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  1. Well it seems I am on the third row. Booked a yellow ticket thinking I'd be quite high up without being right in the gods. Not usually a fan of being right at the front but hey ho, will certainly be a different experience.
  2. Just something to note. My confirmation email from ticketmaster went to my junk folder so its possible that might happen to others. Anyway, all sorted now. Got my ticket and travel sorted. UTV
  3. Managed to squeeze on a club one but could only literally see a few seats available.
  4. Anyone managed to get a coach ticket Yet? Everythibg is greyed out on the Website?
  5. And I love how they call it 'print at home delivery fee'
  6. Bloody brilliant I agree. My nephew came along who is a Man City fan and he was seriously impressed.
  7. The only thing i would say is that if we are in League 1 we really want to get the big away followings in for the big clubs like Derby, Sheffield Wednesday etc to get the revenue. In League 1, realistically how many times are we going to fill the Hamill compared to how many revenue boosts from big away followings we would get. Maybe make the Hamill the home end but consider a switch for the handful of massive away followings.
  8. Another PR disaster for Crewe and a grand total of 0 comments on their forum. Ostriches forever.
  9. Just seen VAR will be used in the final if we get there. Bloody hell.
  10. Adams letting Roberts go was understable. He gave him several chances. The big crime was his treatment of Morsy for one mistake. Anyway, you need to elaborate on Pope. Your first post was far too cryptic.
  11. Agreed Shropshire. Every club needs a maverick and Deadly Dennis was definitely that. He made more of an impression on me than some players who played 100+ games did. Bloody love the bloke.
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