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  1. RZ we all have opinions and shouldn’t expect others to agree with them, that’s why it’s a forum. I have to say that your comment here is bang on the money. Players don’t just become bad players. I have to say that I did suggest that Rodney had fallen to fourth choice striker and wondered if he’d be sold. Part of that was because Yates and Co. On the radio we’re saying what a fantastic player he was an one of our saleable assets, which TBH I couldn’t see on the few times that he’s been on the pitch this year.
  2. Not much. Sometimes players work out, sometimes they don't. He was decent last season but not this. Good luck to him. If he starts banging them in, that would simply indicate that either he wasn't happy here, or that their style of play and chance creation suits him better than it did here this season. I won't be losing any sleep either way. Phil, his goals kept us up. So what has changed
  3. It’s something that we’ll probably all look out for now. If he does what should we take from that.?
  4. Vale, do we know what DCs system actually is.? Id be really interested to hear RZs opinion. Even if you don’t agree with what they say they’re entitled to their opinion.
  5. Ian, I hope this is true, but didn’t the ladies sign Jagielka in a shorter time frame than that and he played the next game.?
  6. I thought when DC came in he was shocked by all the injured players and promptly replaced the physio. I think your answer might offer the true cause
  7. Can’t remember these many players being injured when Lol Hamlett was the physio.
  8. Releasing him!!!. He needs keeping on a lead
  9. 1973, thank you for your reply. I’m just getting concerned that we’re talking about players careers who have been signed by DC, especially as we’ve only played half the games of this season.
  10. Joe, I don’t know if he’s coming as our number 1. Surely this means the end for both our current keepers, and they'll be gotten rid of in the summer or leave under their own esteem in the summer. If this is the case the club IMO is developing a revolving door policy. This surely can’t be good, as teams who use the least number of players, seem to be the most successful. I accept that we’ve had to deal with injuries to important players, then we’ve got the Rodney scenario (whatever is happening there). There seems to be a lot of tinkering around, which wasn’t good for us at the beginning of the season.
  11. I’ve really been disappointed with the time Mal Benning has spent on the pitch. We were chasing him for some time and believed he’d be going to a L1 team. When we signed him I believed that he was a marquee signing and would bring some quality and class to our first team and would certainly be a nominee for player of the season. For me very disappointing and twelve months of his career wasted. Does anyone else feel the same or did you expect it to work out this way.?
  12. Until that incident he was MOTM having pulled off two fantastic saves. Says a lot for how poorly the team played when your looking at your keeper before my MOTM.
  13. Black dog, you’re going to have to educate me. What is the meaning of WUM’s. Thank you
  14. Idris Kanu has signed for Northampton from Peterborough
  15. Let’s hope he’s the Messiah and not just a very naughty boy.
  16. You could be right, but the January transfer window isn’t known for clubs purchasing good players who are value for money, quite the opposite. As I understand, we’re still paying off the previous owner. We do seem to have a lot of back room staff, but hopefully that will be a long term plan, whilst players come and go. The club obviously values Rodney quite highly, if that’s the case he needs to be on the pitch, when or if he’s fit. If you owned a club would you put a bid in for him.?
  17. I can’t see why NUFC would want a fee for him. Perhaps his agent will be looking to get him placed at a L1 team. Is it just me but NUFC seem to be struggling to recruit players. I’m not sure if it’s the fact their new owners are Saudi Arabian or their current league position, I suspect a bit of both.
  18. I’m wondering if NUFC would pay him off now and if so would we sign him on a permanent basis. If not this could be another Politic. Would others want us to sign Cass.?
  19. So because I’ve never seen it and there are many examples of what I’ve stated. You’re accusing me of calling you a liar. I’d like to thank you for making me aware of you’re experience and I’m so envious that I’ve never witnessed such courteous behaviour of football fans.
  20. Jean, I understand and agree with the point that you make. I just don’t believe any gates should be opened as it only takes one person to trip and they have no chance. I don’t think Ive ever seen football fans form an orderly queue and enter a ground in a calm manner
  21. Jean, I’m sure you’ll agree that the opening of gates isn’t the answer. That’s probably why the NUFC fans have made a complaint about over crowding. Then yesterday we get the tragic news that 8 fans attending the AFCON cup game have lost their lives due to crushing.
  22. Playa Amodores


    I think they were released yesterday.
  23. They don’t make kids today like they used to. 😂
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