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  1. No chance. Their cup tickets are dirt cheap. Saw a Champions League match there earlier in the season for less than a Vale match ticket.
  2. Never rated Crookes to be honest. My hearts in my mouth every time he gets the ball.
  3. Just a quick mention for the player who I thought was MOTM today and hasn’t got much credit on this thread. Take a bow Jake Taylor.
  4. Joyce has a job. It’s not a glamorous one, but he does it very well more often then not.
  5. It’s very cringe but what else do you expect from our three-fingered friends?
  6. I usually don’t like going behind the goal either but this time I’ve made an exception and opted for that side as opposed to the death trap stand.
  7. Just to add a bit of context. I paid £25 to watch Manchester City in the Champions League last week.
  8. Just go in the home end. I did last season, no probs at all.
  9. Not sure about the inclusion of Madeleine McCann- has a tendency to go missing in games. bad taste?
  10. Can’t really disagree with Dempster on any of those points really. All I can say is there have already been games this season where we should have taken more points than we did (Northampton, Salford) so it’s all swings and roundabouts.
  11. I’ve got tears in my eyes. How Bury fans are feeling I cannot even imagine.
  12. Worrall MOTM for me for the second week running. Deserved to win today for the 2nd half performance but again we switched off. Still, we are playing well and I’m sure the win will come soon. Salford fans even more tinpot than I imagined they would be. Silent all game the best giving it the big ‘un when they scrape an undeserved draw, and I saw more of them in Man Utd shirts than Salford shirts. Nauseating.
  13. Don’t get the criticism of Pope. Thought he was great second half although my man of the match was Worrall. Always looked a threat. Overall, good performance which should have won 3 points and normally would have. All officials absolutely awful!
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