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  1. I’ve always been of the belief that business should be fine as soon as possible not leaving it until the last moment. I do understand that some players hang in until the last minute to get the best deal, which I can’t blame them for. However in these unprecedented times there will be a bigger pool of players and their demands may have risen, so late business could be the answer, especially I we still don’t know when the new season will start. We do know when furlough will end and some teams may not be able to start the season before furlough finishes as they won’t be able to afford the wages. I can see that ppl on here have confirmed FFP only applies to league clubs. I wouldn’t want and I know the owners won’t jeopardise are future by paying unrealistic wages. COYW
  2. Darren I completely agree with you and for a couple of seasons together with Brown they helped us to retain our league status. Tom will be a top earner at the club and into his last season so I’ll be surprised if a new contract is put on the table. IMO I hope that Toms place isn’t in jeopardy, especially with Cullens fitness and Rodney being an unknown quantity at this stage
  3. Does anyone think that this will give the club a decision to make regarding Toms future at the club?
  4. What’s the betting that Forest will be looking for a new manager. If so if I was them I’d go for Nigel Pearson.
  5. Could we have a large PVFC flag that could be past along the railway or Lorne Street Paddock as the players walkout. Obviously after Covid-19
  6. I’d imagine where players were reluctant to come to us last summer, as we’ve made so much progress, the agents are now ringing the PVFC phone off the hook
  7. Who wouldn’t say this is their favourite ground
  8. Rob, I understand what you’re saying about being first choice, but surely competition is healthy and allowing players to think that they’ll always be playing even if their form has dipped is unhealthy. Also if the team isn’t performing then we need to make changes, every team has a blip. With injuries and suspensions, if a player comes in, the team is winning, is it right to drop them, when the player is available again.? I understand human behaviour but they should be there for the team, not personal gain. i hope I haven’t misinterpreted your post, if I have then I apologise
  9. Absolutely brilliant and those days will return as we are guided by our beloved owners Kevin & Carol. They continue to get recognition from every quarter about on the pitch and off the pitch matters, Let’s continue with our progress, to coin the phrase from the film. ’Build it and they will come’
  10. I think we need to make plans for next season that don’t include Nathan. He has got to go where the money is, like the rest of us. If a builder is offered an increase in pay to do the same job for a couple of years then it’s trowel in the van and adios. Next season will be a big season for us the bookies will have us in the top six for promotion. Should we carry on as we have finished this season, then who knows Nathan may be playing for the opposition. I’d prefer that Nathan just came out and told us of his intentions at the end of the month and not let it drag on. Good luck Nathan if you do decide to move on.
  11. Apparently even cardboard cut outs were seen leaving The Britannia Stadium before the game finished yesterday
  12. Too good for them lot, not good enough for the Championship
  13. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how Dior adjusts to life L2, not sure we gave him enough time and I feel that our previous owner used him as a pawn for his own greedy ends. Quigley didn’t impress me and when Richie Bennett was on the pitch, I thought it was Quigley in disguise.
  14. Wow, I didn’t know that they’d got such a big squad, they must have released everyone
  15. I understand others POV, but at least they did fulfil their fixtures and paid their players. It is for that reason that I think Macc should go to protect the integrity of the league for next season.
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