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  1. Thought we weren’t having an away travel award this season? Anyway- congrats to Tom Conlon for clearing up. Much deserved
  2. The thing is Corden played all his football for Vale at Championship level and he wasn’t quite good enough for that but he had a strong career in the lower leagues.
  3. Pretty sure I’ve seen that too
  4. The irony is I’ve watched more games this season than usual because I’ve watched away games I would never normally travel to. I would like to see a system where it is only available for away games as I think hardcore fans will go to the matches regardless.
  5. I don’t want to lose nearby(ish) away trips so I wouldn’t want to lose Tranmere or Morecambe
  6. Surely we want good away days to come up. Stockport is a cracker. Local, a doddle on the train. Loads of good pubs. No brainer.
  7. Was just going to post about Mal Benning. Always thought we was one of the best left backs in the league. Would be a top signing. Leaving the club at this time suggests he has something lined up. Could be us with the Flitcroft link?
  8. Can only think of Brammer in the modern era
  9. The thing is you only need to be that low for a brief period to take your own life. Anyone who struggles with mental health problems knows that it can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs. It only takes one very severe down to forget that an up can be just around the corner.
  10. Better than Dario Gradi Back Passage. Is that in bad taste?
  11. Oh this is awful. I must admit that this possibility had crossed my mind. I mean there are only 2 reasons a man of 32 just drops down dead, either some kind of undiagnosed heart condition or suicide. As weird as this sounds, I was hoping it was a heart condition. As someone who struggles with their mental health this has really upset me. Not ashamed to admit I just had a little cry when i read this. You kind of idolise footballers, especially ones who were really good at your team and put them on a pedestal, forgetting sometimes that they are only humans like all of us. I'm not a re
  12. I assume there will be a minutes silence tomorrow in memory of Lee. I know it doesn't mean as much without the fans but would be a good gesture.
  13. But did he smash it? 🙄😮🤐
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