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  1. would be paying us too much of a compliment.
  2. At Morecambe now. Weather not too bad actually. Drizzly but not particularly windy.
  3. I am parking for free at Cemetery Road tram stop just outside the parking restriction zone and then jumping on the tram- about 5 mins to ground. It will cost £7 to park near the ground so it’s cheaper to do what I’m doing unless there’s a car full of you. It also means you get away quickly as they close roads next to the ground and can take ages to get away. If you do park near the ground the Velodrome is ok.
  4. What’s the point of getting a massive cup payday if we aren’t going to take advantage of it. Lincoln pretty much rebuilt the club on theirs.
  5. A push I think. What I will say is that the whistle was blown pretty early and the goalkeeper had stopped.
  6. We seem so close to being a top 7 side but just lack that last 5%. Maybe one or two astute additions in January may bridge the gap. A left back is essential and if, and it’s a big if, we can get Manny fit and keep him fit well that will be like a new signing too. Just wanted to also give praise to Will Atkinson. Thought he was one of our best players yesterday.
  7. We went Man City earlier this season and my dad took a rucksack. They searched it but he was fine to take it in. Whether it may be a bit more strict in the away end I don’t know
  8. Smith MOTM for me without a doubt. Immaculate performance.
  9. No chance. Their cup tickets are dirt cheap. Saw a Champions League match there earlier in the season for less than a Vale match ticket.
  10. Never rated Crookes to be honest. My hearts in my mouth every time he gets the ball.
  11. Just a quick mention for the player who I thought was MOTM today and hasn’t got much credit on this thread. Take a bow Jake Taylor.
  12. Joyce has a job. It’s not a glamorous one, but he does it very well more often then not.
  13. It’s very cringe but what else do you expect from our three-fingered friends?
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