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  1. I really fancy our chances tonight and it’s about time we dished out a performance similar to that against Luton Town a couple of seasons ago. COYW
  2. I see that the Geordies have protested against having to pay the £14.95 pay per view last weekend when they played MUFC. Fans donated the money to a local charity and raised £20k. Greedy SKY will not like this, may it continue across the country with other EPL fans
  3. Drove past Graham Alexanders house this evening. Was surprised to see this 🇨🇴 hanging from an upstairs window. Anyone any ideas or why?
  4. I’ve just read an article where Parrish at Palace has been quoted as saying, Supermarkets don’t bailout corner shops and Deliveroo don’t bailout cafes. What planet is this individual on and is he just trying to squeeze as much money out of the game whilst Palace are in the EPL, as they’re not a team that never flirts with relegation.
  5. Yes and over the last few seasons the mascot has won more MOTM awards.
  6. Keep the league cup and get rid of that EFL trophy. I agree with doing away with parachute payments and contracts should be changed regarding relegation, even though parachute payments didn’t help our neighbours,Sunderland, Blackpool, Bradford or Portsmouth. As Rob points out this is included in what the EPL count as passing down the pyramid. It isn’t shared out so IMO it should be scrapped. I read that MUFC were saying the the Sancho transfer fee was £108m, however players wages and agents fees took the deal to £227m a difference of £119m. When they stop paying agents ridiculous over inflated
  7. I commented regarding our negative approach to the Carabao Cup, when it was likely to lead to a game the next round against Everton. Apparently we took this approach to concentrate on the league when we’d won one game and we’re going to face Exeter away in our next game and got a fantastic result. JA has his team and psychologically tells the team that no one will walk straight back into the first team. I’d suggest that TP needs to be put straight back into the starting line up instead if playing tippy tappy football. Stats which show lots of possession and not scoring looks so negative.
  8. Why are we struggling to score, I thought we’d strengthened in every department. I’d rather we go for it, this is what we did last season and some may say cost us a play off place. If teams are defensive because we’re a favourite to make the play offs, then we need to start believing this and do something about it. COYW
  9. I’m struggling to comprehend why J Taylor would be on loan to a club in our league other than ourselves. I’ll presume that with his agent being Sproson and what our owners did for him when he had no transport, then this is a money deal. With his profile being a lot higher than when he first came to us and there being talk of a further lockdown I hope Scunny can afford his wages. I suggest that teams making transfers don’t go cap in hand to the EPL. The EPL will only give any help to the EFL, if they can in the future have their B teams and feeder teams in the EFL.
  10. It would have to have been last season as we signed Archer after the season had started. I agree with you regarding TP’s reported salary.
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