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  1. Agree with you there. Seems strange that he’s such a key player yet none of us have seen him at Vale Park. I think he will get the crowd going and that in turn could give that extra 10%. Seems like a player who will play to the crowd.
  2. It’s one of them retail park grounds but I remember there’s actually a really decent bar at the ground with plenty of outdoor seating if it’s a nice day.
  3. I think that’s a very fair summary of things and pretty much what I think. We all hope that the new look team will hit the ground running and be pushing for promotion this season but we may just need this year to develop.
  4. Bought mine this morning. So good to have an actual ticket to an actual football match in my wallet. It’s been far too long.
  5. Talk about tail between your legs
  6. He certainly had pace and a trick or 2 but his crossing was awful- needs a lot of work
  7. Ooooh its exciting Expect some meltdowns if its not a right back
  8. To be honest, bringing in 10 players by 5th July is pretty impressive and they look a good bunch of signings to me.
  9. Manchester and Birmingham aren’t far. If you wanna go in a fanzone jump on a train dude.
  10. By the way, if anyone still wants to get a ticket, the link is: https://kidsgroveathleticfc.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/kidsgrove_v_port_vale_fc_tickets Its very well hidden on their website!
  11. I was supposed to be working tomorrow but my shifts have been changed and now I'm off. Just managed to get a ticket online so looking forward to tomorrow. Vale in the afternoon, England in the evening.
  12. Looks like they could be the next basket case club
  13. There’s also a Kevin number 9 shirt. They will obviously be battling it out for the centre forward spot!
  14. It’s the only time I recall him getting MOTM. Played well over an hour in goal if I remember right.
  15. Oh no!! White shorts- we know what that means!
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