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  1. For me it doesn’t really matter. Take a quick look at the feed when we’d been drawn against Franchise FC,so negative. I know that was probably due you our inept performances around that time. Keep the faith
  2. Thank you. I’d suggest to boost the coffers we need to take as many fans as possible. The cash would be excellent to boost the clubs funds. Who knows win this carry on with current league form, then come January we could strengthen the first team, but only if we’re bringing in better than what we’ve got.
  3. Does anyone know how the gate money is split on an FA Cup match?
  4. I see that ppl are talking about £54k prize money for getting through to the third round, which would be a welcome bonus. Does anyone know what the split is on the gate receipts of an FA Cup game?
  5. JRC, thank you for the explanation. It’s the financial reward that would influence my team selection ands home draw in the next round. I know it’s not a popular competition with the fans due to the introduction of U21 teams. Unfortunately we’re probably not in a position where we can afford to miss out on cash available to us. I’d say 5/6 players who normally start and all those who sit on the bench, to give JA a chance to look at them. The subs bench can then be made up of youth or players out on loan, if they’re available
  6. Can we make so many changes, as teams in the past have been fined for making wholesale changes, from the last game played?
  7. Fully understand our hatred towards our previous chairman, but have to agree, his name should never be mentioned AGAIN. We are all grown up so let’s not let him know that we still talk about him or even think about him. The results will do the talking, Id be surprised if he ever read this or any other social media as long as he gets the money. Onwards and upwards
  8. According to the Stokenel, another manager brought the n in a long term contract. He’s talking the same gobbledygook as the clown before him. I’ll let the players play how they want. NEWSFLASH... They just want to sit at home doing diddly squat on a Saturday with huge sums me of money hitting their bank accounts every month. He says the squad is too big, well none of them are saleable commodities and are on long term contracts that will have to be paid up.
  9. Have they had the N Ireland manager, O’Neill because he can sort out their main problem and what seems to be a problem elsewhere. The back stop
  10. It’s very disappointing that we won’t be having a home game during the remembrance period. I went into the Vale shop on Tuesday with a view to purchasing a Port Vale and poppy metal badge, however I was informed that they hadn’t had any sent to them. This is a shame, even though I suspect Vale fans will have donated money to the appeal. As we haven’t been able to contribute to the fund this year, my thoughts are that we should contribute to another good cause. I’m aware that C&K do a lot for different charities. I was wondering if consideration could be given to fans donating one can of either vegetables,soup,beans,tomatoes or fruit, to the Foodbank. You can get tins of vegetables from 20p and I can’t suggest a limit but I’d say no more than £1, should be spent on the tins, however the decision is that of the donor. Just a thought
  11. If they play to the standard that they produced at Crewe, especially the last half an hour they could win the league. I’m not going to get intoxicated over one result as I thought they were abysmal against Morecambe,Stevenage,Oldham and Macclesfield. The first three were home games against teams at the bottom of the league and out of a possible 12 points we accumulated 5. As I’ve said before I would have been pleased with finishing 14th this season and no danger of relegation. Before the above mentioned games I felt quietly confident when walking to the ground that we would win the game on that day. It’s a result based business but all I want to see is effort and a decent performance. Crewe was beyond all expectations but we can’t play like that every week, unfortunately. I’m sure that if we put 50% of the effort in that we did at Crewe then I wouldn’t rule anything out, but let’s just keep our feet on the ground and concentrate on one game at a time. We have owners who are not just new to the club but are also new to the business. So I’ll sum up with what I want, I want to walk away from the ground after the game thinking they tried and played some entertaining football(irrespective of the result) and may be next year we should be looking and finishing higher than this season, as that in my eyes is evolving as a club.
  12. I wonder if they’ve approached Newcastle Town yet, asking for permission to speak to Robin Van Der Laan.
  13. What would be your thoughts on getting families to attend the above game over the festive period, by reducing a Christmas ticket. My thoughts are that the ticket would need to be purchased before the 20/12/19, so that it could be given to families as a present. I’m thinking if the ticket was priced at £20, admitting either one adult and three children under 12 or two adults and two children under 12. What are your thoughts, just trying to put bums on seats. Feel free to share your opinions.
  14. I know that Carol would not have had an alternative reason for doing this lovely act, however I’m surprised that the local media haven’t picked up on this great humbling story. Well done Clinton for bringing it to our notice and for acknowledging all the heart warming replies. It’s reassuring that there’s still some human kindness in the world and we are lucky that it seems a big slice is the owners of the mighty whites, our beloved club. If it wasn’t such a dirty and corrupt thing to be apart of I’d suggest Carol stand for parliament.
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