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  1. Well for me Amoo comes straight back in even if he only does an hour. For me, Whitehead drops out, Worrall drops back into midfield and Amoo starts on the right wing.
  2. I will pop in to the Bulls Head over the next few days to pick up my copy.
  3. Good god that was awful. I like Askey a lot but he got it badly wrong today in terms of formation and personnel. Some truly dreadful individual performances- Whitehead, Burgess, Robinson, Crookes, Rodney (albeit out of position). Only players who came out of today with any credit today were Brown and Montano, and Conlon who did more in 25 mins than the other midfielders did all match. Back to basics next week. 4-3-3 with high pressing. That’s when we’ve been at our best.
  4. Well bugger me with a fish fork!!
  5. I’ve put this on the match thread too but you can put your code in days before the match. If you put it in as soon as you get it you have time to sort it out with the ticket office if it doesn’t work.
  6. For those who had trouble with I follow codes not working, I put my code in on Thursday to activate the match. For the next match it may be worth entering your code as soon as you get it so if there are problems you have time to get a new code from the ticket office.
  7. I hope we do sign McKirdy. We have a very decent solid squad but McKirdy will provide that little bit of an x-factor to take us to the next level, and if his attitude is good enough for John, it’s good enough for me.
  8. His Wikipedia article makes for interesting reading
  9. Why do Championship fans get free away games and League 1/2 fans dont?
  10. I’m surprise we haven’t been linked with Joel Grant. We have been for about the last 5 summers!
  11. I wonder if another club wants him and he thinks he will get more game time. In a roundabout way, the signing of Fitzpatrick has reduced his chances even more as it opens up the possibility of Montano playing further up. Never particularly rated him so not too bothered but I wonder whether this means we may be looking for one more signing.
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