moving. They’ll get better coaching but again the question is will they make it as a pro.? It’s okay saying bring them through because of wage capping and squad limit being reduced to 20 for over 21, but there is still a standard and if they’re not good enough then they won’t be playing. Academies do not work.
  9. I don’t see much hope for youngsters at lower league clubs. They’re either snapped up by big teams at a very young age or released. The youngsters at the big clubs, very few go into to play for the clubs and most get released and end playing in non league football. There are too many youngsters in academy’s than the game requires. I’m surprised that when we play in that useless midweek competition against big teams youngsters, that we don’t enquire about loaning one or two or even buying them when they’re released.
  10. Absolutely fantastic a team of superstars. Thank you for posting this it’s very fitting. We could have won 6-1. I’m pleased to have been able to witness those games when we were taken seriously. The reason he never played for LFC was because he was under study to some bloke named John Barnes. I have a friend who has always been an LFC season ticket holder and he said that in that period a Barnes was the best player he’s ever seen. RIP JJ.
  11. A complete entertainer, absolute loved it when we out the ball out to him. He was their when we were on the way up and in our best years IMO. Everybody will have a story to tell and fond memories of JJ. The word legend is over used today but IMO JJ, you were just that. Will never forget our first game for many years against our neighbour at The Victoria Ground when Vale were attacking the Stoke End where we standing. Peter Fox rushed out towards the paddock with a view to kicking both the ball and JJ into the paddock and JJ just skipped round him with his magic left foot. God rest your so
  12. Joe B. This is an extremely good thread. The only thing that I can add is the obvious, reduce the average age of the first team and take into consideration all those who haven’t played a certain number of games. I’d like to see some pace injected into the centre of defence. If Barrow were to be relegated would anyone suggest taking a chance on Angus.?
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