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  1. Well done Gareth. We still love u here at VP
  2. Lol- Bryn making a prat out of himself on p&g again.
  3. Signed him on season loan for Stockport on ChampMan. He was <ovf censored>!!! [emoji2]
  4. It’s good to hear praise of the club from outside sources. I get the impression that the reputation of Port Vale behind the scenes is rapidly improving thanks to the work and conduct of the Shanahans, a reputation that I can only imagine was pretty poor at best under the previous owner. We are becoming a club that players want to sign for and that can only bode well for the coming years
  5. Bergkamp for me, but a couple of honourable mentions that I haven’t seen. Paul Merson for Middlesbrough absolutely ran the show in 98 I think it was A young Kieron Dyer ran us ragged when playing for Ipswich Pierre van Hooikdonk was ridiculously good for Championship level that season for Forest
  6. Mbamba looked like he’d never seen a football in his life. Paul Edwards was the most one footed player I have ever seen, and that foot was rubbish. My two nominations.
  7. It’s not so much as he’s lazy rather he seems to drift in and out of games. Typical lower league winger really but he is certainly a threat when he’s on song.
  8. Exodus simply has to be in this team somewhere not just for his sheer ineptitude but the fact he was so intrinsically linked to the farcical Jim Gannon era. Let’s not forget his last actions in a Vale shirt were scrapping with his own supporters. Ironically the only time he ever showed any fight in a Vale shirt! After that my vote goes to Craig Rocastle. Absolute <ovf censored>.
  9. He always reminded me of someone trying to row a boat with one oar. Did he not do an interview with the Sentinel saying he was the best player at the club?
  10. fuzzyvalefan


    I was somewhat surprised to see a nurse in nhs uniform getting a pick n mix in Tesco this afternoon. Now I like a pick n mix but just seems like asking for trouble at the moment so haven’t had one for a while, and I’m not an active nurse on the front line!
  11. Diminutive is football speak for short arse
  12. This would pretty much half out attendances would it not?
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